Wednesday, October 5, 2011

OMG, Jack on OLTL just killed me today. He's such a bad actor, I wanted to smack his face, and I'm a MOM!! Geeshhhhhhhhh. Sam, on the other hand is such a cutie and I love him. 'Have this one, my Dad can't use it":sniff: Then Jon loved it so much he showed it to Nat!! aawww.
MONKEY JAMMA PANTS, did you see them on Liam?? I sure did! 
Wow, Blair and Todd's bullet wound cleaning becomes Zexy!! WOOT!  Sorry,  I love RH and KDP. TSJ I like with Flo. But Roger and Kassie?? Bliss.

YEAH!! :) best part of GH yesterday!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Luke and Tracy-- she's not happy, eh?? Whatever. He's just not the same old Luke. Not that characters can't grow but I don't like this. Him leaving every other second isn't great either. AZ and Tracy--hmmm.  If he wouldn't be such a cartoon, maybe I could get into them. Tracy was so playing him about going back to Luke.  She's going to torture her hubby1!

AW,  I loved Dante calling Lulu Leslie!! LOVED her jacket today too!! They are engaged! She's obviously not that into it though, eh??  She's scared, blah, blah. Olivia was funny. Then she goes and drinks and curls up with his shirt.

OMG! Ronnie asks Mulva  (Dolores)  to go  get COFFEE....some cop she is. Heh. Abby should have just gotten up and walked away.  Then Johnny could come in and they could have another chem test again!! I have no idea about those two because I hate the mob story so much.

Shawn and Carly and Sex...why would Sonny even CARE about the 'sex' thing? LOL.. And Carly just making it like they did have some. Didn't Jason hire Shawn? Where did Michael appear from? Under Badger  Bob's cabinet?
I give today's show a big Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Hope said...

I agree, Blair and Todd.....

Anonymous said...

Sonny shouldn't care about Carly's sex life, but than again Carly shouldn't care about EVERYONE'S Sex life!

Anonymous said...

Seems they are writing GH into cancellation....just like AMC! I was hoping for better....I can't even watch now.

Anonymous said...

Boring show.

sonya said...

Luke and Tracy: She puts hot rocks on him!! Hahahaha! That got me thinking! If she REALLY wanted Papa Z to leave, then she would put hot rocks on him too! She don't want Papa Z to leave. :) She wants a divorce! Now stick with it Tracy!

Tracy and Papa Z: Hmm she said she doesn't want to have an affair because she doesn't want to hurt Luke. She says she is going to stand by him. Tracy are you only saying that as an excuse so you don't have a night of passion with Papa Z? :) Oh Luke is listening in!

Lulu and Dante: Oh come on Lulu you don't need him to purpose to you again! His heavy breathing can't take it! Just say yes already! Course later he does and she says yes YAY!!! :) Oh but she wants to keep it a secret until he is all better! Bad oman?

Lulu, Dante, and Olivia: I just LOVE how excited Olivia is when she finds out they are engaged hahahaha!

Abby and Johnny: Oh just have sex already! :)

Michael and Sonny: Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Carly, Shawn, and Sonny: Yeah Carly! You tell Sonny! It's none of your business Sonny! :) The only person who's business it is, is Jax and of course Jason. Come home Jax!! Tell Carly you still love her! And I say Jason, cus well, Carly tells Jason everything ROFL!

Carly and Shawn: What with the game Carly? You want him don't you? :)

Lulu: All alone at home. :( Call your mother!!! Tell her you are engaged and that you need her!!! Laura BETTER be at the wedding! If there is one.

Anonymous said...

Carly using Shawn to try to make Sonny jealous. Sonny is right about her needing to defend Shawn. She wants Shawn. All in all, dull writing.

lisa said...

Brian Frons, president of daytime ( disney/ABC ) has hired Randall Barone to be vice president of programming at ABC. Randall is the creator and producer of The Chew. More horrible news! It is clear that GH is on it's way out and reality tv talk shows will be ABC's daytime. This news makes me think that in a few months time they'll be making the announcement we have all been dreading. I feel like flooding their comment line but I don't think they care about soap fans. This is so frustrating!!!

