Friday, October 28, 2011

FRIDAY: Can it top last week's 1.5 dismal rating?

OLTL was awesome..."A Baby Seal"!! aaaahhh! Tina in her '80's dress.  LOL. Shawn as Michael Jackson...heh. Natalie A BIG PARTY! With Grandparents watching the kids--having a story of their own. Think of it, if the Q's weren't slaughtered we could have had some of that. GIGI's lip goop is going to give her away!!

LOOK! Pretty the Series had it's Premiere last night and Genie and Leslie were there. Here they are with Will Keck from TV Guide Mag! GUESS WHO WAS there too? Alberta Lobster!! We'll have photos this weekend of her with the cast members, INCLUDING GENIE!!!!!!! EEEEEEEE! :thud: "Laura" held the lobster!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: a new DAY!! A NEW DAY!! :thud:  Hell.... it only took 11 days! LOL. or more.
WHO'S RUNNING THE Metro Court? Not Jax...Not Carly! 
 Ireland has a kindly landlady with Oyrish stew.-- and another time zone to keep track of. Lucky's going to be islolated from everyone on the show. *sigh* so will Sam/Jason during the whole Franco frenia. 
Luke and Tracy-- Tracy "Is it a Luke Spencer Hit and Run" OUCH!! I wish they'd stop fighting. boo.
Did you see Lasha's portrait behind Ethan?? She was just looking right at Lulu. 
SEXIS...I obviously love all scenes with NLG! She needs a raise.

NLG tweeted that her scenes with Like were "inserted" last  minute. JFP ordered them on the weekend because the shows were TOO SHORT.  WTF?  Um, okay. You could tell Nancy had her own coat on! I loved those scenes, btw--give us more filler!!


  1. OLTL: No Karen Gigi's lip goop isn't going to give her away! It's her lips that will! :)


    Ethan and Lulu: Ethan why are you telling Lulu every little thing about Lucky and Liz?!!?! There is no need!! HUSH UP!!! Ethan why do still have Laura's portrait? I thought you were going to take it back to Wyndemere? Lulu are you blind?!! :) Why can't you see your mother's portrait is here! Ethan had to show her the portrait. WAIT A SECOND!!! There is another portrait and it's hanging. Only the bottom half of the portrait is showing, but no it can't be! :) WOAH IT IS!!!! It's Helena's naked portrait when she was in her 20's!!! :) I didn't know Luke still had it! YAY!!! Well now we NEED a Helena and Luke scene! Where she walks in and sees her portrait and asks Luke, you still have it? ROFL!

    Tracy and Luke: Are they divorced yet? :)

    Alexis and Sonny: YAY!!! I always love their scenes. :) Alexis is so paranoid about Sonny and Yale! ROFL! Alexis you don't like Kate? Hahaha! Alexis brings up how Kate used to be so smart and sophisticated like her. :) And then Sonny comes in ROFL! Yes Alexis very true. Women are very smart and then Sonny makes them stupid and weak! :) It's the dimples! :)

    Dante and Michael: Dante is still in that wheelchair! And he is doing wheelies hahaha! *Jumps Dante* He wants to go home NOW! :)

    Honeymoon from hell: Carly has a hangover. It's a different kind. Where you don't feel any pain. :) Oh good morning Jason, Sam, and her ta ta's! :) Carly wants to know how long the honeymoon is going to last!! BAHAHAHAHAHA! *Snicker* *Snort* :) Time to go home Carly but she don't wanna go! Franco is under Sam and Jason's bed!!!! *shiver* That was really really creepy!!!!

    The airplane: WOW LOOK!!! Carly, Shawn, Joss, and a couple of EXTRAS!!! :) *gasp* :) They have enough money for that?!!?!?!

    Ireland: Lucky shows up. He keeps reading the damn letter and we have to hear Shivon's voice again! UGH! Lucky please stop reading the letter! Besides you are very slow reading it!!! Oh this woman who gave him a room and food tells him not to go to the chapel! Because around the chapel bad things happen. Hmmm well now I'm intrigued.

