Friday, October 14, 2011

Jason Finds a Gizmo...

Well, last night SOD pretty much confirmed the rumors I've been hearing about Female GHers being let go. There will be  MORE PEOPLE leaving!! I don't know who, I don't even want to speculate. I just know this show is going to hell in a hand basket. (more than usual). 

OLTL Today was ok--we got to see the Painted Pony murder mystery. Yesterday was better though. Can't top peeing pants!! Tea's "oatmeal" looked like horse glue! hee hee. 

NEWS: Charlie's Angles is canceled. Another one gone... they never let networks hold on to shows for long, do they? Will Annie be back on GH? probably not.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: There's Carly and JOSS.  Is that a private plane or an  EMPTY commercial flight? WTF.. god,where is everyone??? Oh,  Josslyn cleared the plane, that's their excuse.  Ugh,  Hate this storyline. And they show up at the hut. :eyeroll:

Jason and  Sam can't recharge their phones?? Jason finds the bot and then has a fugue episode.

ART ALERT: FRANCO SPRAY PAINTS TODAY!! All week he's painting that "masterpiece"!! 

Lisa would really walk around the hospital she used to work at? OMG!  ahhhaa.  

I think Steve was talking to "Maggie"  the newbie on the phone.

Pat and Matt-zzzzzzzz snore. 

How do we know Robin's chief of staff? She wears her blazers everyday!!

And Ethan..why you carrying around that portrait all over town? LOL... Geeshhhhhhhh AND of course, Lucky can't just leave town, he's gotta talk to Ethan about it FOREVER. 'Bell bottoms and a perm"...

Interesting: Maxie talks to Lulu about Cops...but never mentions HER COP lovers,  Jesse OR Cooper!! and Jesse was killed in the line of fire!! stupid NON-HISTORY USING GH! 


My2Cents2 said...

Your funny!!!
I will watch in a bit!!

More females leaving??
Can I guess and say NLG besides Robin?

Anonymous said...

I wish KM was leaving but that is only cause I hate her character. Nothing against the actress.

My2Cents2 said...

FYI...Raven has some 'stories' on her fb page.
If you can't access them, let me know and if Karen doesn't mind I will post.

My2Cents2 said...

KM may be leaving...Raven hinted 2 major females were gone.

Though IF that is true, I will go with Robin & NLG.

The writers have thrown these 2 female characters under the bus.

kdmask said...

I did read Raven. I knew that there were people going, I said it on twitter wed, thought there would be an announcement

Hope said...

I knew Gigi was going to wiggle her toes and wake up!

My2Cents2 said...

i don't tweet. twitter. whatever.

Anonymous said...

If KMc and NLG leave, I think I will be truly done. Although I like some others, they are two of the last reasons I watch. So the Davis girls would be done, and where does that leave Patrick? The only thing this confirms ( no matter who it is leaving) is that GH is done. There is no way you get rid of long term characters at this pace if you expect to be on air in a year.

All these look-a-like blondes are also making the show difficult to watch. Half the time I have no clue which character is being shown from a long shot.

It's all so sad, to see a show that has been part of TV for nearly 50 years decimated like this. I already miss the show GH was, but it's heartbreaking to know there will likely be no GH on our screens very soon.

My2Cents2 said...

GH is done. My question is....will they go to PP too?? Or will they be done??

Once NLG is officially gone from the show, I think I am done as well.
I have been hoping for years now for her to get a front story, and it just isn't going to happen.
Carly is being written disgusting. It pains me to watch her these days.

Sad isn't it?? The end of an era is happening right before us.

Mrs. B said...

I'm fine with NuKATE going. Anyone else think Lulu? Rumors of JB wanting out have been online for months. Although an asset, I'll take that over NLG. Robin grates on my nerves but I love the history she brings to the show. Hope one of them isn't Kirsten Storms. Is Jane Elliott still a possibilty? Seems no one is safe! Now Lisa Niles will be murdered. Let's hope she's one they're talking about. They overdid that story way too long.

My2Cents2 said...

