Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Surgery: The Plastics

Ah... leave it to GH-- throw the baby out with the bathwater. As if fans are reeling enough from Tyler, Vanessa and Ingo's departure, we get a NuKate and now a Kristina recast. I am assuming NuKate happened because they didn't like Megan Ward's "look". We know it wasn't her acting. The newbie is years younger and blonde. Now, they are going to "change" Kristina so she "fits" better with Ethan and presumably, Johnny. I can only guess that this is going in the "mob" direction of Johnny using Krissy as a tool to get to Sonny, then probably falling in "real" love with her. Because, that story has never been done, right?

I've watched soaps since I was a kid-- and that's a LONG TIME.  I've seen a million recasts over the years. Some good, some bad, some disastrous and yes, some great.  Here's the thing: GH is on it's LAST LEGS. why they want to mess with anything like recasting a good actress and a fave is beyond me.

Let's see. Kristina is 19, just graduated HS and looking for a direction in life. She has the body of a model, and is very young looking sooooo, why not have her get into the big/bad world of fashion instead of going to college? Easy money vs Education? This could involve Crimson--and a whole slew of stories. Also, Michael is paired with an older woman as well.  HE looks 19, she looks way older but THAT'S ok. Sure, Chad/Drew were switched but not for nothin, Michael doesn't look a day over 19, imo. Why not Re-Recast him? Abby looks about 33--why not recast the GUY?!! hmmm. Wonder why. Can't wait to see the 'body type' they get for the new Krissy. 

The other reason I'm so upset is because the "Davis Girls" have really been on a roll since the whole Keifer story. I love Molly/Krissy/Sam with Alexis. They are a unit. We've seen them grow.  Now? Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter Lexi got an emmy nod either. Talent doesn't seem to matter sheeze all to casting. 

There are already Ethina fans out there that love this couple. There's a tiny minority saying Kristina looks too young. In reality,  Lexi is 19 and Nathan is 23. That should be enough to shut people up, imo. I say DON'T PAIR HER WITH JOHNNY if that's the problem!!  Freaking write something original!! 

So, we are at a crossroads again with this F'in show... another one of my faves is gone. I have little to look forward to now. We were ALL hoping Wolf would turn it around, go in different directions. Nah, cops still getting shot, Mob Wars all over, Illegal Drugs in a "panic room"-- Sam will be bound/gagged soon.  Carly running around like a banshee. Liz in "danger"-- it's like GH doesn't know HOW to write for intelligent women without having them in PERIL!!!

CASTING better bring it. And do a HELL OF A BETTER job than they have with "Dolores"!! (Good GOD--she's awful).  I certainly won't hold anything against the new girl but she'd better knock my socks off. There's a NuDoc coming too--and don't forget the Gothic "Lady In White". I'm also hoping Kirsten Storms makes it back. GH isn't going to look anything like GH in a bit.

On to the usual Rotation of the week-- even though my heart isn't in it.

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  I'm going with Ethan and Lucky's talk about Wyndemere an cracking jokes about Helena. It was a natural, good feeling scene. Nathan Parsons contines to impress me with his ease in the role. It was one time Lucky wasn't crying his face off or on the floor looking for pills. 

NOT SCENE OF THE WEEK:  That Panic Room Sheeze.  I get that Shawn is "hot" and he and Carly might "do it" but for them to be stuck that long, talking about nothing was really a bore. 

PS: from Daytime Confidential:
On a positive note, Lexi went on to tweet she's booked a movie role opposite soap alums Eric Roberts and Vivica A. Fox. The flick is called So This Is Christmas and Roberts and Fox will portray her dad and stepmom 

By the way, I'm probably going to be more of a bitch on this show this week, so beware. LOL The Blog may not be for the faint of heart.


Anonymous said...

First of all i agree that A.L is a good actress.But she is not a fan favorite.It was fans who wrote in and asked for the recast.I know this because i have seen a lot of threads on different M.B's asking for Kristina to be recast,specifically is a thread that was posted MONTHS ago there with the title "FIRE Lexi Ainsworth and recast Kristina".I think it is sad because she is a good actress but i think this will actually help her because now she will be able to go out and get parts in movies and primetime.Most of the time when actors stay on soaps too long they can not get roles outside of soaps so i think this is a blessing for A.L.

kdmask said...

thanks for the comment, but I totally disagree. Don't think fans had a lot to do with it...they never do.

Anonymous said...

