Monday, October 3, 2011

I Got The Monday Mornin' Soapy Blues....

So I hope they can cheer me up!! One Life To Live did an ok job. Love Irene, she's Helena 2.0. I so wanted Jack to get blown up in that scene. DANG!! All I kept thinking of was: Where's David Vickers??!! That doggie is my highlight!
Jessic and the DNA results!! woot!! TODD shot Irene and I was so happy!! yeah!! It had to be done. Just had to be.  

Brianna Brown after running her marathon yesterday (See post below for details) 

There's Hawaii!!! Tiki torches, birds of paradise flowers-- Where's the pineapples?? You can so tell Jason's going to morph.  The eyeball, now Sam's being paranoid.  Sitting around on your honeymoon analyzing everything ?? Please. especially with that bod.

Carly in the panic room-- shouldn't she be freaking out?? Remember when she was in one with Ric? Geeshhhhhhhhh. Wouldn't you have a bunch of fun stuff in your panic room? Or even water? A bar? Something?? That was like a hovel! LOL

NuSKate on the roof-- how many times have you been on a hospital roof in your lifetime?? Raise your hand. Plus, they lock that door. LOL You'd think Olivia would have texted Sonny about Dante's LUNG Situation right after she found out.
Dante is lung Lobe-less!! 

Amanda Knox verdict was tense... wasn't it??! eeeeshsshhh. 



Anonymous said...

Soapzone gossip:
Gossip for the week of 03-Oct-2011

by Carol Banks Weber

The following is third-hand, so take it with a grain of salt: Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina) may or may not have let the cat out of the bag with a September 27th-ish tweet she intended as a DM, then had to delete because it was TMI. A couple fellow GH fans caught the tweet in action before the deletion and passed it around: "evidently I can't play my real age,Guess there's enough complaining about my under developed tits..." This led to tweets and an FB page by diehard fans trying to rectify her firing. Others informed me, from what they read and heard, that Brandon Barash (Johnny) may or may not have said he wasn’t interested in playing any love story or triangle with Ainsworth because she appeared so young on-screen.

Last week’s unfolding stories seem strongly headed for major revisionism, ala… Olivia is not Dante’s biological mother but covered for cousin Kate, so Kate could become a big fashionista in the big city. My question is: Why the hell do this without the original, capable Megan Ward? The current Abby lookalike is not cutting it. Word on the street is, maybe Ward copped some attitude at the studio, which I find impossible and refuse to believe.

Anonymous said...

OMG! SO not liking the new Kate. Just so disappinted that Brenda leaves and of course right away someone has to "save" Sonny. He can't just be alone for a while. No flashbacks of him and brenda to show the angst, nothing. Would have been more believable to be Carly or a one night stand turnwed into something with a newbie.

Anonymous said...

Been trying to figure out why I have lost interest in this show the last few weeks. I finally realized, it moves too slow. How many episodes have covered one single day? It seems every thing is being dragged out, and it gets tiring. If the pace was picked up, it would be an improvement.

I HOPE the rumor mentioned by Anon 4:34 is just that. Granted GH is not beyond revising something, but it would be beyond belief to think Olivia would have given up her whole life and be so devoted to Dante, just to let her cousin live her dream. Esp. a cousin who appareantly had nothing to do with her for years, then suddenly shows up. Why would Kate say several times the secret of Dante's paternity wasn't hers to tell? If Kate was Dante's mother, it would be her place, as much as Olivia's. Is this all so Kate has the place as his "one great love", since she would also then become the mother of his first born? Just curious, did we ever hear whether Olivia stayed in Bensonhurst during her pregnancy? If so, seems very unlikely Dante is not her kid.

Hope it isn't true about Lexi. I would hate to see the Davis girls split up with a re-cast.

Anonymous said...
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lisa said...

Lexi is 18 years old and will be 19 on October 28. Brandon is 31 years old and will be 32 tomorrow October 4th. I have to agree with Brandon, if he actually didn't want to play her love interest. Lexi still looks 13-15 years old. She is a good actress and they chose a good actress to play her sister, but they don't look far apart in age. I would like to see them bring an actor on that's close to her age to play her love interest and a good love story where she learns to be mature and not play games to force the guy to be with her. Ethan also looks to old for her.They bring on all sorts of dull new actors ( new cop, drug dealers etc.. ) but they can't bring an interesting new love interest for her.
I didn't watch GH today and won't for awhile as I don't find it intersting. I do love this blog.