Lisa is murdered??

Am I the only one who likes NuKate?

Andrea said...

I thought the rights to GH were sold to Prospect Park when they bought AMC and OLTL. I think I got that from Soaps in Depth.

Melodybluez said...

Hi Everyone...

I didn't get to see today's show but read some recaps. Does not seem like I missed much.

I was just reading Raven's page...I hope she is doing well healthwise. In any case, GH looks like a revolving door lately! All the actresses they seem to hire lately, with the exception of Delores, tend to almost be carbon copies...blonde, blue eyed! Very strange. I am just miffed with the parade of newbies coming in when they don't use the cast they have effectively and they've given some really good acting talent the hook (Ingo, Tyler, Lexi) lately! It just doesn't make sense, but then, what about GH does make sense these days?

Lots of the actors on the show have seemed to have expressed discontent. I read rumors about Kim wanting to go, Julie being unhappy with storylines (I would be too.) So who knows! By the way, someone said something about Maxie and Lulu and a nod to the past about being with policemen. Yeah, you'd think they would be able to emphathize with each other on that one! If Lulu's fear is being with a cop who might die, who better to understand that than Maxie, after Jesse and Cooper? Someone in the writing staff isn't up on their history.

Kelly or Nancy going would not surprise me actually. Kelly said something in an interview fairly recently about not wanting to go down with a sinking ship and Nancy has voiced displeasure with the show in the past...cannot blame either lady for wanting out, actually! Raven did say some time ago that a major actor would also be out by November possibly. Maybe Lucky's going? Thursday's episode had me wondering.

Lucky sort of irritated me on Thursday by becoming his father. (Oh yes, all children on this show are doomed to repeat the sins of their fathers, as we know!) Liz, well yes she does use her kids occasionally as a bargaining does Carly. However, I do think the writers made Lucky look like an insensitve jerk! Cameron calls and wants dad to go on an outing to a pumpkin patch...first such outing since Jake died. Doesn't he think events like this which are a first without Jake might be tough on the kids? Not to mention also Liz. The whole scene just made her look needy and him look like an idiot. Maybe he'll take a long term vackay to Ireland and get lost like his old man does! LL2 just don't work and I wish they'd just end it!

I do wonder what the secrets are...

Kate's convo with someone on the phone on Thursday. All I keep thinking is, "Geeze, please do not let Dante be her kid instead of Olivia's."

Dr. Steve...yes, I guess there is a story there too. I suppose that is why the new blonde pediatrician is being brought on. What the heck happened to Terrell after he worked with Joss during her transplant? I guess he got dumped into the lost character bin! Maybe the doc is a bit corrupt. It would explain why he handled the Lisa and Scrubs stuff a bit too unprofessionally at times!

Lisa...sorry, didn't care the first time and I don't care now. What is with soaps and their magic bring back to life juice?

Will Franco ever do more than fingerpaint?

With the actors, I do think it is a good bet that no one at all is safe. GH, if I recall correctly, (as well as Y&R) is owned by a different entity than OLTL and AMC. I want to say it is Sony, but I don't know for sure. In any case, it might be why a cancellation announcement has not yet been made. Since they are writing this show into the ground, I wouldn't be shy about laying money down that it's going and the writing has been on the wall about that for some time, unbeknownst to the viewers.

Have a good weekend!

sonya said...

Karen it's the spotting pony! Not the painted pony ROFL!


Ethan and Lucky: Great scene with them!!! :) *Jumps both of them and kisses them* They talk about Liz! Lucky says it's still there between them and it's stronger than ever!!! HA! :) Oh if only Liz was listening in on them!!! And hey, Ethan is in love with Wyndemere! :)

Ethan: I am not a Cassadine.

Lucky: You are Luke Spencer's kid.

Me: No! He is Robert Scorpio's kid!

