Monday, October 31, 2011

Aubrey: I know those nipples anywhere!!

OMG, OLTL was SO FUNNY!! LMAO!! Rex's eyeballs looking at Tina! HA! It was so fun.. Halloweenie hijinx! Little Sam as the shark was so cute. He even mentioned Marcie and Michael! 
Ah, loved the whole show..Tina is still so TINA! AND SHE AND CORD finally KISSED!! Squeeee!
Carlo Hesser Mention! 

Here we go... Well, Ethan is talking to Lasha's painting and a pumpkin LOL... Okay. ZZZzz

It is quite hilarious that it's Halloween ...and JaSam's still on Honeymoon. Heh-- they didn't do any timing at all, did they? Carly went to Hawaii in Sept and now it's HALLOWEEN! She won't know what to do! 

At LEAST GH remembered Halloween and Maxie's birthday--- GEORGIE  mention!! Mac Daddy on!!  That was a BIRKIN bag she got..not whatever they called it. Geesh Just say Birkin Bag!!

Robin has a dream. And why the hell would Patrick think Lisa's "gone" with no body? I'd be all over that sheeze. Mac should give her guards.

SEXIS...I don't even care about the Yale thing, it's hilarious!! Lexi was great today!! She looked awesome too. Then stupid Kate had to walk in looking like Madonna.  Oy. More Bensonhurst stories.ahhh

 Whoops Kelly !!
 BIG SURPRISE: Kim Kardashian files for Divorce!! Dear God.. come on, 2 months?? I am more convinced it was for the money. Greedy Hollywood sharks. All those millions ughhhhh. Hope they give millions to charity.


sonya said...

OLTL: Yeah Karen! Rex's eyes looking at Tina! Hahahaha! Oh and yes Cord and Tina finally kissed YAY! And they are about to make love too! YAY!!!!


Ethan: Dang this Wyndemere storyline is dragging!! Zzzzzzzzz. Why is Ethan acting like he knows Laura? What's with the Jack story? Zzzzzzzz. Did Ethan just get sucked in the tunnel? :)

Sonny and Kate: Zzzzzzzzzz. And uh dressing like 80's Madonna is not helping you. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Alexis and Sonny: HAHAHAHAHA! La la la! Stop with the la la la's! Hahahahaha! Please writers MORE scenes with them! :)

Mac and Maxie: Mac and Maxie = love love love!!!!!! :) Uh Maxie burn that outfit!! YIKES!

Lulu and Dante: Oh the camera is so close to his face!!! Yum! Love his eyes!!!

Robin and Pumpkin head: Oh oh! It's pumpkin head Lisa Myers!!!! Oh it's just a dream. :) Whew!!!

The hospital: So there is going to be a Halloween party at the hospital?!!?!!?! Are they going to show it?!!?! :) Oh look it's the clown from the movie IT!! :)
Epiph hates clowns hahahaha! Woah did I just see Bobbie!?!?! Nah this woman has red hair. Bobbie doesn't have red hair anymore. Is the IT clown Lisa? Maxie is on the roof, and woah who is that? Is that you Spinny?! :) Oh oh something is wrong with Liz!!

Lulu and Sonny: Lulu what the hell?!?!?!?!

Krissy: Wow she looks mature! :) Ha She is one smart cookie thinking that maybe her father helped her get into Yale! :)

Robin and Pumpkin head part 2: Oh oh! Is it Pumpkin head Lisa Myers?!!?! If she is Lisa, then who is the IT clown? Oh is it the woman that Steve hired?! :)

Anonymous said...

Skanky Kim K...The K's are a bunch of selfish big butted white trash women

Frank Strovel III said...

Not to mention attention whores. With emphasis on.......attention.

Hope said...

I'd know those nipples anywhere.....
I almost fell out of the chair...
I knew you would love that line...
its going to be a classic...
and YES, FINALLY....
Cord & Tina.....

Anonymous said...

All I wanted to see was Liz and all they showed were boring people. Ethan walking around was dull, Lante dull, sonny/kate boring, patrick/robin same boring lisa conversation. This show really knows how to do boring and drag things out.
Alexis, now you want to distance yoourself after you asked sonny to do this, ridicullous.
Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I made a typo when I spelled ridiculous :).

My2Cents2 said...

