Wednesday, October 12, 2011


this makes me SAD!

Well, how's it going!!!?? Good I hope...another day, another dull soap watch? Hmmmmmm. We shall see!! It's rainy here but I did go to the mall.  Got a black cardigan. Everyone needs one of those. Snow tires put on too. ouch!!

OLTL: Gigi is wearing a ton of lip gloss!! LMAO Someone on twitter told me that Kimmy put it on her yesterday ... So, Stacey wanted to look just like Gigi to get Rex. Uhhhhhh. okayyyyy. Did she have her boobs reduced too??
I love Roxy and ECHO!!

OMG, If Shane Shoots Jack I will pay him in Trident Layers Gum.  I hate that kid. ugh (but you knew that, didn't you!?)  I think Shane had too much foundation on today!! OMG,  Jack's face trying to ACT SCARED!! it's soooo painful to watch that poor guy try to emote!! lol 

Clint and Vicki were so cute..."Cowboys and Aliens"!! Great movie for those two. Clint said he'd write Vicki's personal ad. . heh

GENERAL HOSPITAL: If GH was OLTL we'd have MONICA, LESLIE, BOBBIE and AUDREY on  being frienemies and doing all sorts of stuff. BUT NOooooooooooooooooooo. We have nothing when it comes to real history. Tracy's about it. And Luke I guess, they've been on more than 30 years. 

Robin's birthday... Pat rented a limo and bought her.. a kimono.  Pastries in Paris... all around the world.   Did that limo just park there? Oh, it's a sex-limo!

Tracy and AZ..  "We could just cuddle" LOL... and Luke comes to save her!!  Love the pink coat. Oh, Luke's there just to cause trouble, sorry. He toasts the "new toy" of Tracy's lol!! "Denial is like foreplay to her" Luke gives her divorce papers. boo ha. 

Maxie and Epiphany were fun. What a waste of a good red velvet cake!! I do think Jen is doing a decent job as "Maxie"... I should can't fault her. That's hard delivery.

ART ALERT: Franco glued an alarm clock on the canvas and painted really ANGRY GREEN strokes!! LOL  AND THEN RED  ONES!!  

JaSam is as boring as it comes this honeymoon is LAZY's like they've been on their honeymoon for 2 months.  AT LEAST do SOMETHING. :eyeroll:
Liz totally used Cam to get LUCKY to come  over.  He sounded just like Luke in the end though "I can't play house anymore"!! Total Luke statement.

Think about sending Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina) a good luck/thank you card at the studio:
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See ya!!


sonya said...

Papa Z, Tracy, and Luke: Oh come on Tracy sleep with Papa Z! I want to see you and Papa Z cuddle! If you REALLY don't want to sleep with him, you would have just talked to him on the phone and said it, and not go visit him. :) Oh Luke comes in and WANTS A DIVORCE!!!! :) Come on Tracy don't argue with him! Just give it to him!!! :)

Epiph and Maxie: HAHAHAHAHA! And then the cake! ROFL! Poor Maxie! :)

Patrick and Robin: Oh limo sex awesome! :) Oh wait I hope Patrick brought a condom with him! If not, that isn't smart! When he asked her to pick a place to go, I said Tokyo! And she picks it!!! :)

Jason, Sam, and her ta ta's: More Jason and Sam talk talk talk. Samantha Morgan. :) That fits really well. :) Jason and Sam keeps talking, and her poor ta ta's just want to come out and play!!!!

Ethan and Lucky: Lucky gave him the pills!! Good!! Hey did Johnathan Jackson get a haircut? And hey it doesn't look dry anymore.

Franco: What is he doing?!!?!

Cameron and Liz: Cameron calls his daddy to tell him he doesn't want to go to the pumpkin patch cus Jake isn't here! :( And then asked if his daddy can go to the pumpkin patch with him! I cried. :( But yeah Karen Liz totally used Cameron! It looked like that. I got a strange vibe! :)

The pumpkin patch: We didn't get to see it! :(

Liz and Lucky: He doesn't want to play house? So don't Lucky!!! Get back together instead! :)

Hope said...

I totally love Rex's two crazy moms! Who ever expected to love Echo! she and Roxie are a pair made in heaven.....
Viki & Clint! just too adorable!

Melodybluez said...

Some cute moments on the show today; Scrubs, Piph and Maxie, and Luke, Tracy and Anthony...was good for a few laughs. Wasn't anything earth shattering. Just felt like they were going for warm and fuzzy moments for the most part today. idea what the heck he is doing, but I wish he would be like Nike already..."Just do it!"

lisa said...