Shawn, Carly, and Joss: While they were talking, Joss kept eating hahaha adorable! Look at her cheeks!!! :)

Lulu and Maxie: Great scene! But ummm Lulu what the hell are you wearing? ROFL! Is it a once piece or two piece? If it's two piece, get rid of that shirt! :)

Matt and Patrick: Matt is feeling the love, and then he didn't, and then he does! :) But wait Patrick don't tell Matt to invite Maxie to the boat party!!! Oh oh Lisa is listening in!

Matt and Maxie: See Matt? You shouldn't of tried to invite her to the boat party! Forget her! Invite Liz!

Matt and Liz: YAY!!!! :) He invited her. :)

Robin and Liz: Robin looks so adult with her outfit. :)

Lisa and Papa Z: Oh oh Papa Z killed the nurse?!!?! Lisa grabs a piece of wood with a nail on it and then, DOH!!!!! Is this foreplay? :)

Franco: I have no idea what is going on, but can we just get on with this?

Jason and Sam: Wow more talking! BUT interesting things happened! Their dead phones ROFL! Sam says her family is full of women so there is drama! ROFL! I hate drama too Sam. Jason notices Franco's toys! And that mirror flash thing happened again! What the hell is that? :) Oh look they see Shawn, Carly, and Joss! Carly was supposed to stay at a hotel hahahaha! Stop it Shawn! You should know Carly by now! She is not going to stay at a hotel!

Olivia and Dante: Dante in a wheelchair!! *sits on his lap and licks his face* Dante notices Olivia limping hahahaha!

Steve: Hmmm he is on the phone hiring someone. From Memphis?

My2Cents2 said...

Charlie's Angels were cancelled. Why does that not surprise me??

Ethan schlepping that portrait around town. How queer.
Bye Lucky. I guess you are the major actor leaving.....

Honestly, WTF Liz?? How can anyone say she wasn't out to rip Sio & Lucky apart??
SHAME on her!!!!Did she think that Lucky wanted her back after all the crap she did to him??
She dillusional?
Or is she just being Liz.
All about Liz.

Let's see, I live in the midwest and its a 16 hour flight to Hawaii. How well Carly & Shawn looked for an even longer flight! Carly shows up at Jason's shack by way of taxi.
I hope that LW is the one who is leaving. I love that girl, and I HATE what they are doing to her character!! HATE!!!Let her leave now, with her head held high before they destroy her career.

Lulu looked GREAT today!! I never thought she was 'all that', but today I thought she looked adorable.
Those poor Spencer's. So f**ked up in the head!!!

And Lisa. How does someone who is in the bed for 6 months, get up and walk around? Where did the strength and coordination come from? IMPOSSIBE!!!
Then she smacks PaPa. Oyyyy NOT smart.

I am some email address's to tptb at PP. I am going to write to them and try to find out what they are doing with GH, and where the heck is there website located.

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya....I LOVED Lulu's outfit!!

I wonder who is coming to Pt Chuckles? The pediatrician? Or the shrink?? I think the shrink is connected to Steven.

Who knows what to believe.
We heard that ALexis was going to look for Sams dad. Didn't happen.
Then her and Mac were going to run for Mayor. Didn't happen.
Steve was involved in a drug story. Didn't happen.

I guess in reality, we will what happens if we continue to watch this sad show.

Ritapita said...

Mytwocents, yes you are the only one liking nukate. I can bare;ly watch, sorry! And weren't you watching when Lucky slept with Liz's sister, Sarah and with Maxie? They have both done some cruel things to one another. Of course the Niz pairing was the most distasteful imo but more because of Emily.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said... Sonya....I LOVED Lulu's outfit!!
ROFL! Well I loved the bottom half. :)

I wonder who is coming to Pt Chuckles? The pediatrician? Or the shrink?? I think the shrink is connected to Steven.
I have no idea but the pediatrician is going to be a Maxie and Kate lookalike ROFL!

Anonymous said...

Watching GH these days is like passing the scene of an accident. You don't want to look at the carnage, but look hoping it won't be too bad. And ABC is like the traffic cop saying "Nothing to see here, move along". It really feels like they are purposefully destroying the show, with these casting decisions and story choices, to justify the cancellation. If they drive the audience away, they can say "we had no other choice since ratings are so low". They are actively working to make what they want happen. I just wonder who at GH irritated ABC so badly.

