Monday, October 24, 2011

OLTL: Started out with the BANG !! WOOT! Cutter just told Rex right out, "Gigi's alive"!! I LOVE Viki/Clint and Bo/Nora. People watching DVDs..being all real!! Clint has a ton of medicine to take which is really true to life.   Nora misses Dorian. (me too). So, "ComaGigi" is talking like Stacey-- "that's my sister"..but I'm still  not convinced it's not really Gigi! eeeee YOU GO OLTL! Can't wait until this show can kick ass online!!
 THIS is what Lisa should have worn!
GH: At least Matt was funny being all pathetic alone on the boat. 
Uh, Olivia is fixing the boat motor?? I know she's good with cars, but a giant boat??  LMAO! Like they captain is missing-- and they are talking about looking "under the hood"??  Then they try to have sex and she gets all swoony. She's either PG  or has a tumor.

Why didn't Robin scream her banshee head off?? I would have been howling!! Crazy Lisa is pulling out Robin's HIV blood!!  Having her inject it into Patrick? Wow...that's a little harsh. 

THANK GOD Brianna Brown is back or this show would have taken a huger nose dive than it already has.

Where's AZ? did he swim back to shore? Maybe making a snack in the galley? 

The Liz rescue was so anti-climatic. Heh. Done in tiny chunks.

Honeymoon.... wow this is so so sad. IT WAS SO BAD...Shawn and  Jason talking in the tiki light for hours?? What the hell is that about?!!!!! I guess foreshadowing the whole 'I have a kid thing".
Sam and Carly?? ugh 

Trying to pimp up Shawn and Carly. Do you like them??

THIS SHOW HAS MOVED ABOUT 3-4 days in the last MONTH --and I am not kidding you. Seriously.


Melodybluez said...

Today's GH can be summed up in a few sentences: Olivia can do/fix ANYTHING and she's either PG or has some sort of health issue because she's on the verge of passing out repeatedly. Matt still has sibling rivalry issues. Lisa, Patrick and Robin are still spewing the same banter. Liz, it looks like, got rescued (it was hard to decipher those scenes in darkness!) Sean could be a potential Jason replacement, and lastly...Sam has a natural touch with babies and will probably get PG soon! That's pretty much it! Sounds pathetic!

I honestly didn't like the whole "injecting Patrick with Robin's HIV tainted blood thing. It just rings badly with though HIV is being viewed as this great big punishment that can be used in a negative way against someone. Not sure what message the writers are actually going for there, if indeed they are looking to send one!

I initially didn't mind Lisa myself...the whole fatal attraction thing from the movies is actually quite soapy. It just turned badly when the story was dragged out far too long and the writers actually started borrowing from the movie! A boiled toy instead of a boiled bunny? They couldn't come up with anything original? Also, the storyline really turned stupid when Lisa brought Terrell to town to meddle with Scrubs, especially since the storyline and his involvement in it went into the storyline trash bin. If they could have done a reasonable fatal attraction story, then I wouldn't have minded Lisa's return much.

So, a new writer has been named to work alongside Garin Wolf? I am not sure if we should be excited or not! As we were saying in the thread with the GH spoilers, it just seems like there are MAJOR shakeups coming...casting, storylines, direction changes, and forgive my lack of faith, but I am not sure all of that can be pulled off adequately!

I think a good point many longtime viewers have expressed (myself included) that if this show is going...and it is a good bet it is...we'd like to see it go out with a bang, and not a whimper!

Ritapita said...

I have really grown to adore Matt. He's just so cute.

Watched dirty soap last night and have to admit it was nice not seeing the family on there. Not to be disrespectful, they just aren't as interesting. Kelly looks nothing like her sisters! I liked them all though and her mom was sweet. Looks wise, kelly can do so much better than the ex. Scared me to see she weighs only 92lbs. Wonder if we'll get an update on kirsten at all.

Trixie said...

Haven't watched the show in months. But...

Liked Steve and Olivia. Don't really know why, but they "click" for me. (They are doomed.)

Didn't "get" the Carly/Sam bonding. Was too forcrd and/or cliche.

