Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Few Words From the Wubqueen

Hey Gang, I was going to write my comments in the lively discussion down below but I never know who's going to read them when they are buried in the whole slew. So, here I am !!

I debated whether or not to delete the post calling another blogger a name-- and in the end I thought I should since I have done so for actors in the past. You might think ill of someone, or that their news may be biased but say something like "I'm sorry, I don't buy it because the source proves to be on one side or the other all the time".  That's all... I take deletions very seriously and don't like to do them randomly. I am also fine with people bringing other scoops or mentions over here as long as they site the source. People don't always read the same things and lord knows I don't have time to, so that's not a problem for me.

I knew about the Lexi tweet and rumors but have chosen not to talk much about it on here or twitter. I love Lexi and can't be objective. I also don't have enough information to speculate. If she goes, I will be VERY angry however, because it means they couldn't find a story fitting her on-air "age"-- And btw, I do think that it's similar to Luke/Laura. We were younger then, Laura did seem older but I think it's because we were more her age. Anyway, Nathan Parsons is 23, he was born in 1988 according to IMDB. They actually are very close to the same age. Brandon Barash is 31 and I can see where he may be uncomfortable with the whole thing.  But as an actor, I don't think he'd ever "opt out" because of it.  I just hope this whole thing clears up soon.

I really like the discussions here, I read all your comments in the mornings before I start my day. I even like the ones about car repairs (AntJoan) because we feel like ol' friends. I hate it when people argue--if it's about the show however, keep it civil and go at it. I don't mind the F-bomb, btw. Just remember than kids may read this. 

On another, more serious note, another scooper/blogger is fighting an aggressive form of breast cancer. Ravensbeauty has talked openly about it on her facebook page. Fans have started a Susan G. Komen for the Cure page in her honor if you wish to donate.  It hits home that other stuff is way more important than soaps.

Have a great day..it's a busy one for me, I'll try to get the blog up as soon as I can this afternoon.


Dori said...

I think Lexi is a great little actress...but I don't care one single bit for "Krystina" She's a whiny, selfish little pain in the ass! I get so very tired of listening to her rant and rave about how much she hates her father...and how much the world owes her because she's knows everything etc. I don't know, that character just irritates me!
Let me be clear...I said THE CHARACTER! I am not blasting Lexi. I think Lexi's talents are being wasted on this shallow character.

kdmask said...

I got it Dori and that kind of comment is FINE... I feel the same way about Carly. LOVE LW, hate Carly right now. LOL

Hope said...

this has always been a safe place to come, respectful of people and each other. that means a lot.....

Anonymous said...

When the L&L thing started, Genie was, I think, 17. Tony Geary was around 32. Whenever they had scenes together it was so obvious that the chemistry was off the charts. Chemistry is a mysterious thing, indeed. Gloria Monty would have been insane not to take advantage of theirs--it was truly phenomenal.

Laura was played to be Genie's age; however Luke was played to be around 22 or 23, something like that. In the character's background experience, he was ages older than Laura. They were both in college in the time after the rape, but when he first met her, she was in high school, a cheer-leader, and in love with law school student Scotty. Luke and Scotty were played to be approximately the same age.

Tony did look young for his age, especially after they decided to perm his hair. (Suddenly other actors on other shows got perms!) Laura looked young, too. She wasn't as tiny as Lexie seems to be, and that is what seems to make Lexie so extra young.

In her teen years, Laura was also a self-involved, stubborn and agravating teen. She didn't talk much, being a passive-personality type, but she gave Leslie fits and was often unlikable. She did not treat Scotty generously--he was obviously more mature than she was, and tried to be her lover AND father, which she resented. Luke, however, drew her out of her selfish pig-headedness. And it was wonderful to watch.

I looked at an old tape a few days ago, and their chem was SO remarkable. They seemed to think like one. The looks they exchanged, totally absorbed in each other--so easy to believe these two were deeply in love...just jumped off the screen. They seemed to move together, be in perfect sync, whether they were just washing dishes together or hidding from Smith. At the Whitaker farm, if he was washing dishes, she automatically picked up a towel, even if they were bickering. If he was making coffee, she got down the cups, like a reflex. It didn't seem planned or an acting choice.

Present couples like Jason and Sam, could take some lessons! Except you don't learn that. Both Genie and Tony were rare, superb talents. Not in every scene, but you could tell even then, how born-to-it they both were.

My2Cents2 said...

(Soap Opera Network)

Olivia begins to realize something or someone is standing between her and Steve.

Kate plants a kiss on a surprising Port Charles resident.

The Zacchara men find themselves in over their heads as hell begins to break lose.

It’s just like old times for Spinelli and Maxie - in both the negative and the positive ways.

