Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Wydemere Spoiler

Wolf on the GOTHIC Romance starting at Wyndemere:

 "A presence with a purpose," teases Wolf. "A romance or two, mixed up in a melody of madness. This is the story which will involve nine-plus principal players and yes, a new face or two — if you're fast enough to see them, hidden behind a foggy, frosted window.... Windows you can write things on [laughs]."

Clearly, Wolf himself is swept up in the tale he's unraveling, smiling, "This is Gothic romance. Hearts headed for happiness — if they can make it through the minefield of lies and secrets. Not everyone can. Not everyone will. [This is] a story that will change the future - and pasts — of many for a long, long time to come."

Note From me: I know that scripts are done through December (arcs) and that doesn't include Genie right now. IF she leaves Y&R and IF she comes back to GH this will play out one way. IF not--it will play out the other. They'd better get Nikolas/Helena back, don't you think?? I mean, hellooooo IT'S A CASSADINE STORY!! The way things have been going,  I have little hope it will be suspenseful, but we shall see.


Anonymous said...

So, with the portrait of Laura getting more screentime than Luke lately and her name mentioned a gazillion times in recent weeks, what do you think they're up to? Isn't there a possibility that negotiations have already happened and Genie's headed back to PC? Do you have pretty good sources? Haven't we already heard rumors of Y&R dropping Genie and that she wasn't warmly welcomed by Y&R castmates?

Jynx0854 said...

If Genie comes back they will have to fire Frons and Phelps first. They DO NOT want strong women. Liz has degraded as well as Carly. It's sad their are no females that are strong and independant anymore.

kdmask said...

I honestly heard she WASN'T coming back to GH-- but that was about 2 months ago. Not sure now.

My2Cents2 said...

GW is writing the Wyndemere story 2 ways. One if GF comes back, one if she doesn't. How do you write a good story like that??

OK me bad. Why did I think Wendy Richie was dead??
Gloria Monty is dead.
So what is WR doing these days?
Can't she come back to GH??

sonya said...

Yes Nik and Helena should be part of this!! Alexis should be part of this too!!!!! Alexis should bring Luke in on this. :)

Andrea said...

How do you have story at Windemere with any Cassadines? I bet you the only actual Cassadines we have on Canvas - Alexis and her kids won't come close to this story. \

Don't get me wrong I would LOVE a major story that did NOT involve Sonny and Jason. But after this boat party fiasco it does not leave me much hope.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Genie is back. It would be great to get Nicholas Alexis and Helene involved. Let's hope this Wyndemere story has some punch. Give us some intrique, suspense, great writing. these characters need a good story to showcase their excellent acting abilities. Keep the story moving do not prolong it like this boring honeymoon story and Sam's baby story. We have to listen and watch the same old conversations over and over again....move it along already!

My2Cents2 said...

Not counting on anything with GH.
How do you write a story when you don't know if the main character is going to be in the show??

Anonymous said...

The Wyndamere/Cassadine story is the ONLY one I'm interested in right now, and they are giving us drips and dabs right now. I hope, hope, hope they can write THIS one right, anyway! I also don't know how you can have a Cassadine story without Cassadines, so I would think Alexis and Luke would at least have to be involved. HOpefully they have Nikolas and Helena on standby, at least, if not Laura herself. I don't get the Ethan involvement, however.

My2Cents2 said...

I am not looking forward to the Wyndemere storyline.
With Ethan shlepping around a portrait like an idiot, it just isn't getting off on a positive note.
Someone needs to tell GW that if its suppose to be a scary story for Halloween, he may be running a little late. Halloween is this weekend.

With the shameful disgusting Love Boat storyline fresh in my mind, I put no hope in anything right now.

I do look forward to Maggie coming to town and seeing more Dr Steve.
However, I am sure between GW, the editing, production, it will be a disapointment as well.

Anonymous said...

I'd wanted to see a gothic romance break out for liz and nik, but you got rid of him. Now you start up a story with no Cassadines around and expect anyone to care. If there is a blooming romance, let it be nik and liz and not one of these newbies.