You could be right but i have seen alot of nasty stuff posted about all of my favorites (JMB,B.B,Kemo)but never once have i ever seen a thread specifically asking for any of the actors to be fired and the role to be recast.The thread i saw asking for Lexi to be fired and for Kristina to be recast (that is the title) is at and it has been there for months and has not been deleted.

Anonymous said...

Let me correct my earlier post.I just went to and the thread title says "Bump if you hate Kristina and you want her recast". It did not say fire Lexi.Sorry for the mistake.But i still have never seen a thread on a mb ask for a character to be recast.Usually fans do not want to see characters recast.

My2Cents2 said...

Not sure I agree fans wrote in.
How many fans could there be for this show?? Few.

AL being fired is the needle in the coffin. How many characters have we lost this year??
And out of the ones who have stayed with the show, they are not the same people we have learned to love/hate throughout the years.
Their personality's are different.
Except Sonny.
Nothing changes for him.

It seems that Mr Wolf/Guza is looking to bring change to the show.
Congrats, they most certainly are doing that.
However, NOT in a positive way.

Anonymous said...

I must be over this show after 30 years because I just don't care that they have fired LA. I have no reaction. I was angry when they fired Becky but this nothing. Apparently they had already succeeded in driving me away.

My2Cents2 said...

And I was angry when they let Jax go.
Still angry they aren't using the talented NLG.
Angry about the writing.

Anonymous said...

With all the unfortunate changes happening with this show over the few years, I have resigned myself to the fact that this is GH's last year on air. It is truly the end of an era. I had hoped that with some writing changes and a possible return to core character arc's fans might get something exciting to watch before it all goes up in flames, but alas it seems that will not happen.

So far, Wolf sucks! Good Luck to Lexi in the future.

Anonymous said...

I have already been driven away. The writing has been horrible. These new actors/actresses are not good. honestly I couldn't care less about any of these storylines. I admit I was a angry about Beckys firing and when they killed off Jake with Luke as the driver. That is when I stopped watching. At that point, I knew the writing was on the wall. GH is not what it used to be. Honestly not sure why Becky was kept as they do not really use her in any worthy stories. If they wanted to fix the problem, we would still see Monica, Edward, Bobbie, Jax, Nicolas...everything is all over the place on GH at the moment. I'm sad because GH was my favorite of the 3 soaps for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

I'll try a positive--she's a good actress and sounds like she is on her way to a much fuller career. GH is on its last legs and no amt. of casting, recasting or moving couples around isn't going to change that outcome.
My druthers would have been put her with someone closer to her age (on the show) who looks 19-20. She's cute with Ethan but he really looks much older than she does IMO. I guess looks are everything.

Carrie said...

I'm still furious! I haven't shipped for a couple since SkyLo for goodness sakes and we all witness the utter demise of that. This is worse! ARGH! And I literally only watch the Davis' and Scrubs and FF through everything else (I watch the Monica and Edward but that's like minutes). Now the Davis' are dead. I wonder if they'll fire NLG.

Anonymous said...

Laughable. I know the haters would like to take credit for Lexi's firing via their pathetic little hate threads on ABC, SOC, etc., but the tiny number of haters did not get LA fired. Jill Pharen Phelps did. They clearly don't listen to fans, or they would have kept LA as Kristina and written a real relationship with Ethan instead of the stupid crush. Droves of fans were writing and calling in for them to do so. Jill decided SHE wanted someone busty, etc., which is reprehensible. After all, what SHE wants is more important, not what the fans want. They totally ignored viewers, as usual. Lexi and Ethina WERE fan favorites, contrary to the wishes and hopes of haters, as evidenced by the many fans writing in their anger, sorrow and disgust about this situation. I hope the haters don't kid themselves or pat themselves on the back that they got Lexi fired. That would be delusional. Sorry for whatever she did to them - after all, GH is real life and Lexi totally made it personal against them. I guess they'll next gun for whoever is cast opposite Ethan, now, too - unless she looks "different" enough for them. I hope they enjoy what little time GH has left on screen. It ain't gonna be much and it's not gonna be pretty.

My2Cents2 said...

I am wondering why NLG hasn't been fired either.
When was the last time she had a storyline??

The end of an era is coming, and the writers can't even show us faithful followers some respect.

Anonymous said...

IMO there is only 1 reason why GH would let go an actress nominated for an Emmy just a few months ago: They want GH cancelled. There is NO reason other than the TPTB want GH to fail.

While I am not a fan of the Davis girls, I know Lexi is a damn good actress. I don't think GH is standing on its last legs. I think its already done for.

My2Cents2 said...

You are correct Anon.
GH is done.

Anonymous said...