I was pleasantly surprised with the Lisa/Robin/Patrick thing. Patrick tied to the bed, splayed out like that! Yum! Robin tearfully (but bravely) trying to understand what the hell was going on? Brianna Brown bringing on the psycho, but doing it in a way that I feel sorry for her (almost)?


But, the best was Matt making the best of drinking alone. What a spotlight to what GH has become. Some of the best actors/characters lounging alone in obscurity are more entertaining than the three or four "Mega-Stars" that have been poured down our throats repeating the same tepid dialogue for years - ad nauseum!

Brender said...

I watched Dirty Soap last night too, and actually enjoyed Kelly going home to her family. I loved her mom calling her out for being too skinny. 92 lbs? Are you kidding me?? How tall is the girl?
This did paint Kelly in a better light than the first episode that I saw her in.

I do wish they would do updates on Kirsten, so her fans know how she is doing. Kirsten may just want to be under the radar right now.

I've read some spoilers for the next few weeks and it looks like my girl Liz is getting herself some real storylines....that DON'T involve Lucky OR Jason. Hooray!!

sonya said...

OLTL: Karen the lady on that bed acted and sounded like Gigi. Hmmm I'm so confused. :)


Sex/horror boat: I was wondering what Lisa Myers was going to do. Rape Patrick while he was out while Robin watches? Or rape him while he is awake while Robin watches? NO!!! Lisa Myers sticking Robin with a needle to get her HIV so she could stick it in Patrick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-O <--- jaw dropping. Oh no Robin and Lisa fighting over the needle!!!! Stick her with the needle Robin! Can you imagine Lisa's face if she gets stuck with the needle?!!?!! That would have been soapy goodness! Poor Matt. :( I just want to hug him!!!! It was funny scene when Maxie calls him and he asks her if she is under water! ROFL! Line of the day! :) He can't understand a word she is saying hahahaha! Olivia is all fainty but still wants to work on the engine. I rather watch Steve working on the engine. :) Watching men fixing things is sexy and hot! :) Come on Steve! Fix the engine! And in a towel! :)

Liz: A man saved her life!!!! :) A man in white. Hmmmm.. There was supposed to be a woman in white somewhere right? Maybe the spoiler is wrong? Maybe it's supposed to be a woman AND man in white. :)

Honeymoon from hell: Carly and Sam getting along! Temporarily I'm sure. :) Sean having a PTSD moment. Jason hasn't looked in the mirror today. Whatever you do Jason, NEVER LOOK AT A MIRROR AGAIN! :) Wait Jason and Sam were going to go to the bedroom to watch the fireworks! Instead they watched Joss sleeping. Changed their minds? Oh oh more of are we going to have a child? Or are we not going to have a child saga!!! UGH! On second thought, Jason go look at yourself in the mirror.

lisa said...

Kelly Monaco's legs looked like they are disappearing in those shorts. I'm sorry but she has lost too much weight. 92 pounds! Her mother is right, way too skinny.
The show was boring today.

Di said...

I must admit I ff'd again through most of the idiocy on the boat. At one point I actually thought Steve was going to take his shirt off again in the engine room. We got a whole 2 or 3 minutes all told of the Lisa plot, and less than a minute of Liz when it was all pieced together, and as far as I'm concerned nothing else was worth watching.

I think this whole "Love Boat" scenario is ridiculous. It's like the writers are saying "Just give them some flesh and the idiots will be happy." They are spitting in the faces of their fans. Three minutes of an actual plot out of a one hour show is ridiculous.

The've completely turned off any fans of Steve and Olivia, I'm sure. And I bet even the Jasam fans are groaning. I swear I could taste my lunch in my mouth when I paused and Carley was explaining to Sam about being a mom. Instead of a brief mention of "help" from the nanny, she should have just said, "It's easy. I pay the nanny and ignore them except when it suits me.

And Sam going on and on about falling asleep with the baby- Did a 10 year old write that scene?

As for Carley and Shawn - No. can't see it. He's too intelligent for her and I just don't see the chemistry.

At the rate they're going this 3 hour cruise will last us till Christmas and the show will be dead by then.

sonya said...

Di said...At one point I actually thought Steve was going to take his shirt off again in the engine room.
ROFL! Nope it didn't happen. :( You wanted it to happen didn't you Di? :) It would have been appropriate since it was so hot in the engine room. :) I want to see his eye tattoo again. :) I didn't see it when he was shirtless on the boat!

