Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Surgery: GH's Lowfat Diet

VitA for attitude.. VitB for better stories ...Vit E fo Editing...

You know how you see all the mags now a days telling to you substitute pretzels for chips-- or mustard for mayo? I'm putting GH on a diet.. Let's see how it goes. 

First up: Carly Corinthos Jacks-- Overweight in the areas of mouthy behavior and Butting in
Instead of Carly flying to Hawaii to interrupt JaSam's wedding anniversary Substitute a story where she takes her ELQ stock from AJ and starts meddling with Tracy's Biz. Tracy then buys into the Metro Court. Full on business women at the wheels with clashes. Get Luke in on it.  Niece vs Wife. OR... just cut her out completely...that may help our waistlines.

Next up: Michael Corinthos-- Overweight in the area of being a snotty ass and general stupidity in the mobular world.
Instead of Michael running those multiple bags of coffee Substitute a story where the brain damage caused by the bullet in his head interferes with his learning process for college. Have him follow his Q side and want to be a doctor but not be able to get there without a struggle. 

Third, Women as the Damsel's in Distress or under dressed --Overweight in the area of sexism 
Instead of women being kidnapped by psycho-killers (ie: Franco who straps them to bombs or does "art" with them--Lisa, putting Robin in a well) or dancing like strippers Substitute a MALE in trouble or dancing on a pole.  I positively CRINGED when they had Crimson doing a "women behind the men"  photo essay , how about WOMEN and the MEN who bow to them? 

Newbies, newbies, newbies-- Overweight in the areas of new faces, lack of old faces and the "who cares" factor?
Instead of bringing on a batch of new characters Substitute those damn characters you never use already!!  Is it me or do we totally not need ANY new people stinkin' up the joint? What happened to "Sometimes they come back". Well, hell..there are about 3-4 Qs that could come back. Leslie, Bobbie, Audrey-- Lucas. We never get to see Mac--he hasn't had a real story in ages. Anna?  Sarah? Oh, you know the drill. But, we are getting two new docs: Ewan and Maggie. Sorry but I don't care.

Editing needs a drastic diet--morbidly obese in the area of continuity, story flow and  confusion. 
WRITING needs a diet -- low on mobular feasts and higher in family nutrition.

We were all so, so hopeful with the Garin Wolf thing --give it time others said. Well, I gave it time. ELQ offices are abandoned...why did they bother bringing on the character of "Asher"?? What about the stupid bakery? Michael was trying to adjust to ELQ and all of a sudden he's decided to work in a warehouse with no one else in sight but 2,000 bags of coffee!! NuKate's back-- boring me up with Old Sonny Stories. zzzzzzzzzzz. They even took the wind out of the creepy Wyndemere sails by having Hells show up, then drag this story out for EONS. Ethan walking around PC with that portrait? Please.
Perfect example of bad story flow: The choppy nature of Anthony Z's scenes. One second he's with Johnny, sneering, the next in a hotel wooing Tracy--then off skulking with Lisa. Nothing connects. Not one thing. It's a series of vignettes. Drives me bananas. Same for The JaSam honeymoon. Nights talking about Stars.. then in a hut forever-- before we can cut to Franco painting  parts of a canvas for days. Ummm, not for nothing but it's draaaaaaaaaaaaaagingggggg. I so wish that the town was integrated a bit. The boat story is going to be totally separate from anything else. As is the Franco-Frenia. I guess Alexis is sheeze outta luck, right? 

I'm still upset over the Lexi Ainsworth move. I sent her a cute good luck card at the studio. Her Christmas movie looks good. You see the ratings down there. I can only think they'll get worse as the weeks go by unless something HUGE happens.

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Sonny, Alexis and Krissy at the elevator. That was the most genuine moment of the week for me. I so wish they'd explore "Sexis" more-- or at least give them more family time. 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Oh, how can I choose?? I do these off the top of my head--they feel more honest that way. I guess I'll go with--  Steve and Livvy doing the stripper thing. It just crystallized everything I hate about GH lately. No story, just some chick putting on stripper gear and ..well, you know. Scott and Lisa are fantastic actors. The "Stevia" coupling needs to be thought out and planned, not just a series of sexcapades. 

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Anonymous said...

This may sound paranoid. Do you think it's possible that the rumors about Q returns such as Dylan were planted to get people to keep tuning in to the show? It seems as though nobody is returning. I tried to be hopeful but the show is still violent, sexist and characters are still having the same conversations over and over again. So disappointing.

Ritapita said...

Well Anon, if the rumors of the q's returning was a ploy, it obviously failed miserably based on the current ratings. Same with boring Jasam on their honeymoon. Just awful. With JJ rumored to leave, what a waste that he and Becky didn't have more to do with one another. They brought in someone new instead, then of course killed her off.

My2Cents2 said...