Lexi is a recast. Soap teenagers are recast all the time. I'm not a Kristina fan. From various message boards I wouldn't say that I'm in the minority either.

The problem with Kristina was that she should of been in a teen scene. Instead they had her exclusively acting with adults. It was ludicrous to see her in her school uniform flirty with grown men, talking about her curfew, complaining about her daddy and assorted teenage babble. It made no sense for this very immature and bratty teenager to interact with adult men in their mid to late twenties (Ethan and Johnny).

Kristina has the looks and maturity of a fourteen year old. This is obviously not the direction tptb want for the character. So they recast. *Shrugs*.

sonya said...

Karen says I'm probably going to be more of a bitch on this show this week, so beware. LOL

Anonymous said...

Kristina is far from a fan favorite. She is a polarizing character. Yes some people love her. But the same amount of people hate the character. And then of course their are those who couldn't care less about the character. Ditto for her interactions with Ethan.

Losing Jax and Nikolas was a blow to the show. Kristina doesn't even register. She wasn't part of one of the most successful triangle sin daytime (Jax,Brenda,Sonny) or one of GH's most popular young couples (Emily and Nicholas). Kristina is a typical teenage soap brat with daddy issues. They are a dime a dozen.

I wish Lexi well. But Kristina was a waste of airtime.

My2Cents2 said...

'Karen says I'm probably going to be more of a bitch on this show this week, so beware. LOL'
This should be the BEST part of GH this week! Can't wait!!!!

Unknown said...

I am one of the "tiny" minority who believe Lexi looks about 14 and Nathan about 28. It's not a matter of them only being 4 years apart IRL.

Lexi is a wonderful actress (and I love Nathan) but I never saw them as a couple. She always seemed like a kid with a crush to me.

That said, I don't like recasts (nuKate, case in point). I just wish they wrote the stories to fit the actors they currently have (and the fans enjoy) rather than changing the cast to fit the story.

Anonymous said...

Kristina/Ethina ARE/WERE fan favorites. Don't kid yourselves, haters. LOL

Anonymous said...

I thought Ethan and Kristina were lovely together and I wanted to see more done with them. I am very saddened. I won't be watching GH anymore. I've had enough with Ingo, Tyler and now Lexi being fired.

Unknown said...

I'm definitely not a "hater". In fact I hate the term hater. Just because we don't agree, doesn't mean I hate the actor or character.

I don't have a dog in any of these races, I have no favorite couples, characters, etc. It's always about the storyline for me.

Lexi unfortunately looks 14. She shouldn't have been portrayed as a school girl on the prowl for men. I understand why they wanted Sonny to go ballistic about her choices but they shouldn't have made it about older men.

Anonymous said...

Ok folks as a watcher of the show since the early 70's I cannot understand why you care so much about a winey character like Kristina, we have watched TPTB ruin our beloved longtime characters, Luke, Bobby, Edward, and so on...I'm more worried that JJ is leaving, and that Jax is gone, Edward might die, and let’s not forget Bobby is missing… jeeze.....I don't get you guys at all.

Anonymous said...

Uknown said it all...

Anonymous said...

The word 'HATERS' on this forum comes from ONE person.
Shows you their age! (wink)
Just because one doesn't agree, doesn't make them a 'Hater'!! It makes them 'entitled' to their opinion. Which we are all entitled to here.
GROW UP!!!!!!

Is this really about AL (Krissy) or is it about the terrible changes happening at GH with the characters leaving and the poor writing?? I think its more about the terrible writing and recasts.

To the person who uses the word 'haters'... really, GROW UP!

My2Cents2 said...

Ditto Unknown......

Anonymous said...

Lexi is a talented actress and GH is going to be very sorry for letting her go. Lexi is more than capable of handling anything the writers could cook up and instead of giving her a chance and writing something for her worthwhile they gave up on the actress. Make no mistake the fan base knows she was let go because of her looks. One thing is clear to me now is that JFP,GW,and BF don't care about the fans and what we want. These sneaky bastards lied to us knowing they had already let Lexi go and than ask her to keep it quiet but yet they still want us to support the show I want support GH any longer I'm done with this show.

Anonymous said...

I care about Lexi/Kristina because I do. I don't know why anyone feels they have the right to question why I or anyone else should like her. We have that right and we're upset about what they did to her. Talk about needing to "grow up"...

GH Fans Unite said...