Mamaspat Ole said...

I too watched Dirty Soap last nite.And you are right RitaPita she looks nothing like her sisters.I think she can do better too in the love department.

Anonymous said...

How many of us really want Robin to yell "My parents are two international slies you stupid bitch." and beat the living hell out of Lisa.

sonya said...

Anonymous said...How many of us really want Robin to yell "My parents are two international slies you stupid bitch." and beat the living hell out of Lisa.
*quickly raises her hand up* I DO I DO! :) I really wanted Robin to kick her in the face! :) Just like her mother! :)

Adora said...

I watched Dirty Soap last night as well and am glad to see that someone other than myself (Ritapita) was happy to NOT see the family. I just can't get into them at all. I found the show much more watchable without them. Sadly I fear it looks like next week it will be the GH girls out of circulation.

Watching the stuff with Kelly and her boyfriend was hard for me, as I've been through a similar situation so it's painful to watch. I agree with everyone who says she deserves a MUCH better looking man, and one who won't cheat, lie and manipulate her - which is all it looked like he was trying to do. He came off very creepy to me, though stories I had heard her tell on Howard Stern years ago left me predisposed to disliking him.

I haven't seen today's show but I am sad to hear how little Lisa/Liz there really was, since that's all I care to watch. I agree with Sonya, it would have been priceless for Lisa to get the injection, but I also agree that the whole set up is a rather distasteful use of the disease. Wendy Riche would be mortified!

Lori said...

Brender, Lisa - KeMo is 5'1", someone asked her that on twitter last night during Dirty Soap. She also said she'd gained back 8 pounds since the show was filmed, putting her around 100 pounds now

OLTL and the GigiFace - OLTL is being very closed lip with spoilers right now, which I do not object to at all even though I love spoilers lol Even I am confused at times as to whether Gigi is dead or alive. My opinion is that Gigi is dead, based on the things she said while she was stuck in the room. My doubts come from the fact that PeePee (Stacy) had blue eyes and Gigi has brown eyes... GigiFace has brown eyes. You can't change a person's eye color ;)

Anonymous said...

Using AIDS as a weapon is an insult and disrespectful to the millions of individuals who have died of AIDS and who are currently living with and struggling with HIV.

Never thought I'd feel this way, but I now feel this show deserves to be cancelled for this insensitive storytelling.

Ocean Park Girl said...

Who saved Liz anyway, and why? The only good part about today was Robin/Lisa/Patrick. I like Sean, I know I am in the minority, but i truly like him. And I thought Matt was pretty funny today. OLTL - awesome as always - enough said.

My2Cents2 said...

'Who saved Liz anyway, and why? '


My2Cents2 said...

No Papa Z. I think he swam to shore. 90 years old, all beat up and he has more strength than I do!
Seriously, are they going to have him turn up tomorrow?? WTF?? And John?? He make it to the couch yet from last Monday??

Could care less about 'the honeymoon' at Motel 6.
Could care less about Olivia being dizzy. Why couldn't she be thrown off that huge cruiseship??

I had fun with Matt!! I also had fun watching Lisa!! She brings some SPUNK to the show!!
Robin looked bad. I can't figure out if she looks worse now, or when she had that hideous lipstick on.

Love 4 dogs said...

Re: Dirty Soap By the family I take it you mean Galen Gering and his wife and 2 kids. Am I the only one who would like to see Jo Frost (Supernanny) stop by for a visit?

Nadia Bjorlin has a *beautiful* voice.

Kelly at 92 lbs...yikes..with clothes on mind you. The family dog weighs more.

Apologies if this shows up twice...I was having a bit of trouble posting.

AntJoan said...

OMG, WORSE SHOW EVAHH!! Give it an F minus minus minus, didn't think they could sink any lower, this was retch-inducing!! Cray-cray Lisa is NOT entertaining, but, like someone said, Robin injecting Cray-cray and kicking the crap out of her WOULD have been entertaining, so, of course, NG on that.

JaSean looked like TWO Cyborgs having a conversation. I swear, I almost ENJOYED Carly today (and I hate her!!), but she seemed more sane and less annoying than anyone else.