Karen, why are they replacing the old, and bringing in new??
Budget?? What else could there reasoning be??

Also..with the ratings in and GH coming in last, is there a possiblity we will see MAJOR changes, or do you think the show is done and over??

My2Cents2 said...

Rita...SD (Alan) has been taping.
However, don't read more into it than that. I wouldn't count on bringing him back from the dead, but rather showing 'ghost' scenes.

Writers know what we want. Its not like they aren't aware of it. Will we finally get it now that the ratings are the worse?

Coming in last with the ratings, leaves 2 alternatives for this show. Either they bring back old characters that we LOVE, or let the show go completely in the hole.
Which rode will they take??

kdmask said...

Stuart Damon has been taping?? I didn't know that!!
I have NO idea why they hadn't brought back people, or started the ELQ stuff then dropped it.

My2Cents2 said...

YES I read either on soapnet or GHHappenings about 1 month ago SD was taping.

Those are the only 2 sites (and this one) I go to.

kdmask said...

hmmmm. well, I will have to check it out!! I know Connie's not.. ;/ boo

carrie said...

This week was a low for me. I had enjoyed the Chinese Wedding but since that........What a waste Jason and Sam in Hawaii and they play in their cabin. Couldn't the producers have taken them to Malibu Beach and pretended that it was part of Hawaii. All this week I have tuned in and then either let the show run its course..but I was in another room or just deleted it. Really now after 10 minutes I get the feel for the day...So frustrating to see a once favorite show being ruined. I have to say that I enjoy Mark and Kelly's Dirty Soap a lot more...And from watching that I doubt that Dylan will be back. Faith would freak out if her guy was around Kirsten everyday...Speaking of which..Faith why did you do Dirty Soap..I liked you before I think you are a harpy...I hope you will redeem yourself by the end of DIrty Soap..

kdmask said...

Carrie it's so funny, I like Farah BETTER after dirty soap!! She's a bitch but so real !!!!

My2Cents2 said...

Carrie...I have been saying all along..JaSam look like they are at a Motel 6 along some truckstop. BIG MISTAKE!

Your comments about Farah were so accurate! WOW how insecure she is. I am hoping JPL lands a job in NY. She will be tagging after him even with all her complaining about not wanting to live in NYC.

Is Dirty Soap created or produced by Kelly & Mark Consequo's??

Karen...I have the time now, I am going to go search for that SD taping report from a month ago.
Will post link if I can find it.

My2Cents2 said...

Well I went to GHHappenings...apparently I didn't read it there. I can't find it.

For years I read there spoilers, news, rumors. The reason I stopped, was because GH got so bad, that what I read (though not Happenings doing) never seem to pan out as described. So I stopped.

This upcoming storyline with Lucky, WOW does that sound BAD!!
I guess he isn't leaving the show like I thought! Still the storyline......ICK!!!

Am I the only person who didn't know about the fate of Lisa??
And the 'who dunnit it' storyline?
is a link I picked up over at Happenings. When I went to it I was told I was in the wrong place.
Do you know anything about this?
Is this the new site for the Internet soaps??

kdmask said...

2 Cents: that is the new site, but not sure why it's not up.

GHH is confusing for me sometimes. I know Shirley-- we sometimes talk about stuff. She leaves things up on her site for a LONG time. It could have been old??

My2Cents2 said...

Wasn't that long ago wasn't that site then.
And since I read the spoilers while I was looking today, there have been no updates on it.
Or any mentions of his return. Sadly.
Didn't I read he and his son are doing a show in LA about selling houses??

So that is the new site??
Do you have any more information yet? Costs, etc.?

Thanks Karen!
I could be wrong!! (It happens) lol

My2Cents2 said...

Guza days??
This is so much worse than Guza days!!!!

Very curious if we see any changes after the ratings were announced last week.

Jen said...

I have to agree about Farah. She comes off very insecure. If you have to push a guy to marry you, he's not ready.

My2Cents2 said...

Karen...some posts aren't posting.
Receiving email notifications but don't see them as posted.

Is it me??? lol

My2Cents2 said...

I am no shrink Jen.....but I knew she was insecure from when she changed her hair daily! If it wasn't the style it was the color!
Shows me she is not 'secure' with herself.

She is also on the show, very critical. Of almost everyone. Even someone walking down the street!

NO JPL is not ready. NOT by far.
What part does she not understand?

Anonymous said...

For awhile there was all that excitement about the new headwriter and his statements about his plans for the show. He was supposed to be empathetic to women and he was going to give Alexis a real story, etc.

Well, here we are, with absolutely none of those plans intact. We are still stuck with the mob and more mob and stupider mob. ABC has been hearing for years that fans are sick of the mob--even the soap mags have said it. Yet Sonny is still on 5 days a week, repeating stuff he has done over and over, being as pathetic as ever. Popular actors are being let go. Unnecessary new actors being hired. We are still stuck with the anything-but-charming Franco grabbing air time to depress us. This is NOT entertaining stuff.

