Thursday, October 27, 2011

General Hospital Break: Day Two? Will I Make It?

 I am deciding if I'm going to watch  the show today...  


OLTL: Roxy as  Britney!! :) Awesome... 
MIKE and Marcie I so love the two of them... their talk with John was so "real"  ..sigh. Miss them on the show. Maybe they'll come to PP.
The whole cast seems to be having fun.  Probably it's liberating to know the show is ending in a way. Just go with it. 
HOPE AS Mr. Peanut was so  damn cute and she had fun lines  too!!!  

Matt's Motto!

Guess I'm skipping GH today--- I saw everyone still on the boat. DID SEE MONICA! But that's all I can take. WUB TO ALL
A few new Spoilers are up!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Monica was on today only to stand over Liz and make snarky comments....I don't know who rolled their eyes more me or Eppiphany! smh


Anonymous said...

Also why are they making it a mystery about the new doc only showing his chest? He's a newbie so what's with the build up to a great reveal? I see if it was someone that we knew that was coming back like Jax, Nickolas, or someone from the past but this makes no sense!


sonya said...

Sex/horror boat: So while Mac is trying to figure out what is going on, Maxie is trying to get Matt jealous?! Grow up Maxie!! And what is with Mulva's stiff facial expressions? Robin is still sooooo confused about how she got to one spot and landed on another! Maybe it was that man in white!! :)

The hospital: Liz has hypothermia!! Maxie thinks she is faking it! Huh?! She sounds like someone I know! Oh yeah Carly! ROFL! What is with Monica's strange comments about Liz? Why the hell is Michael at the hospital?! One of Abby's stripper friends got hit so now she is at the hospital. Oh so now Michael is telling Abby who she can't hang out with?!?!! I'm sorry is Abby your daughter Michael? He is uncomfortable of Abby's stripper friends? HUH?! A wannabe mobster is uncomfortable with her stripper friends? Really!?!?!?!! Michael you are an idiot. Abby break up with him PLEASE!!!!! I will give you 1 million dollars if you do it!

Man in white: You have a nice body man in white. :)

Luke and Alexis: More scenes with them YAY! Alexis calling Luke a chauvinist pig!!! Hahaha Why Alexis? Just because you don't agree with what he said about you? Hahaha! Luke acts like he doesn't care about his kids but Alexis can see right through him! :) Great scene. :)

Papa Z and Johnny: BAHAHAHA! Johnny almost drowned him waking his father up. :)

Carly and Shawn: They are getting to know each other! I like that Shawn brought up his past of when he was 15. :) Carly has tequila and music playing. :) Who is that singing? Sounds like Tiny Tim. :) Oh she is drinking a lot of shots and they kiss!!! They can have a fling for now, Just until Jax comes back. :) Time for Carly to go to bed. YOUR BED CARLY! Do NOT go to Jason and Sam's bed! :) So you could snuggle up to Jason in bed!!! :)

Hope said...

one life was so fun today, was able to ff all the video stuff, loved Peanut, loved Aubry smacking Cutter, loved loved loved, as always Roxie and having Michael and Marcie on was just pure gold.....

My2Cents2 said...

I haven't watched anything yet, however I want Karen to read something very interesting........

And..I don't believe a word abc says.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...

And..I don't believe a word abc says.
Yeah right!!! They are lying liars! I can see their nose growing!

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya..did you read the article??
Forget Sept 2012 being the end, they are stating June 2012.
abc is denying it, but what else is new??????

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Sonya..did you read the article?? Forget Sept 2012 being the end, they are stating June 2012.
Yeah I read it! That just sucks! Why June?!!?!!

abc is denying it, but what else is new??????
Of course they are!!!! Nothing new there!

Mamaspat Ole said...

Roxie was a hoot today and so glad John is finally figuring it all out.....maybe he can object at Brody's wedding lol

Shirleedee said...

That Carly and Shawn music was just soooo gratingly awful and then when the scene switched to Kelly's the same music was still playing...WTF?!?!

Oh, who can down that many tequila shots in that short space of time and still talk & walk straight? Gimme a break!

kdmask said...

she tweeted this:

Gh Trivia; all Luke/Alexis scenes this week were not originally part of shows. 3 shows short so Jill ordered up L&A scenes last wk. Good X's

My2Cents2 said...

I know why I HATE Liz. But why does Monica??? I caught her rudeness toward Liz and I was confused....

STFU Mulva! Your useless!!

BTW-What does Abby do for work? She stripping or working at ELQ??

Iff thru Carly & Shawn. It isn't just that I don't like them as a couple, I don't like what the writers have done to Carly's character. This isn't Carly.
Where was Jos?? Uncle Jason/Aunt Sam have her??

Why is the mystery about this new Dr??
Why they afraid to show his face?

Sonya....I believe the show will be done in June. abc won't disclose or confirm anything right now because they can't afford to lose anymore ratings.

Ocean Park Girl said...