    P.S. Sorry for all my laughter. :)

  2. Haven't watched anything can't read anything, however, HOT off the PRESS from soapnet...Karen Wolek (Judith Light)is back!!!!

  3. My2Cents2 said. HOT off the PRESS from soapnet...Karen Wolek (Judith Light)is back!!!!
    GET OUT OF HERE! Really?! YAY! :)

  4. oh WOW I heard she was coming, this is fantabulous!

  5. I thought it was so weird to see Jason in a blue t'shirt & tennis shoes. He has been so stuck in the black clothes for so long that it was all I could pay attention to.

  6. I didn't see today's GH yet either...the notes sound like it was a bit more interesting. At least they got off the boat! We still have until Nov. 11th to endure Jasam and Sarly in Paradise!

    Judith Light? Wow...blast from the past! My mother used to watch all three ABC soaps back in the day, so I do recall Karen and Larry Wolek fondly! It's nice to see these folks come back...I can only hope GH does the same. I'd love to see Genie, Tristan, Finola, Rick Hearst, and Rick Springfield back...just to name a few! Maybe Dr. Drake Sr. and Dr. Steve could do some dueting with the guitars! :-) That's my idea of a heck of a pair that could serenade me for a LONG time! Even at 60 something, Mr. Springfield still looks great!

  7. HOT off the PRESS from soapnet...Karen Wolek (Judith Light)is back!!!!


  8. Eeeee!! Karen Woleck? I can't wait to see her! Thanks for sharing this, My2Cents2.

  9. soap opera source:

    Sonny plans an extensive family dinner to celebrate Kristina’s going-away to Yale and invites Kate. Will Dante and Lulu announce their engagement at dinner that night? As Dante devotes his attention to solving the case with Delores, Lulu grows more nervous about their engagement. Diane breaks news of Brenda to Sonny. Michael, Abby, Olivia, Dante, Lulu, Alexis and Kristina arrive for the dinner Sonny planned. Olivia becomes lightheaded again.

    Molly helps Kristina pack for Yale, inadvertently leaving behind a book of Russian poems. The Davis women share a hug, bittersweet over Kristina’s upcoming departure. Dante and Michael are at odds over the warehouse incident. Later, Kate interrupts dinner, and Dante gets a warehouse clue. Lulu questions Olivia. Sonny and Kristina have a heart-to-heart before she leaves for school. Diane makes it known that Alexis will have to represent Sonny going forward. Kristina says goodbye.

    Jason and Sam have their last day in Hawaii. Does Franco have plans for them? Meanwhile, a mysterious clown lingers at the hospital – is Emma in danger? Ethan finds a secret passage at Wyndemere. Johnny arranges attention for Anthony’s infection. Maxie stops beaming when she realizes it’s Spinelli who is behind her MetroCourt birthday surprise. Matt tries to revive Elizabeth.

    Lucky puts Siobhan’s rosary and kerchief in the wall at the Church and gets a surprising response. Carly is miffed to find Shawn with another woman at Jake’s. Jason awakens in an unlikely place. Anthony tells Johnny that he did not know Claudia as well as he thinks. Carly uses Johnny and Coleman as Sonny walks in to witness.

    Maxie patiently waits for Matt to remember her birthday, but Matt is otherwise occupied saving Elizabeth on Monday, October 31st.

    Lucky arrives at St. Margaret’s despite the warnings on Tuesday, November 1st.

    Luke visits Wyndemere on Wednesday, November 2nd.

    Robin and Patrick put together a heartwarming birthday present for Emma on Thursday, November 3rd.

    Kristina and Ethan share a brief but memorable goodbye on Friday, November 4th.

    Jason receives a wedding gift from Franco. Kate and Carly have words. Lucky feels a presence in Church. Steve learns Olivia has made a significant purchase. Sonny and Kate slow dance. Robin sees Patrick coming home late from GH. There’s a new doctor in town. Jason and Sam seek out Franco. Elizabeth gets a surprise visitor. Mac makes an announcement.