SPOILERS: Some goooood..Some noot..

As Lulu wrestles with her feelings for Dante, he begins to fence with the PCPD’s latest rookie transplant, who has more of an agenda than anyone could realize.

Liz is determined to find the mystery man no one believes exists.

We learn the mysterious stranger who rescued Liz (Ewen) has a mysterious attraction to Spoon Island.

Ethan is drawn further and further into the eerie inner circle of TWO mysterious strangers roaming the halls of Wyndemere.

Michael is on the verge of discovering that doing everything right doesn’t mean that it all doesn’t come out wrong.

Regarding Franco, headwriter Garin Wolf says, "He drops a stone in the still waters of his playmates minds and waits to see how far the circles will fan out. He lets their own insecurities fold in on them until they're in a tight little box. Half the fun of Franco is watching how they get out... or don't!"
...and baby makes...four?

Spinelli, Maxie, Matt and Liz will be involved in a fun arc of mystery, romance and jealousy.

Expect Jason and Sam to make an appearance at the Quartermaine family Thanksgiving.

Apparently, Alexis and Diane with be fighting for Mac's attention.(GOOD!!!!!)

Maggie, the new pediatrician, has a secret of her own.

Jason can only watch helplessly from his cell as Franco commences to do whatever it is he plans to do with Sam...and then the "feed" is suddenly cut off.

Matt is determined to save Liz as she continues on a downward spiral.

Who is watching Lucky while he visits the church?

Lucky begins to doubt his sanity...and wonders if he is sending messages to himself!

Johnny stops to help Kate when her car breaks down, Sonny and Olivia soon show up.

Both Jason and Sam are left reeling.

Jason and Sam go on the hunt for Franco.

The new pediatrician eyes the clown costume.

Spinelli tries on the head of a tiger.

Steve heads to Jake for a stiff drink to calm his nerves.

Olivia and Maggie are introduced (Maggie is the pediatrician who is Steve knew in Memphis).

Steve has his hands full helping out with Cameron and Aiden; luckily its Olivia to the rescue!

Olivia takes home an at-home pregnancy test...just as Steve arrives.

Look for several re-enactments of "Lisa's murder", each with a different monkey wrench wielding suspect.
Mac and Ronnie investigate.

The syringe with blood is recovered by Anthony.

Anthony has dirt on Steve's misdeeds.

Maggie wants to pick up where she and Steve left off professionally and personally.

Jason wakes up just in time to see Franco's show begin.

Sam has no recollection of her time alone with Franco.

Sam and Jason assume the worst.

Kate's secret is uncovered by Carly.

Carly and Sonny come to blows over Shawn.

Liz finds herself drawn to the man from the water whose face she struggles to remember.

Matt decides to fight for Maxie but is drawn to Liz.

Lucky is shaken after his meeting with the Irish lass.

Luke fights the temptation to drink as Lulu gives in.

Lulu comes clean to Dante about not wanting to get married.
Dante feels rejected.

Dante decides it's time to take Sonny down once and for all.

Kate gets a life changing telephone call.

Jason suffers from nightmares.

Expect to see NUKristina join the canvas...sooner rather than later.

kdmask said...

I feel sorry for Kris Humphries.. I mean if he did love her and all...

Anonymous said...

Wonder why Liz must decide between scrubs or jasam baby? Seeing this on GHH and Soapzone.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...

Liz finds herself drawn to the man from the water whose face she struggles to remember.
Liz can't forget the man with the great body!!!! :) She doesn't even remember his face! ROFL!

Rhonda said...

To me it was obvious Kris Humphries & KK were from 2 different worlds. I think if someone wanted to pay any of us millions, we would say sure! We'll do a reality show on our terms! I don't think they're attention whores, I think they're smart whores.

Watchintele said...

Has anyone had a chance to see the new GH promo for this week?

Why do they have to imply that JaSam is "your favourite couple" in the promotional dialogue?

Are they really?
I still do not see what their fans see and it's been 6 years already. I don't think I ever will.

Onto the embarrassment that GH should feel about the mess they have made with Robin's HIV!!!
After bringing an important issue to the forefront using social media, they have now caused what I feel is severe damage to their credibility.
Nothing more to add, as I'm just appalled.

sonya said...

