Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Day Is Today??

OMG, I got up early, got ready for work...left, went to Starbucks at 7:45 and REALIZED IT WAS WED, not Thursday!!!!!!!!! DUH. I've been feeling weird all day. HOW could I do that? heh...

RUMORS ABOUT GENIE Francis returning to GH are running rampant again. I have no idea what's going to happen. Frankly, not even sure I want her back on GH. Isn't that terrible?? Never thought I'd say that but there it is. This show doesn't deserve her. Period. 

GH TODAY: There are no other hotels in all of Hawaii?? OMG and Carly takes the bedroom AHAHHAA. :eyeroll:  

Patrick and Matt..same shit different day.  Matt and Liz--Liz sounded like Pam from The Office "I always wanted to be an artist in Manhattan"!! 

Franco: Has a roller baby doll.  the W on the forehead stands for WUBBSY! :) or is it upside down!!?? Those Jake rumors are gonna just take off!! Especially since the baby is in a box!

Robin to Patrick: "I can live without Stuffed Mushrooms,  but I can't live without you" and then she offers him CHIEF OF STAFF position?? WTF!! Why? Cause as the man he won't be gone as much as she is?? GOD! How stupid is that?! oh, hell. forget it, not worth popping a gasket over.

By the way-- LMAO Where were Steve/Olivia on the boat?? Having sex on the bridge?? it's NOT THAT BIG OF A BOAT! There are 6 characters at the party and they aren't even in the same place. OMG... 

Spinelli.. lol. The only good part about that was Maxie calling Liz "Muffin Face"-- just cause I love nicknames, not cause I hate Liz.
I just, this show today was so bad in SO many ways. The pacing, the isolation-- just everything.  They have the BOAT party--- The HAWAII thing--- and I suppose "SKate" is the other story. 
Editing? WOW.


sonya said...

Spinny and Maxie: Maxie is freaking out! ROFL! Come on Maxie stop thinking Matt is sleeping with Liz! Focus on your Jackal! :) Eat and get back together. :) Oh Spinny spots Wyndemere! :) Someone is there! :)

Matt and Patrick: Great scene! Great history talk about their father. :)

Matt and Liz: They are so supportive of each other. Oh kiss already! OH THEY ARE ABOUT TO KISS!!!! :)

Robin and Patrick: Great scene! It's funny how he talks about picking up women and Lisa rolls her eyes hahaha! Come on Lisa do something!!!! Stop sculking around.

Lisa and Papa Z: OH OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are in for in now Lisa!!!

Hawaii honeymoon: Carly says she doesn't want to ruin their honeymoon or their marriage. LIAR!!!!! :) Franco is still hiding at his place or wherever it is doing things. ENOUGH ALREADY! Are they going to keep showing Franco doing Franco things for days and days and weeks and weeks? Can we get on with this already? Sam and Joss sleeping on the couch together awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) Jason has a small smile on his face.

Hope said...

I did that once, doing a lot of overtime, got up on sunday and went to work, wondering why the parking lot was so empty!!!!!!
If Cord doesnt kiss Tina pretty soon, I am going to explode..... no friends...
gee, wonder why.....

skeebob said...

Saw the show live today. Haven't watched it, even on DVR, in months. I liked Liz and Matt's talk, thought they had a nice chemistry. Also liked the girl playing Maxie - did she study KS? That's about as seamless of a recast as you could have, at least based on today's show. The Jason stuff was boring.

That Tony/Genie picture is sweet. I totally get what you're saying, but from a selfish perspective, I would frickin' love her to come back, on contract. I have no idea, is she still on the other soap?

Carrie said...

I thought it was Wednesday ALL day yesterday until 9pm. Maybe something is going on with the earth.

Melodybluez said...

Same old stuff, different day on GH...does make you lose track of what day it actually is! I thought today was Thursday too...I guess I just want to get to the weekend!

