Thursday, October 20, 2011

Coleman Had A Wardrobe Malfunction!!

Twitter went nuts over Coleman's nipple-slip at the beginning of GH today!!  IT was a TATTOO though I think, not a nipple or maybe a mole? Whatever it was gross. He and NuKate? uck.

This boat crap is so stupid--- everyone having sex all over on a 3 hour tour. I HATE THE BOAT STORY!! Can you tell? Well, I'll say it again: I HATE THE STUPID BOAT STORY! Steve and OLIVIA were naked on the deck JUMPING INTO THE LAKE IN OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!  Matt's all alone, people are having sex all over the place. LMAO Oh it's so bad.

I can't..I'm sorry,  I just can't.  This is terrible, horrible writing. Things are just thrown at the wall and nothing makes sense or goes together.  Or is even entertaining.  Lisa stabbed the captain but is moving at a snail's pace. Just kill them off already, will ya?

And MULVA was on. Oh GOD.  The wood leading the wood. She mumbles so badly. ugh

Sonny and Lulu..hmmmmmm. Ok. whatever.

By the way, the CHEW RATINGS SUCK!! 
Week of 10/10/11:
Viewers: 1.86 million, Women 25-54: 0.9/ 6, Women 18-49: 0.6/ 4,
Women 18-34: 0.4/ 3

POINT NINE!! POINT!! AHAHHAAHAAAAAAAAAAA Then again it's way cheaper than a soap so I'm sure they don't care

This is good news for GH now, the writers HAVE TO STEP UP THEIR GAME!!


Anonymous said...

So now Mulva went from being all monotone to just plain shouting. geez find a happy medium. Sonny was right Lulu needs to be honest with Dante. Isn't that her big thing anyway? I admit I FF the steve/olivia skinny dipping scenes. I thought they would skeeve me out.

lisa said...

I agree, Karen, it's beyond stupid to have everyone going off to have sex. Olivia and Steve doing the nude swim was dumb. This is GH's idea of romance. JFP is behind all the men having their shirt off lately, as steve burton, gave an interview about this way back. She thinks this is her ratings booster. I like men with shirts off but these scenes were stupid.
I think Olivia is pregnant with their subtle nausea scene, eyeroll.

sonya said...

Matt's boat party: Wow what a great party! :) Sex, kissing, and skinny dipping! :) I wish I was at the party! :) Liz and Matt kissing YES!!! No Liz don't stop it! Forget Lucky right now. Matt is right! Oh oh Liz sees Lisa! Run Liz run! Right into Matt's arms. :) Poor alone sad Matt. *Jumps Matt* Olivia is dizzy and nauseous! Boat sickness? Or pregnant? :) Steve singing and playing his guitar! *Jumps Steve*

Dante: He is still in that wheelchair and still wearing the hospital's PJ's YUM! (Yes I know they are not PJ's but that's what I am going to call them ROFL!) *Jumps Dante*

Dante and Mulva: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. *Jumps Dante*

Sonny and Lulu: Gee Sonny if you want Dante to quit being a cop and work at the desk, why don't YOU tell him?!!?!!

Lulu: So after Sonny left, and the phone call with Dante is over, she goes back to making love to the alcohol again.

Coleman and Kate: Wow she wasn't boring with Coleman. :) I thought she was Maxie in the scene at first. Poor Coleman is hurt and it seems wants closure. Damn Coleman is hot. :) *Jumps Coleman* Hey Kate kisses him and oh oh Sonny sees! DOH!

Oh and Karen I was confused what that black spot was with Coleman. :) I thought it was a nipple at first then I'm thinking it was a patch of hair. :) I have no idea what that is. Twitter went nuts? ROFL!

Hope said...

went to upstate NY early Oct one year, had to go before the blizzards started, got caught in an ice storm on the way.....left for Illinois the next day and it was snowing so hard we could barely we didnt wear sleeveless dresses or go skinny dipping....

Watchintele said...

Hey Karen, did you happen to catch OLTL today???
The opening scene between Clint and Vicki was hilarious!! All the latent sexual innuendo. Hahahaha!!
Or should I say blatant.

Have to admit, they had me going for a bit, I really thought they were about to head upstairs when Vicki blew the whistle...only to pan to their sneakers and the both of them doing step ups!!!