Oh and anyone else think Oprah is a little sorry she didn't take the soaps for her network? The ratings for the shows she choose to air are low and fading faster. Her network would have had a built in fan base, who might have watched other shows once they were tuned in. Bad decision.

lisa said...

I actually can't wait for the announcements of the actors that are leaving. These will be the only shake-ups to the show because the writing is clearly remaining poor. I am only watching liz online. I can't stand lulu and dante, sam and jason, lisa , scrubs boring.
Where is monica? What happened to all the recasts of Q's we were supposed to see.
This show is still MOb!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think we were supposed to see Q recasts. I don't recall that, anyway. They were just supposed to be on more. Yeah, like that happened.

Love4dogs said...

Anon...I agree with you about Oprah..who wants to see all those repeats of Say Yes to the Dress and Dr Phil? Does seem like she's lost a bit of that Midas Touch she had going. Now she's on rehashing some 'life lessons' from her old show. Shoulda taken the soaps...would have been a gold mine.

My2Cents2 said...

Yes Rita I was watching when Lucky was sleeping w/Sarah. However, he wasn't married at the time to Liz.
He was married when he cheated on Liz w/Maxie, however, sleeping with your bff/brother in law in comparison imo trumps all. lol
Nothing will make me like Liz.
I just don't trust her.

I do not understand Oprah's thinking with not taking the shows to he network.
I watched ROSIE the other night on OWN and the show was not good. I ended up switching.
YES I think Oprah made a huge mistake.

I think we can (or most of us) agree its fun to chit chat here and for that reason alone we still watch.
We aren't watching because anything is entertaining.
This is the worse I have seen GH ever.
Because the show has failed.

My2Cents2 said...

OLTL comment:

Let me get this straight.

Dani has no problem staying alone in the house that her father (as she knows him) was killed in??
With the killer still out there??

Call me an idiot, but I am still not convinced the killer is Brody.

Gigi wakes up. NOT Stacey. So this silly silly story will what?? End?? Rex & Shane & Gigi live happily ever after??

How can't you not enjoy watching Echo?? She is pure talent and entertainment. Still, once Rex finds out that Gigi is alive, money & the mansion will mean nothing to him.

So as we know it right now, Rex, Echo, Roxie, Shane & Gigi are almost done with the show??
I have to tell you, I am not a fan of Farah at all.
However, can OLTL survive and thrive without Bo, Rex, Echo & Roxi?

Anyone know where OLTL (PP) is located?? In NY or CA??

Anonymous said...

Sonya it is not thr Spotting Pony or is it the Painted pony. It is the SPOTTED Pony(as in pinto).

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth didn't sleep with her brother-in-law because she and Lucy weren't married when she slept with Nik. You can have a penny back.

My2Cents2 said...

Who is Lucy????
What penny??

If technically Nik wasn't Liz's brother-in-law, then that made what she did with Nik, along with their history together thru Emily & Lucky OK??? NOT in my world.
It wasn't a one or 2 nighter like she had with Jason, she was running out all hours of the night to be with Nik.
Dead of winter taking her kiddies to Grams.

Subject closed.

Rhonda said...

First off, Liz did not have a one or 2 nighter with Jason. They have some rich history I wish everyone would respect. They also saw each other secretly which pissed most of us Liason fans off since they were never a true "couple" in the city of port charles. Secondly, I don't think anyone was a fan of Niz. As a fan of Liz & Nik separetely and as friends, It disgusted me. You don;t have to like Liz, but anyone watching the L&L2 days know they were just as committed to one another back than as they were as husband and wife. Maybe moreso. This is how they got the nickname L&L2. Meaning Luke and Laura 2. Sleeping with your lovers sister still is unforgivabl and things were never the same for me towards Lucky since than. Of course it was Jacob Young in the role at that time (AMC's J.R.)if it were JJ it would have been strange since he looked REALLY young back than. Not a hair on his chin, nothin! But put him in a scene with Becky and romantic foreworks began.

