Monday, October 17, 2011

OLTL Was Splendid Today!! Oh, and Yeah, GH was on...

Oh what a brilliant day OLTL had!! OMG, Cutter and Rama framing Kimmy!! ahahhaa. Tea and the voice message!! . Flo is amazing, how she didn't even get an emmy nod is beyond criminal.
Irene's ghostie! AHHHHHHHH and ROXY! 
Rama ripped out Kimmy's hair extensions!! ahhaha. 
WAIT! Todd Shot Victor? OR is that a false memory! oooooooo, cool!!
We also don't know who it is: Gigi or Stacey! Now my CC said "Stacey" but I'm thinking it's Gigi. OLTL will make us guess. 
I would MARRY OLTL if it were a man!! I LOVE this show!! So wonderful and surprising. Sigh.

Here's a photo I just love:

Do you remember I told you Erin Chambers wasn't done with GH yet?? Well, she's not. It was moved a bit because she broke her foot I hear. BUT she will be back.  Told you!! It's on my Rumors page from WAY BACK. When it comes to the Cassadine Gothic stuff, I'm in the know. Although Now I hear she's NOT the "Lady in White"...who knows. :throwsuphands: 

TODAY'S GH: Stupid freekin' CARLY why the writers had her drag Joss with her is beyond me.  Sam was so right to call her out. And, btw, that "Hawaii" set is just awful. Shawn and Jason's "talk" was pretty weird, imo. Did like the snark between she and Sam.

Lisa's a bad ass! Loved how she just disposed of Anthony! 

Michael's damn coffee bean job is HYSTERICAL. ahhhaaa... I guess doing that is better than working at ELQ? Moving BAGS AROUND??

They are writing Liz AS SUCH A BITCH! When Siobhan was on, they didn't really make Liz this shrew like.. ugh. Terrible writing. It's out of left field. WOW..Ethan says: "And you're no Laura! 3 different kids by 3 different men' OUCH! Man.. they are frying Liz up!

Steve called Maggie to come fill in for pediatrics-- she's from Memphis and he'd trust "his nephew's lives to her"--- that's going to make the JAKE rumor EXPLODE again!! LOL SO many people are convinced he's alive and well and Steve had something to do with it.

Lisa visits Johnny in her UNDERWEAR!! ahahhaaaa..that scene surprised me. Where's the stripper pole?? She compares herself to a 'monster'... thank god Johnny covered up her black bra!

Olivia and Spinelli..that was random. hmmmmmmmmmm.

SAM AND CARLY: BOTH slept with their mother's husbands..both slept with Jax, Sonny, Jason and ! LOL.. How can Carly yell about Sam??! 

OH I AM broiling about the "outfits" they are wearing on the boat ride in OCTOBER. DUHHHH


Rhonda said...

Why do thy constantly Bring up Liz having 3 kids by 3 different men but no one else? Carly & Alexis are some how pure and clean. Especially Carly, She just Kills me. I used to adore Carly, think it was during TB's Carly. LW is great but it's just getting so old. I think Maxie, Helena & now Ethan in maybe 3 months. Find new dialogue morons!

Anonymous said...

I am just going to have to disagree with you about Carly. I love her character and HATE the character of Sam. I used to like Sam but I think that was in 2003 before she got together with Sonny.

sonya said...

OLTL: Todd shot Victor Jr! That is so upsetting. I don't like this at all!!!! Well Karen I hope it's just a false memory. :( Kimmie's hair extension hahahaha!


Ethan and Liz: Wait I'm confused. The other day at her house she said she was done!!! It's like what she said, never happened. This is an odd scene. And Ethan you are wrong! Luke NEVER felt trapped with Laura!!! You don't know anything about anything!

Lisa and Papa Z: WOW!!! I'm impressed! You got the better of him! But oh oh he might want to get revenge on you. :)

Lisa and Johnny: Another strange scene. Why are they having a conversation while she is in her bra and panties? I'm glad he covered her up. Come on Lisa!!! Start some juicy stuff here! Or else get off the pot. Oh wait she sticks Johnny with a needle full of something! Now this is more like it. :)

Michael and Abby: Zzzzzzzz. Break up with him already!!!!

Matt and Maxie: Maxie! This party is about MATT now about YOU!!! She isn't even paying attention to him when he talks about his research! I'm glad he isn't taking her to the party! BREAK UP WITH HER!!!! Oh look Spinny is watching longingly at Maxie. Poor Spinny. :(

Spinny and Maxie: She says I didn't even know you were here. OUCH!

Patrick and Robin: Patrick and Robin = love. :) And Patrick talking like Matt, wow that was good. :)

Maxie and Mr Hand: ROFL!