Boat party is snoresville so far, but then Lisa's not put her plan into action yet. Daddy Z's not dead...Lisa, you are about to find out that payback can be a, well, you know! I wonder if Johnny is still on the floor. Normally, there is always someone knocking on his door, so I'd hoped someone would find him. Maybe Ethan will come by with painting in tow. matter who is playing her, she always reminds me of someone who goes through life with their fingers in their ears going "LALALALA" (I do that when I hear Carly yammering lately, so I can relate!) Only listening to the voices in her head and tuning out all others! She's been pretty much ignoring Matt and she always ignored Spinelli for the most part. I still feel sorry for the poor guy! Today, I could have done without being reminded that Liz "has three kids from three different dads" again. Heck, a good majority of the women in town (Carly, Alexis) have kids from more than one guy! It seems like when the writers get a hold of a tagline, they keep running with it. I got sick of hearing "point blank in chest" (for Dante, now that can be "point blank in the back") and "post partum depression" being uttered constantly!

I am not sure why Robin offered her up job to Patrick. But, I'll take anything to get Robin out of that blazer and for her to stop being control freaky at work! I guess a chief of staff has to be a controller to a great degree.

Joss and Sam on the couch...very sweet. Maybe a reminder that a baby is a-comin'? Maybe not the way we'd prefer it to come, courtesy of Franco. Will it be a girl, since Franco was wrapping up a pink pressie? First painting and now gift wrapping! Will they please have Franco actually DO SOMETHING ALREADY!

Rhonda said...

Melody bluez I said the same thing about Liz and having 3 baby daddies after Ethan said it the other day. I enjoy Carly usually just note lately, and I adore Alexis but stop all the Liz hatin writers. Sorry if I were Sam I would tell Carly to take a hike. If Jason didn't like it, he could take a hike with her and I would stay with Sean ; )

I am so bored with Spin. Ditto for nuMaxie. Her voice irritates me for some reason even though she is doing a good job. I want Kirsten back pronto!

sonya said...

Hope said...If Cord doesnt kiss Tina pretty soon, I am going to explode.
Yeah tell me about it!!!!! COME ON ALREADY! :)

Frisco said...

How can Robin offer anyone the job? She does not have that authority. she could make a recommendation but the Hospital board of Directors are the ones who would make the actualy decision.

kdmask said...

HI BOB! yes, Genie is still on YR as of today!!

Anonymous said...

I do want Genie to return to GH. If they are going to kill off the show I want Luke and Laura to ride off into the sunset happy for ever more....

Brender said...

I thought that Robin's position at COS was temporary anyway until there was a vote for the next one?
Love having Liz on more, getting her away from the crap she was written in. Please just let her be now. No stupid Lucky or stupid Jason. She can have her a man AND she doesn't have to deal with a meddling Carly to boot!

The nuMaxie is good, but I am ready for Kirsten to be back. She can play bitch better than most!

Don't get me started on the honeymoon. I am with Rhonda....Sam, tell Carly to go. Period. If Jason doesn't like it, tell him to leave too. You can do MUCH better, like a big beefy Sean!!

Please, PLEASE let Jake be alive!!!

lisa said...

Saw clips of todays GH online. I love how GH conveniently forgets their creation of the Quartermaine "Enduro condom scandal" and that "anger boy" jason used them with elizabeth=jake. Sick of Liz bashing and won't give Frons the ratings. I liked Liz talking to Matt and they have maxie pegged. I am feeling happy that sam inherited the cujo carly mess. How contrived to have sam cuddle joss on the couch ( jasam baby/ or franco baby ? LOL )=boredom.

My2Cents2 said...

***Two Pregnancies****
Posted by ghhshirley on Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Rumorville: Hearing there will be two pregnancies...but only one baby.

I say Sam for sure. (from Franco)
Lulu is the other

Tabatha said...

LOL at the "muffin face" nickname, boy did they pull that one out of the archives. That was SJB Carly's nickname for Liz, remember??

My2Cents2 said...

Karen...I think that has happened to alot of us at one time..I know it has happened to me. lol

I don't like how Robin looks.
Maybe its the color lipstick.
To old & matrony IMO.
Hopefully the COS will be Monica!

Where was Steve & Olivia? In a room? They couldn't wait until they got home? TACKY.

Franco better show up..or Sam will really be pissed!!!!
What is with that traveling crib??
Or did Jason have one in his room like Shawn did??

Very Very BLAH today.
And to think we have another Roman/Lucky/Sio story coming up.

kdmask said...

I heard 2 PGs too-- but Robin and Sam

AntJoan said...

OK, Karen, you said it, but Maxie on the lake in upstate NY in October IN A SLEEVELESS DRESS!! C'mon, how much friggin' money or thought can it cost to dress people appropriately?