Elizabeth faces some tough truths about her past and her future.

Can Sam and Carly learn to peacefully co-exist in Jason’s life?

My2Cents2 said...

PLEASE let October be a better month than September was with the writing.
I am hoping, that lots of re-writes are happening as we speak here.

Let Dr Steve's storyline begin.

Allow Liz to grow, own up to her past and find redemption.

With the exception of Johnny, let everyone who is mob related, BLOW up this month.

Lose some of the worthless weight that is weighing GH down.
Give Carly & Alexis a storyline that only they are talented enough to pull off.

Anonymous said...

there was another young couple who had amazing chemistry, georgie and dylan but writers wrote them into the ground and killed off georgie.

Anonymous said...

dori- I agree with you about lexi. but the writing is so bad for the women. LW, JMB, NLG,KS, and RB are all wonderful actresses but the writing for their characters is beyond terrible.

Anonymous said...

sorry, I meant RH not RB

Lori said...

Hey Guys, just a quick reminder. If you are going to do any of your holiday shopping through Amazon please consider using the link here on Wubs so Karen gets credit :D

kdmask said...

yes, you can go to the wubs.net and hit the Amazon button on the left (doesn't matter what it's advertising) and then order!! :) wub ya!!

mindymoe said...

i agree with Karen about LW. I love her too, but I can't stand Carly. I FF every scene with Carly. Same with Sonny.

BTW-I started a OLTL blog. Would love for you all to visit =)


My2Cents2 said...

Didn't know about the Amazon thing...just ordered something for $200.
I told you I am stupid when it comes to finding my way around here..

Mindy..will come visit your new blog!!

Anonymous said...

Shallow women are what soaps are made of people! And what would we really expect Sonny's only daughter to be?

Bren said...

I actually tried to watch the show yesterday.
Approach the following rant with caution:
My thoughts:

If TIIC are wanting to just tank the show I wish they would do it and put it (and us) out of our misery. There is no spark of life left in GH. It's the same conversations over and over and over again. It's the same whining about the same things over and over and over again.

Sonny is disgusting. I used to like him when he wasn't written as a total ass. I can't stand Michael. He is beyond stupid. Carly is written as a shrieking nag. Shawn is boring. Carly and Shawn are boring together. Her shrillness and him with that monotone voice. I don't care what his abs and biceps look like.

Jason and Sam are dull as dirt. They always have been. I like some sort of true angst with a couple. Gawd! There is nothing to like there. I'm tired of hearing her talk about "MY JASON" "MINE". If the writers are trying to hint at something about the head injury, than I wish they would get to it. One little fugue incident is supposed to tantalize us to keep watching even through the crap? I'm a soap fan! I like to sometimes be hit over the head with foretelling and anvils...thus the true definition of ANVIL!!! In the past several years anvils mean nothing, nada, zero. Dropped storylines and stories that go nowhere. I thought GW would fix that.

Why can't this show get turned around like DOOL and OLTL? WHY? And now we get spoilers about whether Sam has been raped or not? I just don't give a shit. Everytime Franco comes on it's Jason rescuing Sam from some sort of peril and Franco giggling and crushing on Jason. Puke. What a waste of talent. I am a Franco Fan! But I don't like anything they've written for him on GH. Not to mention I find multiple rape storylines distasteful. We've already had Michael with the "was he or wasn't he raped" story this past year.

GW has been a huge disappointment. I'm really tired of waiting around for something to change. My favorite guy is no longer the mobster with a heart of gold. I don't recognize him anymore. The hypocritical way they've written him is something I'll never forgive them for. Killing off Jake and then suddenly he can now have a child because "life isn't safe"? It's a crock of shit.

I know it's a soap and storylines never jive with real life but GH cannot write its way out of a wet paper sack.

Rant over. :-) I feel better. LOL!

Shirleedee said...

I don't think the slight age difference between Lexi and Nathan is the problem. It's that Kristina is flirty, with a young girl crush, and Ethan is more adult and very intense. I thought Ethan and Rebecca Shaw were very 'hot' together and look at the age difference there!

Ocean Park Girl said...

I have missed being able to write on here - my internet browser wouldn't let me for some reason. Wow - I have missed this. I forget who posted it, but yes, OLTL has turned way around, and it is by far the best soap on TV. I still don't believe it is going off the air. I always used to watch DOOL because I was not a Susan Lucci fan, but DOOL got so bad, I started watching amc again, but FF thru Erica scenes. It's gone now, so I decided to give DOOL another try - glad I did. GH: I like Shawn, but not with carly. Am tired of Sonny and the NuKate is awful. I like Jason and Sam. And this girl replacing Kirsten - kudos to her. She is doing a really good job - I wss dreading the replacement, but she is pretty good. I missed what is happening with Kristina - I know she is probably leaving but I don't know how.