Anonymous said...

Lexi is just fine in the role. Ethan and Kristina are great together. ♥

Love4dogs said...

The Lexi and Brandon age difference is similar to the Genie and Tony age difference. Not saying I want Lexi and Brandon together, just saying. :-)

I agree I am not enjoying the NuKate. Am I the only one who thinks NuKate, RentaMaxie and Abby look like sisters??

Karen, you just crack me up. I think that every time I see the roof scene. Who goes up there?? NO one is allowed, I'm sure. Authorized personnel only.

lisa said...

Sorry, It is not Lexi's acting ability that I am questioning. It is the pairing of her with men that are 10 years older than her when she is still a teenager. Please understand that. She and Ethan , in my opinion don't mesh, as well as her and Johnny ( GH was considering a triangle including johnny with her ). I think she should remain as Kristina but do not include johnny as her love interest. I don't buy johnny being romantically interested in her. I see both ethan and johnny with older women. I personally wouldn't watch her with johnny or ethan. I also understand that many of you on this site have no problem with teenagers dating thirty year olds, and you like krissy /ethan or krissy /johnny pairing.

Anonymous said...

I find the ethan/kristina pairing annoying because krissy is always playing games to get next to ethan. I find krissy to be annoying and spoiled. She does things without thinking about the consequences to ethan concerning her dad, sonny. She is almost always lying to be around ethan and this is annoying and dull to watch. I know GH will write the cliche of ethan finally realizing he has feelings for her and trying to be with her. Instead , I wish they would write the truth which is that he likes her as a friend and nothing more and let krissy not get her way. I know they will write krissy as getting her way just like sonny. The lesson: if you are of the corinthos clan, it doesn't matter if you lie or push to get your way as long as you get what you want. This is Guza and GW. Krissy/ethan fans , I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.

lisa said...

Genie looked older than lexie at that age, sorry. I looked at all those old scenes tonight with Laura and scott baldwin and laura an luke. Luke and Laura were a super couple and I don't see that with ethan and kristina or with any other couple. Again, Lexi is a good actress and I do hope she stays in the role. I agree with anon 7:28, that they will write the usual story of ethan falling for krissy. Krissy will get what she wants, like sonny, just as michael is following sonny's ways. They both act like their father in different ways.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any problem with Lexi, Kristina, Ethan, their ages, whatever. There have been other characters on the show paired with older males, and there wasn't a whisper. Why the double standard from some people now?

Anonymous said...

Ethan isn't 30 years old. Lexi is 19 this month and Nathan is 23, I believe. Just shocking. LOL

Anonymous said...

I know E & K have a lot of fans. I had no idea until recently.

My2Cents2 said...

Hah??? Dante is really Kate's kid?

I FF'd the entire show but watched the scenes in fast motion.

Jason & Sam are in Hawaii??
Why weren't they in swim clothes??
Why was she rolling her eyes out to space like she always does in her scenes with Jason?? (some things you can't miss even ffing)

Sonny on a rooftop with Kate. I bet they were talking about back in the 'day?? Bensonhurst..In reality, why would a classy women like Kate take back Sonny after he threw her under the bus??
Makes no sense. Then he slithered back to the skank Brenda. BELCH!
And Kate still cares about him???

FF thru my girl Carly and that Horndog Shawn-McGuyver.
They stuck some place together??
Go home Carly to Jos and take that dress off that is showing your booty.
What day is it?? Why is everyone still full of blood and in dress clothes??


Think about it, we haven't seen Robin in how long?? She is even sick of this show.

This show, and the people behind the scenes who don't give a crap what they put out to us viewers, SHAME on YOU!
I can't even stomach to FF'd these ridiculous scenes you put out.

Yea it could be worse, you could have thrown Liz in a scene I suppose.

My2Cents2 said...

btw...what is with the 'name calling' on here??
I see people throwing out the 'F' word.
I don't wear any 'pearls', I just have class and don't like someone using vulgar language on here like they belong in a trailer in some park.
And Heffer?? Really? That is the best one can do on here to get across their dislike for someone??

AntJoan said...

OK, I MUST have a rant here. I had a crazy day, brought my car in for routine maintenance and they wanted to charge us $1,600, SIXTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS for G-d knows what, or else they wouldn't give us our inspection sticker. Then I worked all day, and just came home to relax and watch GH.

