Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Hypothermia

Hypothermia (from Greek υποθερμία) is a condition in which core temperature drops below the required temperature for normal metabolism and body functions which is defined as 35.0 °C (95.0 °F).  If exposed to cold and the internal mechanisms are unable to replenish the heat that is being lost, a drop in core temperature occurs. As body temperature decreases, characteristic symptoms occur such as shivering and mental confusion.

Now...this definition from Wikipedia describes perfectly last week's GH. Not only should Olivia and Steven succumbed o the condition, many of us viewers should have as well. Shivering and "mental confusion"!! THAT'S what was happening to me all week after the show!! 

Good Lord, where do I start. How about the news of MVJ leaving the writing staff and another newbie coming aboard.  Soon we'll have Maggie (NuDoc #1), Ewan (NuDoc #2) and "African American kid". There's a bunch of day players on during Lucky's Ireland trip--which should have started like, yesterday btw. Of course, we aren't seeing any of our beloved characters returning to the set as of yet. Well, something that looks like Siobhan will appear. Erin Chambers isn't done with GH after all. 

Helena was on for 2.5 seconds to taunt Ethan. That was it. Ummmmmm, why? Why not have her on more? Doing REAL STUFF? Where's Edward been? Monica? Those new characters like "Asher"?? Where did that thread go? Where are the ELQ offices? :throwing up hands:

Ok, this week. How was the pacing for you? Johnny was on the floor--then not seen for 3 days, then shown Friday still in the same spot, reaching for his cell phone. That was it,  they didn't show him again. AZ was on the dock, pulled out by Maxie, bleeding-- then shows up on the boat that's already launched out to sea. THEN he's gone again on Friday. Just gone. 
 Bringing Joss to Hawaii: Worst Decision of the Decade

The JaSam honeymoon is such a mess,  I can't even begin to describe it. I suppose catching a glimpse of Franco wrapping up a baby in tissue paper should make us shudder. The simple fact that Carly dragged Joss across the country right into "Franco-Territory" is so stupid it's embarrassing.
Naked Guitar Guy

BUT! The worst part BY FAR was the "Party"for Matt on the boat which turned into a Sex Cruise. HAHAHAA. They go out for a few hours and we get: Scrubs Sex, Stevia sex and skinny dipping (in October no less). Everyone was  acting like a 15 year old at a make-out party. Then, Steve, while drinking champagne actually says on Friday he has to get back to work soon. Uh... okayyyy. Don't want to be your patient, buddy. Lisa is of course, running around with a pocket full of syringes. What should have been a tense, exciting story became a comical bore. 

 More airtime than Alexis!

Sprinkled in the week was a weird Lulu/Sonny conversation where she drank Sonny's left over scotch at the end (ewww). SKate shennigans (with a bit of Deke angst throw in), I think some coffee bag hauling by Michael and  then Mulva  (Dolores) going off on Dante in the hospital. Wow. Luke crabbed around town and Ethan was dragging Laura behind him.

One thing a good story needs is consistency and flow.  What we are seeing now is a bunch of stuff thrown together. Literally thrown. I think the scripts were on the floor and got shuffled all around.  I kept waiting for something ANYTHING to grab my attention. *sigh* not to be. Not to be. There are two psychos running around and it was still as boring as hell!

at me for being such a bitch about the show, I'm saying right now I'm not going to give GH a pass because it's the last soap standing. Wolf needs to bring it and bring it FAST. While I wasn't on board as much as others in the beginning of all this, at least there seemed to be more integration and a different direction. HA! Well. Geesh, that ended quick. GH is like the your hometown football team, you bitch when they suck for ages but you still love them to death. Unfortunately OUR team relies on the ratings which are still behind OLTL in most categories (rightfully so, that show rocks). I guess it's true that ABC wants to squash it no matter what. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Anything with Ethan in it. He seems like the only actor that is genuinely having fun anymore. He was a sparkle in the dull canvas.  Kudos to Nathan Parsons for really growing in his role. Who'd a thunk he was the best Spencer Standing? (ie: No whining/no drinking/drugging).

NOT the SCENE OF THE WEEK: When Anthony shows up on the boat. A collective scream went up on twitter because it was so implausible it looked like a gaff.  HOW the hell did he get there??
RUNNER UP: Row boat mess with RentAMaxie and Spin. Talk about filler chatter. 

Leave your best comments!!  


My2Cents2 said...
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jaybeezer said...

