Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back from LA-LA Land!

Loved having my break! I didn't even turn on the TV ONCE!! Heaven. My son just uses his computer for 'news' and we just never switched it on. BLISS! I just found out about Weiner situation. Dear. LORD. What a mess he is. 

I watched yesterday's show as a little birdie told me I should. Given that the big ol' HOSPITAL Murder is being brought up AGAIN-- so something good must happen, right? 

Robert comes by to see Lulu about LUKE..because Luke can't Get in touch with Tracy OR Lulu. AHAHAHA. Um, ok. Look I love seeing Robert but--?? That's a stupid excuse. In 1970 that may have flown but now? Derp. 

Heather lets it slip that Hayden and Liz are sisters.  Franco's all! BEEP! BEEP! What!!? Info! I have Info. LOVED the sister reveal..very soapy! Good Job. 

Maddox and Valerie, he gives her a book. Did they ever mention the coin her gave her earlier?  OMG another NOBODY dies? really. And where did Maddox learn to do that pathetic CPR ??? LOL
Monica was on!! 

Hayden smacked Liz-- HAMMY'S FACE !!!!! ahahahaha!! 
Liz gets tossed down the stairs. 

OH so. It's PAUL? 
IT'S PAUL????????  I can't even process this right now


  1. HAHAHAHA! Hammy has to win face of the week in Sunday Surgery! :) And welcome back Karen!!!!! :)

  2. Welcome back Karen! I still think Paul is a red herring. How could he access drugs in the hospital and why would he kill people he didn't know? Makes no sense. I rather enjoyed Franco and mom yesterday and I thought Leslie C. looks so much better than she did a short while ago. Not exactly on the edge of my seat about the killer but at least we get to see the story progress for two days in a row.


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