Friday, October 28, 2011

Project Runway: Another Loser Wins...

*sigh* I TOLD myself that after gruesome Gretchen won, I was done with PR. Oh, but there I was, watching again. I thought this cast was one of the most under talented I've seen yet. Compared with the Santino Season? Snaoooze. 

The whole show this time around was more about the  designers NOT knowing what to do rather than enhancing their already great skills. One reason I liked Bert so much was that at least he knew what the hell he was doing. Viktor Luna had stunning designs week after week. He could make stuff in 2 days that looked like they took weeks. People hated Josh's personality but I liked him. Sorry but at least he was fun and a bit bitchy. You need that dramaz, especially in a dull season. PLUS, his clothes were interesting.

The finale was a let down...hey, remember the days when the designers were thrown another challenge on top of everything else? These guys get 2 days and $500 at MOOD to "enhance" their collections! WTH! Anya has nothing to show that doesn't look like it came from my old home ec class but manages to whip up an entire new collection in 2 days. Guess it pays not to have to sew. 

The end was such a disappointment. I have no words. After seeing the entire season--and coveting Viktor's coat and his OWN dang fabrics, I can't believe they chose Anya. Josh came in 2nd and really deserved to be at the top, imo. Either he or Viktor should have won. Anya had the same dress the entire show! Come on..not only that, the fabrics were pre-printed from MOOD. I think her edgy "look" and 1/2 shaved head wooed the judges into thinking her winning would give Project Runway a 'face'.  Ugh... lost a viewer AGAIN. Now let's see if I can keep my promise not to watch. 

PR has a "hot face" as the winner, that's about it, imo.


  1. Totally agree, Karen. Wrong person won. AGAIN.

  2. Partly agree, partly disagree. I HATED Josh. I was thrilled he lost. BUT I thought Viktor should have won. I think Nina with her constant harping about missed opportunities was determined that Viktor wouldn't win just like last season when she was so opposed to Mondo. I rarely agree with the choice of winning designer so I'm not surprised. The last time I agreed with them was Christian Siriano and that was a LONG time ago.

  3. I fell asleep and googled for the winner after your tweets. I really liked Anya's vision (and the fact that she couldn't sew)... I think PR is about vision not skill/technique (clearly Victor was the best there. However, I thought what Anya was wearing outshone some of the garments on the runway - and I didn't think that was a good idea...

  4. I thought Viktor should have won, too. He was the most consistent and how he put together garments was amazing, IMO.

  5. I was disappointed when Bert was sent home too. I think I would have rather had Viktor win, as his prints were great and I coveted them, but they hated his four black outfits.

    Anya was seemed like a nice person and after Gretchen, they wanted someone with a positive personality. Josh was unpopular with many, so perhaps they were scared of a backlash towards him and the show.

  6. I was angry about Mondo/Gretchen last year, but I could understand the arguments the judges made in Gretchen's favor. I totally disageed with them, but they at least appeared to be genuinely considering her on her merits as a designer.

    This year it's really a travesty that hardworking contestants like Kimberly and Viktor lost to cults of personality (Anya and Josh in their own ways). I felt sick that Viktor didn't even get runner-up. He shot himself in the foot with all the black chiffon, but I still think the high points of his collection were light years above anyone else's.

  7. Josh's taste level is horrible those shorts and his color palette was horrible. The black pieces with the plastic were innovative. I think they were worried he bedazzle everything if it were left up to him.

    Victor edited himself out of the competition. His original gown with the jacket rocked. He split his direction in two in cohesive ways.

    Kimberly should have left much earlier. Her color pallet and the booty bump skirt were awful.
    Anya was not as strong as the winners in previous years. She did have a clear direction and story.
    I can’t wait till the all-stars I hope Mondo kits but.