Bitch away Karen. Just because you love something doesn't mean you're not allowed to be critical of it. I LOVE GH- it used to be fave (now I'm IN love with OLTL). But it's just painful to watch anymore. Thursday's and Friday's episodes actually deleted themselves from my DVR before I could watch them and I couldn't have cared less. They were a joke, from what I hear.

I WANT to see this soap get better. I WANT to see the writing improve. I need some love, romance, genuine suspense, interesting characters, though, or it's not going to hold my interest.

Garin Wolf needs to take a deep breath (and maybe a Zanax or a Ritalin or something) and get this show back on track. It's not completely lost yet, but man- it needs some major TLC!!

sonya said...

Hey Karen and everyone else did you forget the polar bear club? :) They go in the water in the winter!!!! :) BURRRRR! I LOVE naked guitar guy. :) I want to see more of him!!! And without Olivia next time. Just naked guitar guy. :) He can just walk around his house doing chores. :)

My2Cents2 said...

Karen....surprised you didn't mention the 'traveling baby crib' that keeps on showing up in the weirdest of places.

I sent this letter to Sweeney & Frons this weekend.
I did have to 'steal' some comments from the board..especially the one about Steve and his 'junk' (tan)
I am so MAD at this show right now.

38 years I have watched GH. I understand this show is more than likely going off abc this year.
What I don’t understand, is the disrespect GH shows us LOYAL long time fans. This week, the show took its FINAL toll on me.
How disrespectful to write about 3 couples on a boat, 2 of them going into rooms to have sex.
What are they? 16 years old?

For years people have begged for NLG storylines. We never got them. In the past 3 years we have lost the finest of actors. Rick Herbst, Ingo being the biggest loss’s. Give Monica a storyline. (nobody is listening!) Less of Sonny’s ‘love life’. Who cares anymore? How many times do we have to revisit his past??
I want to see my actors being written true to their character. (Jason, Carly) It's NOT the actors, it’s the sloppy, lazy writing those people have no problem showing us.

General Hospital has always been a 1st rate show. CLEAN UP this show to those of us who have allowed you into our homes for many decades!!!

More 'rumors' about new characters. WTF?? Use what we have!!!! LEARN to WRITE! That is the problem.

This past week's version of "The Love Boat'. Really?? it was beyond ridiculous, and offensive. I'm surprised that no one mentioned the scene where Steve was singing to Olivia wearing only a towel. I could see so far up his leg, I was afraid I'd get a glimpse of his junk!’ (I wonder if it's also tan!)
And who goes naked into the lake when its 36 degrees in upstate NY??

Is this show even repearable??
Jason talking to the stars??
OY VEY!!!!

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya..that would be sweet watching Steve vacuming the house with the towel..minus Olivia!

lisa said...

Garin continued Guza's storylines with different wrapping. The show still has the theme of "the sins of the father passed on to children" with Sonny Corinthos to michael and AZ to Johnny. Mob is still front and center with Sonny still proclaiming love for his kids and brooding over his own childhood. You still have Carly injecting herself into jason's life and these 4 characters still rule the show.Jasam wedding as per Guza and frons continued.Destroy Liz and spencers as per Guza and frons check and continued. Brenda sonny breakup continued ( he's soon to be served divorce papers ). All Garin has done is play musical chairs with characters allowing them to interact with eachother more and he gave us Monica, sky and edward and Alan for brief moments in time . However, He has continued his own agenda of picking up the drug storyline from years ago and , again , mob is front and center. I think what matters more to GH writers will always be their own vision and not fan approval or satisfaction. I think GW feels fans should take the ride and accept storylines as their creativity. Sadly, he doesn't seem very creative. I see GW as an extension of Guza with slight changes here and there. They see mob as their bread and butter and occasionally they serve a latte with it but thats few and far between.
I have loved this show for 30 years, passed on to me by my mother ( she stopped watching it years ago ), whacky storylines and all, but like you, Karen, I can't accept the poor effort anymore. Karen, your wonderful website and blog has allowed us all to vent our frustration about lack of good storyline and use of veterans, as well as to rejoice in those moments when the show has glimmers of hope. Thank you for that, Karen. It's a wonderful fansite.

kdmask said...

TOTALLY forgot the damn crib..I'm going to have to name it PopUp or something!! LOL


My2Cents2 said...

lol Karen.....IF only they would read the letter!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have worn out my FF button on the remote watching GH. After so many, many years of watching, I skip weeks, watch just Monday and Friday and still can follow the story, because nothing has happened. How sad to see a once great show that brought us so many wonderful actors, Genie, Tristian, John Stamos, Ingo just to name a few. Hell, even Liz Taylor was on because she was such a fan.
It is just way too sad.....

