Monday, October 10, 2011

Nucky Thompson Throws A Lobster!! and ok, GH was on today too

Boardwalk Empire (HBO) is SUCH an awesome show!!! See, I LIKE Gangsters,  people!! LOL.. if you watched last night, you saw Nucky throw a lobster on the floor. I squeeled, Alberta fainted. It was a pivotal moment on the show for me. ahahhahaaaa. Kelly MacDonald is brilliant in her role.  She went from loving the help to "Lady of the Manor" in about 3 seconds. Loved it. My 3 fave shows aren't even on Network TV..."Mad Men" (AMC), "Boardwalk Empire" (HBO), and Luther (BBCA). The only network one I really can't miss is "Modern Family". 

OLTL: Two huge reveals today!! Did YOU see them!!? 

ON TO GENERAL HOSPITAL: How did it hold up today?? After my whole weekend drama it will be pretty hard to focus.

Shawn..don't care about you. Franco, please find Carly and rip her vocal cords out.. Did you see Shawn had a playpen in his ROOM AT KELLY'S!!?? ahahhahaa.  Oh, this slays me.

Luke and Lucky...old, OLD OLD. Spencer Angst old old OLD. yawn I love Tony Geary but this boppin' back and forth..just sad.  

Kate and Sonny. I'm still thinking it's stupid that he's supposed to be in his mid-late 40's and so are Olivia and Kate. But who's counting. Whatever. WOW Coney Island stories !! :eyeroll:  And Sonny actually tells Kate it was HER CHOICE she was out of his life?? Uh, you idiot, she got shot at your wedding and then YOU PICKED Claudia and then Olivia THEN BRENDA over her!!!!!! The writers are morons.  That and the fact he had nothing to do with her for 2 years and now is all over her. Asks her to talk to Michael.

JaSam looking at shirts. WOW.... please hurry up Franco,  this is boring.  Jason did say he was experiencing new things like "taking a nap"! that was funny.

Steve/Olivia: This is not working for me. Sure, Lisa LoCicero can bring the hot to any scene...but just nothing doing it for me with these two. The poll dancing. Where else would this show go? LMAO Olivia's son is in the hospital and she's poll dancing. Oh yep.
You know as soon Kristina's recast they'll have her either in a brothel or stripping. LMAO. This show never changes. 

FASHION NEVER SLEEPS! was the only line I dug today! LOL 

Franco paints and glues a hula girlie on the canvas. Now, that's TV. Pfffft.


Carrie said...

what happened on oltl?

sonya said...

Lucky and Luke: Great scenes!! Bravo!! Made me cry!!

Lucky: I accept your resignation.

Me: Nope! *grabs the resignation and rips it up*

Luke: I love your mother. I always will.

Me: DAMN STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Sonny and Kate: Oh pointing a gun at her. How romantic. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Lulu: Damn Lulu first you yell at Lucky and now Sonny? Stop taking things out on people and just focus on Dante's recovery!

Steve: Hmm he is on the phone with someone. From Memphis maybe?

Steve and Olivia: HAHAHAHA! She goes on pole and go boom ROFL!

Lulu/Dante/Luke/Lucky: I love the overlapping their scenes were! Great stuff.

Jason and Sam: Wow!! Jason does something that Sam wants him to do!!! That is rare!! It's the first time Sam isn't a wallflower! I like it! And that blue shirt on Jason, looks really good on him. :) He should really start wearing blue. :)

Franco: Ummm okayyyyy. :)

Melodybluez said...

The title of this blog entry where GH is concerned really says it well..."Oh, and by the way, GH was on too..." Yeah, and I ran some errands, picked up the drycleaning, walked the dog, etc., etc! There is honestly not that much to be excited about and I guess the only reason I watch is through 30 year force of habit. Besides, I think this show is basically floundering along on its last legs and I guess I want to ride it out, as a lot of people have indicated. It's getting hard to do though when the show is getting harder to watch!

I'm not a feminist by any stretch of the imagination, but as a female, one has to question the way women are treated/depicted on this show. The GH women fall into three categories; they are the sexy vixens (Maxie, Olivia) or the mob mollies (Carly, Sam) or, if they indeed even HAVE a career, they are the ice queens who don't seem to interact with men much (Kate, Alexis) and that's the sum total of it. The fact that in the last few days, you have all heck breaking loose because GH has decided to can Lexie because she's not sexy enough and today we see Olivia poll dancing, well that's GH's treatment of women in a nutshell! I guess they were going for some levity, like with Jason's Hawaiian shirt, but the poll dancing was just another random, WTH are they doing moment for me.

Same old conversations...

I guess Luke and Sonny are looking for redemption for their sins, so we keep getting the same old schtick from them. It's old, boring, and useless now. With Sonny, it's silly for Kate to want to be breathing the same air as Sonny in view of what has happened to her. Oh wait...that was all HER fault, right? Dare we blame Sonny for anything?

Franco...maybe if he'd actually do something evil, I might be interested. And Sean, he's just a Jason replacement in a different guise. I wish he'd be more skilled in shutting Carly up! Carly, did it ever occur to you that if people don't answer a phone, especially on a honeymoon, they don't want to be bothered? Call the friggin cops, if you feel your child is in danger from a psycho...oh wait, mob mollies don't talk to the cops, do they?

