Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Michael Wants Them Bag O' Pills

LMAO... Michael and Sonny were hilarious today arguing about the drugs..and then Kate walks in. Because you know, she just happens to be walking around in the warehouse district. Gee, Michael should probably get shot in the head since that's what happened last time. In the great tradition of GH recasting everyone to fit the bill here goes:

Robin's first. She's way too young to look like chief of staff..and god KNOWS she has boobs that are  too small. RECAST!!
Stripper pole is coming to the 7th floor nurses station... Epiphany's going to be RECAST with JWow!!

Michael's too young, RECAST!
Sonny's too short...RECAST!
Carly may as well be black and Shawn white cause in "The Body Guard" that's how it was.  RECAST!
I'm also recasting Emma with The Olsen Twins.

Patrick goes to see Lisa... :eyeroll: Maybe they ARE CONNECTED by their souls LOL.. They so should have done the Lisa coma thing like a Kill Bill scene!! 

OH great, A DEKE scene! ahahaa.  Notice how Kate got everything together in 3 seconds? She usually can't even get Maxi to make a phone call. What a great mob moll she is!!
Carly needs a bat in the head. BIG ONE. She's an idiot. 


sonya said...

Robin and Patrick: Yeah Robin I feel bad for Matt too! And you are right you are family it's not right! Patrick and Matt should be closer than this!

Patrick and Lisa: Oh Patrick stop talking to her and just put a pillow over her face! :) You leave and oh great look what you did! You made her eyes open!!! Shame on you Patrick! Shame!

Lisa and Papa Z: Oh delicious!!!! :)

The warehouse scene: Oh Michael you are such an idiot!!! You are so dumb!!! Kate is smarter than you! Kate should be the one joining the mob not you!!! Kate is still boring, but the scene was great. :) Sonny has a flashback! How dare Deke beat up Sonny and call him a bastard what the hell?!!?!?

Carly and Shawn: Carly admitted it!!!! Jason is her everything! :) So of course Carly is going to want to go to Hawaii to see Jason. I mean she is in love with him afterall. And please Shawn are you REALLY shocked Carly followed you? You should really know her by now! And of course she is going to bring her daughter with her! Even tho Franco is dangerous! ROFL!

Jason and Sam: Come on Sam if you want a baby, TELL HIM!!!! And why are they talking a lot? It's their honeymoon! They should be having tons of sex! :)

jaybeezer said...

Okay, I've been watching GH since the early 80's. I DVR it every day. I'm a die hard fan, and have even watched faithfully through all of the horrendous crap they've pulled these past couple years.

I turned it off today when Kate wheeled her dresses into the warehouse. Stupid.

I'm tired of listening to Patrick and Matt snark at eachother.

I'm tired of listening to Michael wine, and Sonny be a douchebag.

I need a GH hiatus.

CareyN said...

So, there were no Spencers or Lante on today? One less thing for me to do tonight....

kdmask said...

You know if the Spencers are on, JaSam isn't and vice versa. GH's pacing is so sucky.

Hope said...

you are just so funny!

Anonymous said...

Karen, I'm rollin' here....LOL

Melodybluez said...

I guess today's GH was the start of things heating up...about time!

Carly made me want to throw heavy objects through the TV today in a hope one of them would actually hit her! I think if she would have called Jason her "essential person" I would have vomited! Maxie used to use that term for Spinny all the time and it used to leave me wondering what the heck it meant! Is he like a device to utilize when it suits your needs? I realize Carly and Jason have been through a lot...he, as she said, has held her hand to heck and back...yeah, and I think he may have held the strip for you the last time you took a pregnancy test! Ok, enough! The man is allowed to have a life of his own! Couldn't Carly have left little Joss with Mercedes or Bobbie? You want to take a kid on a plane ride to where a pyscho might be hanging out...smart!

Robin and the boys...yeah, Drs. Drake and Hunter are acting more like little boys. I think Robin should by a stripped shirt with a whistle! I know some people liked evil Lisa. Because the situation was dragged out the first time longer than it should have been, it ruined a good fatal attraction story for me, and all I want to see is someone snuff her out for good this time so she doesn't keep reappearing like a bad penny!

Agreed...the warehouse scene...just plain weird. I am sure all top designers will want to have their photoshoots in warehouses now! All I keep wishing is for the panic room door to shut with Michael in it for a while!

Jason and Sam...wake me up when it's over. Why is it marriage on this show dictates that a couple become as interesting as watching paint dry?

Speaking of stuff on the show...I loved the other blog post about how we're seeing women on the show lately...pole dancing, lingerie wearing, bordellos. A little is fine for some spice, but too much is just too much. Really spoke to my thoughts the other day about GH and its treatement of women. Spot on!

Echo Day said...

So I'm home on Fall break and thought I'd watch today. I thought maybe I could come back (I keep up with the show on here) and I might like it. GH has always been my favorite and I want to love it again!
Then I hear Jason say something like he couldn't ask God for a child. Gee, I hope not. I hope he would be too busy praying for the people he killed or the families he destroyed to pray for another child. Do the actors gag when they read these lines?
I love Wubs. I love I can read about GH here. I want to love GH again. Not with those kind of lines.

Rita Pita said...

Even Laura Wright has got to be cringing with this dialogue.

They COULD have really made it interesting with Jasam & Franco but here we go again, blah blah blah. Yada yada yada. Everyone knows Jason doesn't like to talk.

My2Cents2 said...

That warehouse scene was so horrific, that I couldn't concentrate on much afterwards.
I was STEAMING!!!!
How STUPID are those writers to think that when the police pull up in front, that Kate can put together a team to bring over clothes. I never even knew Kate had a team. Let alone a truck to schlep everything over.
DUMB. LIke I said, it was hard for me to concentrate after that.

What about Jason & Sam in the Motel 6?? Do they ever plan on showing a scenery to us? Or see these 2 walking on one of the zillion beaches they have in Hawaii??

Ohhhh Sam's going to be pregnant soon. No doubt. But who the daddy going to be???

Carly, you forgot your Nanny.

My2Cents2 said...

I can assure you Rita that LW isn't the only actress cringing these days.

How stupid is Bo?? He is looking for Todd? Vicki's brother? Why wouldn't he look at the cabin??

Shane da killer??!!!!
WOW I didn't see that coming.
Until today and he looked spookie!

I have never been a fan of Blairs.
However, this past week she is ROLLING!!!! Her scenes with Todd are priceless, and today with Jack, wow she gave a performance!!!

kdmask said...

OLTL has dropped a lot of things lately, I think they were adjusting to the cancellation. Destiny has been gone. We'll see.

My2Cents2 said...

I forgot about Destiny.
Nah..they will bring her back, if anything for a close to the story.
I have faith in the show to do that.

Where's Nora?? Not that I miss her, because I don't...just curious.