Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday: Cool Music Comes to CyberSoaps!

Well, what's UP!!? We  Love Soaps is talking about Universal penning a deal with Prospect Park to do their music! This could me we would get A GREAT MIX of new  music, "real" artists and hardly any more "elevator"stuff!!  Read the whole thing on We Love Soaps. Sounds like the online dramas may have it better than the network ones in while!! 

It's sunny out and supposed to be a great weekend here. Of course, I bought a fab AUTUMN cooler weather outfit to wear to a party tomorrow (during the day) and it's supposed to be 80!! What the hell? OY! I put all my summer stuff anyway and I'm sick of it. LOL... 

OLTL: If Jack could ONLY ACT--I'd love him!! He took a pic of Starr on his phone while she was in jail. Heh, you know he's tweeting it!! 
THE DOG started talking and SO DID THE BABY!! AHAHHAHAAA!! I love it. This show slays me!!  Did you hear Tina say David Vickers (the dog) has a huge twitter following just like the Bronx cobra?? OH YOU have to love it.
Blair/Todd Flashbacks!! They both had really long, long hair!! heh. TODD'S PANTS in the flashbacks were a HOOT. 
Vicki mentions  Carmageddon..tells Tina "someone is always blackmailing you"!!
LOVED Clint and Cord's chat about Vicki and Tina!! 
WHO Else wanted Starr to deck Jack?? BIG TIME!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: TOLD you that wouldn't be the last of Siobhan!! TOLD ya!! WE SHALL see..but I think she's the GOTHIC part coming.... getting so boring. Same ol sheeze. 

You have to see who Genie's playing on "PRETTY"...Season 3 starts soon, it's such a funny show. Catch up on You Tube..their episodes are really short. 


Ocean Park Girl said...

I have to say that the actor that plays Ethan (Nathan Parsons is it?), has come a long way. I remember around this time last year we were bashing him, and now we are his advocate. He really does a good job

Mamaspat Ole said...

I love Todd and Blair and all the old clips.Somebody pleaseeeee tell John about his baby.....And I wish Starr would knock her brother on his arse

Lori said...

FYI if anyone is interested. Kelly Monaco tweeted this afternoon that if anyone wishes to send Kirsten Storms cards or packages please send them to the GH address in LA attention Kelly. She will be sure that Kirsten receives everything

Kirsten Storms c/o Kelly Monaco
4151 Prospect Ave,
Los Angeles, California 90027

Hope said...

loved the flashbacks on OLTL today! they are always so much fun! Cord was soclose to kissing Tina...its going to happen...the dog and the baby were a hoot! the whole show show was good, even the jail stuff...
as for Blair and Tod, its just meant to be.....

Anonymous said...

I love that kelly is friends with Kirsten. I hope others are supportive of her too on the show. Especially after watching dirty soaps and seeing she has no contact with anyone in her family besides her beloved brother.

sonya said...

Karen are you getting sick of summer weather? ROFL!

Lucky: Wow Lucky is a very slow reader! :)

Ethan and Luke: Oh Ethan knows that the diamonds are fake! Luke says he has a good eye. Well Luke of course Robert's son has a good eye! :) Like father like son. Ethan and Luke argue. Great scene but it should have been with Luke and Lucky!

Lucky and Luke: YAY!!!!

Lulu and Dante: Woah deja vu! same conversation that happened yesterday. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Sam and Jason: Woah! Sam is playing Wii! And then they are playing dominos! Now THAT is a better scene! :) Oh but there is a shadow! The shadow walks in! Franco!

Carly and Michael: WOAH MICHAEL! You don't talk to your mother that way! I don't care how old you are you jackass! You NEVER talk to your mother that way! I'm glad Carly said something! And then Shawn visits and Michael is rude to Shawn! WHAT THE HELL?!!?! And just because he doesn't get his way, he says he is being disrespected? SHUT UP MICHAEL! Oh and then of course Michael hears Carly and Shawn talking about the drugs in the panic room UGH! Michael to save the day? UGH! Will he get caught? *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong for me to hope that when Micheal goes and tries to find the drugs that he gets caught with them and have to go back to jail? I'm sorry but he is getting on my nerves. I swear no matter my age if was to talk to my mom like that I would be picking my teeth up off the floor! smh


kdmask said...

THANK YOU for the Kirsten Storms info!! That's awesome.

Andrea said...

Loved the OLTL flashbacks. And watching Todd's scar move on his face in each scene.

sonya said...

Andrea you love seeing Todd's scar move in each scene where? In flashbacks or in the cabin? :)

Anonymous said...

Lilah Richcreek auditioning for the role of Gina, or Kristina according to General Hospital Happenings.

Ritapita said...

Latanya, me too! I swear I still hover if she reaches across me fast, lol j/k

My2Cents2 said...

Oh yea, the actor who plays Ethan has come a long way. Very long way.
I was very impressed with his performance today. I hate Luke.
He is a disgusting father.

OMG! The sound of Sio's voice!!
I thought we were done with that??!! I had to ff'd.
That accent!!I suppose Lucky started to cry reading her letter?? You will have to keep me posted on what is up with that storyline. I can't go there again. I just can't.

APPLAUSE to Michael today. (sorry Sonya) LOVED him putting Shawn in his place!!
I honestly thought the gift would be from Jax to Jos. I think I better give up on any hopes of Jax coming back!!

Did we see Jason in SHORTS??
Where they staying at?? All the beautiful beach's & scenery in Hawaii, and it looked like they staying at the MOTEL 6.
Bad. Bad GW! Bad!
Did we really need to see Franco's toes to top it off??

I thought the role of Gina was casted months ago?

I give today's show a D.

Now on to OLTL.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...

APPLAUSE to Michael today. (sorry Sonya) LOVED him putting Shawn in his place!!
ROFL! Okay okay I'll give you that, but not Carly. :) He shouldn't be disrespecting his mother.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm alone--I like Shawn and wouldn't mind at all if he and Carly got together. They seem very natural around each other. He's very easy to look at and seems to have the voice of reason--just what Carly needs.

I could like Nathan okay if TPTB would just admit he is Robert's son and that Luke never cheated on Laura--especially at the height of their love story! There is no way I could ever believe that he did, so I wish they would give it up. If you ever saw Luke and Laura together and in love--well, it simply wouldn't happen. Luke was totally in love...TOTALLY. It was a joy to see. He was a far better-written character then. One of the reason to like and admire him was that he was a one-woman man.

I admit, I like Todd and Blaire in those scenes, but I like her with Thomas, so I hope she and Todd get it out of their systems and she gets back to help Thomas and show gratitude to him for taking the fall for Todd.

I still don't understand why everyone was down on Siohbon for having an accent. She's Irish, for heaven's sake. She wouldn't talk like an American or a Brit--she would have an IRISH accent. It didn't bother me at all--it made perfect sense, and the actress did it well.

My2Cents2 said...

GREAT OLTL episode on Friday!!!!

The flashbacks along with Vicki & Tina coming together, throw in the baby scene.....adorable.
It almost smelled like the ending was coming!!!!!

Which brings there yet a website for PP?? Why aren't they advertising yet??

Sonya...can we really expect better from Michael when it comes to respect considering who his parents are??

Melissa said...

I am just catching up on GH, and it is getting to the point that I need to take toothpicks out to keep my eyes open... Anyway, Karen I know how big you are on props and such. Did you notice that when Sam was playing the Wii, she was holding the remote backwards? I don't know, it just really annoyed me LOL That was the highlight of the episode for me. =)