Friday, October 21, 2011

Nail. Coffin: Michele Val Jean, Writer for GH Moves to Bold and Beautiful

Oh hell no...this is so telling people. Michele Val Jean, writer for GH is moving on to another soap. Read about it on The Bold and the Beautiful's site. She was basically the last diaglog writer I liked.
Wow. GH, is indeed, imploding.


lisa said...

Not surprising that people are moving on to other soaps. I heard there is huge fighting between Brian Frons and GW. Heard liz-jason pairing may occur in future months and Frons isn't happy. Frons also doesn't want Genie Francis back. He must really want the show to tank and he is preventing anything that might improve the show and draw fans. Frons is horrible and I am glad The Chew's ratings are poor.

Ritapita said...

Soap opera source spoilers (take note of JAKE info):

As the boat party has gone awry, we see Lisa has insane plans for both Robin and Patrick. Meanwhile, Matt goes in search of Elizabeth. But it is a mystery man that saves Elizabeth. Steve keeps Olivia company, but she soon gets dizzy. Robin and Lisa fight. Lisa is found murdered by way of blunt force trauma. Maxie gets through to Matt, but he tells her it is too late. While Elizabeth lays near lifeless, we see a ghostly illumination. Is Jake watching over her? Spinelli manages to find Elizabeth.

Robin regains consciousness with something on her forehead. Something is just not adding up for Robin. Thanks to Spinelli, Elizabeth gets medical attention from Monica. After Lisa’s passing, Anthony and Johnny talk about the consequences of waking up a coma patient.

Outside of Port Charles, Shawn catches Jason up to speed with the drug frame up at the coffee warehouse as Carly and Sam find middle ground. Carly and Shawn bond over his PTSD. Johnny’s plans differ from Anthony’s. Carly and Shawn return to Port Charles. Jason gets a lead that Franco is in Canada. Carly has a charged moment with Shawn. Kate finishes what she started at Jake’s with Sonny and seals it with a kiss. Carly and Shawn start drinking. Sonny and Kate make lunch plans.

An angry Michael takes out his frustration about Carly and Shawn’s trip on Abby and her stripper friends. Jason and Sam discuss his relationship with Carly. Franco is still stalking Jason and Sam in Hawaii.A mysterious woman is facing Lucky. Lulu confides in Ethan her fears about Dante but will Lulu break off their secret engagement? Tracy is stunned when Luke talks about the future. What starts off as brotherly love at the hospital quickly turns sour when Dante questions Michael about the shooting.

Still honeymooning, Jason and Sam discuss having a baby on Monday, October 24th.

Elizabeth’s life is in severe jeopardy on Tuesday, October 25th.

Carly shares the truth about Jax to Jason and swears him to secrecy even from Sam on Wednesday, October 26th.

The mystery man is inside Wyndemere on Thursday, October 27th.

Lucky arrives in Ireland and is advised to steer clear of the church Siobhan wrote about on Friday, October 28th.

Kate reminisces about her past with Sonny. Kristina questions her future. Diane gives Sonny breaking news about Brenda. Jason and Sam have their last day in Hawaii. Olivia feels lightheaded. Sonny finds temporary peace. At Jake’s, Carly becomes upset with Shawn. Dante and Michael are at odds. Emma’s birthday arrives. Anthony reminds Johnny of his sister

Anonymous said...

lisa-ABC execs are all about liz-jason endgame. Guza was the liz-jason fan.

MVJ leaving is most def the nail in the coffin. Or the latest and most blatant "we don't give a shit" that ABC has shown fans.

General Hospital ceased to be 'my gh' months ago. At this point ABC has turned a beloved institution into an offensive satire.

Just confirm the show is dead next year already.

Barbara Darlin said...

Why would Frons and Wolf be fighting? Frons gave Garin the job after Guza and one would assume made sure they were on the same page regarding where this was all going.

From everything I've seen since, I get the feeling it was decided they were steering this crappy boat toward cancellation.

Permission to jump ship Captain.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I had 2 GH's on my dvr to watch. I started on the first one and then realized I was just trying to get through it. I couldn't think of one thing on it I was interested in, especially since Kirsten Storms isn't on anymore. So without finishing the first one, they both got deleted and the one that was supposed to record last night. I'm done and I'm really sad about the show.

kdmask said...

WHERE are the jake mentions?

Mrs. B said...

Rita mentioned above from soap opera happenings but I personally didn't take it as if he was alive. Sounded like as an angel he was watching over her?

I also don't think there will ever be a Jason-Liz pairing again. That was washed out of our memories permanently. Kelly M. isn't going anywhere and now they're married.

Adora said...

The Jake mention was easy to overlook and indeed vague.

"While Elizabeth lays near lifeless, we see a ghostly illumination. Is Jake watching over her? Spinelli manages to find Elizabeth."

I still believe that kid will eventually be brought back if the show stays on long enough, but I won't latch onto that one as confirmation.

I also sincerely expect Sam to leave the show well before it ends, which would make a Liason reunion possible, though I personally couldn't care less who any of the three end up with.

I don't know what to make of yet another writer leaving. Is she responsible for the few good scenes a week?? It's just too hard to know who is responsible for what mess behind the scenes, but losing a long term writer does sound quite bad with the show this shaky already.

Anonymous said...

The Liz jason pairing is coming out of november sweeps summary released by GH saying that Matt will lose Liz to the arms of another ( Ewan ) but that this didn't mean that jason is out of her thoughts or her GRASP (GHH ).

Anonymous said...

TPTB are clearly for jasam pairing ( including Guza and Garin carried it out ) as per Brian Frons. Frons has never hid his liking of sam, constantly appearing on soapnet to promote them. However, if Garin is daring to break from this, and break this pairing as well as introduce Genie Francis , then I can see the clash. I truly believe Garin was hired to take the show to it's end.I think the decision to cancel was made and they have become smarter to not release this information the way they did with AMC. AMC cast was blindsided, and I think some of this cast may be as well. They don't want fan backlash when they put couric on.

Anonymous said...

Since it's beyond obvious that GH will be canceled soon, I'm going to stop reading spoilers, columns, comments and just watch the show until it goes off the air. Nothing anyone says or does is going to make any difference.