Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday: Spoilers, Scoops and Snoozing

That's right.. GET YOUR HOT Scoopies on The Wubs Net!! What's coming? Oh..let's see. Maxie kisses Spinelli, Steve and Matt go to Jake's. Olivia is taking a PG test. Pee Stick-style. Newbie Maggie shows up. AND.. Lisa Murder Mystery. 

Sounds better than it probably will be, I'm sure. Lucky's in Ireland (whenever that starts), Shawn and Carly are snoggin' and Brenda serves Sonny papers via Diane. Ah, nice waste of a year, wasn't it? 

People were asking me on Twitter about The last Nurses' Ball. That would have been TEN years ago in 2001.  Yepper. People are very angry/sensitive about the HIV "Storyline" that was used yesterday. The whole Lisa trying to inject Patrick with Robin's blood. GH only brings up Robin's HIV status when it feels the need to use it as a plot device. I am going to be thinking about this a lot before Sunday Surgery. There is so much wrong with GH, I honestly can't even start to bitch about this one thing. 

OLTL: OMG, Marcy and Michael!! and she's PG AGAIN!! I love this show!!!! Problem  is,  if OLTL can't be saved with it's awesomeness and great ratings, GH has http://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=8864344470910760864&postID=6175072846516624674no hope. Can't wait until it's online!! Everyone is in Llanview--not off to "Hawaii" or "Ireland" or off on a boat. All the stories come together. The one thing dropped is Destiny's PG story--which is the only hole that bugs me. 

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  WHERE THE HELL did AZ come from??!! ahahhaha he's on the DOCKS!!  With the 2x4 that Lisa nailed  him with!! What in God's name??? ...it's like he transported. Spock? Beam me  up? And Johnny's walking around. Okayyyy. Editors you are fired!

JaSam argued forever about getting MARRIED-- now it's all about the BAY-BEE!!! zzzzzzz

LOVED NATASHA and LUKE!!!!!!!!! They remembered the KAT BELL murder on the parapet.!! "Good Times, Good Times" ahahhaa. BEST thing on GH all month. HELL in 5 months!! Alexis used Sonny to get Krissy into Yale.  heh.

SO, WAIT... Maxie and SPIN rowed BACK OUT TO THE SHIP IN THE DARK from Wyndemere. AHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :crying:  And then MAXIE gets on the boat by climbing up. 
OH MY.  THEN SPINELLI rows BACK to Spoon Island and sees LIZ!! 

THIS episode will stand as one of my all time WORST ever. Pacing,  Editing, storytelling.  Awful. Thank goodness for Luke/Alexis. 

PS. When Jeff  Webber shows up, you know  I knew it first! When did I have that? July 28th people!!  It's all over the net now. Here's hoping Richard Dean Anderson says YES! Get Monica back for a love story!!! 


Hope said...

I remember when Kat 'died' the second time, off the parapet, Luke heard she fell and said, 'again?'
the wonderful nurses ball, I forgot to put the tape back in one evening and missed the second part of one of them, everyone in the house ran and hid LOL but I went that day and got another vcr and hooked it up to another of our tvs and dedicated to GH only.....no more missing...it used to matter that much......

sonya said...

OLTL: WOAH! Marcy and Michael today! YAY!! She is pregnant too! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! :)


Karen you didn't like the show today? I loved it!! I thought it was great!!!! :)

Spinny and Maxie: Maxie said something strange. That Matt is the guy she SHOULD want. Why is that Maxie? Is it because he is a doctor? What's so special about Matt? Man she is so FREAKED OUT!!!!

Sex/horror boat: Robin vs Lisa Myers with the HIV needle!! I was yelling at Robin to stick her with it!!! I was on the edge of my seat!!! Robin didn't do it but she chased her and was looking for her! And then Robin had a second time to stick Lisa with it!!! Did Robin just throw the needle behind her? Huh?! DAMN IT! Come on Robin! Don't let Lisa best you!!! It's sweet that Patrick wants to protect Robin aww! :) Man Matt is so sloshed. He is making love to the alcohol and arguing with the lamp. Is Matt and the lamp breaking up? :'(

Oh no Maxie is on the sex/horror boat now! Oh her heal on her shoe broke! Oh she found Matt and Liz's "sex" room! ROFL! She also found someone dead/passed out. :) Robin tells Steve Lisa is on the boat! Steve gets the line of the day when he says I'm done giving that bitch the benefit of the doubt. ROFL!

