Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm Ford,  I'm Cord..Oh Lord!! ahhahaa OLTL started off so fun!! Lindsay is coming back, btw!! love her!!
Gigi's waking up..is she Stacey or Gigi?!! Oooooooo! 
Those babies are darling on this show!! 

Luke has Booze Angst.... "Poem to Scotch".... Lulu has booze angst
Luke has Laura Angst... "Children from love, Children from need"--  Poor Ethan is in the latter category.  Liz and Laura are also guilty of "loving" their men too much!!

What a boat set.. um.. okay. whatever. This should have been a giant hospital party since it was uch a medical breakthrough. sigh
Briggs looks like Robin. Which is NEVER good on a soap LOL 
I don't really like singing on soaps much. Gotta say it. 
Dr. Jeff Webber mention!! I'm still holding out Richard Dean Anderson is coming back!! 
MAXIE AND SPIN  are in a ROWBOAT on Lake Ontario at NIGHT in OCTOBER??!!! AHAHAHAAA they don't even TRY

Maxie looks like Jiffy Pop. I LIKED that Maxie and AZ scene!!! "AnthraX" as my friend Scott calls them!! HEHhttp://www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=8864344470910760864

They got "Noah" to 'call' Matt...at least they remembered his name. 

Ethan should just take a photo of that portrait-- LOL..


Stephanie said...

I just want to say that the picture you have up on the main page looks JUST LIKE LULU. I mean really they couldn't have picked anyone better to be the daughter of Laura, JMB could be her real life daughter!

Sorry if I sound like a dip was too yong in the L&L years, I watched some but I don't remember her looking like that! The portrait looks just like her too.

sonya said...


Ford: I'm Ford.

Cord: I'm Cord.

Ford: Oh lord.

ROFL! It's rhyming time!!! :) Cord and Tina were going to kiss but then they switched it to another scene! WHOEVER IS DOING IT CUT THAT OUT DAMN IT!!

Onto GH.

Luke and Ethan: Luke sees Laura's portrait!!! Do you see the look on his face when he sees it?!!?! There is a lot of pain. :( The way Luke was talking about Laura made me cry. :( When Luke asked Ethan what the hell are you doing with it? The screen froze!! Did it freeze with anybody else?

Lisa and Johnny: Johnny can't feel his legs!!!!!! Johnny trying to get his phone!!! Poor Johnny!

The boat party: That was a great present Patrick gave Matt! :) And then Matt's phone rings and I'm thinking his dad? AND IT IS!!!!!! :) Great scene! I got emotional! I thought Steve was going to sing 9 to 5! :) Olivia brought her ta ta's with her to the party! :) Lisa sculking! Come on Lisa let's get on with the juicy stuff. :)

Maxie and Papa Z: Papa Z owes you!!! Hahahaha!

Papa Z: Damn he is coming after you Lisa! RUN! :)

Lulu: The alcohol is really calling out for her! It's saying, drink me! Drink me!! You know you want to. Come on Lulu. Come on. Put your lips on me.

Spinny and Maxie: Spinny what are you doing?! :) Are you tricking her so that she can be alone with you? :) On that little boat of yours? :)

Kayla said...

Did everyone catch when they were trying to think of what song Steve used to sing as a kid Patrick suggested Jessie's Girl ;) LOL!

Anonymous said...

the only thing that looks alike between GF and JMB is long blonde hair.

sonya said...

Kayla said... Did everyone catch when they were trying to think of what song Steve used to sing as a kid Patrick suggested Jessie's Girl ;) LOL!
No I didn't hear that! ROFL! That is cool. I will have to check that out.

Anonymous said, the only thing that looks alike between GF and JMB is long blonde hair.
No I disagree. :) I think they look very much alike. I think it was great casting.

Lori said...

Did you guys notice they updated the GH opening?!?! :: thud ::

Jax/Brender out... Sean/Nu-Kate in

Anonymous said...

I do wish they would stop the lies about Luke and Laura. That thing about Luke feeling trapped with Laura--ye gods!!! NO way. He was SO totally, irrevocably, unconditionally, and Faithfully in love with Laura.

Laura, on the other hand, was the more practical of the two, but in a good way--she kept the family going, made sure they had what they needed and did whatever necessary to go along with Luke's plans. She could play cons right along side of him if it kept them safe. She was also good at creating little family nests wherever they stopped. This started back on the Cassidine yacht when they were sailing to that island for the Ice Princess. Laura managed to steal them food and make their below decks hiding place comfy. She was also capable of defending Luke or anyone she loved with a weapon if necessary! They were always in such good sync it wasn't even necessary for them to discuss how to handle a crisis--they just went in to action together. it is ridiculous to suggest he felt trapped or stifled and she hemmed him in. I HATE these revisions of history.

That painting of her is actually pretty bad. Makes her look like a witch, when actually she was a good person--ready to fight for her family and what she believed, but gentle, a loving person. Lulu does look a lot like her, reminds of Laura in so many ways.

lisa said...

