Friday, October 21, 2011

Enough Crappy News For A Friday?

Michelle Val Jean out-- I just remembered Karen Harris left not too long ago as well. JUMP THE SHIP! And now another newbie casting. Unless he's like Bringing Taggert back with him..DON'T CARE!! What the hell ever. Maybe he's  Kate and Shawn's from a wild night in the '90's!

Buffalo Area Code....

I wanted to mention I have a Tumblr Blog too-! It's mostly for crazy photos I find that I love. Tumblr is very fun and has really cool art all over it. There's a LOT of Franco on there heh. 

OLTL: wow, where did the Starr being abused come from?? Interesting!! Paps! Extras! 
LOVE the integration on the show--Aubrey is bartending and mixing it up with Rex. Tea and Tomas-- they move things along!! I should have a site for OLTL I get it--sorry, I love this show so much.  Paris Hilton and Twitter mention in same sentence heh. 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Please, let's hope the boat-porn has stopped today!!  

Liz OVERBOARD! Geesh, Lisa jsut whipped her right over that rail!

Steve and Olivia, waste of time--they did NOTHING today but blab... and Steve says he has to be back to the hospital because no one could cover for he's drinking more champagne? ahaha

Spixie at Wyndemere.. ummm, just stand there and bicker cause THAT'S SO INTERESTING. not! LOL "Jackal 2.0" he calls himself.  How could they SEE in that house?? Rent a Maxie's voice got on my migraine today like a flea. 

That Johnny insert scene should have happened 2 days ago..

Sonny just 'happening to go into Jake's" is so he's ever in there. He paid off someone at Yale to get Krissy in. Nice. .DEKE!! OMG, get off that horse!! GOD!!  They'll be going back to Bensonhurst soon. UGHHHHHHH And, by the way, it's like Brenda coming back NEVER EVER happened.  It's just..not right.

Robin gets Chloroformed by Cray Cray Lisa

OMG, this is hystercial, a fan made it: Jason/Lucky: GIF

Tristan Roger's time is running out at Y&R and he's tweeting mysterious things, is he headed back to GH? Writing is so bad--not sure I want him there.

I watched Project Runway Finale Part one last night and have to say I really think (other than Victor) the collections have stepped down over the years. They used to seem so much more 'involved'. Not hugely impressed. I MISS SANTINO! lol.. hopefully, the All Stars will be cool.


lisa said...

That is hilarious!!!!Jason/Lucky like I have never seen them before :)))

Anonymous said...

For those who follow Ravenbeauty, she has a new post up on her site, thanking everyone for their support. Very short post about her recovery, but good to see her back online.

maczackandham said...

I paused my tv on lulu's phone to see what it said that day so funny you have a pic of it up
according to her phone She has sprint it was sept. 14 and 10am even though it was midnight there

sonya said...

OLTL: One of the paparotzi (sp) is a bully! Took Starr's keys. Oh please. Starr come on hit the guy! But then the guy talked about her father abusing her and she hurt him where the sun don't shine ROFL! That is my Starr! :)


The sex boat: It's like this is the movie Halloween with Mike Myers! :) All they need now, is the Halloween theme music AND the whispering of ca ca ca. :) Oh no Robin don't go in the bathroom!! Lisa Myers, Mike's sister, grabbed Liz, chloroformed her, and threw her overboard like a rag doll! Was that Liz on the beach? Where is Matt? Did Lisa Myers get him? Steve and Olivia can't find the captain!!!! Oh Olivia knows something is up with the engine!!! Where is Lulu? Still making love to the alcohol? Too bad she isn't on the sex boat! She could bring the alcohol with her and make love with it there.

Maxie and Spinny: They are at Wyndemere and someone is home!!! Maxie is just going on and on and on and on and on and on. And then she says who is going to read Matt's publishing research. OUCH! Maxie that is rude shut up!! Maxie desperately wants to go to the boat! No Maxie you don't want to go on the sex boat/horror boat. Lisa Myers is there. You don't want to run into Lisa Myers! Maxie doesn't want to hurt Spinny. :(

Kate and Sonny: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The only thing that was interesting was that Sonny bought his childhood house that he was abused in. Maybe that will be closure for him.