Watchintele said...

Has anyone had a chance to see the new GH promo for this week?
Yup I saw it!! Jason says, FRANCO! NO! Wow that was bad! ROFL! Very stiff sounding. :) I hope it sounds better during the scene when they show it. :)

My2Cents2 said...

Sorry..scoops came from GHHappenings2!
Lulu & Sonny?? STFU Lulu!! Go have a cocktail. Geez......

Kate who are you???? Ohhh yea, the gal from Bensonhurst who happened to have her outfit in her closet that she wore to the basement party on Halloween 30 years ago.

Why didn't Lisa Niles peak today? What are they waiting on??
And how can anyone believe she is dead without a body??
I see Krissy is aware how strange her sudden acceptance into Yale is. That is why, per SPOILERS, sounds like she (another character) will be back soon.
As far as Kim & Kris. Does anyone watch their show?? I do. Yes another guilty pleasure of mine. You saw this marriage ending way before the 'I do's'. Had to be a publicity stunt. Kris H isn't that devasted. He was sick of her and the family before the wedding.

Watchintele said...

Hey Sonya,

he was very stiff. No emotion! It seems that SBu is very bored with this story too.

It feels like he doesn't care at all?

My2Cents2 said...

Sonny looked HOTT today. He must be back on his meds!! ROCK!!
LOVE your scenes.
Glad Diane is coming back and you BOTH go after Mac!! YES! YES!!

My2Cents2 said...

OLTL..How does Natalie always attack people with the words that describe her??

So out of line, but typical Nat behavior today toward Aubrey.

lisa said...

Favorite couple. What a joke! Frons and Guza's favorite. Pathetic. Dull as dirt.

My2Cents2 said...


carrie said...

I think Patrick made the comment about Lisa to make us wonder later if he killed her

Aubrey said...

Karen - that was totally a Birkin, thank you! I said that to my husband, however he has no idea who Maxie is or what Hermes is :)

sonya said...
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sonya said...
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sonya said...

Watchintele said...he was very stiff. No emotion! It seems that SBu is very bored with this story too. It feels like he doesn't care at all?
I'm glad I am not the only one who noticed it! I wonder when they are going to show the scene.

My2Cents2 said...FAVORITE COUPLE?? GUZA & WOLFIE!!!!
Hahaha Cents. :) I'll call them Wuza! :)

Shirleedee said...

If the Birkin bag is a loan, fine, but if wardrobe actually bought it then it's no wonder the show is too expensive to continue. Even the First Lady shops at J.Crew so it should be good enough for GH.

Anonymous said...

jasnore's scenes will probably star on friday at the end of the show. Cliffhanger ( eyeroll ) with franco.

lisa said...

What do you think are some of daytime soaps' biggest blunders?

GH - Killing Alan
Killing Georgie
Killing Emily
Killing jake

Another World ( old soap )-Killing Frankie ( a beloved charcter married to Cass Winthrop ).

I'd love to hear everyone's opinions!

LindaV said...

Lisa, I would have to say killing Alan - he was a beloved core character. About yesterday, how boring watching Ethan talk to the portrait and the pumpkin - more filler? Loved Alexis, especially knowing how NLG hated that horrendous blouse which she said will be shown in 4 shows, LOL. Feel really bad for Lexie - she doesn't really look that much younger than Kim M. So tired of reminiscing from Bensonhurst days. I watched a classic episode from when Alexis had cancer, and GW was a writer even back then. Emma was so adorable.

My2Cents2 said...

Karen...this Kardashian crap was a fake from the get go. That couple were never in love. With the falling ratings of the Kardashian's, and Kim & Kourtneys show about to restart, it has all been a publicity stunt from the beginnning. I am boycotting all their shows going forward.
Is this what TV has turned desperate to do??

Sonya...LMAO!!!! WUZA!!!

Biggest Blunders?? Really?? I will state a few since there are so many...
1) Firing Dr Alan
2) Giving Rick Herbst no storyline and him quitting the show.
3) Killing Jake. Did that really happen??
4) No Bobbie at the time of Jake's death. No Laura. No grams.
5) Turning Jason into a wisp.
6) Firing Ingo. (Jax)
7) Bringing Franco back.ENOUGH!
8) No storylines for the following:
Alexis, Diane, Mac, Max, Monica.
9) Firing Felicia
10)Bringing Kate Howard back.
11)Bringing Brenda back.