That boat, PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!! Yes, we know, they all had to split up so that, like any scary movie, they all can be picked off one by one, but nothing makes sense. No one wonders where the crew are? Olivia fixing the engine rather than looking for someone to drive the stupid boat? And, WHERE IS AZ????

Please, someone stop me, I can't stop ranting. . . .

Melodybluez said...

I am raising my hand on this one too...

"How many of us really want Robin to yell "My parents are two international spies you stupid bitch." and beat the living hell out of Lisa."

YOU BETCHA! Good one, Anon! They have this thing about "Like Parent, Like Child" on the show and I just wonder why Robin never remembers her parents are "James and Jane Bond?" I keep waiting for Robin to phone the WSB and have Lisa eliminated with one phone call! Never happens!

I happened to catch "Dirty Soap" last weekend. I must admit, I am not a reality show fan, but having the backstage look at what goes on was interesting for me as a soap fan. The two things that turned me off to the show were...

--Galen and Jenna's kids screaming! And she wants another one??? Dear Lord, the poor man will look for a window to jump out of with that lot!

--Nadia's mother from Hades! Jeeze, lady...what is your problem and why did Nadia's boyfriend put up with that crap! He's got a lot of patience, that I will give him. I was screaming at my TV at that witch and wished someone would have drop kicked her uppity butt!

I didn't catch the episode with Kelly's family. The last one I saw was about Kirsten's health issues. I do know Kelly is a small girl. I'm just under 5' tall myself and should weigh something like 95 pounds, according to those weight charts! I am not huge, but 95 pounds is never going to happen for me and as much as I would like to be skinny, at 45, I've resigned myself to that and am just happy being me. As long as Kelly is healthy, that's the main thing. She's just had a breakup after a long relationship, so maybe that's why she's lost weight. Women generally fall into two categories when they are upset...they either binge eat or they don't eat! Me, well...where's my bag of Oreos??? It's been a busy Monday! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love OLTL.
GH is alright....but the Lisa Patrick and Robin stuff is sick. Sean and Carly? Nope. I keep hoping there will be something new and fascinating....the only thing that saves GH for me is NO SONNY TODAY! :-)One of my favorites---Luke---is not the same . He isn't Luke anymore. Maybe they need to bring back Laura to save him?
I have watched Dirty Soap a few times and I can't stand the girl who plays Gigi on OLTL . She usually sneers and seems very defensive and high-maintenance. As for her friendship and falling out with Kirsten?Silly. Kirsten Storms seems to be a train wreck. I hope she really does get better while she is away from GH...she needs a long rest,it seems.
Kelly M is a sweetie and she seems to be having a hard time after breaking up with her byfriend. She deserves better.
I am so sad that OLTL will be going away. Its a great soap. I have loved it since their first day in 1968.Vicki and Clint were so sweet today---will they remarry? I hope so. The actors are wonderful.
Keep on with your news and comments Karen! LOVE IT!You're great!

My2Cents2 said...

Should GF return, please let her bring Scotty with her.
She has outgrown Luke.
However, the writers aren't smart enough to see that or write like that.

Please bring Jax back for Carly.

My FINAL wish for this show...let PP take over ASAP and bring a whole new slew of writers. That is our only chance of getting our GH back.

Anonymous said...

Olivia is Marisa Tomei's character in my cousin vinnie. so we have the love boat meets gilligans isle and kill bill.

lisa said...

My 2 Cents, I agree, Laura has outgrown Luke. If Luke could identify all they have shared as His "drug/addiction of choice " then he doesn't deserve her nor does he appreciate love. Instead of Luke appreciating the love and children that they shared, he seems filled with regret.Scotty would be great with GF and I have always enjoyed his sarcasm and rivalry with Luke. I haven't seen Kin Shriner on Young and the Restless for some time now so maybe he is free to reprise his role as Scotty! I still keep hoping for that miracle :) .

lisa said...

ANON 9:12, You hit the nail on the head. Olivia is like Marisa in My Cousin Vinny. I loved Daryl Hanna as Elle in Kill Bill ( nice pic , Karen ) and it's a great halloween costume ( especially the eye patch with the cross on it :) )! I would add that they obviously prolonged the 'fatal attraction' storyline.