Now that's what you call writing!!
It reminded me so much of the time when Monica and Alan were trying to have another child and Edward was so peeved about all the fornication that was going on between them.
I miss those days.
That was the same episode that Carly told Lila that Jason was back in town. The best part of it was Edward saying that "AJ is not worth a damn" and Reginald blurting out "I have to second that!!!"....hahahahaha

Monica saying "you don't get a vote in this" and Alan saying "you can stay out of this" simultaneously.

But the best line was after Alan said "it's none of your business",
Reginald says "Can I get that in writing??"
LMAO....too funny

Why oh why cannot GH go back to the way it was???
They've ruined the show!!
I still contend that the worst thing that happened to this show was when RS, VM, KMc, JJ, SBu all left the show, to name a few, within a relatively short span of one another and Lucy and Kevin were moved to PC. Q's were moved to the background.
And, they also decided to move Sonny and Carly to the forefront.

Since then the show was never the same!!

But just thinking about OLTL and that scene with the Q's, wow!!
I'm still laughing!!!

kdmask said...

Yes, I saw Vicki and Clint..loved the "stair stepping"!! They are so cute. sigh...

Di said...

I basically FF'd through 99% of the show today. It was beyond stupid. I was ready to start wacking some people myself.

They're basically using 6 people in this storyline and they still don't shoot them together. No one runs off and has sex on a 3 hour cruise, especially one that's supposed to be celebrating something.

And skinny dipping this time of the year - beyond ridiculous!

I never was a big Lulu fan to begin with but these last few weeks have completely put me off the character.

And how the heck did Anthony get on the boat?

Annie said...

The Chew ratings suck because the show is HORRIBLE. It was on when I was getting my nails done- I would NEVER turn it on in my own house.

It is a train wreck on wheels. They are all sugary cheeerful and they all talk very loudly over each other. It is chaotic.

It is so fast paced they are rushing there way through everything. You can tell that not even the hosts are having fun. It is actually painful to watch it for any length of time.

Aubrey said...

Today's show was just painful to watch. I agree this boat story is ridiculous. Who goes off to have sex in the middle of a party? Just stupid.

NuKate is just awful. I don't like the character, but I'll take MW over this girl any day.

Something needs to change, fast.

My2Cents2 said...

I just watched. What did I miss? What wardrobe malfunction...??? What did I miss or ff thru?

Sonya you would think the boat party was a 'good time'. lol

I am confused. When did a boat ride turn into couples going off to their own rooms?? Robin & Patrick couldn't wait to get home?
Not only is it tacky, its RUDE to his brother. Ditto horndogs Steve & Olivia.
NEVER thought I would say this, but Liz showed the most class.

I HATE this terrible terrible show.
Who goes on a 3 hour cruise in the cold, jumps in the water, and can't keep their hands off one another like high schoolers in the prime of their teen years?
Who wrote that story???
And what happened to Maxie & Spinelli??

HATE HATE HATE the way this show has been written. I almost wish Guza would take back over.

Melodybluez said...

Boring day again in Port Chuck...seemed like a lot of boring, useless conversations aboard the LOOOOOVE BOAT and elsewhere.

Scrubs...yammering on about how lovely life is before the bottom drops out!

AZ and Lisa...How many people has she killed thus far and she's only been on the boat a short time? The fact that AZ made it to the boat is miraculous! I guess Claudia got her swimming skills from Daddy. I remember when she got stabbed and managed to swim her way to Wyndemere! It's pretty clear AZ's going to knock Lisa off once she's served his purpose. Oh, and just what has become of Johnny???

Olivia and Steve...yeah, ok. Another couple happy before the new doc shows up and we learn about Steve's sordid past!

Liz and Matt...I swear, pretty soon I am ready for him to start going "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" over his "in my older sibling's shadow" issues! Instead for him, it will be "Patrick, Patrick, Patrick!" Anyone who knows Brady Bunch history with Marcia and Jan's sibling rivalry will appreciate that reference!

Kate and Coleman...didn't strike me in the right place as with Megan Ward's Kate. I agree...sometimes I have to look twice with actresses. Is it Abby, Kate or NuMaxie??? They all sort of look alike! Kate and Coleman were just a set up for her to dump him and go off and be Sonny's savior!