Jason and Sam's honeymoon: Sam vs Carly LOVE IT!!! :) Come on Carly! You LOVE Jason and want to ruin their honeymoon! Just admit you want to ruin their honeymoon!!! Sam knows it! Shawn goes on and on and on and on about Carly to Jason ROFL! Shawn has a thing for her! :)

jaybeezer said...

Ugh, today just made me angry!!

Carly- go the hell home and mind your own business!

Ethan- Granted, some of what he said had merit, but shut your stupid mouth!! You weren't even around for half that crap, so don't talk about Liz's life like you have some firsthand knowledge of it! And you were a freakin' conman! Who the hell are you to call anybody out on their morality?!

Michal- Go to college and meet a girl your age and SHUT UP already!! Or better yet- just go away!

LOVED Sam calling Carly out!! And what was up with that random Olivia and Spinelli scene? Is that supposed to set her up to become Aunt Olivia, because you know the writers are going to go there and make him Kate's son, or something equally ridiculous. It's too easy, and that's what these writers seem to like- easy. God forbid they should have to use their imaginations in coming up with a storyline...

sonya said...

Yeah jaybeezer! You tell all of them! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG just found out from CH twitter that Lindsey is coming back to OLTL! yess!

jaybeezer said...

Sorry, I needed to vent, LOL!! I have watched a lot of soaps, pretty much all of them at one time or another, and have watched GH since the 80's and have never wanted to throw a brick at my TV like I have watching GH the past few months.

I mean, at least with Guza we knew what to expect- crap. I had high hopes for Garin Wolf, and I think that's why I'm so fed up, because GH is in worse shape now then ever!

kdmask said...

jay: "At least with guza we knew what to expect, crap" ahahhaaa LOL!

lisa said...

It's funny how they forget that lucky cheated on liz with her sister. I love the excuse of drugs for cheating. He made the decision to cheat time and time again with maxie. Sorry, neither drugs or alcohol are an excuse for cheating. Nik was so right when he said that people coddle Lucky and always rally around him to help him. Lucky is a grown hard backed man. He put her on that pedestal and pursued her years ago. He can take care of himself. Even Liz needs to realize that and move on. She needs to grow a spine and tell everyone to "bleep" off.
I hope Liz finds a hot great guy. If I were her, I would be telling them all where they can go, pick-up, and move passed all of them.

jaybeezer said...

I still like the idea of Liz and Dante. Now THAT would cause some major drama! Lucky's ex getting it on with his partner and his sister's fiance! Now THAT would stir things up!

Lulu finally breaks it off with Dante in a drunken stupor and Dante meets up with Liz at-where else- Jake's and voila! I think Liz and Dante have some great chemistry, but either one of those actors would have chemistry with a rock.

Plus they're both totally self righteous. It works.

Lori said...

GH started out a snooze but I thought it was picking up at the end. Lisa stabbing Johnny with the needle, AZ grabbing Maxie's ankle, both excellent! Of course I do know these are small moments of brilliance amongest piles and piles of manure lol

Melodybluez said...

Random thoughts for a random, "Why the heck are they doing this?" day today on the show.

Why do they keep placing Ethan in scenes which involve Spencer history? What does he truly understand about any of it, other than what he's been told second hand? Line of the day: Ethan and Liz: "You're no Luke. Well, you're no Laura." To which I yelled at my screen, "Ethan, how the heck would you know anything about a woman you have yet to meet? I have nothing against the actor, but I am still miffed about putting this kid in to foul up history, but then what should I expect?

Olivia and Spinelli? What was the point? Other than Mama Pasta generally does give good advice!

Michael and Abby...these two are just listening to different voices in their heads. "Over"...yeah, they pretty much are. Was that supposed to be a premonition for the future? Michael is just wearing thin on me. Still wish he would get locked in the panic room for a while!

Lisa and Johnny...Kind of thought she was going to do something to him. And of course we had to have that obligatory lingerie scene, didn't we? I think the hand that grabbed for Maxie was Anthony Z. For some reason, I flashed back in my mind to when Laura was standing on the docks decades ago and Luke grabbed her ankle...ah, the good old GH days!

Carly and Sam...just mainly gave me a headache. There's no reasoning with Carly. Sean and Jason? Why do I think that conversation also had something to do with setting up something between Carly and Sean? Maybe, maybe not. Not many on this show have a pristine, clean past...not the guys or the gals. Spinelli, Epiphany and maybe some of the kids! Those are the only people who do not seem to have skeletons in the closet. Some characters have full blown cemeteries!

Steve REALLY wants that lady doc on staff! If there was a mention of why Terrell is no longer there as pediatrician, I missed it. I thought they might work in "Oh, he went back home" or something like that. We're supposed to just forget him.

It looks like Lucky is getting another Ireland adventure, so maybe he's not leaving...hard to say.

The boat party from heck is starting. Well, maybe things will get interesting now. With Lisa and Anthony lurking around...all we need is Helena and we really have a party!