Papa Z and Johnny: Johnny can walk!!!! Okay Lisa did say that his paralysis was temporary but it still would have been better, if someone maybe Ethan walked into the house and helped him. It's strange seeing him not being able to walk and then the next time we see him, he walks.

Alexis and Luke: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A scene with them! It's been so long!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you headwriter Wolfie! And thank you for letting them talk about the past! Alexis feels guilty for what she did for Krissy!!! Hahahahaha! She pulled a Cassadine!!! Oh come on Alexis don't feel guilty! Woman up! Or Cassadine up! :)

Liz: She is still passed out!!! Oh glad Spinny found her!

Honeymoon from hell: WOW!!! Sam was strong today! She and Jason argued!! :) Sam did NOT back down! LOVE IT! :) Shawn and Carly talk too much. Oh look they found out Franco is in Toronto! Anybody here live in Toronto? RUN! :) Carly does not want to go home! She says she doesn't want to ruin their honeymoon and she is fine that they are married. LIAR!!!! She tells Jason Jax is alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) And not to tell Sam of course ROFL!

sonya said...

Hahaha Hope! :) Your poor family. :) Actually Katherine "died" the first time, and then died for real the second time. :)

Carrie said...

what happened with Destiny? Is Mathew still in a coma?

Rhonda said...

I'll only be on board for the Jeff return if they use him right. I would rather Jake, AJ or Ric show up or Anna and Robert. That haven't used Scott Reeves in the right way so hell why bother bringing his dad. Everyone hates Liz so there you have it. Give me Audrey instead!

Um, Liz & Matt didn't have sex sonya or did I fall asleep?

sonya said...

Rhonda said...Um, Liz & Matt didn't have sex sonya or did I fall asleep?
No they didn't!! But Maxie THINKS they did! :) Maxie went into the bedroom where she thought they are!!! :)

Andrea said...

GH will probably ruin the character of Jeff if they bring him back - rewrite history and make him ax murder or something. So it will probably just annoy me in the long run..Do I sound bitter?

Hope said...

Hahaha Hope! :) Your poor family. :) Actually Katherine "died" the first time, and then died for real the second time. :)

OH YES! I remember! it was so cool, she showed up alive at STephans trial for her murder and she had the BEST HAIRCUT EVER!!!!!

lisa said...

I found this episode comical and not in a good way!
Really Steve!Now you are done?! He still gave her the benefit of the doubt after all the times that are known she tried to hurt Robin and Patrick. Steve is beyond stupid and so is that line.
Liz lying there and nothing happening ( love Liz ) is ridiculous.What happened to actually showing the supposedly shirtless Dr.Ewan as JFP said in a recent interview.
Having Robin rescue Patrick only to turn around and use her HIV blood filled syringe as a potential weapon against Lisa is stupid as you may infect her but not stop her. I also never like to see that message portrayed on tv that you can use HIV as a weapon and intentionally try to to infect someone else. NOT IMPRESSED.
Air-head Maxie was annoying, Jasam a big contrived snore, and Carly/Shawn are so forced.
Only bright light was Alexis banter with Luke revealing herr secret of getting Lexi into Yale.

Trixie said...

I have a question: Is Skye still on the show? I haven't been watching, but I also haven't heard a thing about her.

sonya said...

Hope said...OH YES! I remember! it was so cool, she showed up alive at STephans trial for her murder
It's on youtube you know!!! :) I watched it maybe a month ago. :)

and she had the BEST HAIRCUT EVER!!!!!
ROFL! Helena must given her a haircut after saving her ROFL!

Anonymous said...

I agree,lisa. The show was comical in a bad way.

Anonymous said...

Steve's an idiot! That room Maxie found was Olivia an Steve's room. The show needs serious help. NLG's performance was good as always.

Anonymous said...

Heard some special announcement is coming soon for GH. Jasam are going to have a developmentally challenged baby. Liz helps Sam cope with being a rape victim.

Anonymous said...

Steve's comment Bwaahaahaa :)!

My2Cents2 said...

Is Marcie preggers in real life?
Michael looked FINE.

