Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Tainted Wub

Yep... Tainted Wub... "oooohhhh, tainted wub... " too bad Soft Cell couldn't have been playing during Lisa's needle jabbin' event.

OH! SO much to talk about, eh?? Last week had one of the most controversial scenes I think I've ever witnessed  on a soap.  (and this time it wasn't a rape!) Known sociopath, Lisa Niles, decides to bond Robin and Patrick together in her HIV hell. Twitter went nuts. Blogosphere went double nuts. I didn't say too much at the time other than GH uses Robin's disease for cheap stunts. I guess I'm so angry at the rest of the "stories" on the show, that really didn't sink in at first. 
I lost a very close childhood friend to AIDS complications in the early '80's. Back then the stigma was so bad he didn't even tell anyone he was ill until he was in the hospital dying. He was 26 years old. Another friend was a hemophiliac who got it through a blood transfusion. He lived longer, into his 40s but the disease finally took him. He had a 2 year old son.  I know AIDS sorrow. I realize people can live with it every day and seem 'fine'. I still don't think they talk enough about Robin's struggle however. Whenever your immune system is compromised you have to be cautious. GH only talks about Robin's HIV when it's a plot point. That bothers me.  Having Lisa use it as a weapon? It's vile and stupid but not as ignorant as the other ways they ignore her disease, imo. 

GH this week was a study in how NOT to tell stories. It was bad last week and this week continued to be even more of a mess.  You've seen my 'WUB BOAT timeline'-- it's not only comical it's sad. When  Nancy Lee  Grahn tweeted she and Tony were called on a Saturday to shoot their "Filler" Haunted Star and Kelly's scenes, I about died.  Can you imagine the producer calling 2 actors to say "Uh, the show is "short" on time, can you pinch-hit"?? ahahhahaaa. At least give JFP credit for having 2 stellar vets step in and give us the best scenes of the week. Oh, hell..the MONTH. They just riffed on real life stuff!! College, family-- drinking, not drinking-- the works.  Awesome. 

I can't even believe the Franco sheeze that's not happening.  It's just mind-boggling. Where's the build up? Do they really think watching Carly and her ever-pop up travel crib is 'must see TV'?? I mean, really. Even I, huge Francophile is fed up with the whole thing. I thought Guza bungled Brenda's return. This makes that look like Oscar winning moments. *sigh* Now, the 'story' is going to start and we aren't going to know if Sam is raped or not-- it will be a mind game. She'll have to struggle with the knowledge the baby she's carrying might be a psychopaths.  Fun times. 

Well, folks, I didn't watch the show in real-time for 2 days and I can't say I missed it. I missed the banter on Twitter but as you know, I'm such a bitch I decided to give those poor people a break. There are rumors around that the announcement for GH's cancellation is coming sooner rather than later. My biggest sorrow is that the show that should be saved (OLTL) is already gone. Their great ratings and rise up even with NO PR can't save it. Nothing's going to save GH. I am excited however, to see OLTL online, they will do it up. Can't say the same for GH. 
That's the problem--GH needs to be great NOW. NOW! Or wherever it lands it won't matter. THE AUDIENCE will be gone!!! 

From Daytime Confidential:  (on ratings)
ABC Daytime's General Hospital proved to be the week's biggest loser. GH was in last place in total viewers and in households (tied with Days of Our Lives in the latter). The ABC sudser tied its all-time low among women 18-49 and hit a new record low among women 18-34.

Ok, on to the details:

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Luke and Alexis--hands down.  Just brilliant. The Pie scene at Kelly's was just fun and spontaneous and felt right. They were both talking about serious stuff but like "real people" not soap characters. Kudos. MORE PLEASE. 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Oh geesh.. what to choose, what to choose. There are so many. Olivia "Fixing" the giant motor on the boat while fainting?  The endless Firework talk with Shawn and Carly? Spin/Max following a glowing light in Wyndemere? Monica finally being on, only to bitch at Liz when she's brought into the ER? Sorry..can't pick. Let's just say 90% of the show. 