Neglected/Screwed up kids...Yup, Port Chuck is filled with them! Kids that were either scarred by violence (Sonny's got a slew of them!) Kids whose parents were basically non-commital in the parental department (Maxie, Lulu) and now their view of love, trust and how life should be, versus how it really is really messed up. It would be great if the writers could effectively write stories of these kids coming to terms with those issues, learning from them and then putting them to rest, but they don't. We still have Michael behaving like an idiot and Lulu upset that she didn't have as much attention as Lucky. Well, when your only fond memories of dad is that he took you ice fishing, it's not hard to see why she feels that way. "But, I'm a good dad and I love my kids." or "I still loved your mother." isn't a redemption pass for everything a man may have done to mess things up. On this show, they want us to think it is.

I'll be interested in the comments coming about the show this week...and if they are of the aggressive variety, then that's completely understandable!

kdmask said...

We saw "Stacy's face" (it was Gigi) and Tea is figuring out the shooter was that kid's family that Victor put in jail instead of Jack.

mindymoe said...

Karen, At the end Tea told Todd that she didn't think Brad's (I think that is the kid's name) family killed Victor. She said they were happy with their money. She said it made her realize it was Rex who could've done it. The kid's family is still possible. Maybe they will touch on that again.

AntJoan said...

So far, I have watched about half of GH today after coming home from work, and so far IT IS A TOTAL BORE FEST!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!! And now I have to look forward to Olivia pole dancing? What? I give today's show, so far, a D.

My2Cents2 said...

'Did you see Shawn had a playpen in his ROOM AT KELLY'S!!?? ahahhahaa. Oh, this slays me'
WTF?? That was my first thought.
Where did a crib come from?????
That is what you call laziness.

Lucky saved the show today.
I rather enjoy watching him tear Luke apart. Brilliant choice of words Lucky!! I liked it!!

Sonya I think Steve was talking to the Nu Doctor coming to Pt Chuckles. The shrink. Either way, he wasn't happy.

Steve/Olivia: This is not working for me. Sure, Lisa LoCicero can bring the hot to any scene...but just nothing doing it for me with these two. The poll dancing. Where else would this show go? LMAO Olivia's son is in the hospital and she's poll dancing. Oh yep.'
LMAO Karen!!
Who is the perv behind the scenes that likes to write hot & steamy instead of writing something of substance??

Nice job Sonny. Use your kids to keep Kate around. Don't you remember you thru her under the bus when the wedding didn't happen?
And Kate. Really?? Sonny??
I like this nuKate. What I find hard to believe is why would someone like Kate, want to be around Sonny?? The man who after dumping her chose other women. When they dumped him, now he wants Kate and she is hanging around? Makes no sense.

Lulu is on her way home for her afternoon 'cocktail'. lol

Shawn..geez..thanks. Glad your shirt was open today. I got all HOTT! NOT!!!

I laughed at Jason today. He chose option #4 before it was an option.
Got a laugh out of me!!

Be back in the morning after I watch OLTL.

sonya said...

Cents says,

Sonya I think Steve was talking to the Nu Doctor coming to Pt Chuckles. The shrink. Either way, he wasn't happy.
Oh I forgot about the new Port Chuckles shrink! :)

Mamaspat Ole said...

loved OLTL and loved loved me some Boardwalk.The guy who plays Al Capone is great!!!!

kdmask said...

MINDY!! thank you!! I missed that... didn't see her say it probably wasn't them.
I think the porcupine did it LOL

My2Cents2 said...

haha..we caught Roxie drinking the 'kool-aid' yesterday.
Anyone else see that??
LOVE those scenes with Echo & Roxie.
Really, Echo is smart enough to draw up papers turning everything over to Kimmie?? OY Soaps!!!

I LOVE Todd. I LOVED Victor. Either way, OLTL will never be OLTL without one or both of these men. (did you hear that PP?)
OK..Jack. I get it. You consider Victor your father. That is cool.
But don't lie about Todd's involvement in a murder. Not cool.

WOW, who was shocked that Gigi was in that bed?? Really, haven't we known that outcome all along? Silly. Since I am no fan of Farah, I can't get excited about her return. Sorry..Gigi fans.....

I will tell you who I think killed Victor. And NOBODY anywhere thought of this.
The kid who is sitting in jail. His father. HIs father killed Todd.

LOVE this show. I am even buying a laptop before January because I amd determine to follow in on line.

sonya said...

Cents says haha..we caught Roxie drinking the 'kool-aid' yesterday.
Anyone else see that??
Hahaha yeah with a LOT of sugar!!! DAMN! :)

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya..I knew you would have noticed that!!! lol

Why hasn't Roxie been invited to PP?

sonya said...

Cents says Sonya..I knew you would have noticed that!!! lol
You did?! ROFL!

Why hasn't Roxie been invited to PP?
Good question!!! Hopefully she will be!

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya.....Roxie & Echo together are priceless.
They will be missed.

They 'almost' come off as normal when they are together...which is scary in itself!! lol