My theory is that TPTB want to kill this soap so no one will protest or care when it goes. They don't want a repeat of all the bad publicity and hate that came out of the last cancelations. They are even going so far as to scatter CHEW promos all thru GH, which is highly insulting-- and perhaps calculated to provoke more tune-outs? They pay NO attention whatsoever to what viewers want, nor apparently, what Gavin Wolf hoped to do. All those promises, all that hope that this show would actually be improved--all dashed. It just same-o, same-o. Same boring stories, same emphasis on tedious, despicable, overexposed Sonny and his need to be loved (and is it even worse this time around, or is that just me?) The recast of Kate adds 0. The actress is OK, but it was entirely unnecessary because we have heard Sonny's sad story a zillion times already and we just don't CARE!

I find the ruination of Luke the most unforgivable act of TIIC, but then, TG was the main reason I was hanging on long after this show had tanked for me. Bringing Ethan in was the nail in that coffin. Again, not the actor, but the decision to add the character.

I really do think making this show as bad as possible is on purpose... Has to be. They couldn't possibly think this is what a true GH fan wants to see. The show is dark, depressing, violent, colorless, tawdry, humorless, chauvinistic, without warmth or heart. Families are shown as entirely dysfunctional, few characters are really likable or allowed to be. It is kind of a relief when the hour is over and I can think happier thoughts.

I feel for the actors. Morale must be rock-bottom.

My2Cents2 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
My2Cents2 said...

The excitement that came to the staff and the viewers when Guza was 'let go' from GH was overwhelming.

For me, it meant another chance for GH to stay with abc rather than join its sister shows on the internet. How could you not be excited? Especially if you followed word from word comments made by the new head writer. GW.
We were promised more Q's. We were promised a huge storyline for Alexis. Many Many returns of our favorite vets.
WHAT HAPPENED?? Who returned?
Monica for 1 scene a week??

Being replaced with women no older than 30 and capable of climbing a pole?? That is entertainment??
How disrespectful to the viewer.
Especially the viewer who has been a fan for over 35 years.

YES I feel bad for the actors.
At this point, they are on 'career suicide' being on this show.

I hope Lexi stays, but in a way, I feel this is the best thing for her.
She is so talented.
Why waste it on GH??

LindaV said...

Anon 8:38, I agree with you 100%. Well said and really sad.

My2Cents2 said...


Lisa targets Johnny after she deals with Anthony.

Jason and Franco have a final showdown.

Sam struggles with the aftermath of being at Franco's mercy.

Ethan confides his experiences at Wyndemere with Elizabeth.

Franco sets out to "play with his own baby".

Spinelli is in a hurry to get to the docks with a picnic for Maxie.
Maxie and Spinelli are drawn into the mystery at Wyndemere after spotting a strange light/aura during their picnic.

Jason and Sam continue the baby talk.

Believing that Carly and Shawn went to Hawaii "on vacation", Michael takes it out on Abby and her friends from the strip club.

Lucky is prevented from entering the church that Siobhan described in her letter.
Lucky encounters a mysterious woman.
This Lucky storyline..wake me when its over. Who wants to bet the women Lucky meets looks alot like Sio??

Franco/Sam/Jason...Oh yea..I see a baby alright.

Lisa...Now she sounds like fun!!

These are probaby intro into Nov sweeps.
What can we do to change the writing? Really??
Lucky again as Roman?? Sio back??
Sam preggers with Franco baby??
YIKES GW you need HELP!!!!!!!

My2Cents2 said...

Ohh yea, Michael. His temper. Now that will be a change! NOT!!!!

My2Cents2 said...

My letter to Anne Sweeney, Jill, Wolf, Frons.....*******

It is no secret that GH is the worse it has ever been. I have been a vivid fan for over 35 years.

Can I suggest you erase the past 3 years?? Dallas did it, why can't you?? Fans will understand.
Everyone is disgused with the writing. Read the 'boards'.

Please don't do a Roman storyline. NOBODY cares. Nix that story before it starts.

You MUST give Monica a storyline! You MUST bring Jax home to Carly. Or have her start searching for him.

What is with the new characters? We want our fav's shown and given stories!!!!!

Alexis, Carly, Mac, Monica, Maxie (outside of Spinelli). Bring Rick Herbst back along with Ingo. You need them!!!!
Firing the only Krissy (Lexi) we have come to love?? Can you really afford to lose her??

Besides being a thug, give Ethan a role. He has come along way since he started on the show.

I am only trying to help. Trust me, the boards no longer care about Mob or Sonny's childhood or his "loves'.

Lucky...Roman? Really??

If this is too be the last year of GH of abc, go out with CLASS!! You owe us long time viewers that much.

STOP crapping up this show!!!!

Anonymous said...