Laura ( genie francis) is absolutely beautiful.JMB is pretty , but please, she does NOT look like Laura. I, in fact, disagree with those that say she does. Lulu fits the dark storyline that Guza chose way back to have the kids follow in Luke's footsteps concerning addiction. They have chosen to paint the women as addictions instead of the loves of luke and Lucky's lives. The spencer women are being painted as needy losers instead of loving women. Luke's true addiction, I thought, was intrigue and cons. His need to chase the next exiting scam brought him to cassadine territory and broke their marriage. Laura took that ride for a long time, until she couldn't.
I find the re-written history to be uninteresting.
I actually liked the gathering of matt and patrick on ship. Nice to see people other than the corinthos alexis girl clan.
I guess this is how Johnny begins to have problems walking because of what Lisa injected him with.

Anonymous said...

I think JB only lloks like GF in hair color. Different body type, different shaped face, different color eyes, different smile. nothing alike but JMO.

sonya said...
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Anonymous said...

Who cares if Genie and Julie look alike or not? Why bicker and attack each other about crap like that? What's the point?

And, Sonya, why post such a horrible thing on the GH comment section (about a girl being hit by a truck)? Terrible things happen all of the time, but this isn't the forum for it.

I'm not coming here anymore if this is what people are obsessed about.

jaybeezer said...

Oh, I DEFINITELY see a resemblance in that particular picture. Now that Genie is older, I don't see it as much, though. I definitely think JB can pass for a Spencer, though.

Anon- I would hardly say anybody is attacking anybody over it, or obsessed with it. Everyone is just sharing their opinions. I don't see any name calling going on, or personal attacks...

I have not watched today's show yet. I'm trying to work up the intestinal fortitude to do it. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

I caught that Jessie's Girl reference, too. So funny.

sonya said...

Anonymous said...And, Sonya, why post such a horrible thing on the GH comment section (about a girl being hit by a truck)? Terrible things happen all of the time, but this isn't the forum for it.
Okay I deleted it. I didn't mean to offend you. I apologize.

Dierna said...

I was laughing when Patrick suggested Jessie's Girl. And the crew of the boat. Captain MacLeod?! *rotflmao* Is his first name Gavin?!

kdmask said...

JMB reminds me A LOT of Genie...Great casting, imo. Even her attitude/crying are the same

My2Cents2 said...

WOW I must have been in 'lala land' not to hear the 'Jessie Girl' comment. I guess I was so excited Rick Springfield was calling his son!!

I'm tired of Luke. I wish he would leave. His entire family is dysfunctional because of him, yet he does nothing about it. ICK!
Write him off.....

I thought the boat party was going to be bigger, it was intimate.
I can't wait for Nulady Dr to show up! I don't care for Olivia & Steve. Speaking of..geez..why didn't they just get a room while they were moaning??

This Laura painting, is it suppose to take us into a Halloween scene at Wyndemere? Weird. GF isn't coming back is she? Please, if they bring her back, bring her back with Scott.

Lulu is adorable. Like her or not, she is such a great actress.

Lisa....oyy Lisa!! You should know Papa can't be taken out so easily.
What about Johnny?? Poor Johnny, those writers are always writing him as the underdog. I hate that.
I adore him and want him to be the HERO!!

Maxie & Spinelli....if it weren't so stupid maybe it would be funny.
But its stupid.

Didn't watch OLTL. Hoping yesterday was a dream, and Todd didn't kill Victor.

Anonymous said...

Not a GH comment just a question, has anyone heard anything about Raven? Her surgery was yesterday and I was just wondering. I wish her well. Thanks

My2Cents2 said...

Nothing on Raven's FB page.
Surgery was yesterday, it will probably be a few days before she will be able to get to her lap top unless someone knows her and has talked to her.

JPink said...

I would love Laura to come back with Scott... hell, I'd like Scottie to come back on his own too. Any reason to have Ken Shriner back on the show is a good one.

Shirleedee said...

I wonder if the Jessie's Girl reference was an ad lib. Jason Thompson and Rick Springfield got along very well when Noah Drake was brought back on the show to introduce his son, Patrick. It's a shame that in the end the writers treated RS, as Eli Love, so badly, as I would be surprised if he would ever come back. Another Guza---Because I can!!!

My2Cents2 said...

I would take Scotty anyway I could as well. What a great surprise that would be to have him return.
When him & Laura got on the plane together, I had a HUGE smile on my face!
I always rooted for Scott!

kdmask said...

I think OLTL could be playing with us, that could be a memory 'planted' by Irene in Todd's head!

I still think it was Brody. But that's just me lol

Nothing on Raven...

My2Cents2 said...

I agree. I am 'hoping' OLTL is playing with us with Todd.....could be. lol

LindaV said...

I agree that there is certainly a resemblence between JMB and GF, but more importantly, Julie has so many of the same mannerisms. I'm going to hate to see her leave, if that is indeed the case. So glad there was no Carly, Jasam or Sonny yesterday - Carly gives me a headache. Too much one on one conversation - very isolating. They are acting like Lucky left for good, but he just went to Ireland per Siobhan's letter.

Love4dogs said...

Stephanie, that portrait has been altered a bit to look more like Lulu, however the casting of JMB is great. She does look like Genie's daughter. The same held true for JJ when he was 11 and cast as her son.