Johnny: Poor Johnny!!!! :'(

Anonymous said...

That GIF is so funny!

Watchintele said...

Karen, I don't know if I should laugh 'cause that is disturbing or just plain funny??
Either way, it did the job, it got me laughing.

However, what isn't funny nor is it a laughing matter is the dire state of GH!!
It is so sad how horrible this show has become.

How is it that Elizabeth will be found with little or no vital signs after being exposed to the frigid water temperatures of Lake Ontario in October, but Steve and Olivia can skinny dip in it and then walk around half naked, and nothing?
I would think both would be suffering from hypothermia???
Or Maxie and Spinelli go on a boat without coats??
Maxie was in a sleeveless dress and now is bundled up with a blanket 'cause she was feeling the bitter cold, but these 2 feel nothing after skinny dipping??

I guess all that sex and alcohol has really got them warm blooded!!!
Hypothermia?? Pfff, it's got nothing on sex and alcohol.

New cure discovered for hypothermia, sex and booze, that will get your blood boiling and you'll enjoy it too. That should be the slogan. Take it, it's yours. I'd bet they couldn't come up with anything as simple as that.

And, now you have Steve going back to the hospital to work after boozing it up for hours??
Also, is it just me or does he carry that guitar everywhere he goes??
It's like here Scott Reeves, this is your script for today.

Shirtless and guitar
Sing a song
Have sex with Olivia
Look tanned even in October
Think about Memphis

For the love of G*d, atleast show like you are putting in some effort into this show, even if you aren't???

Really, Matt makes a big medical breakthrough and only 6 people come to this party?? SIX????
Where are the Q's? The board members for the Hospital? Why did you get rid of Nikolas? Other staff members??

So dumb, it's beyond words!

It's not even the writing that makes is so bad, but the editing too.

I apologize for the rant, but I needed it.

Anonymous said...

Karen, your snarky comments about things crack me the hell up! You think like I do! LOL

My2Cents2 said...

Karen you said it all.

Muscle Man going back to work after hours of sex & drinking.

Liz being rescued by a 'mystery man' (Blue Lagoon)

FF thru everything Grasshopper/Maxie.

FF thru the memories of Sonny's childhood. I can't listen to that.

LOVE Karen's comment about 'inserting' a Johnny scene!


sonya said...

Watchintele says Also, is it just me or does he carry that guitar everywhere he goes??
No Steve didn't bring the guitar with him on the boat! :) Olivia snuck it on board! Cus she wanted to hear him play it! :)

My2Cents2 said...

Watchintele.... Ditto.

Your rant, and Karen's summary was the best part of GH this week.

My thing is...this is their last year. Wouldn't you think they would want to show gratitude to those of us who gave decades to this show??
Instead they are insulting us.

Melodybluez said...

Didn't see today's show yet. Have to catch it on Soapnet, Thanks, Anon, for posting about Raven. I knew she had surgery on Monday and I did wonder how she was doing. I've followed her column for some time and I really feel for what she's going through and wish her the best.

They are casting yet ANOTHER newbie??? (Sean's son, maybe.) What the heck is wrong with these people! You have a terrific ensemble of actors and actresses that can swing great performances home when they are given equally great material to work with...not to mention several vets that are so underused and the whackos in charge still keep bringing on new people? Very weird!

Sounds like today's GH was the same old, same old aboard the Love/Lust Boat with Dr. Lisa Niles Myers Kruger Voorhees on the loose! At least they finally decided to show Johnny, who I think has been lying on the floor since Monday!

Many of us rant about GH (Nice to have a place to be able to do that!) but I honestly think it's because many of us have loved this show for ages and it is painful to see history ripped to shreds, poor storylines, underdeveloped characters, a spin cycle of newbies coming and going and the lack of quality we get now with the show. Sure, we could choose to tune out if we don't like it. For me, I think it's force of habit and maybe holding on to false hope that things will get better. Yet, as a viewer, with that hope, I feel like I am in the middle of the harbor like Spin and Maxie, in a leaky boat where GH is concerned!

Lately, what I find even more depressing than GH these days is occasionally catching an old episode on You is then so easy to see how far from grace the show has fallen. With the loss of one of the writers, I am REALLY scared now as to where the writing's going to go!