Anonymous said...

If anybody's interested, they're rerunning episodes of AMC, OLTL, and GH on Soapnet during the middle of the night from a few years back. I don't know about AMC, but OLTL is when everyone thinks John is dead and GH is from 2006 -- Alcazar is looking for Skye and having Robert Scorpio beaten up, Liz is pregnant with Jake, and Carly and Jax like each other. Not the best of GH, but in comparison to now, it's great.

lisa said...

That is funny Anon 5:15. I am watching episodes of GH from 2006 today. I was watching the hostage crisis when Mr,Craig (jerry). I enjoyed those episodes.

Anonymous said...

JMB had me in tears at the end of GH today. Lulu may get her shrew on a lot but JMB brings it. Love that girl.

Lori said...

Blair and Todd were amazing :)

mindymoe said...

Lisa-I just read about that on Daytime Confidential. They sure know how to pick em over at ABC. So stupid!

My2Cents2 said... think Tracey is really over Luke?? I wasn't sure if she still wanted Luke by today's scenes, but Papa??
I just can't see
KUDOS to Tracey for telling Luke to leave Lulu alone!!!!

Pasta MaMa...RELAX OMG you danced around like a teen today. Weird.

What's up with Lulu? Does she think she doesn't deserve to he happy? I feel for her. She has had a hard life. Now she is turning to the bottle?? (should make for a good storyline though)

Ohhhhh I wish Abby and Johnny would do it!!!! I haven't heard any rumors, but then again I haven't been reading many spoilers. I DO like them together!

Now that she took that botty showing dress off, why doesn't she make an attempt to spend time with her little girl??
See, that is why I wanted Jax to have custody. Mother of the year, Carly will never be.

Lucky still on the show?
Kristina still in the hospital?
She walking?
Diane coming back at all?
Spinelli find that $20 million yet?
Lisa..didn't she move some 2 weeks ago??
Jason still talking to stars?

What is going on with these storylines? Forgotten?

My2Cents2 said...

Grammer police in hiding is stalking around.

My2Cents2 said...

Lisa..thanks for the scoop.
Of course tptb at GH will be making the announcement soon.
That is a given.
What worries me, will PP want GH in the shape its in right now?

My2Cents2 said...

OFF TOPIC.......

RIP Steve changed the world. You will never be forgotten.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said... think Tracey is really over Luke?? I wasn't sure if she still wanted Luke by today's scenes,
Tracy is probably not over Luke. :) But she really shouldn't be with him.

but Papa?? I just can't see
ROFL! But he likes to cuddle! :)

Pasta MaMa...RELAX OMG you danced around like a teen today. Weird.
ROFL! She is excited her son is engaged. :) Leave her be hahaha!

Melodybluez said...

Hate to sound like I am on a total whinefest (Kinda like Lulu...whining and now also "wining.") but as I've heard said in several places, as a long time viewer, it just seems that they are jonesing to put GH into the ABC toilet! Along with The Chew and some of the other fall shows that are already failing! They lulled us into a false sense of security when Mr. Wolf arrived, only to start the suckfest all over again. I actually think the writing's been on the wall for GH for some time. They just didn't want to announce it publicly for fear of dooming Katie Couric before she tapes one episode of her show next fall.

Lulu...JMB can indeed rock dramatic scenes, but for heaven sake! Can't the gal be allowed to be happy? I recall when Genie and Tony were on Oprah's last season and I believe she asked Genie if she'd ever go back to GH. She said something to the effect that she wouldn't, unless they'd allow her to stop playing the victim. My thought was..."No worries, Genie. They have your on screen daughter doing that now!" Seriously...let her grow up! Nothing or no one is perfect, people do get hurt or killed (sad fact of life) and you are not always responsible for the things that happen in your family. It is really sad to see.