Lexi Ainsworth is an Emmy-nominated actress who did not deserve to be fired. It was an executive decision to fire her AND then ask her to keep it quiet until now. The issues at General Hospital and ABC/Disney are what we, as fans, should be concerned with. We should focus our efforts on voicing our opinions to these executives (Ann Sweeney, Brian Frons, Jill Farren Phelps) and make it clear we will not support programming of any kind when the actors are treated in such a manner and the fans are blatantly ignored.

Thank you for always being fair to Lexi :-)

My2Cents2 said...

I don't believe anyone is questioning anyone for liking/disliking a character on here.

The problem is, if you don't agree with something, that doesn't make you a 'hater' of that character.
To use the word 'hater' because someone doesn't agree with you, I must agree with, it is immature.

For me, I don't care one way or the other. I would rather see Jax come back. Mention Bobbie. See more Monica. Nik. Give our 2 leading ladies are GOOD STORY.
This last incident, firing a well liked character was just another move on poor judgemet with this show.
Along with starting up yet another storyline about Sonny and his past and his women.
There is so much talent on this show, and they ALL are being written into the ground.

Hell...I would want to leave if I could. Who wants to be part of a sinking ship when you have your whole life ahead of you?
Doesn't mean anyone HATES Krissy.

Anonymous said...

Parsing the word and meaning of "hater"? Calling people "immature"? Really? I guess I'm a "lover" then. I loved Lexi, I loved Kristina and I loved Ethina. I didn't give a rat's ass how old either of them were or how they looked, the chemistry sold them for me, and TPTB have destroyed it. Tells me what they think of me and my viewership. I don't know if I'll be able to watch Ethina 2.0. Maybe instead I'll help TPTB at ABC/GH in their quest to destroy themselves by not watching at all anymore. I have better things I can be doing with that hour of my life.

Kelly said...

Love Lexi Ainsworth. She is a favorite of this fan. Also it's kinda disgusting that a talented actress is let go cause she looks her age. Spinelli,Lucky,Robin all look like teens yet they run around with mobsters,as cops and doctors. And the character is still suppose to be 19. So what if a chick looks 25 but is fifteen it's ok to have adult romance. It belows. Bring Lexi back. It's shame Lexi as Kristina made ethan likeable for me. But it's probable better for Lexi to go now. The writing remains dark, sleazy, sexist and dull. No changes and the editing and pacing is terrible. It's clear no one at abc cares about writing quality or saving shows. I'll watch Agnes Nixon and Prospect Park's AMC online.

LindaV said...

Tremendously disappointed that GH is deteriorating so quickly. I thought the Davis girls/mom relationship was the best one on the show, but Lexie was fired simply because of youthful looks and no one was willing to write her another teen-oriented storyline. Shame on them. I hope she goes far beyond this in her career.

Anonymous said...

I have better things I can be doing with that hour of my life.

Why do I think you will be right back on here tomorrow??

kdmask said...

Ok--look, I think people aren't GETTING MY ANGER over this. First of all, I HAVE written similar blogs about a lot firings and recastings, it's not my FIRST.
Secondly, I think it's laughable they fire a girl for looking "too young" when they go and hire a woman 10 years younger to REPLACE an actress who was working with an actor about her age (Kate). I guess when you get older, they want you to look younger so no one knows HOW old anyone is anymore.
Third, I am on twitter EVERY DAY. I am on facebook a LOT I see what people are saying about Ethina. I'm not putting that out of my nether regions. They are popular.
Lexi is popular as an actress. I'm stating that on my OBSERVATIONS.

With all the crap about body issues in the world, firing someone on LOOKS this late in GH's game is stupid, imo. GH is not going to be around long. Leave it alone.

Lastly, as someone that saw Genie play against Tony (and she did look young we were just younger then and thought she looked older, imo) was magic. Robin and Jason. on an on..
they didn't even really try.

I'm just sad that a talent was let go in favor of writing a story about two GUYS fighting over a "mob daughter"-- one who's older than her by a LOT.

Just pisses me off to no end.
can you tell?

My2Cents2 said...

And Karen....are you writing to tptb in regards to your anger?
I know I am. Almost daily.

All I want, is some good material this last year of GH. I believe, as a long time viewer tptb owes it to us fans of this show for decades, a descent 'send off'.

I DO believe they read the emails, the letters & the phone calls!!

Brender said...

I think Lexi is a good actress and could play Kristina well...IF the storyline would let her. The direction they are going in makes it to where they need an older Kristina, or one that looks older. The writers are the ones that wrote Lexi to be younger. They had her be bratty and act like a child, so some of us saw her as childlike. I can't see her any other way now.
I have never been an Ethan fan, so I don't see these kids together. Too bad there aren't younger kids around for the Davis girls to interact with. They killed them all with hit and runs and bus crashes....