Susan said...

Liz Taylor has to be rolling over in her grave about what has happened to her favorite soap!

Anonymous said...

Yes the Gilligan's Island 3 hr tour boat ride from Lisa Hell- the one person who hasn't had sex in about three yrs -EW- gets knocked into the water. the other seriously I don't care. Matt it's his party and where is he. All that AZ stuff--spixie stuff--just plain dumb and my cat could have put that together better--as could Alberta Wubs.
GW if this is your idea of good writing you are running out of ideas quickly. stop the madness--start a real show. Jasam, nuskate, carly dragging her kid to hell and back, those ppl are not interesting and neither is Franco.
I've started my countdown clock until GH is canceled I'm guessing 09/12 we'll see the last of it--I can guess as good as the end of days guy, right. In both cases we are all waiting for the rapture.
Ethan well he's k for a spencer but I thought he should take that crap out on the ones who desered it--his dumb family.

My2Cents2 said...

Liz Taylor? What about Wendy Ritchie rolling around in her grave???

My2Cents2 said...

I have a question. ????

Is there a possibility that GW is not allowed to write what he wants?
The higher ups are stopping him? Whether it be in the storyline, the editing department, finances, etc...or am I looking for an excuse for this incrediblly bad writing with holes, dropped storylines, loss of actors, and just plain garbage material??

Could GW hands be tied??

lisa said...

Frons and JFP always have their hand in the cookie jar. To some degree GW's hands are tied.

My2Cents2 said...

Well good then.....I sent Frons some shytty emails this week!!!!

Unknown said...

This show is an embarrassing mess. What pisses me off the most is this:
Even IF Frons is dictating storyline direction...*more about that in a sec* , the writers should be talented enough to deal with it and write stories that make sense. I would be ashamed to put that shit out there. These writers are supposed to be professionals. My 3-year old niece has more creativity, intelligence and imagination than this stable full of writers!

Frons is an effing ass. He's a misogynistic, arrogant, smug, sexist creep. What's worse is JFP and Anne Sweeney obviously have no respect for their own sex. Shame on Disney and shame on ABC. They all have to be held accountable for this ridiculous mess.

I am a big Dallas Cowboys fan. I can't help but compare Jerry Jones to Frons. They are both living examples of what happens when fat-headed, egotistical micro-managers insert themselves into the day to day operations if an organization. The Cowboys suck. And GH is a monumental fail.

Karen, vent away. My2Cents, great letter.

Bren said...

The above letter is from me, Bren. I don't know what happened.

Barbara Darlin said...

I couldn't bring myself to watch Friday's show. I thought I might watch it from the DVR but yesterday I deleted it.

I have been wondering how long I could last and it turns out Thursday was my last show.

I have watched this show since April 1, ONE.

(Karen, I will continue to follow your comments and observations because I love your postings!)

I can't continue to watch them do to GH what they did to AMC. I feel like I would be letting my mother down (who watched it with me) if I continued to support something they so obviously no longer care about.

My2Cents2 said...

Got these from SoapCentral...

Scrubs: they will embark on a journey that will mark them for the rest of their lives

JaSam/Sharly/Franco: Believing Franco is out of the country, they all begin to loosen up & reveal personal truths

Skate: Kate might have more of a past than Sonny every realized.

SOlivia: Unexpected parenthood & an old lover from Memphis.

Johnny/AZ: Have a deadly secret that helps them blackmail someone into continuing assistance

Spixie/Mabeth: Matt will lose Elizabeth to the rescuing arms of a mysterious man. Jason is not out of Elizabeth’s world

Lucky/Luke/Tracy: Lucky will have to turn to an unlikely source for help with an ailing child. Redemption hangs in the balance

Ethan: Ethan is drawn into the inner circle of 2 mysterious strangers roaming Wyndemere

MAbby: Michael discovers that doing everything right may mean it comes out wrong

AlMac: You lose what u thought u didn’t want …to someone else

The Qs: Very traditional Thanksgiving... with all the tragic trimmings


Lisa is killed on the boat? Or maybe not?
Lisa dresses up as a clown

Sam will suffer from PTSD from her Franco experience

Jason will reach out to an unlikely choice for help….

Elizabeth. She’ll become his friend again but will not come between JaSam

Jason's personality change will become more apparent…especially to Sam.