When AZ starts getting on my nerves...that's bad! He's just becoming too over the top for me. The scenes today were worth a bit of a chuckle. Geeze, even with Luke and Tracy, they have to stick someone in between a couple...even for silly reasons!

The whole Sonny/Carly/Michael/Sean thing was just ridiculous. For one thing, Michael has no business butting into his mother's business. Even if she had been getting it on with what? Sonny...what the heck do you care? She's your EX wife! Seriously, what we see here is all the writers know how to do with couples or possible couples...insert another person to create angst! Boring!

I worry for Brandon Barash on this show...they seem to have him all over the place and don't know what to do with him anymore. The writers always seem to do this duality with Johnny...he's likable in some respects as a mobster with a conscience, but then they go and screw it up and have him be unlikable. Actually, they make a lot of characters unlikable these days, it seems! I honestly do not know who would be a good match for him anymore. Liz? Nah...not a mom with two small kids! Abby? Nah...I doubt she is long for the show. I cannot see them sending him back to anyone he's been with previously...Mama Pasta got boring quickly and Lulu's still a mess and hasn't been allowed to grow and develop, so that isn't going to work. Maybe Dad is bringing Lisa back to life so Johnny has a partner. Something Frankensteinish about that!

The Lulu/Dante/Olivia scenes are a little off. One would think Lulu should be acting the way Olivia is...hopeful he's going to make it and happy. The heavy breathing is getting a bit much. I start thinking of Darth Vader in his scenes!

Oh well!

PS...RIP Mr. Jobs!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the ZZZZZZZZZZZZ's. I'm getting really sick of carley and her need to make it look like she's sleeping with every guy in town just to get a reaction from Sonny. I wish she and Sonny would just go away.

And little Michael gansta wannabe is pathetic at best. I have fast forwarded through so much of this show lately that I don't even know why i watch anymore. Where's the improvements we were hoping for. When does Mob City end and GH begin again?

Mamaspat Ole said...

I loved loved Todd and Blair today...R.I.P Steve Jobs

My2Cents2 said...

Melody...I agree with every word.
I LOVE PaPa Z..but in small doses.
Less is more in his case.

I had the feeling 2 years ago they didn't know what to do with Johnny. Rumors were flying he was leaving. Yet, he never did. I will say he makes great 'eye candy', so the show can't afford to lose him.
His scenes with Anthony are PRICELESS as well.

BELCH!!!!! That is the best I can say.

FYI...I was excited as well when Mr Wolf was brought on as headwriter. But was he?? He has been on the writing staff all along.
And Guza is still very much on canvas. So nothing changed.

I read some SPOILERS last night. Should I post them?? I have been excited in the past about future spoilers, only to be disapointed.
So to say they sound good, may be stretching it. JMO

Now don't like Tracey & Luke together?? Do you think Tracey could do better?? I do. However, Luke with Tracey is the first time in history that I have enjoyed watching Luke.

I wonder if Luke likes to 'cuddle'?

My2Cents2 said...

I don't think Jack is such a bad actor..he is a punk, so he comes across bad. I kinda have 'fun' watching him though!! And Sam, OMG could you have eaten him up when Jack sent him to bed and he said he was 'still on duty'?? PRICELESS.

I forced myself to watch Natalie only because Jessie was around.
There is nothing about her character I enjoy watching. So on a normal day, I FF thru her.
I realize she is liked by many, so I won't BASH her.
But ohhhh I could!!!! The fact she is going to PP with Jaaaawwwwwnnn makes me ill. I was hoping they wouldn't bring her on.

I want to say that Blair was never a favorite of mine. I didn't hate her like I do Natalie, but she didn't do much for me.
I thought yesterday, with her working opposite Roger was simply 'magical'. Together, they work off one another brilliantly.
Sorry, but I can't see Kassie with anyone but Roger going forward.
He brings out the best talent in her.
LOVED all their scenes yesterday.
Nice touch getting Dorian on the phone as well.

