Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today's SHOW: Tuesday October 4th

This SCREAMS: "Caption ME"!!! so have at it, Wubbers!!!!!!!! I am out of the "office" today-- so you know what's up. I am DVRing GH and need to know if I should watch or just read your reviews. Hopefully, Lucky will open up that envelope today so we don't lose interest. Oh, have you already? hee hee.
See U later!! 


Ocean Park Girl said...

Tracy scenes worth the watch today.

Christa said...

Agreed but that's about it.
I'm really sick of Micheal's whinning. "I want to be just like my Dad, wa wa wa" "I'm a man..blah, blah blah." Then act like one!

sonya said...

Some things today were pretty good Karen and some were NOT!

Michael and Sonny: Oh come on Sonny! If you don't want Michael to be part of it, then why bring up to him about your plan to get Johnny?!!?! Oh forget it! Nevermind! Zzzzzzzzzz.

Michael, Sonny, and Shawn: What the hell?!!?! Michael it's none of Sonny's business who your mother has sex with!!! Even tho Shawn and Carly didn't have sex!

Lulu and Olivia: Damn it!! She NEEDS her mother!!! It's nice of Olivia really, but she isn't her mother and I want Laura to help Lulu!!!

Lulu and Dante: Come on Lulu! Tell him YES! You want to marry him!!! You should have said it yesterday!!!! Bah! She didn't say or not yet!!!

Tracy: Poor Tracy!! ROFL! First it's Alice, then it's Papa Z (who likes to cuddle hahahaahaha) and then it's Luke!!!! :) Come on Tracy have a night of passion with Papa Z! He wants you! :) And then divorce Luke. :)

Dante and Deloras: (or should I call her Mulva like you are Karen? ROFL!) What an odd scene! What the hell is she doing in his room while he is out?!!?! Go away Mulva!!

Temp recast Maxie: I am really impressed with this temporary recast! She is doing a great job! :)

Maxie and Matt: This temp recast has made the Maxie and Matt scene not boring! :) But since she is only temp, time for them to break up!!

Matt and Patrick: Wow Matt is not feeling the love!!! And he is still talking like Maxie hahaha!

Liz and Matt: Matt feels the love with her! :) And Maxie sees their hug! :) Well Maxie you did admit to him you have been ignoring him!

Anonymous said...

was that a chem test between Dante and Mulva because if it was it failed miserably. Mulva is too one note and monotone and Dante was gasping for air. Not the best time to chem test.

sonya said...

Anonymous says,

was that a chem test between Dante and Mulva because if it was it failed miserably.
It sure did fail!!! Does she find him attractive? Cus I got the feeling she did. :) Hey Mulva! He is hot but taken! :)

Mulva is too one note and monotone and Dante was gasping for air. Not the best time to chem test.
Hahahahaha! Yeah he was gasping for air badly! And also his lips were dry! Very bad time for a chem test!

kdmask said...

BIG ALICE WAS ON!!? woot! I really wonder if they are going "there" with AZ and Tracy!!

sonya said...

kdmask says

Yeah Karen she was on!!! She is a masseuse now! She was talking about how her job doesn't pay like it used to. I'm confused. Was she talking about her wrestling job? I will have to check. :)

I really wonder if they are going "there" with AZ and Tracy!!
Hahaha I have no idea! :)

Melodybluez said...

Happy Tuesday...sun came out and the rains stopped where I am, so that was good!

I did miss just a tad of today's show here and there with phone distractions, but I don't recall Lucky finding out what was in that envelope that's been on the floor for ages! Nice way to keep us hanging!

Is it me or do the writers seem to be realizing that some couples just aren't working and we plan to play musical couples again???

Michael and Abby...I have a feeling when Tracy's mob connections from the past arrive (there was supposed to be a young girl named Gina) Michael and Abby will be toast and she'll just leave town like Maya did. They just do not work. Most of their conversations are always about daddy and the mob...SOOOO much reminds me of Johnny and Lulu back in the day! She's trying to show him that he doesn't HAVE to follow in daddy's footsteps and he's not listening! Gina, a mob princess, seems like she'll be more Michael's speed.

Maxie and Matt...This poor couple was never given a fair shot. They supposedly hooked up somewhere along the line, but we missed their romance because the writers never showed us one! They are on two different wavelengths. I honestly see chemistry with Matt and Liz more. Doctor/nurse...that could work. Since Liz and Maxie aren't bff's they could go with the good old triangle thing. I am not sure I want Spixie back together, though I do think Maxie is likable with him, but maybe boring to those who prefer Maxie the Vixen! I must say Rent a Maxie has grown on me far more quickly than NuKate, not that I do not want to see Kirsten come back. Oh, and if they go with Kate being Dante's mom...just like giving Laura a long lost twin to Nik, with the Lady in White, that's going to be so farfetched and silly!

Dante and Lulu...Yep...I think I called this one the other day! I did say it would not shock me for the writers to interject Delores in between Dante and Lulu and maybe have the NuDoc (Ewan) for Lulu. It will be the old, "Lulu's so fragile and cannot handle being with a guy who could get killed" schtick again! Honestly, I have liked DanLu in the past, but really, their progress as a couple has had so many interruptions! Carly and her quest to get even with Dante and Lulu (I would have understood that, had Carly not thrown Jax under the bus for Sonny or Jason so many times!) Brook Lyn showing up like a bad penny, Brenda, his lying and keeping things from her, that it has sort of ruined them for me. All we see them do occasionally is hit the sheets...that's nice and soapy, but not all we want to see! I do think they may be toast as well. Not that I thought Dante and Delores had any chemistry. Cannot say I am liking her much either...she just falls flat.