She’ll begin to wonder if he is a danger to a baby.

There is a possibility that JaSam’s baby will be developmentally disabled

Expect A LOT of angst for JaSam

GW doesn't want anymore "Jason Saves the Day" stories happening all the time.

GW wants Elizabeth stronger & feistier

Matt's darker side will come out when he realizes Ewan is interested in her

Elizabeth may realize that neither Matt or Ewan (nor Lucky) is the man for her

GW believes the Hardy/Webber family should be more front & center as the founding family of GH

Viewers may see a SaLiz friendship develop bcuz Wolf believes this will make GH stronger

Wyndermere story: Ethan, Maxie, Spin, Elizabeth, Matt, Ewan, Helena and possibly StOlivia & Maggie will be involved

Faison or Valentin will show up

Lucky's going to fall to the dark side. He may discover this Ronan persona too strong to resist

Siobhan twin?

Lucky realizes PC is home, yet he won’t be happy that Elizabeth won't give him the time of day

Lante may not get their happy ever after due to Lulu’s drinking

Expect her hitting the bottle to have an affect almost everyone in PC.
This could be the story that wipes out the Spencer clan from PC…
Everyone but Ethan & Lucky’s kids.


My2Cents2 said...

TPTB are going to do a Johnny/Michael/Ethan/Gina/Kristina story?

Jake: GW is up in the air as to whether he is actually alive.
If GW decides to go that direction, we'll start hearing about it by year's end...& in a very unexpected way

We may see Jeff Webber…one way or another

Maggie knows all of Steven's darkest secrets
How far will Steven go to make sure they're not revealed?
Olivia will fight fo him realizing she loves him

Scrubs, Mabeth, Spixie, AZ, StOlivia are all involved in the ‘who killed Lisa’ story.
One of the above will be charged & tried.
One will actually have done it.
Several will know the truth but remain quiet.

Here is where AZ’s payback to Maxie comes into play.

JaSam may find themselves on opposite sides of the courtroom.
One will testify for the defense
The other for the prosecution.

Ewan will become involved with many females in PC.
He'll counsel Lulu & Sam (bcuz of Franco) & become interested in Elizabeth.
Him knowing the worst of all our favorites may not be such a good thing.
Plus Ewan is new to Elizabeth, Elizabeth isn't new to Ewan.
And how is he connected to Steven & Maggie?

Spin's going to find himself connected to some major players in PC
Maxie won’t be happy about it.
Spin is tired of being Maxie’s punching bag too.

A baby will unexpectedly intertwine them with JaSam's baby story.

Scrubs & JaSam are going to demand Elizabeth pick a side

She'll refuse to choose between the two couples. That’s when tragedy strikes.

Will Scrubs & JaSam regret their actions?

If Ric returns he’ll know Kate’s secret & LiRic will interact

Kristina returns saucier, sexier, & more aggressive with Ethan in her sights.
With rumors that LW (Carly) is leaving….will recast Kristina be the next Carly (ie troublemaker of PC)
Kristina, will see her past come back to haunt her

Kate is going to get a crash course on being a stepmommy.
But Kate’s secret WILL have huge ramifications for Skate.

Abby will leave PC before any damage is done to Johnny/Michael.

Molly/Morgan: SORASed to older teens.
Ditto may happen to Cam and Aiden

GH is casting a 14yr old African American male

Urban, rebellious, & appealing with a huge chip on his shoulder.
Begins taping in Dec.

The AlMac romance & “Who’s Sam’s Daddy?” storylines have been scrapped. (SHOCKING!)

NLG (Alexis) has been pushing ABC’s buttons over her outspokenness. :)

February sweeps is when Lisa's killer will be revealed.

Got these from SoapCentral. Some I find beleivable, some not.

My2Cents2 said...
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My2Cents2 said...

Thanks Unknown...what is really hard to all the 'holes' and 'mishaps' that are going on with the show.

Really?? We needed to see that BOIL on Coleman's chest??

Like Karen said, they inserted a Johnny scene on Friday when he was stabbed on Monday.
It isn't just the writing.
It is the editing.
It is the directing.

Check out my new spoilers..all I can say is NLG isn't getting any storylines because tptb isn't happy with her mouth!!

My2Cents2 said...

Erin Chambers Returns to ‘General Hospital’ | Soap Opera Network
Sources have confirmed to Soap Opera Network that actress Erin Chambers is returning to ABC's General Hospital.

She bringing that accent with her?

Anonymous said...