My2Cents2 said... thing is this: As much as we want to see Rick Herbst, Ingo, Scottie, etc...come back to GH, do these actors want to??
This show is terrible. Unless these actors are desperate for money, I wouldn't want to go back.
Career suicide.

Honestly, IMO GH aren't looking to bring back anyone. They want to redo the show entirely. That is what all the firings and new characters are about.
TPTB could care less about the past.
They are writing for a whole new audience.
Time for Luke to leave. He is a disgrace to fatherhood. And the show.
Bring Jax back and write him and Carly off. Enough of Jason, Sam, Sonny. They all did there time.

I was on a site yesterday just reading some stuff, its amazing how many people are loving this change in the show.
Glad nobody here is!!!! lol

jen said...

@ Mytwocents who DO you like on this showaside from Carly & Jason? Now you hate Olivia too? Not sure why still watch girlfriend!
in regards to dirty soap, I would love to see an update on Kirsten. I loved Kelly's segment. She is easy to watch. I find Gigi pushy too but for some reason I still like her. She isn't putting on the fairy tale everything is perfect act like Nadia. Although she is gorg, she's just too perfect. We want to watch people we can relate to like Kelly and Farah.

LindaV said...

I also find Matt adorable and so entertaing. I am really glad they are giving Jason Cook a chance to sign after being in hibernation for so long. I watch Dirty Soap and was glad not to have to keep fastforwarding the "family". Sick of Farrah and John talking about their non-marriage plans. Liked Kelly's family and agree that her ex is creepy. I wonder why her family keeps in touch with him after he so obviously hurt Kelly badly. I don't know why but I still enjoy seeing Luke appear but I love Tony G. and JJ.

My2Cents2 said...
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My2Cents2 said...

JEN, so nice you pay such close attention to who I like and who I dont'...however, if you were paying close enough attention you would know I have never liked Olivia.
Nor do I see spark between her and Steve.

Who do I like?? Sonny. Jason. Dr Steve. Lulu. Dante. Alexis. Maxie. Mack. Carly! Matt. Patrick. Max & Milo. Diane.

I ff thru ALL Liz & Spinelli & Shawn garbage.
I think you are getting confused...I like alot, I HATE the writing and what is becoming of my favorite characters.
Its a shame what is being done to them and there careers.

So Jen, ya got my list??

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt Kelly gained 8 lbs. I am 95 lbs and it would take alot to gain 8 lbs. Small frames that are natuarally thin just don't gain that easily over a short 2-3-4week period. it's easier to lose than to gain. I know many women would want this problem, but it isn't always as fun as it sounds. Small breasts, child like bodies means shopping in kids sections at age 32. I do find it strange how every other woman in kelly's family are large except her and the mom. I guess they have had children and maybe take after the dad. Seem like a nice bunch of ladies. I think Mike had started to be part of the Monaco family and they even said he helped raise her nephews. 18 years is a long time. It also doesn't seems like kelly doesn't get home much anyway which we can totally understand.

It has been so long since I liked Sonny. Ditto for Carly. Steve is a bore but nice to look at. I used to like Olivia but only with Johnny. I personally only like Liz in scenes with Jason. They sizzle to me but we all know what happened there.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Who do I like?? Sonny. Jason. Dr Steve. Lulu. Dante. Alexis. Maxie. Mack. Carly! Matt. Patrick. Max & Milo. Diane.
Don't forget Dr. Steve's towel ROFL! I love love LOVE Max and Milo! :)

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya.....where is Milo?? Wasn't he sent out for pizza like 6 months ago and hasn't returned??
And wtf is Diane?
Watching my girl Carly yesterday, was painful. Her days are numbered. Which is fine. I hate what they are doing to her character!!!!!
Alexis is all but GONE!!

I will say though I am looking forward to 'Maggie' coming between Dr Steve & Olivia!! lol

Anonymous said...

