Thursday, October 6, 2011

Letchworth, NY on OLTL Today!!

That was Letchworth today in the Tina's Flashbacks!! It's a gorgeous park right near here. (They filmed the Luke/Laura helicopter scene there too). I love Andrea Evans, she's a total 80's soapy DIVA!! woot!!! KISS!!  yes!! Who heard the "Desperate Archaeologist" joke??!  heehee.

"The art of terror taken to a whole new level"!! ahahaha, that cracks me up. The art of MONKEY TERROR!!!

Lucky's hair looks just like mine did in about 1978!! LOL
This show is SO uneven!! Wow, JaSam and Franco still isn't on, it took Lucky 3 days to open that damn envelope. HATING THE MOB..hating. And I loved the Sopranos-- and BoardWalk Empire so I'm not 'Anti-crime or Anti-Mob"... 

Maxie and Liz exchange was fun. 

Luke ..Luke,  Luke.  So sad I don't care about him anymore. It's just over/done. Lucky's on my last nerve too. The Spencers are just..uninteresting. 

The BJ stuff was great, I like Jen L if we have to have a recast, she's ok for awhile. Where's BOBBIE???????? ugh. that's the bad part. Spinelli brings her a nice big red balloon. Awww. ON THE ROOF. Geesh, they are getting good at using that set!! Matt gets a Brick..ok, it's engraved. LOL.

LOVED the Ethan/Lucky stuff about Helena...done really well!! and Ethan laughing at  her trying to seducing him. 

Here's a SAME DAY "GOOF" people spotted on the epi!! see the crew member behind Lulu? LOL!! That hardly ever ever happens!!  WHOOPS!!

Today's show is a...C. I give props to the BJ stuff-- to Ethan/Lucky but man, it's an uneven mess.


Love4dogs said...

Reminds me of the day Steve Burton had to visibly wave VMG over to her mark. Looked like community theatre LOL

sonya said...

On OLTL, Cord and Tina were about to kiss, and then it went to the Ford and Jessica scene! WHAT THE HELL?! Why did they do that?! BAH!


Lulu and Mulva: Damn Mulva has no personality and is so stiff. She should take off that cop uniform and and go to Jakes and have fun! :) She is married so she should go to Jakes with her hubby! Lulu left her ring in the ring box. Bad oman?

Lucky and Ethan: A knock at the door! I thought it was Luke! It's wasn't. :( It was Robert's son Ethan! And then when Ethan said he brought someone, I thought it was Luke! It wasn't! It was Laura's portrait. Great scene with them! :) Boy Lucky has got dry hair. I love his long hair tho.

Lulu and Dante: Yeah Lulu! Listen to Dante! Go talk to Lucky and apologize!!!

Mac and Dante: Mac YAY! :) And Dante isn't heavy breathing anymore. That's good. :) That means Dante is going to be okay.

Liz and Matt: He talked about his mother! :( Great scene!

Maxie and Liz: Hahaha great scene. You tell her Liz! :)

Michael and Domestico: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Michael and Spinny: Hey Michael stop bossing him around!!!!

Maxie and Mac: Love love love! :) It was great that they talked about BJ! Yeah Karen where is Bobbie?!!?!

Maxie and Spinny: Love love love!!!! Get back together! I love that he had a red heart balloon for her! Oh and then Matt shows up and gives her a brick that is in honor of BJ! :( Where are you Bobbie?!?!?!

Luke: What are you doing?! :)

Ethan and Luke: Ethan asks are you coming or going?

Me: Both? :)

Anonymous said...

GH just doesn't like Jacklyn Zeman. For some reason.

mindymoe said...

I miss Bobbie =(

Mamaspat Ole said...

Cord was and still is a knockout.....hubba hubba.......

kdmask said...

CORD IS GORGEOUS STILL! woww. I found out that Andrea is wearing a wig because of her cancer battle ..I was wondering cause she has great hair.

Anonymous said...

Karen Alfred Here I remember a big blooper that got on air right about the time that Wendy Riche stuff started they where in the hospital and forgot to change one of the emblems on the elevator doors one nearest nurses station said Lobby and the one on the left was somewhere like 7 to 10th floor.

GHlover4life said...

@Love4dogs when was that scene?

Melodybluez said...

Hi there...

Sort of an all over the place day with GH!

I do like when they nod to GH history, as they did with it being BJ's birthday. However, would Matt (we hardly see him with Maxie) and Spinelli, who has just recently recalled who HE is know it was BJ's birthday? Maybe I am asking too much of the writers. Rent a Maxie still doing well; even has Kirsten's ability to speak a million miles an hour down pat!