I used to love to post about GH. That was when it made some semblance of sense.

I can't make intelligent comments on a show this bad, this disjointed, this much of a trainwreck. The holes in plots are tunnels by now, the continuity nonexistent, the entertainment value dead.

I strongly suspect Frons' hand is guiding Wolf's pen, so to speak. He probably has a brand-new super duper idea for a new unreality show that he can't wait to get on the air, so GH has to go. Drive it into the ground, add even more of what has been losing GH viewers the past several years. Gavin is probably weeping by now as he sees any good ideas he had nixed. All the actors' morale has to be rock bottom as they watch their group being picked off one-by-one.

Question: why is Frons even still working there? How is it he has a job at all? And why is Ann Sweeney still there? If she is doing her job at all, why has she allowed Frons to keep his? Are they in cahoots?

Anonymous said...

Those spoilers were interesting mytwocents. Hope they're true.
Except the Erin Chambers one. Lord help us. Again bringing back someone with no ties.

Gary S said...

You are SO hilariously dead on, and have no reason to apologize. The show is back to being unspeakably embarrassing after being watchable for about, oh, one month? Btw, where the hell did Skye go? Did I miss her 97th departure? I wish Franco would just kill Jason and Sam already; the two of them bore me to tears. Take Sonny out while he's at it, too. I think the only consistently good thing lately is that Matt is actually used for the 1st time, after languishing on the canvas for like 3 years. Oh, and Tracy's on-and-off AZ storyline, I guess, too. And I guess Bobbie is permanently at a conference or visiting Lucas? Just. So. Awful.

Anonymous said...

Worst scene of the week - All those pointless Spixie scenes! End them now.

LindaV said...

Great letter, My2Cents2, and thanks for the spoilers. Sounds like this mish mosh will still continue, unfortunately. And Sonya, is it possible that California writers have no concept of October weather in upstate, NY? More likely they think the viewers are dumb enough to swallow anything they throw at them.

kdmask said...

Gary, Skye left with Luke about 2 weeks ago!!???

My2Cents2 said...

LindaV-I would think that the wardrobe would know how to dress people in October!! I am in the midwest and it is 45 degrees!!
That is what you call LAZINESS!!
SHAME on them!!

As far as the Spoilers/Rumors...I take them with a grain of salt. Since GW has taken over, so little has panned out from what he promised.
No hint of Jax or Bobbie coming back. Would be nice to see Rick Herbst back, however, do these actors want to be a part of a disasterous ship??

I do believe it is Sam & Olivia who is with child. Only one baby lives though.....
Sam & Jason aren't going anywhere.

I DREAD this storyline with Lucky & Sio. I will FF thru them. BOTH are sickening to watch. I will count on all of you to fill me in.

Apparently there is NO story about Sam & her father. AXED. Does Mac meet a new women?? Was that a tease I read??
Are tptb tired of NLG and aren't giving her a storyline because of it??

Even it all these spoilers turned out to be true, with the editing and directing, it will fall flat on its face with the holes that are created. It all departments that are failing right now.

My2Cents2 said...

Check out this article. .

It is basically saying if we don't want GH to go off the air to start watching.
How can we watch the UNWATCHABLE??

ABC Moving Much of Its Daytime Operations to New York City | Soap Opera Network

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said... Sonya..that would be sweet watching Steve vacuming the house with the towel..minus Olivia!
*nods quickly* Oh yeah baby! :)

sonya said...

Anonymous said... the one person who hasn't had sex in about three yrs
Lisa hasn't had sex in three years? She has!!! With Patrick and then with Johnny! :)

My2Cents2 said...

I LOVE Dr. Steve. Why can't I get sick and get something that FINE to care for me??

Instead I get the old men, with hair coming out of their ears and nose. Bald. YUCK!!!

AntJoan said...

My2Cents: Well, I see you "lifted" my comments about naked Steve and his junk (yes, you said that you stole them), which is fine, I just hope they did some good in that letter.

My2Cents2 said...

AntJoan that comment had me giggling away for days!!
I had to steal it!!!!

Melodybluez said...

Read through the spoilers which My2Cents posted (Thanks, for those, by the way! I liked the letter to TPTB!) Storylines seem all over the place!

I shudder to think we are going to have to sit through "Who killed Lisa and is she really dead?" until February!