Anonymous said...

You GO, Karen! lol :-)

Desiree said...

I will no longer be watching GH due to Lexi's firing. It was the last straw for me. I"ve been watching 30 years and I"ve watched the women on this show deteriorate into nothing more than props for mobsters and criminals. When GH announced that Lexi would be used for a domestic violence story, I was hopeful that women would start to be featured in their own stories and has strong capable characters in their own right. I was floored when her story became about Sonny's abuse, but kept watching because I believed in the chemistry between her and Nathan. I thought it was way too good for TPTB to pass on. Surely, they knew what they had. Clearly, they did not. For the last year, we have seen cute little scenes a few times a week that gradually became 30 second snipets to almost nothing. The writing for them was never consistent, one week Ethan appeared to be into Kristina, the next not so much. One week she was building a friendship, the next she was acting out a ridiculous crush. GH had an opportunity to write out an amazing Coming of Age love story-her youthful looks would only accentuate her innocence and ability to unconditionally love Ethan regardless of his conman ways in ways an older more experienced woman could never accept him. And Ethan's more worldly view of the world would have accentuated his protectiveness and nurturing side. Here is a man used to older more experienced woman finding himself head over heels in love with a young innocent woman whose unbridled love wins his heart in spite of his best attempts to protect his heart after years of being alone and hurt. It could have been amazing but GH passed. Instead they decided viewers needed a bustier older Kristina I guess because what this show needs is more violence and gratuitous sex! Who needs romance or true love in the afternoon? Funny 30 yrs ago, GH was saved from extinction because Monty had the foresight to see what women wanted to see was true love and romance, enduring relationships and family. For all those that say Kristina needs to be sexy, my response is this: I am sure Luke and Laura had sex scenes, but to be perfectly honest, I don't remember any other than the rape and that was hardly a sexy GH moment. Sex was never what was magical about Luke and Laura. It was their chemistry, good writing, and the bond between them that trumped viewers need to see them rolling around in bed.

Anonymous said...

I feel really bad for fans of Kristina and Ethan. This show does nothing but disappoint. As a Matt/Maxie fan I know this all too well.

Love4dogs said...

Not to mention the fact that even Brenda, of late, talked about how when she fell in love with Sonny *she* was a teenager!! She was in high school for crying out loud.

I'm really disappointed that Lexi is gone. She was so great during the abuse story line. She obviously has the acting chops.

My2Cents2 said...

I'm not a Ethan/Krissy couple fan.
I feel bad for whomever loses their job though.
They could have put Kristina in another storyline, not revolving around Ethan.
They chose not to.
They want women between 25-33.
Sexy looking. And nothing less.
That is why we don't see Alexis or Carly, or Monica & Bobbie in a major storyline anylonger.
Or Robin for that matter.

Talent is 2nd on this nasty written show.
Looks and age are first.

Here goes another email from me to Anne

Anonymous said...

I'm sickened and heartbroken, if you can feel that way about a fictional character and couple. I FFed through everything but Ethan and Kristina scenes and the Davis family scenes. This was the last kick in the teeth for me as a viewer. After the firing of good, long-term actors and keeping bad newbies and not taking advantage of great chemistry between actors to write great stories, I have taken GH off my DVR. I've had enough.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...

This should be the BEST part of GH this week! Can't wait!!!!
Hahaha yeah!!! It should be!!! GO KAREN GO! :)

Anonymous said...

Lexie was written poorly, great actress terrible charater. Spoiled whinney I really did not enjoy her with anyone.

Anonymous said...

Lexi was good playing a spoiled brat. Her adolescent crush on Ethan was cringe worthy at times.

Kristina isn't a well developed character. She has an unrequited crush on Ethan and a love/ hate relationship with her father. That's about it!

I understand the writers taking the character in another direction. And no I can't imagine LA in a mature/adult storyline. Just can't!!

Anonymous said...

Characters are recasted all the time I don't see why everyone is acting as if this is some crime against LA. It is sad when anyone lose their job but I have been watching GH for years and I have seen them come and go I will not even bother running down a list. I don't belive for one minute that her being fired has anything to do with some posting on a forum. You will always have some fans that like an actor and some that don't but I seriously doubt one or the other can have someone fired or hired. If the writers are looking to take Kristina's character in a different direction and they feel the current actor does not fit the character they have every right to replace with someone who does. Yeah you will have fans that don't like and some that will. I think it is rediculous how people are trying to make it out to be a personal venddetta againt LA

My2Cents2 said...

