Friday, October 7, 2011

Send a Card To Kirsten Storms!

Kelly Monaco tweeted this afternoon that people wishing to send Kirsten get well wishes should do so in care of her at the studio. She'll be sure she gets them!!

Kirsten Storms c/o Kelly Monaco
General Hospital/ ABC TV
4151 Prospect Ave,
Los Angeles, California 90027

This is good to know, we are all hoping she's back soon! Thx to Lori for the info!


Ritapita said...

She is so pretty! How lucky to be so pretty you look better in short hair (i.e. Halle Berry) Even though the fill in has been impressive, her voice is grating on my nerves a bit. Love Kirsten and can't wait for her to come back.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully she will get better soon. The recast is doing a good job. I just read this breaking news. Lexi Ainsworth has shot her last scene, she confirmed today.

Anonymous said...

Hope Kirsten is feeling better. She is being missed, no one can play Maxie like kirsten. We miss u & hurry back!!!!