Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wed. General Hospital Break Day One.

OH scoops are up and just found out JaSam doesn't get back from Hawaii/Franco  to PC until..NOVEMBER 11th!! ahahahahahha. I only hope it's in 2011. Let's hope the date is wrong. 

Wonder what else is on at 3pm??  Don't think I can deal with Dr. Phil.  I will DVR the show though so I don't miss a THANG...

It's crazy drizzle here and cold/windy. Looks like fog out but it's mist. Maybe someone is taking a BOAT TRIP out on Lake Ontario.. lol  AT NIGHT??! Fronkey or is it?? WTD Again??! 

I am a bit giddy at the Franco Fronkey Baby prospect. I want him to be a boy named Fred or Pablo or Alto or Frankolina (Lori's suggestion)  Sam will be PG, but not even know if Franco raped her so she can't make a "morning after" decision probably. Oh, GH. You slay me! 
OLTL: LOVED when Jack saw Gigi... too bad he still can't act himself  out of a paper bag!! LOL 

Todd to Viki: "I know, I come back and everyone is allergic to everything (meaning peanuts), and while we're at it WHAT the HELL is GLUTEN"????????????????????
OMG!! line of the YEAR! 

Loved Shane/Rex... It was cute for them to talk about Aubrey and taking her to the party. "Your Mom would want us to have fun"... 


Carrie said...

I miss my Todd and OLTL. I haven't turned back after they fired TSJ but I miss that show.

Proud of you Karen. You stuck with GH throw a lot. You deserve Twitter verification for that alone ;)

Anonymous said...

I hate Franco with a passion, what a waste of time.

kdmask said...

I'd love a check next to my name! LOL

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you say how bad an actor "Rex" is. Every time I try to watch OTL at your urging I get put off by the horrible acting of "Rex" "Jack" and "Gigi" etc. And I always pick a day when they are all on at the same time - today for example. A while ago I tried to watch for an entire week - it was during the Rex, Gigi and Stacy story . The three of them were so awful I couldn't stand it. The only thing worse than the acting is Gigi's hair!

Brender said...

Well, I unfortunately watched GH today. Sonny/Kate were on talking about nothing more than the murder mystery, which you think would take prescidence?

All I gotta say is I am sure glad that I don't have a brother like Steve. Sister is missing, but he looks for Olivia?

Ronnie asked who was on the boat. Steve says "Robin, Patrick, Me, Olivia, Dr. Matt hunter....oh and my sister Elizabeth, who has been missing for hours...Are you kidding me? Nobody, not even Steve seemed to want to go look for her either. Randomly, Steve would say, I hope my sister is ok...ugh.

The scenes today were so choppy. This show is killing me.

mosbp2003 said...

Anonymous, Karen never said "Rex" was a bad actor- she said Jack was a bad actor. I believe that Karen has stated a number of times that "Rex" has hit it out of the park with this storyline. In fact, you are the first person I have ever heard say that he is a bad actor. I am not criticizing you- I respect your opinion. When I first started watching the show I thought he was a bit over the top at times, but now I just think it is part of his charm...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry - I misread the posting. It said Jack but I read Rex. Apparently I am the only one who thinks that actor is awful. Glad you pointed that out to me.

sonya said...

Sex/horror boat: Lisa Myers is GONE!!! Where did she go?! It's just like her brother Mike Myers! You think he is dead, but HE IS NOT! :) I like how protective Robin is with her hubby! She doesn't want him to touch her cus she is bleeding. :) Matt is passed out!!! :) Having sweet dreams I hope. Maxie and her nail polish all over her hands huh?! Maxie is acting like it's blood!! :) Mac showed up YAY! And so did other cops like Mulva! Steve's face is scratched up!! What REALLY happened Steve? :) Your explanation is so lame. :) Ah well take your shirt off. :)

Liz and Spinny: Spinny she is OUT stop talking to her and get help! Oh who is that figure in the bushes? Oh Liz is awake and she remembers a man and his white shirt helping her. :) Nice chest man in white. :)

Carly and Jason: Carly gets the line of the day!!!!

Carly: It's bad to divorce a dead man.


Sonny and Kate: She kisses him back because he kissed her before. They talk about Brenda, the past, and Jax. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Please Wolfie stop the madness!!!

Papa Z and Johnny: Johnny is all wet and on the phone. Take off your shirt Johnny! :) Papa Z comes up and is all wet too!!! He is hurt badly but doesn't want to get help. Oh he goes down! DOH!

Luke and Alexis: Oh can they be a couple? :) Just for now. :) Just a teeny tiny bit. :)

Luke: Are you stalking me?

Alexis: Are you stealing food?

Hahahaha! They get the scene of the day!!! Alexis talks about the grasshopper and the ant story all while she is buying a pie! ROFL! Alexis doesn't want Luke to call Sonny her ex cus it's icky! Hahahahahaha! Luke thinks she was more fun before she became a mommy! Hey Luke is right! :)

kdmask said...