My2Cents2 said...

"And you're no Laura! 3 different kids by 3 different men' OUCH! Man.. they are frying Liz up!
LMAO!!!!!!!!! YIKES Ethan. I am really starting to 'appreciate you'!!!
Ethan was brilliant today. He has come far since his early days.
btw...Liz calls Sio a 'Manipulator'? Liz wrote the book, taught the class, and she has room to call someone else what she is the Master of??

Sam....stfu. He married YOU didn't he? LOVED hearing Carly remind Sam about what she is about!! That is my girl Carly!!!!!

I LOVE John. Such a great actor. Why again isn't he carrying a major storyline?? Lisa injects him. Is that why he becomes paralyzed?? Speaking of Lisa, who colored her hair?? Anthony??

RUMOR?? Jake is alive?? I would love it. However, GW isn't smart enough to write anything believeable. Or intelligent.

Far from good writing today...however, my smile was so big when Ethan was 'talking the talk' to Liz!!
And Carly reminding Sam about her history....Gotta love those scenes!!

What does Michael do at the warehouse? I know, he is a Manager. Of what though??
What does he do??

Didn't watch OLTL yet.....

Rhonda said...

MYTWOCENTS I have to ask, how do you love Carly, worse than Liz on everything you call her on yet despise Liz? I honestly don't get it!

Di said...

Well I've been hoping since the beginning that Jake is still alive so I hope you're right! And they really are painting her as a bitch.

I also loved how Lisa dealt with She's even more dispassionate and heartless than he is.

And Michael being happy moving bags around cause he's the boss is just plain stupid. That's something a 12 year old would say. Oh wait! he is 12, isn't he? they just aged his body when he came out of that coma. lol

Carly with the baby "in the war zone" is beyond stupid. I FF'd through it again.

Poor Spinelli! And good for Matt saying no to Maxie. She wasn't hearing him at all. It's always all about her. I love the girl but I think she needs another wake up call.

Anonymous said...

Thought this article was worth reading.

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya...OMG...Todd killed Victor!!
I watched last night, I swear I wanted to call someone. Wasn't sure my mind was working right!!!!
I have one thing to say...CLEVER!

I guess Roger isn't interested in going to PP.

My2Cents2 said...

Rhonda...I can't stand Liz. The site of her...the sound of her...

Carly is far from perfect. I will be the first to call her on that.
The difference between Carly & Liz, is Carly 'owns up'. Liz don't. Carly is who she is. No false pretenses. Can't say the same about Liz.
I am APPAULD at what Liz pulled with Lucky/Sio and the drugs. I can't get that out of my mind.

My2Cents2 said...

OLTL..oh yea....did I see Rama grab Kimmie's boob to show her they were fake?? LMAO!!!

kdmask said...

I DID tweet the boob grab, but didn't blog it,forgot! LOL

Rhonda said...

Jake won't still be alive because that would be favorable for Liz. That would also throw a monkey wrench in Jasam, which we know the writers won't do. Am I the only one confused at the dialogue that Liz had yesterday? WTF?

I don't know how Carly ever owns up! Never have I ever in over a decade heard her own up. That is a ludicrous statement. JMO.

lisa said...

Carly owns up to nothing. She didn't own up to her part in nearly getting jax killed even though Alexis gave it to her good about running to sonny with her marital problems. Carly is a shrew who slept with her mom's husband ,jason, sonny and jax.
Carly knew exactly what sonny would do and after she pretended to be so horrified by what he had done running to jason and alexis to side with her. I think Carly's behaviour is appalling. She keeps up the pretense that she wants jason to be happy when, infact, she hopes to destroy his relationship with sam. She'll start by poking holes in it by having jason keep secrets from sam (secrets that her and jason share ). She'll tell jason jax is alive and ask him to keep it from sam, making her feel that she still shares things with jason that sam does not. No DUPLICITY is Carly's real name. She is in NO way better than Liz or any of the other women on the show.

My2Cents2 said...

'I don't know how Carly ever owns up! Never have I ever in over a decade heard her own up. That is a ludicrous statement. JMO.'

Excuse me??
Because you don't take your blinders off to see the truth??

Anonymous said...

all the women on GH are written the same and thrown under the bus. the only female to own up is sam. and i hate her.

My2Cents2 said...

Wrong Liz..Carly owns up.
Her behavior is no better than Liz or Sam's. I agree.
However, who is Sam? Who is Liz??
We know who Carly is.

LindaV said...

I really hated seeing Ethan, who hasn't even been around that long, criticizing Liz. Compared to all the horrendous things Carly and Sam have done, Liz is an angel. I have always liked her and hate to see her always get written as the villain. I do love her with Matt - he is really adorable and I loved Patrick imitating him. Robin looked beautiful yesterday. I feel sorry for the little girl who plays Joss - it seems to me that it is child cruelty to have her in scenes with Carly ranting to Sam.