Say what you want about OLTL unbelievable storylines, however, the utilize there VET players. For that, they attract an audience.

LindaV said...

My2Cents2, I would also like to add:
Screwing up every Genie F. return.
Totally mishandling Vanessa's return.
Totally mishandling Sarah Brown's return.
Destroying Luke's character.
Letting Sonny reign for way too long.
Firing Tyler C. instead of giving him some decent writing.
It goes on and on....

My2Cents2 said...


One thing about GH, they always had talent for picking out great actors. To not utilize them in brilliant storylines is just a shame.

Instead of bringing so many newbies on, lets wrap up some past stories!!!!
The show is doing a complete 160. Molly will be recasted, Morgan, Krissy. It is no longer about history with this show. Its all about gaining a new audience. Thing is, its not working. When will the writers see that??
Or have they?

Melodybluez said...

I just got back online following a power outage for three days. Darn northeast storm!

I saw a little bit of the Halloween GH this morning. Kate dressing up as Madonna? Well, sort of looked that way! I wondered why Robin would so quickly open her door without asking who was at the door before she opened it. I know it is Halloween and Trick or Treat, but really, if someone was just spooked by a psycho, they'd be a bit reluctant to open the door! Lulu...I just wish she'd put the poor schmuck out of his misery and admit to Dante that she doesn't want to get married! I liked the Sonny/Alexis scenes. Of course, we know that the whole thing with getting Krissy into Yale is going to backfire on them! I was sad watching Lexie's scenes yesterday, knowing she'll soon be replaced.

Anyhow...Happy November!

sonya said...

LindaV said... Loved Alexis, especially knowing how NLG hated that horrendous blouse.
The blouse she wore at Sonny's yesterday? She hates it? I like it. :)

My2Cents2 said...Sonya...LMAO!!!! WUZA!!!
ROFL! Glad you like it. :)

LindaV said...

Sonya, NLG said something about the blouse taking up the whole screen. It was pretty but not very flattering, I agree.

My2Cents2 said...

About the made her look like she gained weight.
Who cares?? Just happy to see her!

sonya said...

LindaV said...Sonya, NLG said something about the blouse taking up the whole screen.
Did she really mean the blouse? Or did she really mean her ta ta's? ROFL! :)

Anonymous said...

Soap Blunders:
GH- Killing Alan, Emily, and AJ (no Q's )
Ending Liason
Making Mob the focus instead of romance
Days of Our lives :Marlena was possessed by a devil story ( most stupid ! ) So many fans left the show then.
B&B- Having Hope sleep withboth brothers and have an affair with their father !

lisa said...

Karen, you must listen to Jason Thompson's interview on Daytime Confidential. He talks about how he and Kimberly did not want to do the story of Lisa using Robin's HIV infected blood to inject Patrick. They fought against doing this story, especially Kimberly.
The writers are so foolish if they think this is good story telling. They also continue the nonsense with the syringe falling into AZ's hands and him possibly using it to frame someone for Lisa's murder. STUPID. This will also go down as a daytime soap blunder.

My2Cents2 said...

Three is my favorite number.
If I could chose 3 things to change about GH it would be:
1) Bring Alan back. Say his death was whatever..I will 'buy it' and not complain!!!

2)Bring Rick Herbst back. So much story with him & Sonny, Alexis, Molly, etc.

3)We need our VETS back, and we need them to perform for us!!!!!
Alexis, Carly, Jax, Ric, Mac, Felicia, Diane. The 'CORE' of GH!

sonya said...

lisa said...They also continue the nonsense with the syringe falling into AZ's hands and him possibly using it to frame someone for Lisa's murder.
Yeah that is so dumb. That syringe should have been destroyed when the sex/horror boat was over!!!

Adora said...

"My2Cents2 said...FAVORITE COUPLE?? GUZA & WOLFIE!!!!
Hahaha Cents. :) I'll call them Wuza! :)"
I am liking Wuzie (pronounced Woozy) myself~ ^^;

sonya said...

Adora said...I am liking Wuzie (pronounced Woozy) myself~ ^^;
Hahahahaha Woozie!!! Too funny. :)