My2Cents2 said...

Bren....GREAT RANT!!
I don't disagree with you.

I do agree, they should end it now, and put the viewers and the actors out of their misery!!!!

I vomit at the thought of Carly & Shawn.
Sam and those rolling eyes when she talks to Jason.
Speaking of Jason, who is this man talking to the stars??

I hope today was better than yesterday.

Anonymous said...

If they changed the way Kristina is being written, the story could be GREAT for Ethan and Kristina. They are completely dropping the ball with them. Major chem there. I don't understand why they aren't doing something with them. They're one of the only reasons I'm watching, and right now, they're MIA. I don't like where this is going. I hope the writers can fix them. For the record, I don't think Lexi is leaving. She got a movie role and is going to be out for five or six weeks and as far as anyone has heard, she's coming back after that. I hope GW, etc. straighten her out and write a decent story for Ethan and Kristina, or I may be out. :-(

My2Cents2 said...

Ethan & Krissy together is BLAH!!!

2 different people, from 2 different worlds. I wouldn't want my 18 year old daughter running with Ethan instead of going to college and running with kids her own age.
Ethan is another Luke.

Anonymous said...

I happen to like Ethan and Kristina together, too. I don't give a damn about their ages, etc. As long as everybody is legal (which they are) and consenting, it's not a problem for me. People with age differences get together all the time and nobody bats an eyelash. It's just a fictional TV show, anyway, and there have been much worse transgressions on GH (and other soaps) than having these two lovelies hook up. Bring 'em.

Anonymous said...

Two different people from two different worlds? That's one of the best things about them! Laura and Luke were from different worlds, too, and it worked fine for them. It appears the Spencers and Corinthos' are drawn together.

My2Cents2 said...

And look how well it worked out for Luke & Laura!!! It didn't!!

I was never a fan of them.
In fact, I never liked Luke until he hooked up with Tracy.

mindymoe said...

Bren-I loved your rant! You and me both (and plenty of others, I'm sure) are SICK of Michael! How great would it have been if he came out of that coma completely against Sonny's lifestyle and asking questions about AJ?

The killing of Jake so Jason can now feel "safe" to bring another child into the world is BEYOND stupid!

lisa said...

Brandon Barash is 32 years old! Today is his birthday! Happy Birthday Brandon!

kdmask said...

Mindy, does your OLTL blog have spoilers on it because I can't see OLTL spoilers!LOL

mindymoe said...

Karen-I have spoilers but they are on a separate page. You will only see if you click on it ;-)

Anonymous said...

If Lexi leaves it opens the door for Kristen Alderson to be recast as Kristina. Kristen & Eddie are heading to LA in November

Anonymous said...

I don't think Lexi is leaving permanently.

Anonymous said...

slightly off topic: Nathan Parsons is only 23--2 years younger than me? He looks like he's in his 30's.

I am an Ethan/Kristina fan. They have great chemistry. I do think that she needs to grow up a little bit more before they go there, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually enjoying the new writing. I will admit it is not like when I was growing up in the late 80s/90s but after the past few years I'm enjoying a lot of the individual conversations that have been written lately. I only watch GH in bulk ( the whole week in one day) mostly because I can't watch daily but I also see more flow.

That said, I don't mind Ethan and Kristina, but I think the biggest issues are the fact that too many people are related on GH and that they have forgotten what a Love Triangle is.
My dream is that they would steal Debbi Morgan from YR and turn her back into the Dr. she was on GH/PC (whatever happened to her character I can't remember) and create a family around her for some diversity. They've ruined the Wards, so start over. Bring Lucas back from whatever hole he's in to create more diversity. Create an Intern or 2 at ELQ for a different backdrop and so we can see Tracy actually at the office terrorizing people or at least a younger crowd for Michael and Kristina to have someone to play with.
Bring in some Falconeris

Couples I like now or fantasize about): Dante and Lulu with Liz thrown in to disrupt it.
I think I like Steve and Olivia; too soon to mess with
Robin and Patrick, love them, but more romance/fun
Lucky and Maxie...Love JJ and KS together with a side of Johnny thrown in to create drama
Carly needs a storyline without a man...A MUST
Alexis needs a man...I heart Sexis. (I also miss Ric)
Can we bring some Cassadines back from the dead? I miss Stefan and Nicholas, even RKK's weird Stavros

NuKate and Sonny are fast forwarded every time. Why is there a NuKate? I didn't read about why?

This went crazy long because for some reason the blog hasn't allowed me to comment for a month but I at least have gotten to read them.

Anonymous said...

I was the anon above. Why I pressed the wrong one I don't know.