My2Cents2 said...

How I would love for Jake to be alive.
However, it isn't going to happen.

YES the writers are bent on a Sam pregnancy. Whether its with Jason or with Franco.

sonya said...

Di said...And Michael being happy moving bags around cause he's the boss is just plain stupid. That's something a 12 year old would say. Oh wait! he is 12, isn't he? they just aged his body when he came out of that coma. lol
ROFL! Good one!! :) He really IS 12 ROFL!

Cents says, Sonya...OMG...Todd killed Victor!! I have one thing to say...CLEVER! BRILLIANT.
No!!! It sucks! I hate it! :( BAH!!! :(

I guess Roger isn't interested in going to PP.
I guess not! :( Back to jail he goes. :'(

sonya said...

Rhonda said...Am I the only one confused at the dialogue that Liz had yesterday? WTF?
You mean with Lucky, or herself when she said she is done?

My2Cents2 said...

But clever was that with Todd??
GREAT writing, surprised everyone!!

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...But clever was that with Todd??
The acting was clever. :) Roger is an awesome actor. :)

My2Cents2 said...

BOTH Todds will be missed Sonya....

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...BOTH Todds will be missed Sonya....
Yeah they will. :'(

My2Cents2 said...

In reality, alot of OLTL will be missed very shortly.

I was watching around midnight last night and I didn't know if I was dreaming what I heard. I wanted to call a friend but she is an hour ahead of me.

Couldn't wait to get to the board today!

At least they won't kill him off. He will have the option to come back.

Rhonda said...

It;s a fact that Carly does nothing but make lame excuses over and over. Leaving Joss's side after a major transplant to "help" Sonny, sleeping with Sonny in the limo after Michaels shooting, I could go on and on and on. Making lame excuses is not owning up. New spoilers say now she's arguing with Luke. Just insert a new name every week. Liz makes horrible choices, admits it, is hard on herself than the writers have her make yet another horrible choice. I'm not saying Liz is right, or Liz is perfect, but I do think the scenes are written for her to be dissed compared to others such as Carly or Sam. All is always redeemed with them and it's obvious who the favorites are.

@Sonya: I was thinking Liz's dialogue with Ethan in general was just odd and out of character all together. She was never saying red head was manipulative. Just came out of left field. In fact her wanting Lucky back at all came out of no where.

My2Cents2 said...

Carly makes lame excuses??
Do you know the difference between an excuse and right vs wrong??
When you are using what Carly did for Sonny by leaving Jossie, that was a wrong. Which she 'owned up' for.
If that were Liz, she would have found a way, to blame someone else for her choice.
There is your difference.
Liz isn't hard on herself. Its a 'pity' game she is playing.
'Feel sorry for poor Liz'.
I saw thru that years ago.

Now the sight or sound of her sickens me.

lisa said...

Carly is a pathetic user. She owns up to NOTHING. She sets out to hurt people constantly and there is NO EXCUSE for that.She set out to hurt her mother, Bobby. She purposefully tried to hurt Lulu( her own cousin) and Dante by hiring brooklyn to sleep with dante. She purposefully tried to destroy both jason and Sonny's relationships with women. She hides behind the words loyal and claims that she is "sometimes" destructive. She doesn't get a pass because she recognizes that. She is a possessive life sucking witch. If anyone is sickening to watch on GH, it's Carly and not Liz.

Anonymous said...

Lisa is da crazy bomb. Patrick must pay in the biblical sense. After all, he committed adultery. And why? Because his wife was too busy in the global struggle against AIDS to dote on him. He needs to be punished a la Mr. Rochester. Robin should (but she won't) kick him to the curb. But if she does, I only hope she kicks him over thisaway!!! Lisa Rules!

My2Cents2 said...

Lisa....sounds like your mixing up Liz with Carly. There is a difference!!! A BIG one!!

Anonymous said...

WTH was the point in Ethan and Liz' angry throwdown? I'm totally scratching my head...

Anonymous said...

Carly can suck the life out of every relationship.

sonya said...

Rhonda said.. @Sonya: I was thinking Liz's dialogue with Ethan in general was just odd and out of character all together. She was never saying red head was manipulative.
Yeah I didn't get it either. Very odd.

Just came out of left field. In fact her wanting Lucky back at all came out of no where.
Well she always loved Lucky. :) So that didn't surprise me.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch Carly, sonny sam or jason anymore. Can't stand them or the writing.

My2Cents2 said...

Yea that is how I feel about Liz, Luke, Lucky, Sonny & Sam.
Can't stand them!!
Those are alot of characters. No wonder I can watch GH in less than 30 minutes!


Rhonda said...

Ahhhh Lisa. Music to me ears. Thanks, sister ; )