They mentioned Dr. Noah Drake today too...ah, Rick Springfield...I miss him!

Why would Delores even ask Lulu about the shooting? She was nowhere near the scene at the time. So, she's married? Never stopped anyone from fooling around, if they plan to insert her between Dante and Lulu. I think this is all just to establish Lulu on getting "schooled" on why cops do what they do. The whole "I'm a good, devoted cop" thing would actually work fine for me, IF the writers hadn't changed Dante from a fine upstanding cop to someone who took a dive for Daddy, lied for Brenda and basically bent the law once in a while for the mobbies he is related to. The good cop thing does not go down as well.

From good cop, to bad cop...Ronnie, give it a rest, will ya? Why is this guy even around anymore? I miss the days where we'd only see him once in a while when he and Dante met at the laundromat!

Michael...I won't even get started on Mr. Obnoxious! Shut him in the panic room for awhile!

Seems like they are going for a Liz/Maxie/Matt triangle. Let the catfighting begin!

Ethan telling Lucky about his Helena experience...I guess we're setting things up. He just comes in carting the picture of the Lady in White with him. I wish Lucky would do what Ethan recently did...trim the hair just a bit.

I have no idea what the heck Luke is doing! Not sure where they are going, as long as he comes out from hiding soon!

I agree about the absence of Bobbie. Heck, she was not even around when her granddaughter (Josslyn) had cancer and had a transplant. I guess they throw just a couple of vets at us and think that's enough! I guess we will take what we can get at this point.

Love4dogs said... it is! enjoy a chuckle :-)

My2Cents2 said...

Karen...very choppy writing today.
I see it daily.
Still looking for Kristina...
She walking? She home?
Jason still talking to stars?
Franco still hanging with monkeys?

Why was Ethan walking around with the portrait?? Strange.....

The BJ story should have been avoided. If they aren't going to acknowledge Bobbie, then why the drama over BJ??
btw....How did everyone know Maxie was going to be on the rooftop????

How awesome was it to see BigMac in 2 scenes today?? YABBA YABBA. notice the breathing of Dante. As someone who has had 2 lung surgeries, I too listen for his breathing....and yes it is getting better...

Liz & Maxie. LOVE that bytch fighting!! GO Maxie go. Although, in all honesty, Liz wasn't so out of line by calling Maxie out like she did.

Lulu is heading for disaster. I do not see a wedding coming at all.
I do think whatever story is ahead for her, she will ROCK at it.

Delores?? What is her purpose??
YES she looks stiff. Maybe her hubby beats her?? She has a story.
They all do when they come on.
How the writers develop it is the problem....

Off to watch OLTL.
I hope I see more Todd/Blair.

My2Cents2 said...

Soapnet ratings....I didn't do the age thingy.....

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,264,000 (-84,000/-671,000)
2. B&B 2,809,000 (-34,000/-348,000)
3. OLTL 2,716,000 (-62,000/+413,000)
4. GH 2,597,000 (+55,000/+151,000)
5. DAYS 2,571,000 (+260,000/+163,000)

1. Y&R 3.2/11 (-.1/-.3) <—– ties low
2. B&B 2.1/7 (-.1/-.1)
3. DAYS 1.9/6 (+.2/+.1)
3. GH 1.9/6 (same/+.1)
3. OLTL 1.9/6 (-.1/+.2)

sonya said...

Cents you had 2 lung surgeries? Yikes! You are okay tho right?

Anonymous said...

Doris Belack, a recurring 'Law & Order' judge and the original Anna Wolek on 'One Life to Live,' has died. She was 85.

According to Variety, the actress died of natural causes in New York City.

Besides her time on the judges' bench for both 'Law & Order' and 'Law & Order: SVU,' Belack is known for her film work, including memorable roles in 'Tootsie' and 'What About Bob?'

Other TV credits include 'Ellen,' 'The Golden Girls,' 'The Patty Duke Show,' 'Everwood' and 'Barney Miller.' Her last TV appearance was an episode of 'Sex and the City' in 2003.

Belack also provided voices for popular video games. Her final acting credit was for 2008's 'Grand Theft Auto IV.'

Her husband, theater producer Phillip Rose, died four months prior to her own passing. They had been married for 65 years.

On Oct. 17, a joint public memorial for Belack and Rose will be held at 12PM ET at the Ambassador Theater in New York City.