Did not watch GH today but Peanut on OLTL stole that show today - she was adorable. Brit wasn't bad either, but Hope....just adorable

Shirleedee said...

Puleeze...Does ABCD really believe that TPTP not disclosing or confirming or whatever will make any difference in their ratings? How dumb do they think we are? They've cancelled two soaps and they're putting the last one in the toilet with awful writing and terrible editing, 'The Chew' is tanking, and 'Katie' is a year away. "Anderson" is in the same time slot in a lot of markets - I'm thinking they're out there on the beach doing tequila shots with Carly.

My2Cents2 said...

Just read an excellent article that Trevor gave. He is appearing in a movie where he plays a gay man.

He was NOT fired from OLTL! He told OLTL a year before the show was cancelled that he was not going to renew.
He wanted to do something else for awhile.

Great Great article.
Michael Fairman website!

Melodybluez said...

The rumors swirling around about GH and its future (not to mention the news about the ratings) are far more interesting than the actual show is at this point!

I read Wolf's plans for the greatest Wyndemere story ever told and the schtick he is spinning is nothing new from what Guza used to do, so I'll believe it when I see it. "Oh this is the story we have been waiting for on GH and it will be sooooo exciting and entertaining!" They promised entertainment when they brought back a great actor like James Franco and they've done nothing with the man so far...other than have him paint, wrap gifts and lurk in the shadows. I just doubt these writers have good story telling skills in them...or they simply don't want to bother because they know the show is a goner on ABC.

I literally did nearly nod off a few times today! It was just insert a scene...Abby and Michael (I just cannot stand this kid anymore!) show up with her friends out of the blue. The Carly/Sean scenes looked so forced...I am just not feeling any chemistry there and wish they'd bring Jax home. I didn't get Monica's attitude toward Liz...maybe she's taking out her ire over not knowing Jake was her grandson out on Liz? It's the only reason I could come up with. Maxie was BEYOND annoying! I am waiting for her entire head to start spinning around to match her rolling eyeballs!

New doc Ewan, maybe he's a Cassidine. I am not sure what the mystery behind them showing his face is...nice, ripped physique though!

I don't get why everyone who was aboard the smut boat has no idea how they ended up where they were...did they go through the Bermuda Triangle? And Mac's still asking stupid questions, "Who was the first to see Lisa?" Six people on a boat all went their own ways, so who knows who saw her first!

Did Olivia forget her son is in the hospital? I guess she's too busy feeling queasy. I guess Dante is wheeling around the hospital and Lulu has boozed herself into oblivion...haven't seen them all week.

Johnny and his father...they were the comic relief today now that Matt has sobered up!

Luke and Alexis...yeah ok...I cannot help thinking they needed to kill time with those scenes!

Not holding out much hope for an earth shattering cliffhanger Friday. I just wonder where the heck Lisa's going to turn up and if she's going to turn up dead?

Anonymous said...

Mytwocents I like you logo. Are you a season ticket holder?? If so you can become a part owner of the Packers. Go get some.

Anonymous said...

Mytwocents I like you logo. Are you a season ticket holder?? If so you can become a part owner of the Packers. Go get some.

My2Cents2 said...

Melody....great post.

As far as this Wyndemere story being so great.....GW has said that about every new storyline he has written since August, and yet, nothing has stuck or even came close.
Look at the ratings, that says volumes....He is writing a story and he doesn't know how the ending will turn out because he doesn't know if he can get a actor to return? Sounds to me like another one of his flops.

My2Cents2 said...

OMG that peanut was ADORABLE!!!

LindaV said...

Shirleedee, in response to how dumb they think we are, Steve and Olivia had a lovely swim in the water but Liz got hypothermia. Only the polar bear club goes into cold water like that. Not romantic-just plain stupid.

I agree that Monica has some resentment towards Liz from the Jake secret. Or else she is pissed that the Q's haven't been around more as promised. I thought all along that Steve didn't answer the scratches question and still hasn't. And how are we supposed to get excited about a Cassadine story when Nik and Stefan are gone and Helena only appears sporadically? Not interested in new Cassadines or the reawakening of Mynos. The best scenes of the week for me were Luke and Alexis, and Matt the Entertainer.
As far as Franco goes, since the actor was gracious enough to come back, but only shot scenes a few days on the weekends, he had no interaction with anyone else. Just watching him paint or whatever isn't even worth watching. And whatever is coming up with JaSam will be isolated as well. Sorry, doesn't work.

My2Cents2 said...

Though I watched OLTL today, I had to ff thru Roxie & Gnat. I just don't like Gnat. Never have. Hate her more than Liz!!!

But that peanut was adorable!!!

sonya said...

kdmask said...NancyLeeGrahn Gh Trivia; all Luke/Alexis scenes this week were not originally part of shows.
Why not? And why did they show it at all then? Filler?? Glad they showed it. :)

Good X's
What does that mean? Good times? Good hugs? :)