I haven't finished yet, but, so far, this is THE WORST EPISODE EVER!! And I've been watching for DECADES!! I can't believe how awful it is!! How many days do we have to watch the parade of fugly dresses: Lulu's stupid opera gown; nuKate's acid green number up to her hoo-hoo; and, of course, Carly's flour sack that flaunts her ta-ta's AND her butt, neither of which are a treat for me to see.

JaSam in Hawaii dialogue BEYOND awful (although I would love to give him a "lay"); Sonny and nuKate on the roof, someone please kill me now. . . Oh, and Dante lost a lobe of his lung?

I can't believe it, but I'm now going to watch the rest of it, hoping that someone will reactivate that bomb and throw it into the panic room to put Carly and Shawn McGuyver out of their misery!

lisa said...

Watched dirty soap episode 2 and it was o.k. Nadia Bjorlin's mom had me laughing at her rudeness. Nadia's mom does not like her boyfriend and tells him to his face in a very bad way.Not sure what to think but that was entertaining. Kelly Monaco was dull. She had a party with her girlfriends. Each girlfriend put the name of a guy in a hat and she vowed to go on a date with each one. One of the names was james franco and 2 names were bleeped ( steve burton ? unsure, he's married ). They did put the name of another guy in there that KM said is married and she pitched the name in the fire. So far , this show is just o.k. and i watch online.

Anonymous said...

Nadia's mom said her boyfriend is arrogant, has no class, and that Nadia needs a gentleman ( all to his face ). It makes me wonder how he has treated Nadia because he seems nice but we , the viewer , have only seen snippets of their life.
Farah is trying to push her boyfriend into marriage but I don't think he's ready or mature enough. His mom, needs help, talking about his birth at a fan event. Farah does turn me off.

Anonymous said...

Steve wasn't one of the names. Ryan Gosling and john maher were 2 of the names for KM to date as well as james franco. I don't think they revealed all the names. Not surprised that they put in james franco in the list.Staged.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Conolly, dude from entourage, kelly says, is one of her best friends. He was one of the names. The bleeping was kelly swearing.

Melodybluez said...

I would normally be livid if a newsflash interrupted GH in the past. Now, I was almost glad the Knox news came in because it saved me from napping! I so agree...days on end of boring Jasam dialog, NuKate trying to make Sonny feel better about himself, Carly and Sean (thank heavens they got out of the panic room), Lulu bawling in that horrible dress (let the drinking begin, just in time for dad to come home...maybe they can go to AA together) and everything else we've been seeing lately is just being overdone! Is it sweeps yet???

PS...Joan, I can understand the car woes; we're trying to make a 15 year old car last because we do so little driving and just had the same sort of episode at inspection time. I guess the price tag beats a car payment, which we just cannot do at this time!

mindymoe said...

I'm finding it more and more difficult to watch. I dvr the show everyday, but I either FF 95% of the show or I delete it without even watching. GH needs help! I hope they get it before it's too late.

AntJoan said...

OFF TOPIC--Melody: Thanks for the commiseration about the car situation. My car, however, is just 4 years old!!

Mrs. B said...

CWB IS a Heifer? What is with you Anon? I am not surprised ou are anon, BTW. Heaven forbid anyone putting anything foul sign in or put their name. So unnecessary.

I myself adore Lexi. Love her with Ethan. She does have more of a childs body but so does Sam, maxie, Robin, etc. So what. You don't need to scream sex appeal. You CAN be cute. Also spoiled people on soaps are what make us watch, Think Tina Lord. Erica Cane.

Dori said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
My2Cents2 said...

'Mrs. B said...
CWB IS a Heifer? What is with you Anon? I am not surprised ou are anon, BTW. Heaven forbid anyone putting anything foul sign in or put their name. So unnecessary.'

Of course a bully isn't going to sign their name!
I am not a fan of CBW.
Less of a fan of Raven.
However, sometimes its better to keep your nasty comments to yourself out of respect for your fellow postee's!!! lol
AntJoan...It WAS the worse show in decades!!!! I just recently disagreed on here with someone who said that and I didn't agree with them and let them know. I am wearing EGG on my face now!

This show is pitiful. I am beginning to think its not worth DVRing or FFing thru.
But I keep thinking....tomorrow...things will get better....yet tomorrow things seem to get worse.

My2Cents2 said...

