Monday, October 10, 2011

Nancy Lee Grahn Comments on Lexi Leaving

this was on twitter, very heartfelt and I thought I'd let you all see it because it's important:

It is no secret how much I love Lexi, and how talented I think she is. It will also come as no surprise that I am sad about her leaving... and yes, tears were shed.

Very often things out of our control turn out to be the most perfect orchestration of circumstances that lead to even better experiences, that shape our lives in profound ways. As much as I will miss Lexi, I believe this will end up being a blessing for her. At 19, there are endless acting opportunities, and now she is free to pursue them. My TV baby is a beautiful, classy young woman with a fantastically, supportive family, and a bright, bright future. I'm so excited for her.


nancy lee


My2Cents2 said...

Very classy statement made.
I feel the same way. Why would a 19
year old talented actress, want to be part of a sinking ship? This was the best thing to happen for her.
That said, NOBODY likes being fired. Can't deny, it hurts.

GH is going to suffer, not that Lexi was a major role here, but the constant firings of great actors on this show has driven this show to the bottom of their peers.

Ha Ha GH. Once again, the last laugh will be AT you.

Ritapita said...

Beautifully said, but carefully so. The NLG I know would have said how much this sucks!

Even though there's a "last laugh" it will eventually be on us as well. We love this show and many of us will be lost without it.

AntJoan said...

I've been trying not to comment on this one, but, as the discussion goes on, feel the need to say my piece.

I LOVE LA, she is an amazingly talented actress, and the casting as one of the Davis girls is PERFECT!! They SO could be sisters, and the 3 girls together with NLG are always wonderful to see.

I grew up with 2 sisters, and tragically lost our youngest one in a car accident when she was 21. So, it was extra nice for me to see the 3 girls together, to remind me of what I used to have in my own life.

So, this is beyond sad for me, I know that no one can be as perfect for the role as LA, nor will she have the bond that was obvious among the 3 girls.

It seems that all of the discussion boils down to the fact that LA is being recast because she doesn't have big breasts. So, if Ethina doesn't work, WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO BE WITH ETHAN? As others have said, there are tons of stories for her. So, TIIC, I have a solution for you: Bring back Jackie Z as Kristina!! There, you have your large boobs, plus, she is petite w/dark hair, and looks older than LA!!

My2Cents2 said...

Good Morning Rita Pita.....
NO the last laugh is on the show.
There are alot of other things we will have to watch instead of GH.
Which is fine. This show is unwatchable right now. I am watching only because I have watched it for 30+ years, and I will continue until its gone.

The writers, the producers, etc from this show are wearing egg on their face's forever.

Carrie said...

I love NLG but either ABC wrote that for her or she's trying to make sure she's not fired next. She blasts EVERYONE on Twitter. I don't believe that post was what she WANTED to say at ALL!

Anonymous said...

NLG was very supportive of LA and that's as it should be an older established actress helping a younger one.
I too think LA will be better off in the short and long run.
GH only thinks from the tip of its nose back. They already have an actress as her daughter that makes her look old why double up on that.

My2Cents2 said...

I agree Carrie.

NLG to make that statement is so not her style.
Though it was classy, it was NOT the NLG we know.
Remember when Lexie didn't win the award for younger actress??
How upset NLG was.

Curious what kind of deal she has with GH. She on contract?? She getting a check whether she is working or not??
Because she certainly hasn't had a storyline in years.

kdmask said...

ANTJOAN nice comment-- want to say LOL for Jackie Z idea! LOL

CareyN said...

I don't usually comment much about these things, but I am really upset about LA's firing. (Almost as much as I was when they tried to fire Becky.) I started watching GH again early last year, after JJ came back and Lucky found NIZ in bed together. I love JJ and pretty much FFd through every story except his (and Lante falling in love...I'm a sucker for a well-drawn out, slow building relationship). That was until I happened to catch a scene between Kristina and Keifer. WOW! That girl knocked it out of the park. I hadn't been that interested in a teen storyline since L&L2 first started. I really liked her dynamic with Ethan, and GH could have dragged on that crush/angst/friendship for a loooong time and kept people hooked and interested. Too bad. Now they will recast her with someone and then force the relationship down our throats like they are with nuSkate. Guess I'm back to FFing through all things not JJ or Lante for a while.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Maurice Benard hasn't made any official statement regarding the dismissal of his TV daughter?

Didn't he fight tooth and nail to get Drew Garrett re-instated with the show about 18 months ago?

Unlike, Garrett, Ainsworth DID NOT deserve to go.

Anonymous said...

SO confused about the fact that Krissy is too young and that is why it was forbidden! Why make someone else take HER PLACE THAT LOOKS OLDER, THEN IT'S OK?? To be with an older guy. It will seem ok now that they are changing her look?? Makes me crazy! I had such high hopes for this new writer now he is booting out the only peoson that can make the "forbidden" realtionship look real! I have to agree with all the other web sites that he is deliberately dumping this soap in the toilet!! So sad for GH but hi hopes for Lexi! Maybe I will see her on my other favorite soap Days!!!