This should be the BEST part of GH this week! Can't wait!!!!
Hahaha yeah!!! It should be!!! GO KAREN GO! :)

Karen...Love your posts, love how 'great minds think alike' as well!

kdmask said...

People are 'making a big deal out of this' because it hits home how STUPID the land of Hollyweird is. Young Girls need to look older. Older women need to look younger. Why? cause that's how men see them.
Whatever. When it's one of YOUR faves getting recasted, then talk to me.
I can be a bitch if I want about this.
No one knows better than I about recasts and "it happens all the time". (which, btw is NOT TRUE)-- I've watched soaps since the '70's.
It still sucks when someone can get fired on their looks and not talent or lack there of.
And I'm sayin so

Anonymous said...

I want Lexi back and I want my Davis Girls and Ethan/Kristina back and I want things to more forward with them. I don't have to explain my wishes or likes or dislikes to anyone. And I don't have to settle for recasts, either.

Anonymous said...

Hey all and Karen Alfred here has anyone checked out the rumorville section on generalhospitalhappenings there is a person coming to play a part called Gina or it could be a smoke screen for the person playing the new Kristina you might want to check it out and see.

Rita pita said...

Kristina didn't go after "men" she went after one man, Ethan. Her liking Johnny was a plan to piss off Sonny, and nothing more. I feel this is our loss. Most women on soaps are spoiled. Carly may be the biggest of all. Bobbie, Erica Kane, Laura all started the same way.

Some of the below the belt suff people are writing of course are signed by "unknown" or "anons"

I stand by many things and always sign a name, it's called integrity.

My2Cents2 said...

Rita Pita:'I stand by many things and always sign a name, it's called integrity.'
Clapping! Nicely said!!

Lissette said...

I adore Lexi and and cannot believe that GH let her go. The problem with Kristina wasn't Lexi, it was the writing. Lexi had chemistry with everyone she worked with. I liked the idea of an Ethina pairing - but in all honesty, it wasnt being written the way it could have been and I prefer them to have stayed as best friends only if it meant that Lexi could stay on.

They should have had Kristina go through a real love story after being abused by Keifer and they should have explored college life/a career as well. They also never really explored the fact that she is also a Cassadine - instead they let it be all about the mob and Sonny (what a shocker!).

I don't want a recast of Kristina - to me Lexi was Kristina and an integral part of the "Davis Girls". I am sad to see her go & I hope (although I know it probably wont happen) that we somehow get her back on our screens with a fantastic story to boot!

My2Cents2 said...

I thought Gino, the BIG MOB BOSS was dead??
Why would Gina want a 'hit' on him?

Confused. Gino alive or dead??

My2Cents2 said...


10/18 Spinelli prepares a picnic for Maxie,
Lulu can't fight the temptation to drink.
Lisa is back in action.

10/21 Lisa is ready to rock Robin and Patrick's world.
Jason and Sam face off with Carly and Shawn.
Jason and Carly get into a fight.
According to Sean Blakemore, Shawn and Jason will have some guy time together in dealing with Franco. "There's a "windstorm coming regarding how these people are going to deal with this messy situation."

Steve makes an announcement which upsets Robin.

Kate heads over to Jake's.

Liz and Matt grow closer.
Everyone is excited about Matt’s celebration.

Lisa makes her move.

Lulu is overwhelmed.

Kate trounces into Jake’s.

Elizabeth finds herself in a precarious position.

Lisa surprises Robin and Patrick.
Lives are at stake as Lisa takes Port Charles by storm, again.

Sonny won’t stand for Kate’s attitude.

Maxie "fishes out" Anthony Z.

Spinelli sees a light at Wyndemere
Is it to premature to say the week after next looks good??

kdmask said...

Gino Soriel is dead..or should be dead instead (you know soaps). I hear GINA is a legit character, not a Krissy smokescreen. but I've been wrong before

My2Cents2 said...

Thank You Karen. I thought he was dead. That is why when I watched the video I was confused who the girl was talking about.
Sounded like Gino. Yet he is dead. Supposingly.

PS... SPOILERS came from GHHappenings

Anonymous said...