See who won "Most Scary GH Character" on the WUBS NET !!
It's HALLOWEENIE tomorrow!! eeeeeeeee!! I'm dressing up as Jessie Brewer! Get the cardigans out! Let's all dance around the moon that GH will be the show it deserves to be.


  1. Very nice comments.
    I can't disagree with a word you said.

    As far as the 'end' of GH, it is gone. For those who chose not to believe it, I believe can't 'accept' that a number 1 show for decades ends on this terrible note.

    I am still clueless with the internet version of OLTL. Where and how to watch it. How long it will play out per episode, etc..
    However, it is going off abc with class, and deserves a 'look' when it reapears days later on the website.
    So will not be the case with the legend GH.

  2. On the same episodes where they were making a mockery of Robin's HIV storyline they also had Carly asking Shawn if he wanted to cut themselves and rub their blood together as a sign of their bond and then Johnny sticking his finger in Anthony's open bleeding wound. I truly could not beleive what I was seeing.

    My second frustration is the isolation of characters. Guza was known for scenes with just two people sitting on a couch talking. We had hoped Wolf would show more cast interaction but no, he just isolates people in different time zones so the timelines make no sense.

    My third fristration is the re-casting of Kristina and rumoured sora'ing of many younger cast members. Apparently when it comes to actresses to play Kristina tits are more important then talent. Then their is Emma and Cameron, two of the cutest kids on tv about to be sora'ed to spoiled brats. Why do the kids in Port Charles age so quickly yet Carly never grows up?

  3. WOW Frisco...since I ff and didn't watch Friday at all, I wasn't aware of the blood situation.
    I hope it is ok with you, but I had to forward that post to Sweeney & Frons to show them that we are NOT IDIOTS. And that kind of storytelling is not acceptable!!!!

  4. Great article off Soapnet.....

    With the exception of Judith Light, who is rumored to be making an appearance as Karen Wolek in the near future, no one (character or actor) from the first two decades that “One Life to Live” was on the air are said to be on the list of possible returns (and no, Tina’s recent return doesn’t count).
    While this decision ignores nearly half of the show’s history and legacy, I can see where the writers are coming from in a sense. Aside from older, long-term fans who have watched the show (me)since almost since its inception, and history buffs who like to research the early goings on in Llanview, the majority of today’s “One Life” fans likely have no connection to characters like Carla Gray, Steve Burke, or Elieen and Julie Dennison. Furthermore, several of the actors who played those characters back in the late 1960s and early and mid 1970s have since passed on. And, many of those characters would either no longer have any friends or family currently residing in Llanview or, if they did, no obvious reason to contact them now when they haven’t do so in twenty or thirty years anyway.

    Even so, it would still be a nice way to honor the entire 43 year history of the show, and not just the last 23 years of it, especially considering that “One Life’s” early years were filled with storylines that were deemed rather controversial, ground-breaking, and unheard of it for its time, such as the light-skinned Carla Gray (whom the audience thought was white) kissing a black man. That kiss alone prompted an ABC affiliate in Texas to drop the show from its daytime schedule at one time. Or Cathy Craig, a young girl hooked on drugs, whose counseling sessions took place with real-life drug addicts in New York City’s Odyssey House. Even the soap’s original name “Between Heaven and Hell” was deemed too controversial by the show’s sponsors, prompting creator Agnes Nixon to compromise and go with a more traditional title.

  5. According to General Hospital Happenings, GH is moving to an early time slot. They said it was going to be cancelled by June. But they said not true. But who knows.

  6. I TOTALLY missed the Shawn/Carly thing!! NO WAY!! wow.

  7. Ok, Twitterverse said it was a "joke" comment from Carly-- WOW. This makes me MORE FURIOUS than the damn "HIV weapon"
    HOW STUPID and shows how the dialog writers are so isolated they don't know ANYTHING that's happening in the other parts of the show.

  8. I still don't understand the animosity Monica had towards Liz in the hospital scenes. Why does everyone have to be hatin on liz? There are plenty of other mothers that are downright awful (Carly I'm lookin at you). Not to mention shouldn't Monica be more upset with Jason than Liz since he was the final nail in the coffin of that relationship?