As far as Kristina is concerned...
let's ALL try to remember, NOBODY on this show is being written in a complimentary way. They ALL have horrific storylines that are unbearable to watch.
I use to think a great actor could make a bad storyline good....I know longer think that.

1 year ago I would FF thru Jason's scenes with Brenduh. Now I ff all his scenes. And he WAS my favorite.
Its not the actors/characters.
It is the horrible written storylines!!!!!

sonya said...

Jason and Sam: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Kate and Sonny: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Michael and Abby: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Carly and Shawn: Oh stop talking and have sex already! :) Oh they got out YAY! Oh oh that cop what's his name sees them. Carly makes it sound like they had sex hahaha! Michael overhears! Wait Michael was with Abby!!! He must have ran to get to the warehouse. Michael I think you should go home and CHANGE CLOTHES!

Dante: He is gonna be okay YAY! :)

Franco: Oh oh.

My2Cents2 said... like Carly & Shawn?????
I see Shawn as a 'sniff dog in heat' I DREAD the day they 'do it'!
Its OK, we can still be buddies!!

I am NOT hating Sonny & Kate. Grant it, I ff'd thru them yesterday because they started out going down 'memory lane' and I have no interest in listening to that!!!!

lisa said...

The definate "dog" in heat is Carly. She jumped at the chance to lie to the police making it seem that her and Shawn were getting it on. Carly is always on the hunt for the next muscle man and its Shawn. I feel that he's the one that deserves better than to get tangled up with her(hot mess ).

Anonymous said...

There is no "A" in definite...

My2Cents2 said...

I won't defend Carly. She doesn't need defending. If you would pay close attention, Carly has done nothing but weep over Jax.
That is why this Carly is so different from the Carly of past.
The ol' Carly would be on a mission to find Jax and bring him home. But, the rewrites, we hardly recognize who these characters are anymore. far as 'muscle men' go, ya think Sonny falls in that category?' Because I don't.

Who is the dictionary police here?

lisa said...

Carly may have loved Jax but she isn't deeply wounded. It's crocodile tears. When she ran to Alexis to gain sympathy and to go against Sonny for killing jax, I love how Alexis told her off. Carly knows exactly what she is doing and she will pursue Shawn. Shawn is a jason stand in for Carly. She can run to him with her problems and act on her needs the way she couldn't with jason. It's transparent.If Shawn and Carly have sex, I haven't any doubt that it will be mutual.
ANON 545 a.m thank you for the correction. I also make many typing errors as well as spelling errors.

My2Cents2 said...

I do not see Carly seeking out Shawn in the least.
Isn't it funny how he tends to show up when she is near??
He reminds me of a dog in heat.

I will however agree, that he will be a Jason 'stand in' for Carly.
Carly is feeling rejected right now. Between Jax leaving and Jason setting boundaries, she is feeling alone.
She will allow Shawn to make his move, only because she is terrified of being alone in life.

lisa said...

Carly wants shawn. Her tongue is hanging so far out , she's leaving a trail of drool! LOL :). You will see in today's episode. Why not, Shawn is Hot! Carly is Carly. This is not knew for her.

My2Cents2 said...

Thanks Lisa for the warning! lol

Shawn IS hot.
He is also CREEPY.

Carly needs to go find Jax.

Anonymous said...

"Who is the dictionary police here?"

Actually, the correct form is "Whom"...remember: Use whom when discussing the object and who when discussing the subject...see, now isn't this more interesting than talking about about GH?

My2Cents2 said...

Who are you besides a NUT case??

Anonymous said... name-calling. Besides, I think you should be the last person calling another person a NUT case....just sayin'

My2Cents2 said...

NOT name calling...just stating the facts!!!!

As we all here have come to realize about you!!! lol

My2Cents2 said...

Raven's fb Note:

RavenBeauty SoapDiva
'Hey Guys, Just got news on the PET Scan. They see some focal activity in my spleen, liver, and T10 of my spine (very mild on T10). They are on the fence as to whether it's mets or inflammation from my body fighting off the cancer in my breasts. They know this type usually goes to the lungs first. I won't do chemo either way. It's a gray area for now (will repeat PET after surgery). They are trying to get me a rush date for surgery right now because it is visibly spreading on my left breast. We need to get to that first and quickly. Will keep you posted. Just trying to remain calm here. Thank you for your love and support.' ♥

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