I also still cannot figure out why they are adding cast members and aging existing young cast members (Molly, Morgan, Cameron, Aiden) when GH is in the state it is in. They could have just as easily sent Kristina to Yale, as they sent Morgan to military school and not bothered with a recast. I did figure that if they planned to recast Kristina with a more mature looking actress, they would have to do something with Molly, since the present actress would look WAY younger alongside of her sister then!

Some characters don't seem to be getting much of a story...Not much Alexis, not very much Lulu (Other than the DUI and not getting a happily ever after!) When have Lante been happy since they became a full fledged couple? Dante gets shot by Sonny, Carly goes on the warpath after Dante outs Michael as Claudia's killer and then she brings Brook to town to give Dante a roofie, then Brenda comes back to town and complicates issues...actually the couple has never had a moment's peace, which is why I am so lukewarm about them at this point and would rather see Lulu on her own. Angst is angst, and all soap couples have it, but these writers don't know when to say "Enough!" Lulu's drinking could "wipe out the Spencer family?" the writers have wiped out the Q's, the Hardys and so many others? Sounds about right!

Jake being alive? It would be soapy and would be nice that he's alive, but just like I felt cheated having to sit through a week long wedding with Brenda and Sonny after they quickly crashed and burned thereafter, I would feel agitated having to have sat through all the drama with Jake only to learn the kid's alive someplace.

Kate being Dante's mother would be so out of left field! Let's could they do that? Kate and Olivia were pregnant at the same time by Sonny (Kate never told Sonny about her pregnancy and went away to have her kid.) and maybe they switched the babies and Kate's aware that Olivia's been raising her child all along while Olivia's child was given up for adoption and is out there somewhere? Who knows how they'd spin that one!

As far as who is REALLY doing the writing/script approval and if Mr. Guza is really gone? It's anyone's guess. Frons and Phelps are still very much in control, unless something's changed. So that means for the viewers, no matter what we see coming ahead via spoilers, as much as I hate to be Ms. Doom and Gloom, I wouldn't expect miracles. Actually, most of the spoilers reeked of doom and gloom? Is there a clause of some sort that the residents of Port Chuck have to be miserable?

If someone out there is now basically saying that "people better start watching GH or it may get cancelled..." If I recall correctly, didn't one of the AMC actors say the same thing when they were asked if the soap was being cancelled just before the announcements were made? The actor said something like, "It's not being cancelled yet, but if the fans want to keep it from cancellation, they need to keep tuned in." Same dribble as we're now getting with GH...same stuff with the writers changing, vet actors coming back to make an appearance (I see we may get Ric Lansing and a couple of others back and rumors are rampant about Genie coming back) all sounds all too familiar with how AMC and OLTL's ultimate cancellations were handled.

My2Cents2 said...

Mel....I agree with every word you just posted. Everything is all over the place. Basically, they are going to be throwing alot at us, what sticks, sticks, what doesn't, doesn't.

I happen to not mind Lisa storyline. I never did. Took away from the other idiotic storylines they were showing. Guza was OBSESSED with Brenda, and we had to sit threw that 24/7! So IMO Lisa was a nice diversion.

From what I 'took away' from the spoilers, is that this idiot is going to completely change GH.
Carly & Alexis are history basically. They are too old for GW.
We will only get glimpses of Monica because in GH years, she is really OLD.
JZ is never coming back. The past for GH is exactly that, the past.

Kate isn't Dante's mother. I bet she is the 'grasshoppers'! ICK! I would run from that too.

Jake isn't coming back. GW knows we want that, and he will say what he must to get us to watch the show. JMO

This show IS over. Katie Couric is taking over the time slot. The only way GH stays on the air, and even then I doubt they do, is if ratings shot up like the Gloria Monty years.
I personally don't see that happening.

This show is done. Will PP want them? That is my question. And we still do not know how to access OLTL/AMC when they do become available for us to watch on line.

My years with GH are over. I already have said 'good-bye', I just don't know how to leave yet.

LindaV said...

I have to admit Jenn Lilly is doing a good job as faux-Maxie, but she is really getting on my nerves. Never has Kirsten's Maxie done that to me - I find her adorable and slightly flaky but always watchable. Get well soon Kirsten!

Fire Queen said...

I think the show needs help, I am still a fan. I also think they are trying hard to tank it. Really put it down the hole, so they can cancel it and replace it with Katie.
I think it will get better or it will be awesome when Prospect Park puts it online with OLTL and AMC.
All we can do, in my opinion is support it and hope they clear out the obstacles to a great show.

Anonymous said...

Too bad GH couldn't have taken notes from DOOL's "Cruise of Deception". I think that was in the 1990's.