    BTW, the sexis scenes were good too. But I adored the Luke & Alexis scenes. Could not forward even a second of it. Hell I went back and listened twice on some of it. Pure Magic. Love my NLG. But back to Sonny Alexis and Sonny saying he wants to "try" with Kate.. Someone also could have said Remember brenda? YOUR WIFE? Shouldn;t you at least mention her? WTF?

  9. Karen: Loved your comments and so sorry for your losses. All I could think of when hearing about this storyline is I can't believe whoever wrote this crap ever knew anyone afflicted with HIV or full blown AIDS.

    Frisco: I stopped watching GH the day before the needle attack (after watching since 1963) so I wasn't aware of the Carly/Shawn comments or Johnny's actions. Needless to say I agree with you...just when I didn't think they could sink any lower.

    I don't miss GH at all since I stopped watching. This"show" is NOT GH. All the things I loved about it haven't been airing for a long time.

  10. Yes, it was a joke comment by Carly and in another episode perhaps it would of been okay however given the HIV storyline that was playing out it was just stupid and irresponsible to place such a comment in this episode.

    Karen - you are right it does show that writers do not seem to talk to each other - explains this error and also why we so so little story integration. It also says something about the lax editing as well...

  11. Not sure why Monica was hating on Liz.
    I have my reasons, however what are Monica's?? For those long time viewers of GH, Monica was never the BEST mother on this show.
    I am too confused where that came from.
    As far as 'beating' up on Liz, she is no more beatup on than others.

  12. The saddest part about GH is just how ridiculous they have been lately. Skinny Dipping in the winter. Monica all of a sudden being rude to Liz, when she JUST got to the hospital due to hypothermia/almost drowning. Robin, Lisa and the HIV storyline. Maxie looking stupid going after Matt, anything Carly, Jason, Sam and that bunch...geez. The best scene of the week was one that was just thrown in because they didn't have enough scenes for the week. How embarrasing!

    Now, I hate to talk good about other soaps while dogging another, but try and watch Days of our Lives right now. They rehauled everything. Got many beloved characters back. Went back to their roots and I am loving it!! That is how you redo your storylines. I mean, there is a character, Maggie, who has been on Days since almost the beginning and she is in the middle of a very hot storyline. And it isn't sloppy/choppy storylines. It is flowing great...

  13. I totally agree with you Ritapita! Liz has become the doormat for the show long ago. Remember, Rebecca Herbst was supposed to be fired. Guza and Frons were doing their best to destroy her character and drum up support for Sam and Jason ( about the time I saw Frons appearing on soapnet promoting jasam / Kelly Monaco ). Funny all the attempt to destroy her and then have her off the show didn't make the jasam wedding or honeymoon any more interesting or boost ratings.
    Monica cannot cast any stones. She cheated on Alan so many times she was barely ever home to see AJ or Jason. She was always chasing Rick ( Leslie's husband/Laura's father ). I just saw a clip where she was having dinner with Shaun Donelly ( she cheated with him ). AJ was a jealous selfish idiot and Jason is a mobster. Emily was murdered by Diego Alcazar as revenge for Jason killing Alcazar. Her children are not stellar.She has made plenty of mistakes and instead of befriending her daughter's best friend ( like Emily would want her to ) , she is disrespecting her in a most unprofessional way. Terrible writing and terrible use of a vet, to transparently beat up Liz until she becomes the "bitch " on the show striking back at everyone ( GW's future for Liz ).
    Liz is supposed to decide which baby lives Jasam's or Robin/Patrick's second child rumored to be on the way. Again, GW will make Liz possibly the "bitch that killed the jasam baby or scrubs lovechild " firing up the "Liz Hate ". Just one of many reasons I have stopped supporting the show the way I used to ( 30 + years ).
    TPTB have made their choice and it is definitely not fans of GH. Days of Our Lives is doing a wonderful job of honoring fans and their vets on the show.

  14. not a Liz fan but I agree Monica's comments were way out of line. And of course out of no where that had to happen with no build up, nothing. And Yes, carly is the queen of bad mothers

  15. Sorry my two cents but no one is beat up like Liz.

  16. Don't apologize Anon...just watch and read the forums and posts when it comes to Carly.
    People attack her quite abit.