No, many people on twitter don't like JPL (Rex) and find him a smartass LOL. I like him, he reminds me of Trevor St.John and Ryan Reynolds.

Anonymous said...

@ Carrie....TSJ wasn't fired , he wanted to leave

Anonymous said...

Hopfully sam is pregnant by franco.jason does not deserve a child. his life is too dangerous. jasam is a total bore. maybe this will give them an interesting story.

mosbp2003 said...

Karen- Ryan Reynolds- that's who JPL reminds me of! thank you- I knew he reminded me of someone, but couldn't figure out who!

lisa said...

Seems a lot of people are taking a break from GH. The new ratings are up and GH is dead last. GH HIT NEW LOW lost 348 000 viewers. It is hardly surprising and I can only assume that TPTB ( Frons, Anne Sweeney ) want this. It's disgustingly sad that they let it come to this. Fans write to them asking for changes in storyline and are ignored. Fans simply will tune out if favorite characters are not on or are destroyed.

Anonymous said...

The ratings are shameful! I don't understand the pacing of this show. They must not have any idea what to write because it takes them so long to resolve a story.

My2Cents2 said...

TSJ wasn't fired. He chose to leave.

I haven't read spoilers yet, so for Jason not to return until November simply can't be true.
G*D wouldn't be that cruel to us.
Would he? Or she??

I didn't watch yesterday. How did Steve get scratch's on his face??
How did PaPa show up at the penthouse in such great shape? How did he get there? Speaking of Johnny, when did he start walking again?

LOVED Alexis. Even though Luke was in the scene.

Can someoone answer why Kate is chasing Sonny & kissing him when he dumped her after the wedding that didn't happen for Brenduh??
Really, is Sonny all that good??

Not sure how Maxie got on the boat or Spinelli found Liz.
I probably don't want to know.

Something tells me, Spinelli is Kate's son. Ohhh I hope I am wrong.

My2Cents2 said...

One more thing......could all the talk of Jax today meaning we are going to go searching for him????

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...One more thing......could all the talk of Jax today meaning we are going to go searching for him????
I don't know, but if there is, I want to join the search! :)

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya, they MUST bring him back.
There is zero chemistry between Shawn & Carly.

I just hope they don't bring him back at the 11th hour!!

Dori said...

Didn't watch, didn't DVR, didn't tweet...didn't CARE!!! The entire show is a mess! I hate to see it get cancelled for the sake of the genre; but THIS CRAP is not worth my time. My DVR and OD schedule is already full of other worthwhile shows to watch. Plus, let's not forget about Netflix. I have so many shows in my queue now to watch, it'll take forever!
So, for now I just have better things to do than bang my head in frustration EVERY damn day with this show!
I do, however, feel bad for the actors who are tweeting, and begging people to watch it. It's not their fault...truly it isn't. They are showing up to work every day to do what they do and they deserve respect for that. This show is in the wrong hands, it's on the wrong network and it's...well it's just plain sad!

LindaV said...

My2Cents2, Steve's scratches weren't expained and I think this will lead to him being a suspect in Lisa's supposed murder. Absolutely loved Alexis and Luke, ffwd through Sonny and Kate. Sonny is starting to get that cocky look again like he thinks he is still a sex symbol - not! And Faux-Maxie is overacting so much that I can't stand to look at her. Too bad Kirsten missd out on all these scenes - can't wait for her to come back. And I would love to see Jax return and kick Shawn out.Spinelli is such an idiot not calling for help. The "how dids?" are overwheming.

My2Cents2 said...

You are so correct Dori.

My2Cents2 said...

Thanks LindaV. It is really hard to pay close attention to this show. With all the holes and gaps, you don't know if you missed something, or they 'forgot a scene'.

Lisa isn't dead yet. Until there is a body, with no pulse, she is still out there.

Let me ask you a question. If you were KS (Maxie) would you want to come back to this show?? Remember, when you are out on disability, federal law gives you a year. She may not be returning.
Just a thought.

I can't watch Sonny because that means either he is blaming someone for something, he wants to 'take out' someone or he is going down memory lane with the Bensonhurst gang. NO INTEREST. This new Kate, though I do like her, is chasing after Sonny like a school girl. Makes no sense.

We do have a few things to be grateful for. There has been no sighting of Michael.
We got thru most of the episode without Shawn. Olivia wasn't yacking her mouth away..
How did Mac get there again?? New side kick I see with him since Dante is lost in the hospital and Lucky is looking for Sio ghost.

Oy Vey.....what are we watching??

LindaV said...

I was glad there was no Michael for awhile, too. Jeez, maybe it's just me but Mac looks fantastic - what a handsome guy and not a storyline in sight. I would believe that KS would like to come back to reclaim her part and also because it is really hard to get a job, particularly for soap actors. And to please get rid of her replacement. It's amazing how characters I once liked, Olivia, ANthony Z.,and Dante are all at the mercy of poor writing. Anothony is still rather humorous.

My2Cents2 said... just now are realizing how handsome Uncle Mac is???
YIKES...if they would cast me, I would be his love interest!!
Thing is, the camera puts weight on you, so I would have to lose alot!!