I am sick of them writing liz this way and can't wait for her to meet nudoc.I want her to not give lucky a thought but it is impossible because he is aidan's father. I'm glad I did not watch today's show.
On dirty soap Kelly monaco referred to the jasam wedding as 'stupid' and she didn't want to think about it. I felt that way for a long time kelly.

lisa said...

I want to see liz chased by hunky nudoc but, of course, this won't happen.

CareyN said...

I really want to see Liz and Sean together. He's good with kids. :) I'd like to see them have a no-strings affair that turns into more. I think it would be hot, a fun relationship to watch develop, AND (best part) it would drive Carly insane!!!

sonya said...

CareyN said... I really want to see Liz and Sean together.
We could call them Lawn! ROFL! I really can't see them together. I rather Liz be with Matt since she and Lucky aren't together at the moment.

AntJoan said...

OK, I feel like I've been forced to go on the endless, boring JaSam honeymoon, only I don't get to have sex with Jason! What a time waste!!

Anonymous said...

Jason and $am are so boring! I want Alexis to be on more and have a story of her own

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya...everytime I hear that Papa cuddles, now I think of you!!! And giggle!! YIKES. I hope they give us warning when that happens so I can don't watch that day. That is alot for my tummy to take!!

I was half watching Wednesday night. Bad day, and couldn't concentrate. Missed alot. I did see the family outing to the pumpkin farm scene.
Its no secret, I detest Liz. However, they have 2 children together. What is so wrong about going to the pumpkin farm and having a family dinner together??
GROW up Lucky. You want to end up like Luke, or you want better for your children??!!

Jason & Sam. Puhlezzzzzzzz..put us out of our misery!!! Don't show them at the Motel 6 with no scenery.
Oh and how happy will Sam be when Carly shows up today in tow??

My2Cents2 said...

OLTL....OMG. Shane is creeping me out!!!
I knew it wasn't Brody!!!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Echoe/Roxie scenes. Together they come off as 'normal' together. And that in itself is a hoot!!!

My2Cents2 said...

GOOD NEWS for Mathew fans.
Check out OLTL wubsite from Mindee!

Ritapita said...

The whole Liz/lucky scene of course came out of no where. had they have shown Liz pining away instead of bonding with Matt I would have cared. But since this is the first family scene (even though all 4 of them were barely in the same take) we don't care.

Hate to say it in the same paragraph, but Jasam is worse than ever. I feel for their fans.

kdmask said...

Rita there is NO build up anymore on this show. Disconnected's just sad.

My2Cents2 said...

As a HUGE Jason fan, I appreciate your deep sorrow for us fans!!!lol

LindaV said...

No matter how pretty they are, Jason and Sam are unwatchable, as is Franco. JJ looked really cute yesterday - love scenes with him and Ethan, but I really miss Nik. Nice to see Cam and Aiden. I'm hoping Liz and Matt get together. Tracy, Luke and AZ were good. Also liked Scrubs.

My2Cents2 said...

LindaV...who said Sam was pretty??
All you see are BOOBS. Everyday.
Even in the middle of winter!!
I do like seeing Jason in shorts!
Or when he was napping!! Cute.

I miss Jax.

sonya said...

My2Cents2said...Sonya...everytime I hear that Papa cuddles, now I think of you!!! And giggle!!

YIKES. I hope they give us warning when that happens so I can don't watch that day. That is alot for my tummy to take!!
Oh come on! I bet you won't even see any ta ta's! ROFL! Just pure cuddling. :)

LindaV said...

My2Cents2- Well, she isn't as pretty as Jason I guess, LOL. I wish Jax was back and Shawn was gone or recast. Way too robotic. Jax was so perfect with Carly, who really doesn't deserve anyone decent. Nice to see more of Epiphany, too. Ravenbeauty swears a very popular actress will be leaving - wonder who that can be (not Lexie)?

My2Cents2 said...

I LOVE receiving posts from all you when I am in a crabby mood!
Makes me smile......

Sonya...the thought of Papa with any women is enough to make me barf.
(in a romantic way)

LindaV....I am hoping Franco kills Shawn. What do you think the chances are??
Jax come back!! You are the other half of Carly!!!!!!!!

NO Sam isn't ugly. Did you guys get a look at her boyfriend in next weeks Dirty Soap??
Then they show Kirsten 'falling apart'. In other words, this was all planned her absense from GH and what is going on with 'Dirty Soap'.
Maybe Farah poisend her??

My2Cents2 said...

Oh yea...I usually take what Raven posts with a 'grain of salt'.
However, I have read on other forums that Robin will be leaving.
Unless something changes...I think its probably Robin.
btw...I am friends with is her b-day!!!!