@kdmask... I have been watching soaps since the 70's too and recast happens This is a list of characters that have been played by different actors so don't say it Not true that characters on soaps are not recasted all the time.
List of all soaps at this website
Recast from GH below
Carly Benson played by Sarah Brown (1996–2001); Tamara Braun (2001–2005); Jennifer Bransford (2005); Laura Wright (2005–present)
Nikolas Cassadine
played by Tyler Christopher (1996–1999, 2003–2011); Stephen Martines (1999–2003)
A.J. Quartermaine
played by Sean Kanan (1993–1997); Billy Warlock (1997–2003, 2005)
Emily Bowen-Quartermaine
played by Amber Tamblyn (1995–2001); Natalia Livingston (2003–2008)
Lucky Spencer
played by Jonathan Jackson (1993–1999, 2009–present); Jacob Young (2000–2003); Greg Vaughan (2003–2009)
Justus Ward
played by Joseph C. Phillips (1994–1998); Monti Sharp (1998–1999); M'fundo Morrison (2003–2006)
Edward Quartermaine
played by David Lewis (1978–1993); John Ingle (1993–2004, 2006–present); Jed Allan (2004–2006)
Jerry Jacks
played by Julian Stone (1998–1999); Sebastian Roche (2007–2008, 2009, 2010)
Michael Corinthos
played by Dylan Cash (2002–2008); Drew Garrett (2009–2010);Chad Duell(2010–Present)

It happens it's just too bad when someone is fired but it happens

My2Cents2 said...

Personally, if written correctly, I am looking forward to the new Dr coming to Pt Chuckles. As well as the Steve storyline.
Lisa as well.
Lulu drinking storyline.
Robin & Patrick
Could care less about Gina mob boss daddy girl.
Women in white. (Solan)
Anything that has to do with Wyndemere unless Nik is involved.

Jason & his new bff Shawn

My2Cents2 said...
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Susan said...

Like so many that I have talked to in the last 8 months, I became a Ethina shipper quite by accident. I had not watched GH in years and happen to see a preview for the Sonny/Brenda wedding so decided to put Gh on the dvr. I had no idea who Ethan or Kristina were the first time I saw them on the screen and kind of dismissed them individually. Then one day I watched an epi where they were together and I was shocked at their natural chemistry. Having watched the original super couple in the making, Luke and Laura, I could not help but have the same viseral reaction to K and Nate. Like Karen said, w/ LL it had nothing to do with sex, it was their chemistry together that made me love them. As like Karen, I remember so much about LL's story but for the life of me can not remember any of their love scenes.

I too am just scathingly anger at the idea that this actress would be let go because someone believes that she is not sexy enough to play a charecter that is her own age...
For those who are confused and point to the "recasting happens all the time" reasoning to excuse what was done to this actress, let me clear it up for you...what they did and why they did it is just plain sexist and wrong and sends a bad message to both young and older women alike. I for one could have watched K and Ethan fall in love and not given a second thought to Lexi's small frame. It's called acting.

GH has been deleted from my DVR with no regrets.

cyndib said...

I don't think anyone in charge of GH really gives a damn what fans think about anything. If they did, the entire show would be completely different. The cops would be heroes, except for the occasional bad apple for an interesting good cop/bad cop story. Sonny would have sailed off to his island years ago or died in a hail of bullets. Jason would have been more Q like after a time and working for ELQ. We never would have had the history rewrites of the Luke and Laura story or the decimation of each and every family in Port Charles. There is absolutely no respect for this show's history, it's fans or it's actors except for the chosen few. That's why I don't watch any more. I do read here because I like Karen and the way she writes and because part of me is so stubborn that I can't give up the small hope that some day a miracle will have happened and GH will return to being a story driven soap that will be entertaining again. Every time I see another picture of Laura Wright doing one of her SnarlyCarly faces I know that time hasn't come yet. I sincerely hope Bob Guza et al wind up in an unemployment line tomorrow. They don't deserve the responsibility they have.

Anonymous said...

I am a long time GH fan back from Luke and Laura days!! If you watched it back them Laura WAS WAY TO YOUNG for Luke! Whats the difference! The whole point of this relationship being a no, no is because of age! Why change the charecters! So many people have been axed why recast the only ones left we know! I had such high hopes like everyone else and all I find myself doing is ff the whole show! So sad! The "new Kate" Is way to young! I hope they do not make her Dante's bio mother! That has to be the stupidest idea! Along side the "who's your daddy?" if Franco rapes Sam and she's pregnant! I have to say I am preparing myself for the end of GH cause clearly they are not getting any better!!! :(

Anonymous said...

Whether a fan of Kristina or not, Lexi's firing sucks. Example, I hate Carly, nut love Laura Wright.

GHfan060 said...

I am going to try this again.