Oh well...have a good weekend, everyone!

AntJoan said...

Karen, like you (again), I froze the screen on Dante's call, and saw the Buffalo area code (remember, I grew up there).

Watchin: I don't think Steve and Olivia skinny-dipped in the lake, I think there was a pool on the boat. However, still freezing out there, still ridiculous. (I'm not sure it was a pool, what do others think?)

My2Cents2 said...

Melody.....GREAT article!!
Brought tears to my eyes.

We allowed this show into our homes for decades, and this is what we get the last year?
We deserve better.

Anonymous said...

About the Liz rescue, was it filmed outside? Did we get a 20sec outdoor scene??

lisa said...

Look at "Behind the scenes at GH (11-30-85)" on You Tube. This sums up what GH was and needs to be. You'ss see a young robin there ( so cute ).

Anonymous said...

Imagine GH earned one million dollars in profit per week for ABC in 1985 under gloria monty. I wonder what it is now? That clip also speaks to what melodybluez said. The disco general hospital theme was cute "I just can't cope without my soap". GH was on fire then.

kdmask said...

I don't think there was a pool on the boat??? Hmmmmm.
That engine room was huge today btw LOL

My2Cents2 said...

BAD NEWS GH went UP in the ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,491,000 (+282,000/-540,000)
2. B&B 2,989,000 (+125,000/-226,000)
3. OLTL 2,580,000 (+162,000/+129,000)
4. GH 2,348,000 (+99,000/-176,000)
5. DAYS 2,343,000 (-107,000/-70,000)

1. Y&R 3.4/11 (+.3/-.1)
2. B&B 2.3/7 (+.2/same)
3. OLTL 1.9/6 (+.1/+.1)
4. GH 1.8/5 (+.1/-.1)
5. DAYS 1.7/6 (-.1/-.1)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 953,000 (+145,000/-100,000)
2. B&B 620,000 (+22,000/-30,000)
3. GH 615,000 (+42,000/-216,000)
3. OLTL 615,000 (+54,000/-71,000)
5. DAYS 611,000 (-35,000/-72,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.5/10 (+.2/-.1)
2. DAYS 1.0/6 (same/same)
2. B&B 1.0/6 (+.1/same)
2. GH 1.0/6 (+.1/-.3)
2. OLTL 1.0/6 (+.1/same)

Anonymous said...

Just read ABC Soaps in Depth. Mmmm.
NuKate was voted fourth most favorite actress and Sonny and NuKate
were towards the top of the favorite couple list. Also read Soap Opera Digest and they give Garin Wolf kudos for turning GH around and had other positive things to say.
Apparently they don't read this site, huh? For the record, I too like NuKate although I did like Megan Ward also. I like the Maxie standin too. I think GH is like any other ensemble TV program, daytime or nighttime. When actors have been on awhile, they command a higher salary so the show starts cutting some of them and hires newbies at a cheaper price. So I for one will be watching the show right to the end no matter who comes or goes, and no matter who the couples are, and no matter if newbies or old characters are shown.
That's my rant!

Anonymous said...

IT is not turning GH around when it is always placing 4th or last place among 5 soaps. Soap opera digest can say anything it wants to sell mags but the truth is that this show is hurting and is a shell of its old self. It has moments where it shines but on the whole it is lacking. That leads to loss of viewers.

JPink said...

I just checked out your tumblr... cool pics, very eclectic. My favorite Tumblr is A daguerreotype is a very old type of photograph and this blog is basically a collection of old pics of very hot guys. Nice to see that there were hotties in the past too.

Anonymous said...

This stupid party has turned into Gilligan's Island - a three hour cruise that never ends. I wonder if I'm the only one old enough to remember that show.

I was stuck in a doctor's waiting room for the last 10 minutes of The Chew. Horrible. The writing is worse than GH by far - really it is. The whole cast looked embarrassed to be there. I actually felt sorry for them.


Watchintele said...

Thank you Sonya for clearing up the whole guitar thing.
I didn't catch every episode this week. But, it's like every time I see them together, they are having sex or he's playing his guitar and ofcourse they are naked.

I just don't get why they have to seclude everyone. Why does every scene involve only 2 characters?
Is there like a capacity of 2 and it cannot exceed that, otherwise the scene will implode like an elevator will drop once the capacity is breached?