Still no clue who killed Victor/Todd. Hopefully we find out soon, before we forget about Victor!!

Jen said...

Here we go again. Dropping stories. They want us to care about Liz & Lucky, dropped. Than Matt & Maxie, now Matt wants Liz? Ethan & Kristina, not only dropped but not even showing Kristina after her surgery, since the wedding, just plain stupid. I can't even look at Michael, Abby, Carly, or Shawn. Lord help me but I would rather watch Jasam than this!

Jen said...

Yes my2cents, post the spoilers! Karen just likes if you say where they are to credit them

My2Cents2 said...

Jen..I will go get the spoilers..
You will be even more confused after reading the spoilers about 'dropped' storylines...

kdmask said...

2 Cents, yes you can post GH spoilers, just say where you got them!! I've been really busy this week and have to update mine.
NO OLTL spoilers everyone..please. you know I'm spoiler free there!! xxoo

Melodybluez said...

I'd be interested in the GH spoilers also, 2Cents. I did read the update here on this site. Guess maybe Lisa might be behind Matt's disasterous boating party? She is just barely out of a coma and starting trouble already! The great healing power of Port Chuck! We have the Franco stuff in Hawaii, Lulu drinking, The Lady in White, etc. As some others said, it is frustrating how the writers have seemed to start stories up, only to totally stall them.

My2Cents2 said...

I got these SPOILERS from GHHappeningsII.
Olivia begins to realize that someone or something is coming between her and Steve.

Anthony takes advantage of Tracy's distrust of Luke. Luke and Ethan realize how dangerous Anthony is and Luke will be working hard to protect Tracy, whether she wants him to or not.

The Zacchara men find themselves in over their heads as all hell breaks loose.

Remember..."Love never dies". (Patrick and Robin's fortune.)

Someone goes missing.(Sam)

Lisa and thugs crash the boat party.
Liz will be among the first of the hospital staff aboard to find herself in "deep water".

Ewen's intro is "dreamy"... it involves a scene on a moonlit beach. And ladies...he will be shirtless! He is living on a private island in the PC Harbor and owns a speed boat..which could come in handy at a crucial moment. Look for him to interact with Liz early on.

Patrick question's Lisa's doctor, but doesn't get the truth. Patrick keeps his concerns regarding Lisa from Robin so as not to unnecessarily worry her.

Jason is going to have a very strong reaction to what he believes happened (Sam/Franco).
Some very creepy psuedo-psycho-sexual scenes coming up between Sam and Franco. What we don't see could be just as important as what we do see--viewers will be left wondering what really happened. It has some similarities to when Franco kidnapped Sam the last time, only this time Jason may turn out to be the ticking bomb.... Look for what seems to be a return of "Anger Jason". He will become a man "obsessed.

To be continued.....

My2Cents2 said...

Kristina leaves town for a while (for longer term physical therapy-supposedly she has a relapse- Lexi is making an indy flick, which will film for about 4 weeks.)

Viewers may be shocked with what happens between Sam and Franco.

According to SID, a prominent character will be exiting GH in November, although not dying.

Around the World in 60 minutes is the theme of Patrick's gift to Robin on her birthday.

Maxie brings a cake ...'nuff said.

Patrick organizes a party aboard a boat to celebrate Matt's research achievement;
Matt invites Liz to be his date.

Lisa Niles observes the party for Matt; she dispenses with an innocent bystander who is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Patrick catches a glimpse of Lisa but thinks his eyes are playing tricks on him.

Kate gets the usual from Sonny...a gun pointed at her and flowers.

Lucky makes an important decision.
Lucky turns down Liz's invitation to a family pumpkin patch outing.
Liz breaks down in anger and despair when Lucky accuses her of trying to draw him back in.

Lulu begins seeing a psychoanalyst.

Delores questions Lulu but ends up giving, rather than getting, answers.

Michael overhears Carly and Shawn discussing the panic room and takes off, determined to handle the drugs himself.

When Lisa wakes up from her coma, there will be something different about her.