I 'heard' thru one of GW's disclosures, that Alexis 'snoozes' and so she 'loses'. I can only take that to mean Mac gets a love story?? But its probably no more than wishful thinking on my part and reading between the lines.

Adora said...

When I was watching yesterday's show all I could think while watching Sonny and "Kate" was "this isn't Kate!!" I have no idea who that woman is, I'm not buying the answer is "Connie" and it sure hell isn't Kate Howard. Kate would never degrade herself the way this woman does, chasing wildly after Sonny. She's basically a completely new character to me. The two of them bore me to tears.

I really do (selfishly) hope to see Kirsten/Maxie return, though your point is an alarming one My2Cents2. I just hope she returns before it's too late. Maxie grew to be one of my favorite characters and this new girl is making me thoroughly dislike her. She has no ability to infuse charm into her selfish tantrums or any of the other quirks that make Maxie a fun character. I don't blame the actress, it's a nearly impossible role, but I absolutely can't watch her without trying to envision how Kirsten would have played it. Her returning is one of the only things I am actually looking forward to at this point, which -with this show- makes it easy to imagine it never happening. =(

My2Cents2 said...

I think most of us adore KS Adora.
I personally want to see her return.
But lets me realistic. She has a stupid storyline on a stupid show.
She has a name for herself already.
Last I heard, they were waiting to see if Dirty gets picked up for a 2nd season. I think that may be telling on her career.

I just don't know why anyone would want to associate themselves with this show. Clearly they know the show will be ending. They are aware they are last in the ratings.
However, one does need to EAT. So there is the factor a crappy job does pay.
Hopefully she is using this time to look at other options. Time will tell.....

Andrea said...

I can see Jasam not getting back until Nov 11 GH wants them to be on with Franco during sweeps.

Of course we are now all sick of this story because it is the SLOWEST thing of all time. Franco first airdate was in Sept Right? about a week befor the Jasam wedding? Which was scheduled in Sept because ABC wanted to get a ratings boost from the last day of ABC.

Now to have Franco on during the Nov sweeps, they had to extend the honeymoon for a whole MONTH. I've never seen a more dragged out story. I'm sure nothing will happed until after Nov 1st.

This is typical GH, one stunt after another. Just write interesting stories that move along and people will watch. No one wants to see two people talk about stars for 2 days.

kdmask said...

Wait, Carly said she DIDN'T WANT TO DIVORCE A DEAD MAN?? Can you divorce a DEAD person? Isn't your marriage null/void?

kdmask said...


My2Cents2 said...

Where are the ratings?

HIDING. Wouldn't you?

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Sonya, they MUST bring him back.There is zero chemistry between Shawn & Carly.
Sharly has some chemistry. Carly and Jax have more. :) I want Jax back!!!

I just hope they don't bring him back at the 11th hour!!
You mean when Carly and Shawn are about to have sex? Or after they have sex? ROFL!

Ocean Park Girl said...

I loved how Alexis picked up the pie, boxed and taped it, wrote up the slip and paid for it, like it was second nature - did not even seem like she was acting. NLG is one of the best on that show - and she doesn't get near enough air time.
As far as TSJ on OLTL - I heard he did not want to leave and offered to stay?

sonya said...

LindaV said... My2Cents2, Steve's scratches weren't expained.
Oh yes they were!!!! :)Steve said that as he was going up the ladder, it scratched him! :)

sonya said...

kdmask said...Wait, Carly said she DIDN'T WANT TO DIVORCE A DEAD MAN?? Can you divorce a DEAD person? Isn't your marriage null/void?
No it won't be null/void. Why would it be null/void? She is married to him. :) Yeah she can divorce him. :) Holly was going to divorce Robert but then he died so she changed her mind. :)

LindaV said...

Ocean Park Girl- NLG is amazing. She is always interesting to watch regardless of the material and so professional.

Sonya, I must have missed about the scratches. Of course how easy is it scratch your face on a ladder - rest your head along the rail after each step?. Only on GH!

My2Cents2 said...

Whether I like it or not Sonya, Carly & Shawn are going to do it. At least once.
I am calling Jax and telling him!

My2Cents2 said...

TSJ made demands on OLTL that they wouldn't honor. So he left.
His contract was up, and they (at the time) knew they were cancelled so they had Roger come back. Now PP has picked up the show. So where do we get a Todd from??

sonya said...

LindaV said... Sonya, I must have missed about the scratches. Of course how easy is it scratch your face on a ladder - rest your head along the rail after each step?. Only on GH!
ROFL! And he wasn't even drunk!!! :) But today he is telling people he did something stupid. Hmmmm.

My2Cents2 said... Whether I like it or not Sonya, Carly & Shawn are going to do it. At least once. BARF.
ROFL! Well they kissed today. :)

I am calling Jax and telling him!
Good idea! You haven't said if you wanted to join the search party with me!!! :)

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya--They KISSED???
Tongue KISS??

Oh yea....I am ready for a rode trip to find Jax!!!!!