Antjoan, if there is a pool on that boat it's a pretty big boat for a lake.
It's like a cruise ship then?
You may be right, 'cause I couldn't tell.
But I think they jumped into the lake, which is dumb considering the boat would have kept moving unless they anchored for a bit?? So you may be right.
However, the way they jumped into the water, it's seemed a very steep jump for it to be a pool? Aren't pools on cruise ships shallow?
That's why I thought it must have been the lake.

Adora said...

lol, it sounded like a pretty loud splash to me - I can't imagine there was a pool on that boat, but I did have to wonder why they weren't the slightest bit concerned with how to get back on the boat at all, much less naked. It sounded/looked more like they were walking the plank than going for a cozy dive in a fancy boat pool. But I suppose I'll take that theory if it explains away any future nonsense. *^^;*

Rhonda said...

I'm not sure how Nukate is so popular. Are they watching the same actress as we are? I see zero chemistry with maurice. She is just awful, I have to call it out and say so. I sure hope they have Liz shivering away when she comes to on Monday! It would have been about what 45 degrees at night in NY? Oh what I would do to have Johnny show up shirtless and rescue Olivia. Miss that couple.

kdmask said...

Soap Opera Digest (unlike SID) has heavy ties to ABC. They never bitch about the shows!!

My2Cents2 said...

Its OK Karen...I bitch enough to the show!! (abc)
Anne Sweeney will probably get her email changed I email her comments people make, etc......

Now I have Fron's email!
I think I am turning into a stalker!!

btw.....I want Cole back!!

Anonymous said...

i was surprised to hear so much discussion between patrick and robin about patrick's stomach noises--and then to hear the gurgling! so sad..

sonya said...

No I don't think they were in a pool.

Watchintele said...Thank you Sonya for clearing up the whole guitar thing.
You're welcome.

I didn't catch every episode this week. But, it's like every time I see them together, they are having sex or he's playing his guitar and ofcourse they are naked.
Well they must be very very VERY good in bed. :)

sonya said...

Anonymous said... i was surprised to hear so much discussion between patrick and robin about patrick's stomach noises--and then to hear the gurgling! so sad..
There has been a lot of discussion? Where? And I'm confused did you like the scene or not? ROFL! I actually liked the scene. It felt so real! Cus it happens in real life! :)

My2Cents2 said...

'Well they must be very very VERY good in bed'. :)

Something tells me they are! lol

sonya said...

Karen put up the spoilers.. Warning don't read this if you don't want to know. Just close your eyes.

**Lisa wants to inject Patrick with Robin's HIV positive blood

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said... Something tells me they are! lol
ROFL ROFL! Steve really good in bed YUM! :)

sonya said...

Oh and Karen, that Jason/Lucky: GIF hysterical! :) Where did you find that? Or did YOU do it? :)

sonya said...

AntJoan said...Karen, like you (again), I froze the screen on Dante's call, and saw the Buffalo area code (remember, I grew up there).
Either Dante lives in Buffalo, or Port Chuckles is REALLY in Buffalo! ROFL!

My2Cents2 said...

My mouth just dropped open!!!!
Lisa trieds to inject Patrick??
WOW. I wonder if this is the end for them.

OK..thanks I will go read Karen's spoilers!!! lol

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...My mouth just dropped open!!!!
:0 :0 <---- That's us! ROFL!

WOW. I wonder if this is the end for them.
I have no clue!!!!!!!!!!

OK..thanks I will go read Karen's spoilers!!! lol
ROFL! You're welcome. :)

lisa said...

I don't think Lisa succeeds in injecting Patrick and has to run off being chased by Robin.

My2Cents2 said...

WOW. I wonder if this is the end for them.
I have no clue!!!!!!!!!!

OK..thanks I will go read Karen's spoilers!!! lol
ROFL! You're welcome. :)
OK this is what I think.
I think we are all excited over nothing. I know its a crappy way to look at things, but how many times in the past 5 months did Mr Wolf release upcoming information (previews) and when they happened, it fell FLAT. With holes in it!!
With such a terrible week at GH we just had, on The Love/Sex boat, I can't believe anything exciting or good is going to happen.