Lulu has a lot of issues of her own to work out.

Matt is ready to give up on Maxie and begins to focus on Liz.

Luke returns to the Haunted Star.
Luke prepares presents for his family.
Ethan encounters Luke.
Luke quickly discovers that his relationship with Tracy has changed.

Lulu confides in Maxie that she isn't sure happily ever after is part of her future with Dante.
Will a visit with Dante drive Lulu to drink?

Maxie plans Robin's B-day party.

Johnny and Abby spend some time together.

Between Lulu freaking out, a mob move that Johnny makes, and the new cop Delores who makes his job a headache, Dante is on edge. He suddenly appears to have vanished. Is it an attempt to clear his mind of Lulu or is mob danger surrounding him again?

Lulu and Dante's "love" will be taking a break...

It looks like Kristina may go to work for Crimson.

Lurking Luke realizes Tracy's past life (re: her previous marriage into The Solieto Crime Family) has come back to haunt her.

In SID, Maurice Benard asks that fans please support Sonny's next pairing (Kate.).
In the same issue, Garin pleads with fans who want to keep GH on the air to WATCH it every day
(We agree on both counts! Watch GH, and Boycott AMC's replacement, "The Spew", and later OLTL's replacement, "The Revulsion"). We need to make sure there is a timeslot available for GH once Couric's show begins.

Regarding Delores, the latest addition to PCPD, Garin says that she is smart and has a secret.

Expect to see a new dimension (aspect) to Jason's personality emerge over time.

Lucky heads back to Ireland.


My2Cents2 said...

IMO Only.......
Does Sam get preggers from Franco?
She is suppose to be pregnant by the end of the year.

Lisa is back for November!!!! YES!

Robin & Patrick...'Love never dies'
Why do I think Robin is going to be dying in Feb?

Just as much Mob

Sounds like Mr Wolf got the message that this show SUCKS!!

mindymoe said...

Thanks Anon 5:15! I set my DVR for SoapNet last night. I woke up and watched an old OLTL episode. I love watching old episodes =)

Go visit my OLTL blog and read my entry about the episode. Would love to hear your comments.

Melodybluez said...

Thanks, 2cents! Well, I can see what you mean now...those spoilers do sound good! I am wondering (and have been since I heard whispers over the summer of a MAJOR GH actor possibly leaving this fall) if it isn't Tony Geary going? Major to me would mean Tony, Maurice or Steve. I did also read that Kimberly McCullough may want out and Robin would when Scrubs got the "Love Never Dies" fortune, it worried me. Those would be big shakeups! It does not shock me that Dante and Lulu may be "taking a break." The writing seems to be on the wall for that. Would be rather shocking for the writers to go "there" with Jasam and Franco (maybe have her be pregnant from Franco.) Well, the writers went "there" with Michael in prison, so I wouldn't put such a thing past them. Seems like Johnny is being paired with Abby (If she doesn't like Michael in the mob, then this pairing's not going to last either! Johnny is basically another mob prince with daddy issues.) Liz and Matt seem to be pairing up as well, which honestly doesn't bother me, since I really don't want to see L&L for the zillionth time, though I know some like the couple. It just doesn't work with them and I would like to see them paired elsewhere.

Well, let's see what they do with this! :-)

My2Cents2 said...

Melody....IMO I don't believe Mo or Steve are leaving in November.
I am thinking more along the lines of Lucky. JJ has clearly stated he wants out ASAP.

Jason & Sam are boring. Glad the GW see's that and will be 'shakin' things up a bit!

No mention of Jax coming back.
That saddens me.
No mention of a storyline for Alexis.
Or Carly for that matter. Can't get into her and horndog Shawn.

I am reading between the lines here, but I think Lulu and Dante aren't getting married so quick. If ever. Could she start having a relationship with the new Dr??
Or will that be Liz's new hunt??

I welcome Lisa back. Most don't.
But she is a good 'shake up' for Patrick & Robin.