TPTB wants the fans to watch General Hospital either live or DVR and if we watch on DVR not to fast forward the commercial. Now what have they done to please the fans. Sure the JaSam fans couple finally got married the liason fans had a NOP (night of Passion) and out of that little reunion baby Jake was created, but earlier this year you killed off the liason baby and for what. So that's one fanbase who have lost hope. Now you have disappointed a growing fanbase because since the latter part of 2009 you have shown us the growing friendship of Ethan and Kristina, sure Ethan is an adult in his mid 20's (25 or 26) and she was only sixteen starting to crush on him. Sure she had a boyfriend but he was abusive and he talked/forced her into having sex with him before she was to have an older man to show some kindness and interest who could blame her for crushing. Then afterwards we start seeing small inklings that his feelings were changing but was in denial. His best friend (Johnny) even notices that he cares for her more than he would admit. So what do you do fire half that couple, just because maybe she couldn't handle the adult role.
TPTB needs to give a lot more before they start begging us to do what we can to save General Hospital.

My2Cents2 said...


My2Cents2 said...

The fact that Jason married Sam has nothing to do with the disaster of what is happening at GH.

Jax is gone.
Carly is being written HORRIBLY!
Michael is being written HORRIBLY!
Sonny & Kate PartII
Sonny's past. Part 12
No Alexis in a storyline.
Goofie Spinelli
Patrick & Robin. SNOOZE
Lucky. Crybaby
Luke. Creep
Mob Mob Mob And more Mob

Too many holes in scenes.
Is there even a storyline going on?
Sorry, but you can't point the finger and once again blame JaSam on the demise of this show.

Now I am done with this thread!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes there have been re-casts, as shown by the list by Anon 7:22. But if you really look at the list, many of the re-casts were because the actor playing the part choose to leave, so the show HAD to re-cast to keep the character.

And with three of the characters (Lucky,Nikolas, and Edward) the last re-cast was because a previous actor returned. Sebastian Roche became Jerry not because they re-cast Julian, but because TPTB decided they wanted to keep Sebastian, and had to figure out someone for him to be. I don't believe for a minute he was Jerry when he came on the show. That was decided much later.

About the only one who was re-cast for age reasons, other than possibly nuKate, was Michael when Dylan Cash was let go.

But both Sebastian and Dylan's situations show two sides of the real problem with Lexi's firing. First, the writers love to squeeze characters into the situations they write, not write for the character. Jerry was a scoundrel, but he was never the sociopath Jerry became. What benefitted the character as we knew him was ignored for being able to write the story, throwing in whoever was picked and changing them to "fit".

And as shown with Dylan,they don't know how to write storylines for the cast as they are. SORASing the kids is handy, but it's also lazy. Just hiring an actress who looks older is not going to solve the problem (if you see it as one) of Kristina being younger than Ethan or Johnny. If the character remains 18 or 19, no matter who plays her or how old they look, she's still too young. So when they change the actress, it stands to reason they have to age the character too (a la Lulu and Tony's little wink to the audience the first time he saw Julie in the role, about her seeming to grow up overnight). Only if the character is aged is there even a possibility Kristina is not too young. So it again comes down to squeezing characters into situations they are not right for, and the GH solution is to change the portrayer to fit the story. Again, laziness by the writers. But if Kristina is aged, they are going to take away one of Sonny's favorite lines, so what's he going to use now, LOL?

It also makes me laugh when the old line about there being "no more story" for a character is trotted out when an actor is let go. What they are really saying is they don't have the talent or imagination to write something new. Of course we see that on GH over and over when stories are continuosly rehashed.

Really what the Lexi situation boils down to is a problem with the writers, not the cast. GH chooses to change the actor, rather than using the acting talent they have. As much as I feel bad for Lexi, most of my disappointment with this change (as well as losing Ingo, Tyler and Megan recently) is the lack of good writing. That's what's ultimately going to kill this show.If there were even a few interesting stories going on, TPTB would not need to play these "square peg in a round hole" games.

Anonymous said...

That first picture of Nathan and Lexi makes me incredibly sad *sob*

I officially hate General hospital. I am now rooting for it to be canceled.

There is absolutely NO justification when someone with Lexi's talent is fired. Please. Who are we kidding. The girl was a powerhouse, high caliber actress. Her chemistry with Nathan Parsons was ridiculously good. Too good.

They could have given Nathan, Lexi and Brandon some great material because Lexi had chemistry with BOTH. The "age" and "flat chest" issue is BOLLOCKS and UTTER CRAP.

I purely believe someone is out there to sabotage our soaps.

kdmask said...

BULLOCKS? LOL are you British??!! :)
My hub is