Thursday, August 18, 2016

Post DNA Trauma

So, Twitter comments convinced me to watch the show...I heard it was good. 

Diane was on. That's awesome.  Nice boardroom thing shown...liked the table and extras.  Olivia was kinda strange but ok. Alexis is suspended for a year. The Board made the right choice, imo. Still sad tho. That's her life.  Diane takes her out for martinis!! Yeah!! Nancy Lee Grahn was so great. 

Krissy was drunk. Nice.  Oh, we have no UBER here-- lol not allowed.  These scenes needed to be ages ago. LOVED when Krissy sent Molly away and then cried and MOLLY CAME back!! 

Jane Elliot looks SO GOOD.  Wow.  Genie and Jane are so awesome. We don't get them enough. "I never really grew up" SO GOOD. YES! That's true Laura and you finally are.
Not Luke's DNA...ugh.  Laura tells Tracy to go after Luke. So stop it. Damn it. LOL WE are over Luke.

Liz and Franco/Todd (he IS Todd). Why they have him be creepy and scare her like that? Oh well...they were still great.  "I don't think I can make peace with who you used to be"...nice line by Liz. 

Weak Link today for me was Lante. I mean, it was domestic and the flea market thing was ok but it was still weird. 

Ok, so yesterday's show was perfect--and tight. I wish the cast was smaller and we'd get more of this!! 


  1. Yesterday's show was the first one I have enjoyed in weeks (maybe even months). You cannot go wrong when you have Diane, Alexis, Laura, Tracy, Todd/Franco, Elizabeth and the Davis girls all in one episode. More importantly, there was no Jason, Sam, Sonny and Carly. Sadly, I'm sure it will be weeks before we get another episode like we got yesterday. I'm sure it's back to the Sonny and Carly show today.

  2. Yesterday was really a powerhouse! Diane (loved her stunning outfit) and Alexis, Tracy and Laura were outstanding. Kristina was her usual immature self but the sister dynamics with Molly were great. Franco is just too creepy for words. If someone was in my back seat I think I would have a heart attack. He should probably have therapy for a few years before he attempts to have a normal relationship.

  3. It's amazing how good GH can be one day, and how unwatchable the next ...

  4. LSV422 said... Franco is just too creepy for words.

    You're right. And if he didn't realize that he would scare her then there's something still not right about him. He needs help. I'm so glad they've finally given up on that relationship.

    Olivia said LEO WOKE UP FOR HIS FEEDING! Who writes this stuff? He'll be a year old in another month.

    Loved the scenes with Alexis and Diane, Laura and Tracy. They need to be on more often. they're the matriarchs of this show. And they're all fantastic actresses.

    I also enjoyed the Molly and Kristina scenes. I hope Molly got through to her. And I hope she apologizes to her mom and gives her some support now that she's suspended. I wonder what they'll have Alexis do now.

  5. I really don't think they have given up on the Franco/Liz relationship. They have great chemistry together. RH has done a good job of humanizing Franco.



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