I don't want Olivia to be pregnant. I have been wanting her to go back to Bensonhurst ever since Kate's first wedding to Sonny never happened.
From the photos, new Maggie looks like a better match for Dr Stevie!

Your right Karen, the scoops sound better than the actual story will be played out. Hard to get excited.

No Alexis storyline??
Carly at Shawn? Oy Vey!

Time to go ff thru todays episode!

kdmask said...

Matthew on OLTL is still in a coma. Destiny is incubating somewhere off screen :)

My2Cents2 said...

Ohhhhh geeezzzz I forgot about Destiny.

Anonymous said...

LOL My2Cents2 that is exactly what I did FF through the show today! Ahhh the nurses ball , the good old days when they fund raised for AIDS!! Remember when Jason carried Robin off the stage?? thats when GH was good! Liz helping Sam being raped is kinda good, I might like that! Maxi and Spin finding the boat in the middle of no where BS!! Really now?? I hope the good time are yey to come!! UGH!

sonya said...

kdmask said...Destiny is incubating somewhere off screen :)
Karen! ROFL! :) I thought Destiny was going to have a miscarriage because of all the stress her mom and Matthew's mom is giving her with all the arguing. But she didn't. Whew. :)

Brender said...

I do NOT like what Alexis did to get her daughter into Yale.

Anonymous said...

Well you know Krissy will find out that they Alexis and Sonny got her into Yale so she will drop out. She'll come back and do everything she can to piss her parents off. Spoilers say she'll chase after johnny and ethan ( new krissy ).

sonya said...

Brender said... I do NOT like what Alexis did to get her daughter into Yale.
Why? Cus Sonny is involved? :)

Melodybluez said...

GH is still all over the place...I just wish they'd finally get off the darn boat! Someone called Mac, so I would think the cops may arrive maybe by Friday at this rate! Just how large is this boat? It's as though people could not scream for help and be heard by others? Is it the size of the Titanic?

Robin really needs to get MAD...not even! Kick, bite, shove...do whatever she can! She's having all these Lisa flashes in her head...I would have lost it on her a long time ago! Was splitting up a really good idea? It sounds like what they used to do on Scooby Doo...there's a big scary person in a dark place, so let's split up! Kind of illogical! Ever heard of strength in numbers?

It was nice to get a bit of history with Alexis and Luke today. I might have enjoyed the scenes more if it didn't verge on to trying to justify wrongdoings! Lately Luke is just getting to me. I want to ask, "Who is this Luke Spencer and where have they hidden the real character?" This isn't the Luke I recall. I'd much prefer Kristina just gets shipped off to Yale. Why do we need another young, sexy girl cut from the Abby cloth to play "go between" with several guys on this show. We have enough women on the show who do that.

Wow...Johnny! Miraculous recovery! Too bad we missed it. I guess he blacked out, took a nap and woke up feeling normal again.

In the past, Kirsten's Maxie has gone over the top...I used to laughingly refer to her as MMM...Motor Mouthed Maxie. This was about the time they stuck her in between Johnny and Lulu and thereafter, she was the "it" girl in every scene...she even got her own entire show when she had that dream about "What if BJ lived?" Thereafter, the writers kind of toned her down a bit and she got tolerable again. Now, they need to do that with this Maxie because she's getting annoying! I will give her props for really getting the character down pat...but enough with being a bit too obnoxious! I still feel sorry for poor Spinny!

Matt...the show's drunken comic relief! I guess someone's gotta do it!

Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice aka...Sean, Carly, Jason and Sam...boring conversations. Where is Franco already??? Why doesn't he do something???

Steve...yeah, he had the line of the day. I slapped my forehead on that one! :-)

sonya said...

Melodybluez said...Wow...Johnny! Miraculous recovery! Too bad we missed it. I guess he blacked out, took a nap and woke up feeling normal again.
Hahahahaha! Yeah he took a tiny nap! :) He feels refreshed now! :)

Where is Franco already???
HE IS IN TORONTO!!!! :) Do you live there? If you do, RUN LIKE HELL!!! :)

Why doesn't he do something???
He IS doing something. He is painting ROFL!

JPink said...

My fav. thing on OLTL today was Vimal's check in at the cemetary on MyFace. "Madamme Delfina likes this!"

Mamaspat Ole said...

i know on Dirty Soap that the girl that plays GiGi told her dad she was dead but coming back to Rex

Adora said...

