Monday, October 10, 2011

Monkey Wenches To the Left!!

I'm going to say it again, if I didn't love and care about GH, I wouldn't be so pissy about the show! I'd NOT CARE!! I'm also passionate about the actors because I think GH is a family and I do feel some loyalty to them. Rare in this day in age when sports people are traded left and right and nothing lasts past a few weeks. USED to be though, things were a somewhat constant. Back in the dinosaur days. 
So, if I'm angry, I'm saying it. If I think GH is being written into the ground, I'm going to say that too. I GET that ratings have to go up to keep the show on the air but I'm not doing it at the expense of the truth. Don't let those asses there get away with being Lazy. 

That said,  if you don't want my thoughts on the show, this is the wrong blog for you. There are plenty of sites that REPORT the FACTS of GH. is one. They give you the facts and nothing else. They hype the show no matter if it's great or crap. I believe in rewarding great stuff (OLTL) and trying to get people to listen about how to make things better. The site has news/spoilers, that's it. None of my mouthy chat.

GH looks nothing like the show we used to know. If you watched the finale of AMC it was hugely history rich. OLTL is using history left and right. GH has no HISTORY LEFT.  Guza blew it to bits.  It's a shell of a show that's limping on it's last legs.  They don't listen to the fans, they certainly don't listen to the ratings. I'm obviously not the only one feeling this way or the numbers and buzz would reflect it.   Getting rid of key actors in such a short time doesn't help.

That's all. I don't mind people not agreeing with me, but I do mind people saying I don't care about the show. That's so not true.


Carrie said...

I LOVE that picture! Oh those were the days!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture. GH at its best.miss, faith roscoe. best female villan. cast and writing at its best back then.

kdmask said...

that was 2003, can you believe it??

Loren said...

Just wanted to say I love your blog! You are always right on target, GH is digging itself an early grave with these storylines. I read wub tub everyday if I don't get to watch, or don't even feel like watching GH. Thanks for telling it how it is and making us laugh while doing it!

My2Cents2 said...

Another great article from you.

My only disagreement with what you posted, is when Guza was fired, and Wolf was brought on, we were PROMISED the past along with history. THAT is what bothers me.
He publically made promises to the viewers, even as far as telling us some future storylines, and he has fallen short. He has been on board long enough to fix some of the problems Guza made. He has made them worse instead.

He could have hired back key players for this final year. Instead he brings on people who we could care less about.
We have no history with these people. We want history. We want closures. We are getting nothing but new characters, more mob, and lousy writing.
Can't blame it all on Guza.

I hold Mr Wolf responsible. He needs to keep his mouth shut instead of raising our hopes and believing in him. Which I no longer do.

mindymoe said...

WOW! That pic is from 2003? That wasn't that long ago. Out of the 7 actors, we only really see 1 (sonny on our screen) They only write for Sonny =(

I love your blog! I can't stomach GH right now, but I come to your site everyday. I believe that you love this show and only want to see it back to the kick ass show it used to be! I cross my fingers that someone will save GH fast!

kdmask said...

I agree on the Wolf thing-- I tried to give him the benefit-- gave him a "honeymoon" period and what.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how anyone would presume to say you don't care about this show. I think it is evident in all your great articles. I personally agree with just about everything you say. Thank you for taking the time to write this blog, so that I able to visit it, a few times a day.

2little2late said...

I agree! GW has done NOTHING to better the show. GH is doomed. There is no going back. Guza has done irreversible damage that GW is perpetuating.

My2Cents2 said...

The honeymoon is over for GW.
He only dug the hole deeper for this show. Whether he meant to or not, the state of this show is not looking good.
Now when PP took over the other shows, was GH in that contract??
I find it hard to believe it wasn't.
However, who would want such garbage?

Lori said...

Right now I really think that OLTL is writing a love letter to the fans. I've watched both OLTL and GH my whole life (42 years) along with my mom. It thrills me to no end to see the old clips and for them to bring back past fan favorites to tie up old storylines. While ABC doesn't care about the fans it is very clear that Carlivati and OLTL cares. Do I think we will see this same kind of care when GH goes out? No and I won't be holding my breath waiting for it either... sad

Bren said...


I love coming here. I like that you give your opinion and give it honestly.

I've thought for a long time now that GH has been wanting this show to fail. Unless they are all total morons what else could it be? They see the ratings. They hear all the complaints and it's all over the Internet....I never see positive comments about the quality of this show anymore.

I feel really bad for the actors because GH has always had the best across the board. So many of them are gone by one they've been kicked to the curb. It must be difficult for those remaining to go to work in that environment. Stressful...wondering who's next.

The firing of Becky and then rehiring her with their damned tail between their legs just shows how out of touch Fronsie and Co. are with their viewers! Idiots!! I'd like to really know who made that decision and WHY!

Wolf has done nothing to make viewers want to tune back
in. If I didn't know any better I would think it's still Guza writing the show.

This post was all over the place. LOL. It's Monday!

My2Cents2 said...

Lori such a sweet post.
OLTL IMO is showing such respect to those of us who have been with the show for as many years as we have been.
I have to salute them for that.

Bren..Wouldn't abc want GH to succeed so PP would want them as well??
ABC is making $$ off these internet shows. Unless GH is a done deal already for PP, I don't get it. If they are a done deal, then they don't care what they put out there for us.
Which makes me HATE them. All the years I gave to this show....

One thing I want to add. I think and I have thought this for many years, that GH has the best actors on their show. They had a knack for picking casting.....
I do not blame the actors in the least.
It is all in the directing, writing and producing.
We have 2 choices.
Stop watching now, or keep watching it until it goes off 9/12.
I am going to keep watching until the end. Only out of habit.
Not because I believe its a good show.

Hope said...

Don't ever change!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and your opinions!

Anonymous said...

Love you and your opinions, Karen - keep it up!