  10. Oh so many years ago, Judith Light was responsible for getting me addicted to soaps.
    I was working on a book and doing galley editing which was pretty tedious, and over lunch I turned on the TV for a break. At the time I was a TV snob and felt I was 'above' watching those low soaps. On the screen was this actress on the witness stand at a trial wringing her heart out, and I was riveted as I watched. She was so good I had to watch the rest of the episode, and then the one the next day, and so on.

    So it is all Judith Light's fault that I have watched soaps for 40-some years, have an endless set of GH tapes of the Luke & Laura years, am furious with ABC for trying to break my soap habit and especially with their totally trashing the quality of GH!

    Can't wait to see her.

  11. I rewatched again. And there is a full portrait of naked Helena hanging at the haunted star! WOW! :) It must be a copy! :)

    At 10:52.

  12. Luke BURNED that portrait you are right!

    thanks for the scoops, as you know I don't put them narrative style at Wubs Net (those are from the press kit) They are way more detailed.

  13. Ohh Sonya you made me giggle with the 'lip gloss' statement!!

    5 minutes into the show, I saw Lucky and heard Sio's voice. I deleted the whole show.
    So you are telling me the one day I decide to AX the show, there was movement? We saw more Alexis? Carly is on her way home?
    The LOVE BOAT is over??
    I refuse to watch Sio in Ireland with Lucky part II.

    I am going thru right now what Karen went thru last week. I just can't watch this disgusting crap they are putting out to their viewers.

    Someone tell me when Carly returns to her old self. As well as Jason.
    Franco is a distant memory.
    KS returns..
    No more Lucky or Sio.
    No Spinelli.
    And a story about Laura when Laura may not becoming back??

    YES Karen she is returning to OLTL.
    Now if we could get Larry back too!

  14. How awesome is it to see Clint & Vicki babysitting?? LOVE it!!!

    Kimmie gone for good?? If she returns, she better stay away from Clint!!!

  15. kdmask said... Luke BURNED that portrait you are right!
    Yeah he did!!! :) Where did you get the copy Luke? :)

    My2Cents2 said...Ohh Sonya you made me giggle with the 'lip gloss' statement!!
    Oh good ROFL!

    So you are telling me the one day I decide to AX the show, there was movement? We saw more Alexis? Carly is on her way home? The LOVE BOAT is over??
    Let's see. 1. Yes. 2. Yes. 3. Yes. 4. Yes. and 5. YES YES YES!!!! :) Don't worry you can watch it on youtube. :)

  16. Sonya.. lol !!!!!
    Not sure I want to see it that bad on ytube, I will try soapnet channel.

  17. My2Cents2 said...Sonya.. lol !!!!!
    Hahaha! :)

    Not sure I want to see it that bad on ytube, I will try soapnet channel.
    Well okay then ROFL! :)

  18. It is far too early for snow! ICK!!

    I watched Soapnet's airing of GH last night.

    Ethan's presence in this Wyndemere stuff just seems so off! I have nothing against the actor. Maybe it's just my dislike for having ruined Luke and Laura by making Luke a cheater with Holly and then bringing Ethan into the picture. Also, it just makes no sense for this young man to be so perplexed about Spencer folklore almost to the point where in the scene, he comes off as the family authority figure and Lulu (as per normal) comes off clueless! I almost didn't think she recognized her mother in the painting. Do they ever have plans to allow Lulu to grow up and mature? Doubtful...To quote Luke to Tracy..."You're strong, Lulu isn't." Like I have said before, Genie Francis need not worry about Laura being the victim anymore...the torch has been passed to Lulu!

    Carly finally went home! My thoughts with Carly (and Sonny and Jason for that matter) is that whoever marries these three people has to immediately realize the fact that when they marry one of them (as in Sam's case now) they marry ALL THREE people. That's just how it is, since they are always joined at the hip. Sonny never completely tosses his ex's aside...he keeps them just at arms length for safe keeping in case he gets dumped. Carly, well she tends to mark her territory with every man in her life. And Jason...well, he's just Jason. (Nice to see his wardrobe includes some tee shirts with other colors other than black!)