Sonny and Lulu...WTH was all that? When Sonny ends a conversation with, "Do the right thing..." I shake my head in disbelief. What would he know about doing the right thing? I actually dislike the hatred between Sonny and Lulu because I used to like their scenes together. Now, I think they have taken the hatred a yard too far! Lulu should NOT be getting married. She's not ready. I know Dante can be slow on the uptake, but does he really think she's that gung ho on a wedding if she doesn't want to tell anyone and she doesn't wear her ring? Most young ladies would be beaming and could hardly resist showing off their engagement ring and telling everyone about their impending nuptuals. She's not doing that...get the message, Dante? Lulu's inane fear of death just makes no sense to me...her father and mother faced that issue loads of times (ok, she was far too young to really understand it), she's been around the mob for a long time, and her brother is a'd think she'd have a grip on this stuff.'s so we can do an alcoholism story. More of the fathers passing on their sins to the kids. Been done nauseum.

Dante and Delores...what was the point? If he thought Lulu was a handful, this one seems ten times worse!

With the boat party, I am waiting for Jason, Michael or Freddy from the slasher movies to show up. Everyone goes off and boinks while the death toll rises unbeknownst to them. Sounds like a slasher movie to me. I guess the writers thought, "Well, it is almost Halloween!"

The Chew is failing...not a big shock. When they axe it and they will, it would give GH a place to go because Katie is taking 3 pm. I still think GH is toast. We just don't know it yet. No other excuse for the train wreck we're seeing with GH...they are waiting for it to crash and burn. As a long time viewer now watching out of sheer habit, it saddens and disgusts me more than I can say.

Shirleedee said...

Sumpin's goin' on here, folks. Today's show just seemed like a very deliberate attempt to 'gross us out'. Coleman was shirtless this past summer and I don't remember that 'blemish'.

Those staterooms - a very big boat - had to be very deep water - hypothermia in October, Sonny and Lulu made no sense, Anthony - how did he get there, Ethan running all over Port Chuck with the painting - on and on and on, ad nauseum. I think Guza was fired because he wasn't tanking the show fast enough! I do not believe for one minute that TIIC in charge expect us to take this stuff seriously. I think they want to demoralize the actors and that they want us to leave - in droves!!!

The Chew is tanking and when Katie finally debuts next year Anderson Cooper will have been in the same time slot for a year over on NBC.

A note to all those 'fine folks' at NBCD: My TV will air this show whether I watch it or not, and I intend to write to Frons and Sweeney telling them what a fine job they are doing with this show.

Shirleedee said...

Correction - I meant to say ABCD...Sorry, long day.

Shirleedee said...

Me again...I forgot one more gross out - Lulu finishing Sonny's drink, something only the down and out do. With the bottle and a clean glass right at hand it's something she would never do. Who do ya think they're gonna' trash tomorrow?

AntJoan said...

OK, I had a looong day at work, and am beyond tired, but somehow missed Coleman's "nipple debut" (or whatever it was), thank Heavens for Tivo, I think I have to go back and have a look-see. Also, Lulu drank from Sonny's glass? Missed that too. . .

ITA w/all the trashing of the "Love Boat" story, it is beyond ridiculous, and offensive. I'm surprised that no one mentioned the scene where Steve was singing to Olivia wearing only a towel. I could see so far up his leg, I was afraid I'd get a glimpse of his junk!! (I wonder if it's also tan!)

So now we have Coleman's "nipple," and Steve's "almost junk." You know, ABC thought that we'd all flock in groves to see jiggle shows like Charlie's Angels and the Playboy show, but, women don't want to see "jiggle" shows, and men don't watch those shows, either, they more like violence and actual porn. So I guess ABC thought we females would want to see some male stuff--WRONG!!!!! We want great stories, family, history, our vets back, no more newbies (Mulva being the worst, OY VEY!!), and continuity.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya you would think the boat party was a 'good time'. lol
Hahaha! Well there were a lot of good looking men on that boat. :) I can't believe people were having sex during Matt's party! ROFL! Well it's fun making fun of the sex boat. :)

Anonymous said...

