Friday, October 21, 2011

Kimberly McCollough On Lexi Ainsworth's Firing

Oh Daytime Confidential has the digs on the newest edition of Soap Opera Digest (Nov. 1st). Seems Kimberly is well aquainted with Daytime's blatant stupidity when it comes to sex and age. The younger you are, the older they want you to look-- the older you are, well, you know how THAT goes. 

"That's baloney, because the same thing happened to me," she shares. "Young is a nice way of saying you're not sexy enough. This has nothing to do with being young. I completely relate because I faced the same problem. "

I was the one that pointed out that TPTB could have recast "Robin" all those years ago but chose not to. Now, we have a great actress that grew up on the show. Not so for Lexi, who is also an Emmy nominee. GH is making such terrible choices lately. Glad people are calling them out.


lisa said...

Karen, there is a good interview with Jacklyn Zeman on "We love soaps tv 3.17' Blip tv, where she talks about her life but also about GH. She stars in the online soap called The Bay ( Tristan Rogers and Mary Beth Evans also in it ). She says she has not been asked to do any upcoming work on GH. They talk about the dropped storyline of Lucas being gay etc.. I wish she would be on GH again especially with the spencers in turmoil. They should bring her back to school Luke and Lulu.
Not surprised KMc experienced the same issues as LA.

lisa said...

I actually forgot that Mary Beth Evans was on GH for a while and then went back to Days of Our Lives.

skeebob said...

Yeah, this is satisfying to hear a person so close to the situation come out against it, but Kimberly just publicly criticized a significant decision made by her bosses. How many folks can do that in life and not face some kind of retribution? I think either she knows the show is as good as cancelled and doesn't care anymore, or she knows she's leaving soon and doesn't care anymore.

Carrie said...

Well, ABC is doing a fantastic job of ruining GH. I've been a faithful viewer/fan for the past 20years (since high school, my mom watched when I was little) and I can barely stand it anymore. I hate to admit this, but I have like 12 episodes sitting on my DVR and it's getting harder and harder to get through them.

TIIC managed to get rid of my favorites, Jax and Nik, and it's just not the same for me. If all the rumors about more vets leaving/getting fired ABC will win and GH will unfortunately lose another fan. I'm not there yet, but I'm close.

I hate to be so negative but it's hard to watch a show I've loved for so long sink so low. Hopefully the writers will pull their heads out soon and start writing the GH I know and love.

Watchintele said...

Skeebob, I think you may have hit the nail right on the head.
KMc probably doesn't care anymore.
I feel when Stuart Damon was let go, that must have been the last straw for her. It was stated that she had such an emotional outburst when it was announced, and do you blame her?

It's funny how they are still putting sexy above good writing, editing and acting to get viewers? Long time viewers want the latter and not the former if it means there is an inkling of saving this show.

What I cannot comprehend is how they've yet to figure out that they are more likely to get new viewers from children, family members or friends of long time viewers that turn them onto the show compared to someone randomly changing the channel and watching the show for the first time??
That is what the genre has always been about; families sharing their pastimes together.
That's what the show itself has always sold - family!!!

So I guess it's telling then, they have no desire to save this show.
And, maybe we haven't looked at it from this perspective? Perhaps the ABC brass wants to make the show tank so bad that Prospect Park has nothing left to work with and also to get retribution for fans of soaps boycotting the replacement shows of The Chew, Revolution & Katie Couric's show?

Either way they've made the dumbest choices in many fronts.
I, for one am glad that KMc spoke up and pointed out the BS that goes on behind the scenes.

lisa said...

I don't even think the higher ups put much thought to considering the fans or their reactions. I think if they can produce a show that costs less and pulls in the same or more revenue for ABC, then that is what they will do at ABC and Disney. They will get rid of soaps.

sonya said...

Hmm I wonder if Kimberly McCollough has already been fired, so that is the reason why she is free to say all this.

LindaV said...

I doubt if Kimberly has been fired more likely she is going to leave of her ownaccord. I'm glad she had the guts to speak out since she has been through it, too. with the show ending next year, she probably doesn't care anymore.

Anonymous said...

I like "The Bay" soap. Previous Lily and Diego Alcazar are in it as well as Tristan Rogers and now Jackie Z, MBE. It's like a reunion of GH cast members and has better story with quicker pace. Wonder if that's how prospect park will conduct the online soaps?

kdmask said...

I really want to see OLTL online, I think they will knock it out of the park. They really know how to pace themselves and Ron is really inventive.