What a crapfest this show is, I FF through the whole thing, did stop to have a look at the Liz rescue but it was so dark the only thing I could see was the pale face of Liz and a white shirt. If this show makes it until the summer of 2012 I will be surprised. Iam sick to death of these storylines...they don't make sense.... who would have a celebration cruise with six people who leaves the guest of honor alone while the invites are playing hot and heavy or cold and damp depending on which couple the screen is focused on..meanwhile we have Lisa with a bagful of various needles and a wounded mobster who somehow teleported himself onto the ship from land. I swear that this crap is being written by a bunch of mental midgets..I have seen school plays that were better done and more plausable than this disaster.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Sonya.....where is Milo?? Wasn't he sent out for pizza like 6 months ago and hasn't returned??
No they showed him! :) The time Jason was in the hospital and the cops tricked Papa Z into thinking Jason was in that room. :) Milo was there. :) Don't know where he is now. :(

And wtf is Diane?
At a book tour!!

I will say though I am looking forward to 'Maggie' coming between Dr Steve & Olivia!!
Don't you mean Dr Steve, Olivia, and her ta ta's? ROFL!

LindaV said...

Boy, I need to proof my posting! Thank goodness I don't do this at work. I still don't find any chemistry with Carly and the Robot (Shawn). Goodlooking and well built, yes, but not much personality.

sonya said...

LindaV said... Goodlooking and well built, yes, but not much personality.
Maybe Shawn and Mulva should get together hahaha! :)

LindaV said...

Shmulva! LOL, Sonya.

My2Cents2 said... long is that book tour??

If it were so important, why didn't she take Spinelli with her??
The days of GH are done with.
We are headed for a completely new show. Without our fav's. Sadly.

Is Diane on another show?? Or was that show cancelled?

Anonymous said...

The problem with GH is it is all the same. You have a group of people off somewhere then you insert the psycho and watch people fight for their lives. It's boring and dull. Not to mention repetitive. I want to see Patrick and Robin struggle to find time for their family. How about having Patrick think about what it would be like if he was the chief of staff? As for JaSam, I honestly don't care. I fast forward through all of their scenes. However I love Carly and Shawn.

My2Cents2 said...

I have 2 OLTL to watch right now.
Can't wait.

sonya said...

LindaV said...Shmulva! LOL, Sonya.
Hahahahha! PERFECT! ROFL!

My2Cents2 long is that book tour??
I have no idea!!! Months?

My2Cents2 said...

Haven't tortured myself yet with GH, but I did watch 2 days of OLTL.

I LOVE LOVE Vicki & Clint!!!

Question?? Is Stacey/Gigi doesn't know who she is, how does she know how to use a computer and get on a plane?? Who paid for the plane??
Because I want to use them too to book a flight!!!!

My2Cents2 said...

Honestly I find this show stomach turning, grotesque, and completely tasteless.

I know alot of people had problems with Guza’s writing and praised Garin Wolf when he became head writer. Me being one.
Yes Guza thought he was living in Soprano land but I have to admit I enjoyed the big sequences he did like The Trainwreck, The Metro Court Hostage Situation, Jasam rescuing Jake from The Russian, The Biotoxin Hospital Crisis, and much more. Garin Wolf can not write thee kind of action all encompassing stories.

For days we watched these people on a boat sexing and drinking. Is it really that exciting with Lisa now? No, it became grotesque and sick. I found this whole story appalling & quite honestly I ended up fastforwarding through alot of the Robin/Lisa/Patrick scenes because I couldn’t stomach it anymore.

And on top of that we’ve all heard the rumors about the Franco/Sam story, that she’s most likely going to be raped on the heels of Lisa injecting people with HIV infected blood. Quite honestly I find it disgusting, and if this is GW’s brand of entertainment he’s sicker & more twisted than Guza ever hoped to be.

So Sonya...I believe it was you who debated with me who was the worse of the 2 evils. Guza or Wolf.
Wolf gets my vote. He took a horrific show and has all but buried it now.

sonya said...

Cents says So Sonya...I believe it was you who debated with me who was the worse of the 2 evils. Guza or Wolf.Wolf gets my vote. He took a horrific show and has all but buried it now.
Yup that was me. :) And for now I pick Guza as the worse of two evils. :) We had Guza for years. We had Wolfie for a month or so. So, yeah I pick Guza. :)

My2Cents2 said...

OK Sonya...I will give you that..we have had GW for 3-4 months. However, we are working on borrowed time here.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...OK Sonya...I will give you that..we have had GW for 3-4 months. However, we are working on borrowed time here.
Yeah I know we are working on borrowed time. :( That sucks. :(