Anonymous said...

I had to post anonymous cause I forgot my google AGAIN LOL.but I love the Woleck family on OLTL.Nan

My2Cents2 said...

So sweet Sonya...I am much better.
Turned out nothing was wrong with the lungs.....Oy vey!!!! There is now because of all the scar tissue that the surgeries caused!!!!

Doris Belack...I always enjoyed her work.

OLTL will more than likely tribute a show to her in the end. (I hope)
RIP...she was great!
As were all the Woleks!

My2Cents2 said...

OLTL......Tina was truly amazing yesterday.
Her kindness toward Tea.
One ALMOST could forget the REAL Tina!!
KUDOS to Cordello for reminding her of her daughter!!
YES Cord looks FINE.
LOVED LOVED the past scenes being shown. Were we really that young back then?? lol

?? What did I miss? How did
Blair move Todd to the cabin??
I understand her change of clothes could have belonged to Vicki...but really??

LOVE the co-ed jail. Reminds me of the old Andy Griffith's shows!

LindaV said...

It seems that something is going on with Lexie since her dancing scene at the wedding was scrapped, she hasn't been seen since, specially not with Ethan. Must be some more rewriting. JMB has really reminded me of her "mom" Genie F. so much lately. It's too bad KS wasn't there for the BJ stuff, but her temp is doing okay. I don't mean to speculate, but after seeing KS on this week's Dirty Soap, she practically had a breakdown when her brother had to leave town. His girlfriend was nowhere near as upset, and maybe this brought on whatever caused her to leave for awhile. I'm glad JaSam and Franco haven't been on but jeez, what a lack of continuity. Liked JJ's hair - he is still such a beautiful young man. Love him and Ethan together. Liking Liz and Matt more and more.

My2Cents2 said...

Good Morning the case of Kristina & Ethan..I read that they had written the story where she could only walk when he promised her the 'moon'. Otherwise she couldn't walk. IMO that was as STUPID as STUPID is!!
So if they axed that...I am all for it.
I do hope, that this great actress doesn't leave the show, however, lets remember, the chances of this show being on the air in 2012 are zilch to almost none.
If any of these actors can leave and better themselves, they need to do that.

JMB is so talented!!
Little has been said about her upcoming storyline, but I hope that they give it to her and let her go with it. I would hate to see yet another storyline begin, with no follow up. Not with someone as talented as she is.

LindaV said...

Hi My2Cents2!
We agree on Lexie, that's for sure. And let's not forget she was sexually active with the boy who beat her up (can't remember his name). If there is a problem with the way Kristina and Ethan look together, they can once again find her someone more suitable to pair with. It's not the age issue, it's just the appropriate love interest. And with her talent, that is definitely worth pursuing.

Once again Abby is underwhelming this week, even with the Johnny chem-try. Lovely girl but blah. And the handsome Shawn is too robotic for someone as lively as Carly. I miss Jax.

My2Cents2 said...

Linda.....I miss Jax more!!!

WHY will they not bring him back??
I have nothing against shawn, I just do not care for they way he is being written, and I see NO chemistry at all with Carly.

sonya said...

Cents! You had two lung surgeries and there was nothing wrong with the lungs?! What the hell?!!?!? Did you sue the doctor? And yeah Kristina only able to walk when he promised her the moon. Otherwise she couldn't walk, is a stupid storyline.

Anonymous said...

I loved Jackie Z but I can see why they don't use her anymore. It looks like she had plastic surgery that went wrong. I could hardly stand to look at her when she was talking.

My2Cents2 said... funny you should ask about suing the Dr.
I have an appointment next week with an attorney (malpractice) and he is bringing in a Dr to ask details about what went wrong.
I just got all my medical records sent to me.
I hope to sue!!!!!!! 2 years out of my life.......and it wasn't what they said it was!!!!
I will keep you updated....or you can email me at home!!!!!

My2Cents2 said...

Anon...I hate to agree, but I must.
That is exactly why JZ is not on the show anylonger.
A friend of mine had a friend who worked in the make up area of the show.
Apparently they had Bobbie do some scenes when Jake died, and it didn't go well.

My2Cents2 said...

I haven't watched GH yet today, however, Sio is back.
It all but said so in the spoilers.


Hope said...

I love Viki's magic cabin, no matter if shot, in labor, lost, drowned, tied up or anythng else, you can just get there! and you can bleed and never leave stains...

My2Cents2 said...

Great comment Hope!!

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