Monday, October 24, 2011

Deadline: Couric Cleared in 60% of Market!

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One more nail. DeadlineHollywood is reporting that Couric's talk show has been sold in 14 out of the 15 top markets. The show will be called "Katie" and debuts in the fall of 2012. Rumors  persist she's slated to take over General Hospital's time slots in most cities.


  1. No ones gonna watch if they replace General Hospital with this.Just like the Chew. These people are loyal soap opera viewers!

  2. I do not understand this. I do not like Katie enough to watch her in the afternoons. And, she is not young..If ABC is willing to hire a 57 year old woman for a show then why please tell me do they fire actresses of that age on Daytime Soaps.

  3. Is that picture supposed to make me want to watch it? I feel like I'm being transported back to 1986 or something. I fail to see how this show will have ANYTHING new to bring to the table or hold my interest in any way, shape or form.

    I give this show a year. Many others have tried to have a talk show in failed. ABC's daytime line up is officially in the crapper.

    I am off on Mondays and Tuesdays, and on those days I have ABC on exclusively from 2-4 (even if what I'm watching has put me to sleep- ahem, GH). Come 2012, they will have lost my viewership completely.

  4. What do people not understand??
    Whether its Katie C or Mickey Mouse, that time slot is being filled by another tv show.

    I am not a fan of KC. Never have been. However, that has nothing to do with why I won't watch her show. If they ran with my favorite show at that time, I would dvr it as I would GH.
    GH is going to be replaced.
    By another show. Its stupid to hate the program that is replacing GH.

    HATE the writers who are destroying GH. Hate Frons.
    They want the 3 higest ratest shows on abc in that time slot.
    If the Chew doesn't pick up its numbers, and GH climbed to the top, perhaps abc would keep GH in The Chew spot.
    But it isn't happening. The writing just isn't there.

  5. My2Cents2 is 100% correct. GH should have been cancelled instead of OLTL because the writing hasn't been there for a long time.

    I have no interest in The Chew or Katie so I won't be watching but boycotting the replacements because they ARE the replacements is childish.

  6. YEP, OLTL should have survived but actually I SO WANT to see it ONLINE!! I think they'll bring it and really define online soaps.

  7. Thanks Barb for your kind words...

    Karen what is going on with the online version? How do we connect to it? Where do we go??

  8. Carrie--They fire actresses that age on GH, but don't forget they also fire actresses in their teens and early 20s for not being sexy enough!! *rolls eyes*

    Karen--I totally agree with you that OLTL will spearhead the grand migration of TV to the Internet. Soaps did it for the Radio to TV movement because they were telling timely stories about real social issues. OLTL has some smart people heading it up and should thrive in the Internet age.

  9. I can not stand KC but I agree it will be something besides GH However, they (networks) always complain about the money! I would LOVE to know what Katie is getting for this?? She is an overpaid news person!!! To make a talk show work she will have to have interesting guests!! $$$

  10. Great point Lisa...what is she getting paid??
    Didn't she have a $5 million dollar contract with cbs??
    I can only imagine it went up.

    Good point.

    Carey another good point about the internet......I hope this new production company takes us to the next level!

  11. From what I just read, The Chew is tanking badly and they are looking at replacing it with the revulsion and moving GH. They also said that Frons is in some deep, deep doo for creating this mess. :)

  12. Where did you read it at?? Post site.

  13. I read that on Soaptownusa. Her info is usually pretty right on. :)

  14. I'm not in the least surprised --that's my pick as a DL for the last of GH--lights out of Friday KC lights up daytime on Monday=lol

  15. Went to soaptown...never heard of it before...pretty much same as we have been is GW writing a Wyndemere story, and it will involve GF (maybe)?
    Does that mean, another storyline that starts, and gets dropped if the key player isn't available??

    What a freakin IDIOT!!!!

    As far as GH is concerned, it is moving out of the 2:00 time frame. Katie C is taking that time.
    Does it matter? GH is going to be dropped at the rate they are writing and their numbers weekly.

    Now I will go watch that horrible show because its a hard habit to break for me.

  16. I simply cannot stand her - i hope no one watches.

  17. I was going to also mention what Soaptownusa said about Frons. Nice thinking of him in big trouble.

  18. Frons isn't in any trouble.
    Nobdoy could have or know that information..
    IMO that is more 'here say'.

    Either way, he will be the last man standing. He isn't going anywhere.