Though the spoilers sound good, they have disapointed us in the past.
So, I am very skeptical reading these.
Remember, this is GW talking.
What he thinks is good, SUCKS.
However, his statement about 'hanging in' makes me wonder if someone lit a match under his AZZ and he is getting writer & creative happy??

My2Cents2 said...

Oh yea...I don't think Luke is leaving either.
He didn't come back to leave again.
Other than his next holiday vacation.

I did read that Alexis & Mac go on a REAL date. What does that mean?

I find Delores at best BORING & DULL. Why did they cast her??

I do have to agree with Sonya...I want some Johnny & Abbey!!!!

Brit said...

With the writing and editing on GH it's almost like they're begging us to stop watching.

I'm so over Luke. Don't get me wrong, TG is amazing and has brought so much to the show but I think they've just ruined the character of Luke beyond redemption. And this Luke/Tracy/AZ thing is not working and needs to be stopped. AZ stopped being amusing months ago.

Dolores is a waste of a character. Okay so maybe I haven't given her a chance yet goodness who would even create such a dull character?? Maybe I'm still bitter of the major Ethan and Kristina fail at the Jasam wedding...I mean Ethina gets 30 seconds of screen time while Dolores who has the emotional range of a fruit fly has invaded on screens.

Shawn makes Carly likable again...let them do it. Please. And I was stunned by Michael's entrance back into Sonny's office. Has that magic door always been there? I've never seen anyone enter that way before? Reminds me of the linen closet from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Garin, once again you disappoint me.

sonya said...

Cents says, Now don't like Tracey & Luke together?? Do you think Tracey could do better?? I do. However, Luke with Tracey is the first time in history that I have enjoyed watching Luke.
I used to! But then we find out that he lied about being married to Tracy, and well, I'm not interested in them together anymore.

I wonder if Luke likes to 'cuddle'? lol
ROFL! Well, he used to with Laura. :)

sonya said...

Oh and yeah Cents some storylines didn't come true, like for example, Spinelli's alter ego was supposed to have a daydream about Sonny and Maxie kissing! That never happened!!!! :)

Ocean Park Girl said...

OLTL - John with Sam and the gummy band was adorable. Then in walks Jack. That kid can't act - period. He's just awful. Todd & Blair - great. And please, Jessica tell John about Liam. Gosh the kid even looks like him. BTW check out mindymoe's OLTL site - it' great:
(Karen - no spoilers on main page)

GH: - WTH Sonny? What business is it of yours who Carly sleeps with. I don't like the fact that she was playing it up - but MYOB. And now I see she and Shawn are going to end up in Hawaii. Geesh. I love AZ. OMG - when he was looking for the keys to one of his many hotel rooms...LOL. Anytime he is on I laugh - he is a great actor.
I hope you are wrong my2cents, about JJ. He is one of the best on GH.
Try checking out DOOL - all the vets ar back and it's damn good. Plus Sarah Brown is on - what's better than that?

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya-were you a Luke & Laura fan?
I guess when you think about it, history is repeating itself with Ethan & Kristina. Minus a rape I hope.
Thankfully Spinelli's dream didn't come thru!! I can finally now, after 2 years of FFing him, finally watch a scene with him!!
I don't know how much of what I reported will happen.
I remember reporting that Alexis & Mac were BOTH running for Mayor. Never happened.
Or Sam & Alexis, Mac & Sonny were going hunting for Sam's real daddy.
Never happened.
I don't believe too much on this show anymore until I see it.
With GW & Guza still running the show together, IMO itis twice as bad instead of bad.

The difference between Michael & Johnny for Abby, is Michael is stupid. Johnny isn't. That will keep him safer than Michael.
************ I the only one who sees that baby looks like Jaaaawwwwn??
C'mon Jessie, surely you are smart enough to go to John about this. Look at that baby!
MEMO to Jessie: Don't be too nice to Gnat. She doesn't deserve it.

THAT was so MEAN of me!!!!

mindymoe said...

Thanks Ocean =)