Gee I almost with Mr Guza was in charge. At least he came up with a great storyline periodically, and we weren't gettin a whole new cast of characters.

sonya said...

lisa said... I don't think Lisa succeeds in injecting Patrick and has to run off being chased by Robin.
How ironic that a Lisa is telling us she don't think Lisa succeeds in injecting Patrick. :)

Cents says Gee I almost with Mr Guza was in charge.
ACK! No Cents no! Don't wish Guza was back in charge! :)

My2Cents2 said... you really thing GW is a better head writer?

Grant it, Guza had an obsession with Franco & Brenda. And it was a sick obsession. He also threw away our best actors. I will say, there were some good writing stories. NOT many, but some. What has GW done since he came on board?? We don't even have a storyline going.
Unless you want to consider being on the Love/Sex boat seeing Steve's 'junk' and listening to him sing a good storyline. Or Jason talking to the 'stars'?
Staying at a Motel 6 somewhere that is suppose to be Hawaii?
Papa Z in a LEAD role since summer.

Someone stated in an earlier post, what happened to 'they all come back'. They not only aren't coming back, they are being fired what is left!
Unless you know how to climb the sex pole, or have great ab's, what does GW do with these characters??
He writes Sonny the same. Here we go down memory lane with Bensonhurst. Sonny's past. YIKES!!!

I can't wait for next week. We have the new Roman thingy starting. How exciting. That will take off for 2-3 days and then it will be forgotten or dropped.

I am sorry, I am very negative with this show right now.
I don't believe Guza was this bad. At least there was an editing department up and about. Right now, they must be low on staff!!
Per Karen (I think) Guza is still around.

In 38 years of watching this show, I never ever remember it being as bad as it is right now.
YET, I can't give it up either!!

Adora said...

I am sorry to say I have to agree with My2Cents2. There have been days where I was happy that Guza was "gone", flashes of a real soap opera, but I can't for the life of me name one right now. Maybe the "what if" scenes with Jason?

I must admit I am happy Lisa is back, but I am disappointed with how publicized the character's future has been. I read spoilers, so it would have been ruined for me either way, but that was so widely circulated that even my mother -would would practically plug her ears and run away screaming if I started to spill spoilers to her- read about it. It's taking the fun out of my enjoyment of her return. I have to hope that it's easing the fears of people who don't like her but, for me, the show needed an infusion of excitement and I am fine with her being it right now since Franco clearly had time to do little more than paint during his day on set. Knowing the excitement is short lived and to be followed by what sounds like a very predictable "mystery" removes any interest, and it's the only thing I remotely care about at the moment. I was so excited about Franco's return but I've given up, I already don't care. Spoilers seem just offensive in that regard. I'm not interested.

I won't say I wish Guza was back but right now the show is little more than a drug habit gone bad. I want to quit, it makes me miserable, but so far I keep coming back for more.

My2Cents2 said...

Thanks Adora for understanding!
GH is a bad bad habit to break!! Especially when it has been as long of an addiction as it has been!

I use to LIVE for spoilers. I no longer do. The new spoilers lead to disapointment. Things don't play out like I take them to from the spoilers. This has only been the past 5 months.
I would rather just watch the show and be disapointed.
Better than getting my hopes up, then being disagpointed.

Just read this off of NLG twitter:
'Very excited about soap news about to be broken Monday. I LOVE the person that this is about. She is Kate's Godmother. That's all I'll say'

Kate?? Sonny's Kate??

sonya said...

My2Cents2 you really thing GW is a better head writer?
GW better headwriter than Guza? HELL YES! :) There are some storylines brewing. :) Sure it's slow but we just need a little bit of patience. :)

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya..the faith you are showing with this guy....

GW writing makes no sense. Guza we just didn't like! Which is worse of the 2 evils??

And the Directing! Producting! Editing! Wardrobe..This show is in alot of trouble.
NOT just from GW.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Sonya..the faith you are showing with this guy....
Yeah I do. He did something good for Jason! He took out that piece of headboard from the accident back then! I loved how he tied it in with AJ. :) He peppers some humor here and there. :)

GW writing makes no sense. Guza we just didn't like! Which is worse of the 2 evils??
The worse of two evils? That's Guza!!!!