Penny was Lucy's pet duck. Yes you read that correctly! Pet duck! lol But the girls were saying you can have a penny back, as in money.

Love4dogs said...

Lucy's pet duck was Sigmund.

My2Cents2 said...

OK Rhonda...still confused about a penny back. lol NOT sure what the purpose or sense one was trying to get across..other than Anon was spreading her distaste on this forum.

I don't want to get into a debate about Jason & Liz. IMO they were very very good friends. That was there history. Nothing more.
That does not mean I am for Sam.
Because that I am NOT!!!!!

IMO when Lucky left, or rather before he left, he left the 'door' open for a reunion with Liz.
Personally, YES when the show ends, I would like to see them reunited.

My2Cents2 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
My2Cents2 said...

Rhonda..I meant to say when Lucky was discussing Liz with Ethan before he took off......YES I would like to see them reunited in the end.
I think they will.

I also think the end is near....(GH)

Di said...

When Carlie showed up at that hut with Joss in her arms, looking to warn Jason no doubt about the PSYCOPATH who could be there looking for him, I turned off the telly. I know that anything can happen on a soap but this show has really jumped the shark.

sonya said...

Anonymous said...Sonya it is not thr Spotting Pony or is it the Painted pony. It is the SPOTTED Pony(as in pinto).
OOPS!!! I can't believe I said Spotting Pony! I didn't even realize what I said. I ment spotted pony! DOH! :)

Cosmoetica said...

My2Cents2 said...

Lisa is murdered??

Am I the only one who likes NuKate?

October 14, 2011 5:22 PM

NuKate is WAY better than the older one- she can act with her eyes alone. She needs a good storyline though- no Sonny's babymama, Part 17: The Revenge: This Time It's Personal!

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya...leave it to Anon to find anyone's errors. I think she lives for them. lol

Cosmo...I so agree with you. Loving NuKate soo much. If only we could take Sonny out of the quation!

I take it your a fan of REVENGE???
If so..I have a question for you.
Who is the guy who knows all Emily's secrets?? (Forgot his name)
Is he a friend? Foe? Relative??

My2Cents2 said...

Lucy?? Still no clue who Lucy is.
Did Anon herself make a typo??
Was it meant to be Lucky???

Sorry, can't help myself at times

Melodybluez said...

Jumped the shark...yeah that's a good description of what GH has done!

Bringing a small child along when there might be a psycho running around? Just plain stupid! (Joss is a cutie though, munching on her snacks!) Jasam, I guess the honeymoon is ovah!! Well, at least they'll stop yammering about stars, rainbows, etc.

Dante being up wheeling around so soon? He could hardly breathe a short time ago. More of that GH superhealing power! They had little Joss up and around in no time after her transplant surgery!

I now understand what people were saying about the Lulu and Maxie scenes. I guess Maxie just plum forgot that two of her former boyfriends were cops who died! I haven't minded the new gal who is playing Maxie, but something in her scenes with Lulu fell flat...I guess it is just the chemistry Julie and Kirsten have that I missed. Amongst the possible ladies leaving this show, it wouldn't shock me if Julie takes a walk. The best they can do for someone who has won an Emmy a few times is make them a delusional drunk who thinks life should be perfect and has inherited Dad's supposed alcohol issues!

Didn't expect Lisa to stick it to Daddy Z! The girl has major guts to just stroll around the hospital fresh as a daisy from a coma. That magic healing power again!

Ethan...just what the heck is this guy doing schlepping a painting around town and getting tossed into a Wyndemere story? He's a quasi-Spencer, so why is he even in a story that involves Cassadine history? Maybe he just has a ghost chasing fantasy. It is just a WTH storyline for him.

Liz...I sometimes wonder if Becky isn't sorry she stayed on this show? They've made her look like the worst mother on the planet and now she's being snarky at work. If there is a Liz/Matt/Maxie triangle, then Maxie has no one but herself to blame since she just basically ignores Matt.