    Carly is far from an angel. However, she doesn't blame her wrongdoings on others.
    What you see with Carly is what you get.
    So when people call Liz on her behavior, I say 'Oh well'.

  17. megan ward is on a Best Buy commercial sitting on a park bench. her name on the commercial is Kate.

  18. Where does this 'poor Liz' come from?? Grant it, I can't understand why Monica treated her like she did last week. Mothering skills?? Monica has no room to talk. Liz is a liar. So is Monica.
    So in that case, I don't get where Monica was coming from with Liz.

    But where does this 'poor Liz' come from?? Is she so innocent? Is she such a great person that she doesn't deserve what she gets back from people??
    Other characters on the show get attacked. Or is it just Liz that matters?
    Carly, by far has alot of 'issues'.
    However, who in her defense says 'poor Carly'? Or why is Carly being beaten up on??
    Has Alexis not beaten up on Carly? Or Liz for that matter? Eph, Robin, Sam, etc....
    Carly deserves it. As does Liz.
    But why is Liz the only one who some of you feel sorry for??

  19. Probably because Carly keeps doing the same things over and over. She went to her best friend to get his childs organs, just hours after his kid died. Carly only does stuff that helps Carly. Always has. She may own up to them, but that doesn't give her the right to keep doing them.
    Liz has owned up to some of the stuff she has done. It is other characters that push her to think that it isn't her fault...Jason, Lucky, Nikolas. I think the only thing that Liz has ever done that was wrone, was sleep with Nik and that was when the writers were trying to make her look bad because they were firing her.

    Think of the people that gave/give it to Liz on a daily basis....Maxie, Carly, Sam (at one point), Lulu, now Ethan, Lucky and Monica.
    Now think of the people that give
    You can't say that Carly completely owns up to her mistakes because she always has an excuse for what she does...ALWAYS!

    Still love ya 2Cents. Just don't agree with you!

  20. you too. :)

    I will never say Carly is a Saint.
    I will never say Carly should be named 'Mother of the Year'.
    However, I 'understand' Carly's character. For that reason, I can't hate on her.

    How Nik or anyone can defend Liz's behavior is frightening if anything. Nik & Emily were a true lady & gentlemen for the most part.
    Liz is like a sneaky black ally cat. She is not only a sneak, she lies about things she doesn't need to lie about!!
    Feel sorry for her? WHY???
    People attack her on the show now.
    Why is that a bad thing?? Nobody is saying anything that Liz isn't guilty of.
    And in all honesty, she is guilty of alot more than people are even aware of on the show.
    Monica...I don't get what that was about. If she was blaming Liz for Jakes death..that is just plain wrong.

    From how I perceived the story of Sio & Lucky, Liz is to blame for the demise of them. Liz and Liz alone. I am no fan of Sio, however, she was Lucky's wife.
    NOT Liz. Liz had no business keeping Sio from Lucky.
    Liz had no business giving Lucky a drug she stole from a hospital.
    Why hasn't she been called on any of that??
    IMO she should be in jail for that.

  21. Well, there wouldn't be any residents left of Port Charles if they went to jail because of something Illegal they have done....

  22. Oh puhleez. If anyone should be in jail for things they have done, it would practically be EVERYONE but Elizabeth. From Sam the saint with her halo who watched Jake get kidnapped, lied about it to the police, hired thugs with guns to harass mother, toddler & infant, married and conned men out of money; Jason & Sonny for everything, Luke for killing a child; Alexis for Kiefer; Kristina for false accusations against Ethan. I guess Robin & Patrick would run the rest of PC. Elizabeth is beat up on more than anyone else on the show. Nicholas has been gone forever and she's still be attacked and most often it's always she slept with her brother-in-law, when in fact, she wasn't married to Lucky at all. I don't recall Sam getting called out for sleeping with her mother's husband that was battling cancer at the time. If not that, it's the 3 different fathers for her kids. Uh perhaps Carly, Alexis or Sonny should be called out as well.

  23. boo hoo - poor Elizabeth.


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