I am confused. Do all the spoilers and new spoiler picture prove that Lisa doesn't die after all? Or are these supposedly prior to her "murder"?

My2Cents2 said...

Did Johnny wake up??
Once I saw they were still on that ridiculous boat, I FF thru the show.
Johnny is fine?? Did he have a scene or an 'insert'?
Papa home?? Did he jump ship because it was too boring and swim home??

Couldn't watch yesterday. One scene at the Motel 6, one scene on the boat and I deleted it.

I did finally watch Dirty last night. WOW Kelly's ex boyfriend....ICK!!!! Still it was a nice touch have 2 of them go home and share it with the viewers.
Watching Nadia sing made me cry and give me goose bumps. She sang our song so beautifully.

My2Cents2 said...

Where is Wendy Riche??????? She is about the only person who can save GH now. Between Frons, ABC, Jill Farren Phelps, Guza and now Garin Wolf, I think their sole purpose was to KILL off GH. I loved GH when Riche was EP. She brought heart, humor, family, action and romance. Phelps brought her death cloud (from the other poor soaps she helmed prior) and managed to make me not care about the shows future anymore. My GH “died” when Phelps officially took over. I think this woman hates love in the afternoon. Its been all doom & gloom with writing to make one wince. The Q’s were allowed to kill killed off and the mob was allowed to flourish. Robin & Patrick were the only saving graces at the but now this latest plot twist is just $$#$%!

Technology and OJ didn’t kill off soaps…morons like Phelps with big assists by Guza and Frons are the ones who killed off any love one had for GH. I suggest to the cast of GH, bail out now. Wendy Riche….Please know how much I loved your vision of GH….Karen/Jagger/Brenda, Brenda/Sonny/Jax, Emily & Zander, Lucy & Kevin, The Nurses Ball, Alan Q, etc. YOUR legacy will never be forgotten, but this current #$@, you betcha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mindymoe said...

JPink I literally LOL when I heard Madam Delphina liked Vima's check-in =)

lag573 said...

All I know is this is not GH anymore.
To many new faces that the way it sound has no ties with any families on the show. I get they needed a rental for maxie but change the story then. I mean they changed kristina's story they can do the same for maxie. Then there is the whole wynddmere story make up your mind GH who is involved with this story spixie or ethan and luke.It seems to me that GH wants to piss off every fanbase possiable.They really are trying to hard to piss off liz's fans. First we get ethan treating her like crap i love ethan and that was just so out of character for him. Then we get for 3 days maxie calling her all these names and putting her down, i get the liz and maxie has a history but thought they moved passed that after jakes death and aiden's paternaty. I love liz but i can't really say i am apart of the fan base but the liz hating was pissing me off.Then there is luke he killed her son and he has the nerve to put her down along with ethan, not cool luke had always been with liz even with the bad times.

I just hope when the cancelation comes we get what we want so we can celabrate the Gh that we all love and miss.

One thing is for certain this is not anywhere close to being the GH that i so dearly love.

My2Cents2 said...

Hopefully, when & if Maxie returns she will be involved in a better storyline. However, I have been saying this for 2 years now.

From what I read, Wyndemere is being written, however the ending will all depend upon 1 actress.
Well DAH! How can you write something not knowing the ending??

I have no problem listening to anyone bash Liz. Liz is the first to cause problems or bash others.
So for someone to do it to her, is karma.
As far as Luke putting her down, Luke is a piece of crap. He should no longer be a part of this show. Of all the characters they are firing bring substance to the show. Luke does not. If they think bringing Laura back for a reunion with Luke is appealing, it is not.

No this is not the GH we all came to love.
It is no secret it is going off the year. Why is it so hard to give us one year of wrapping up storylines and bringing back the actors we loved for years??

lisa said...

I love Liz and I do have a problem with Liz bashing. It's the reason I skipped almost a whole year of GH. It's one of many reasons why I don't watch GH on tv and I suspect that many liason and Liz fans have fallen off the show. Keep up the poor writing GH, and you may be off air sooner than july 2012.

My2Cents2 said...

What is the difference between Liz bashing, or Carly bashing? Or Lulu bashing?
We all have our favorites, and we all have our not so favorites.

That is what it is about.
Learn to skip over the posts that are bashing your favorites.
That is what I do.