"Let the games begin..." Gee, I sure hope so! Maybe then I'll see an episode of GH that lasts longer than ten minutes because I've FF'ed through most of it!

PS...Charlie's Angels got axed? Maybe Maya can come back now. What does this network expect when they recycle ideas that were done decades ago? I have a feeling The Chew and The Revolution won't be far behind on the axed list, and The Revolution hasn't even aired yet!

My2Cents2 said...

Melody..NOT only is it stupid to bring a child along, but what is the sense? Its not like Carly is around Jos 24/7. The baby probably thinks the Nanny is her mommie.

As far as Dante wheeling around...since when is anything real on this soap?? How could Lisa be up and about, when she has been lying still so long?? IMPOSSIBLE.
As someone who has had surgery on my lung, I would say Dante getting up and around is normal, somewhat. Trust me they don't let you lay around!!!!

As far as Liz wondering if she has regrets coming back?? A job is a job. That is how she probably looks at it. Nothing more.
IMO she should have moved on to a better soap. Is there a better soap?

Honestly, I can't believe anyone who is a vet of GH is happy to stay on at this point. The end is coming. In the meantime, there careers are certainly NOT PEAKING anylonger being on this horrible show.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice Shawn and Kates,face in the openinng. And they took Nickolas out.

Anonymous said...

Lucy Coe ring any bells mytwocents?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Liz is the worst mother on the planet. Not sure how she even resembles that. Carly, yes.

My2Cents2 said...

YES Lucy Coe rings a bell Anon.
What does Lucy Coe have to do with Lucky?? Re-read your comment 6:04 am yesterday. Then tell me what you are trying to say.

Was it a little too early for you??

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Sonya...leave it to Anon to find anyone's errors. I think she lives for them. lol

Anonymous said...

I don't need Maya back. PLEASE. Yes, I'm begging.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda liking NuKate. *runs*

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya you will always have my back. lol

Just looking at the ratings Karen put up.......I think we aren't ALONE in our misery with this show!

LindaV said...

I think Julie and Kimberly will be leaving. Nancy they will keep because she is a fabulous actress and isn't on that much. Maybe Carolyn H. will be going, too, since we haven't seen Diane in ages.JJ, from the rumors, will be playing a duel part - I guess Ronan comes back in his place. If he really is leaving it won't be now. It looks like they are really trying to kill this show in every way possible.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I thought Annie was awful as maya. Dull. Pretty girl but no pizazz

My2Cents2 said...

Linda V..if they are trying to kill GH, they have succeeded.

I agree, Robin is gone. However, Alexis?? When was the last time they had her in a lead story??
IMO if I were on that show, I would be searching desperately for something else. These storylines are doing nothing for the careers of these once talented actors.

LindaV said...

They might be afraid to fire NLG - she is pretty outspoken and wouldn't leave quietly with good things to say like some others, LOL.

My2Cents2 said...

Linda..true, but is that enough reason to keep paying someone and not use them??

If any actor is too outspoken after a firing, I would think it could mean career suicide to them.

All I know is Alexis is a great actress, and for years they haven't used her. Why??

LindaV said...

Well, NLG isn't exactly in the demographic that they like to indulge. She was supposed to have a storyline coming up, but I read somewhere that it wasn't happening. If they fired everyone who didn't have major screen time, we would lose Mac, Monica, Edward, Coleman, Johnny, Steven, Luke and Tracy, which I personally wouldn't be too happy about.

My2Cents2 said...

No NLG isn't in the demographic.
However, what 'they' are using now, isn't working so well.
You think NOW they realize that??
Or they going to continue firings and bringing new people on??

If it were me, I would want to stick with what I know works. JMO

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said... Sonya you will always have my back. lol
Haha yup!!! Do you have my back? :)

My2Cents2 said...

sonya said...
My2Cents2 said... Sonya you will always have my back. lol
Haha yup!!! Do you have my back? :) you even have to ask?? lol ??

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said... you even have to ask?? lol ??
Hahaha I guess not. :)