    The Irish Adventure essentially reminded me of the Wyndemere Adventure...ghosts, spooky stuff, mysteries. Same stuff, different locale. I guess Lucky will go find the church, even though he has been warned not to!

    Dante and Michael...Their scenes can pretty much be summed up as "bad son versus good son" and the "struggle for #1 son supremacy." Since they decided to make Dante not such a good, clean cop after all, there's always this thought that maybe he'll join the dark side some day. Maybe yes, maybe no...but it does make for tension between Dante and Michael, since Michael wants in the biz and is like a little puppy trying to impress daddy. Dante's a bit of a threat with that, I suppose. It's pretty much the same banter when these two get together and have a chinwag.

    Alexis and Sonny...basically a prelude to his wanting to get involved again with Kate. I just makes me shake my head in disbelief why Kate would even want to be in the same timezone with Sonny after what has happened to her...shot twice and basically dumped like a dirty dishrag when Brenda came back. Not exactly an attractive situation for going back for more punishment! Kind of like watching this show! (Going back for more punishment, that is!)

    Oh well, old habits die hard, as they say!

    Have a good weekend!

  19. Have I said lately how much I love NLG? Well I do. She made my morning as I caught up on old eppys from this week. She is just so natural in this role.

  20. For those who love NLG it can't hurt to leave a message on the recording for GH or shoot an email to Frons. May not help either though.

    Sonya I have it taped thru soapnet for Sunday night.
    Other than NLG I wouldn't have bothered.

    I have zero interest in Wyndemere and Laura's photo. There is no Laura. Remember? She in on Y&R??
    Someone needs to let GW & Guza know this before the show gets into it any deeper!!!

  21. Am I missing the ratings for this week?? Can't locate them.

  22. My2Cents2 said... Sonya I have it taped thru soapnet for Sunday night. Other than NLG I wouldn't have bothered.
    Well then, Lucky for you NLG is there! :)

  23. I LOVE NLG Sonya!!!
    She is the best.
    So was Carly until they ruined her. :)

  24. Does anyone know what did happen to Larry Wolek?I loved him and Karen and Marco

  25. Larry got lost in the hospital corrider. Never to be seen again.
    That is all I know.
    Marco died.

  26. My2Cents2 said...I LOVE NLG Sonya!!! She is the best.
    Yeah she is the best I love her too!!! :)

    So was Carly until they ruined her. :)
    Hahaha I still love her. :) Sure she can be annoying sometimes, but so can other characters. :)

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  28. Ohhhh I watched the 'Mentalist' last night.
    Rex played a bad guy. A coke freak and a murderer.

  29. Sonya...Most do like NLG. I think tptb don't like her and that is why we don't see her in a storyline. She is very outspoken. Boss's usually don' like that.

    I think LW is a great strong actress.
    Although right now, I am not caring for her writing. I wouldn't even be sad if they wrote her off with Jax. I mean, what happened to the Metro Court? Jax is gone, Carly is gone, Olivia is busy having sex. Who runs the place??
    Did they tear the set down?
    LW is like 40 years old in real life.
    Isn't that 80 in soap years??

    G*D forbid they handed it over to Michael to run and learn.
    It would take away from his 'career' in mob life.

  30. OK I finally watched Fridays episode.
    Have I been ffing too much or have certain things not been said??

    Is it really over for Luke & Tracey?

    What college has class's beginning in November?? Don't class's go either in September or January or June?? Why is Krissy leaving now?

    Why is Ethan still schlepping that portrait around?

    And finally, what were the last words Lulu spoke to Dante that he looked at her like he did? I rewound, and still couldn't hear.

    Before I watched Fridays GH, I watched last nights Dirty Soap. Is Dirty Soap so much better, or is it good only in comparison to GH being so bad?