Today's GH--just abysmal. Steve does not have a good voice and does not sing that well AND songs are terrible--so why are they having him do these spots? I just couldn't take it again and hit ff. But actually most of today's show was ff-able, with no party scenes, everybody isolated and sexing, and skinny dipping--in what? The PC harbor? Where are they? And it is the end of October!

Nothing on this show lately makes ANY sense and it is just getting worse and worse.

THEN they break into the very entertaining, fun and entirely watchable OLTL with a news item that could wait till later. We already knew most of it anyway. Thank heaven for Soapnet.

Is anyone else having problems with their recordings of ABC soaps--voice and visuals out of sync? Very annoying. This is the second day this has been happening. Makes it hard to follow dialog.

Anonymous said...

I know you like to see ex cast members show up in prime time. Claire Coffee is a recurring villain on Grimm.

Mamaspat Ole said...

Ya know the best way of getting around the lousy writing of GH is to stop STOP watching it.....Oh and I hope Guza is reading your blog .......OLTL writing is fantastic FanF***ingtastic

My2Cents2 said...

I re-watched the very beginning of GH on soapnet. I wanted to see what everyone was talking about with Coleman.
IMO it was no nipple. Looked like a BOIL if anything. It was gross.

This show is sickening to even watch. The laziness, sloppiness that goes into this show is enough already.
I know I have to stop watching.

Remember..the best publicity is no publicity.

Anonymous said...

Olivia is pregnant and her and Steve will have to decide what they will do especially when his old flame returns.

My2Cents2 said...

I was hoping she would have drowned yesterday, if anything for some excitement.

Ritapita said...

I think if poele are feeling true hate for GH, they should tune out. JMO. Why put yourself through it over and over day in and day out, posting 10 times+ a day about it. It's just not worth your time if you hate it. I'm disappointed deeply, don't get me wrong. But if I hate something I'm not giving it that much time. Oh Sonya, I can appreciate some optimisim today ; )

As for Steve & the new Doc coming, no one will care since we don't care about Olivia and her F*@& buddy. They never showed them doing much else. I don't mind the singing, but wish it was placed better. Such as Steve singing to Cam when he can't sleep from missing Jake.

Where is Alexis?

My2Cents2 said...

Alexis who???

My2Cents2 said...

Rita..aren't we ALL guilty of watching and coming on here to complain?

Beth said...

I'm sorry, I've tried but I just can not get into NuKate. Loved MW's Kate and this one just doesn't make sense to me. This whole party for Matt was a bust.....6 people? Really??? And they weren't even shown partying together!!! What a mess!

LindaV said...

Yeah, I have to go on board with the very legitimate complaints, although I still watch but with more pessimism every day. Is this how they throw a boat party in LA - very sleazy? And who swims in cold water, naked and in the dark? I think GW is in over his head. No wonder Michele ValJean is leaving. I have to admit though that I was so happy to see Coleman that I didn't notice the item on his chest. NuKate is such a bitch.

My2Cents2 said...

Can you believe that? 6 people couldn't keep a conversation other than about stuffed mushrooms!!
6 people all went their own ways.

Who does that at a party?

My2Cents2 said...

LindaV...Nice post. As usual. lol

Anonymous said...

GW is clashing big time with Frons. Frons is dictating story as usual.

LindaV said...

Thanks My2Cents2 - thought yours and all the rest here were excellent, too. We really try to make lemonade out of lemons, don't we?

sonya said...

My2Cents2 If there were more than 6 people on the boat, then MORE peoeple would have sex on the sex boat. Do you really want that? :) Coleman and his boil! ROFL!

Ritapita said... Oh Sonya, I can appreciate some optimisim today ; )
Hehehe. Hmmmmmm to bad Lucky wasn't on the sex boat. :) And look Dante sitting in the wheelchair was sexy I think. :) Then there is Coleman. We got some hot men on GH! :)

Mrs. B said...

I agree with Rita. Hating something and complaining are 2 different things. But to each their own.

My2Cents2 said...

How doesn't hate/complaining go well together?? I think its a good fit!!lol

Anybody go to SOD?? There is a rumor going around there.....about a character (female) coming back.
Not everyone will be happy to see her.