Loved the Tracy scenes! I was wondering who the three visitors were going to be...I was expecting the mob family from her past...Soletti or whatever their name is! Good to see Alice! Anthony, Luke and Tracy? Well, that would be a creative triangle for a change! Not sure the writers have the creativity to go there!

Same old, same old...save for the Tracy scenes which didn't make the day a complete flop!

AntJoan said...

Well, they interrupted GH about 20 mins. in thanks to a helicopter crash in the East River, which ate up GH and almost all the local news!

Glad for Sonya's recap, anything else I missed that I need to know about?

Thanks in advance for any info. . . .

mindymoe said...

I couldn't even watch Mulva! I don't know if it was because she was that bad. Or because I couldn't look at her without thinking of the Seinfeld episode..LOL!

Michael is unwatchable! I agree Sonya--What business is it of Sonny's who Carly sleeps with.

Big Alice!!!! Love her =)

My2Cents2 said...

Mulva?? Did I miss something??
I did 'get' the Seinfelt connection though!!

Sonya...when Papa Z said he likes to 'cuddle', I could not stop giggling!!! Oy Vey..that is a sight
I can't shake out of my head!!!!

Considering Monday was a F day, I would say today was a C day.
Big improvement from yesterday.

NuMaxie....I just want to say that KS owns this role. Nobody can replace her. However, this NuMaxie is darn close!! Great sub!!!
You can't help but not see that!

LIKED Matt's 'outburst'. Patrick had it coming. So did Robin if she is playing favorites.

I hope that Lulu tells Dante she wants to marry him and this isn't dragged out. Something tells me...

The only part I had to FF thru today was Shawn.
I can't stomach that guy.

My2Cents2 said...

James Franco's father died in real life. Young guy. In his 60's.
Read it on fb.

lisa said...

I have only just read that James Franco's father passed away last week at 63 years of age, very sad.

Ocean Park Girl said...

I think the replacement for Kirsten is doing a great job - I was dreading that, but am really okay with her.
When Alice came into the room - I thought it would be Anthony. He eventually did - and was hysterical as always. Never does he disappoint.
I agree with everyone - I am sick of Michael and his whining. And I cannot stand he and Abby. Send him to the island for a long vacation.
I like the possible pairing of Liz and Matt - I don't want to see another round of L&L and it's refreshing seeing her with someone not from her past. They have chemistry.

kdmask said...

I put the James Franco news on the wubs Facebook Page-- so sad. only 63!!

mindymoe said...

Sad to hear about James Franco's dad =( My heart goes out to him.

mindymoe said...

Check out Carly #1 on Days!


sonya said...

mindymoe said...

Michael is unwatchable! I agree Sonya--What business is it of Sonny's who Carly sleeps with.
Yeah!!! Come on Michael grow up!

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya...when Papa Z said he likes to 'cuddle', I could not stop giggling!!! Oy Vey..that is a sight
Hahahahaha! I want to see Papa Z and Tracy cuddle! :)

sonya said...

James Franco's dad died? How sad. :(

My2Cents2 said...

Michael is unwatchable.
Sad. Such a nice looking kid.
Another one bites the dust on this show........

I couldn't see Papa snuggling with anyone!!!!! GROSS!!!!! lol

Bren said...

My 2 Cents,

The Seinfeld reference is from one of the "iconic" episodes in which Jerry can't remember a girl's name. All he can recall is that it rhymes with a female body part. "Mulva" is one of the names he tries. I think her name actually ended up being "Delores". LOL!

God I loved that show.

My2Cents2 said...

Her name WAS Delores!
However I guess you lost me with 'Mulva'! lol

Have you watched Curb your enthusiam?

Bren. said...


I used to watch CYE quite a while back and then like I tend to do sometimes, I lost interest. I used to be such an "appointment tv" type person back in the 90's - Thursday night tv was awesome. But I got p.o'd at television in general when they started yanking shows about the time I'd get interested in them or they'd move them around on the schedule.

Or they f*** them up like Brian Frons has done with GH.

la la la la....

Bren. said...


My ADD has kicked in again. I just re-read your original post that you DID get the Seinfeld connection. LOL! I'm sorry.

I'm sure you were like ..."Um...yeeah! I get it!"

My2Cents2 said...

I watched Curb for one or 2 seasons. Loved it when he was married to Cheryl Hines.
Being Jewish, I found alot of his material hysterical.
As well as his connection to the old Seinfeld gang.
For some reason, I lost interest in his show.

Some of his shows I found revolting!

LindaV said...

For CYE fans, this season was particlarly good, especially the one with the vibrating car seat. I had tears in my eyes from laughing so much. Well worth seeing. LD is a genius of comedy.

My2Cents2 said...

Linda...anything with Susie in it is hysterical.

Love her.

Sadly, LD makes me see myself!!!
I am so much like him, and I don't like it!!

LindaV said...

My2Cents2, Susie is just hysterical. Hah, a female LD! He is such a big pain in the ass but so funny. You couldn't possibly be like that.

My2Cents2 said...

Linda...I am!!!!!
That is why I can't watch the show anymore.
His mouth, and the things he says to other people, is completely me.
How scary is that??

And Susie....got to love that mouth on her!!!! Especially when she starts calling Jeff FAT.
When I first started watching, I thought they were really married in life! (Jeff & Susie)

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