I also thought it strange that a party on a boat for a hospital staffer had 6 PEOPLE ON IT!! It's like the 10-person wedding everyone has on GH, they are too cheap to put on the rest of the cast, or hire extras!

And, HOW did AZ get onto that boat? He is stabbed with a rusty nail and then drowned, and, still bleeding like a pig, somehow swims out to the boat?

This show is drivin' me nuts. . . .

My2Cents2 said...

Robin you heard??? I didn't hear either...I was guessing....

lisa said...

I think that Olivia will become pregnant because I hear she will start showing possible signs ( nausea, tired , dizzy ).
As you said, My 2 Cents, couldn't they wait until they get home, LOL ?!! I agree that is tacky since they are out at a celebration for someone work accomplishments.
Sam will most likely be the other, but who's baby doesn't survive?

My2Cents2 said...

Lisa..its not like Steve & Olivia are 16 and their hormones are out of control. I guess GH didn't want to pay them today, so they didn't tape an extra scene?
Easier to make up something stupid.

I can't wait for Nu Dr Maggie to come to town .....

Anonymous said...

Hurray! Frisco and Ant Joan are back.
In all the requests fans made about what they wanted to see I don't recall anyone saying they hoped each day on screen would take up five or more shows! I can't believe how slowly this is going.
I would like to put all the writers in a rowboat on Lake Erie - they'd end up going over Niagara Falls (although I'm sure none of them know that)and we could start from scratch.

kdmask said...

FORGOT about the Olivia rumors. Sigh.. Whateverrrrr ....
Can you tell I don't care? LOL


My2Cents2 said...

Karen..I agree with your statement about Laura. (GF)
Only I have felt this for years.
I don't think Luke is good enough for her, never did.
Now more than ever, I get sickened at the thought of her and Luke.
And the writing is so bad, why would anyone with a good reputation come back to that crap?

Sorry, but I feel that GH is over.

LindaV said...

Nu-Maxie is really good but too much - she really got on my nerves yesterday and I especially didn't need to hear her mention liz's 3 kids by 3 dads. She was the one who faked a pregnancy with Lucky. And I almost forgot the Liz'Jason pregnancy was the result of faulty condoms. I liked hearing Matt talk about Maxie's history, as well as the Anna mention from Robin. Matt and Liz make a really cute couple. I can't believe they wasted Jason Cook all these years when he is really a good and appealing actor. I would love to see Genie come back but after the garbage written on previous returns I'm not optomistic. And last but not least, the lack of reality (i.e. Anthony on the boat, Maxie and Spin on a boat in the dark, Carly having to stay with the Morgans, etc.) doesn't help things.

Ritapita said...

I have to agree about KM's looks. Put her hair up, she looks 13. Love her, but if we are supposed to believe she's chief of staff, show her with some elegance. Robin also got pg from faulty condoms, correct? Are we supposed to believe there were 2 'accidents" with a couple where one has HIV?

I so wish Liz would have simply gone to Lucky, asked if they have any chance of a future, he says no so THAN and only THAN does she turn to Matt. Fast forward to Lucky returning to town and changing his mind, only it's too late.

I have to agree that NuMxie is on my nerves. Or maybe I just adore Kirsten so much in the role.

My2Cents2 said...

Hi LindaV

The lack of reality on ALL the soaps is why they are not successful.

How can we watch and be entertained, when in reality these things could not happen in life.
For that, we have cartoons.

LindaV said...

Hi My2Cents2, we don't mind a little fantasy when it comes to romance, but we are really treated as idiots. Sometimes on nightime TV I see the same thing but it's done in a more seamless manner and not so noticable. Just another nail in the coffin! I do miss Kirsten - she never bores me. Kimberly and Becky simply do not age - they barely look older than they did ten years ago, which makes it even worse that Lexie was canned for looking so young. Not crazy about the red lipstick on Robin, either.

My2Cents2 said...

Rita..Liz did go to Lucky.
And he told her he was leaving.
He didn't want to be with her.
It is time she moves on.
That said, she told Matt yesterday that she has loved Lucky since she was 15.
Really?? I don't think so.
I do think, when GH goes off the air, Lucky & Liz will ride off into the sunset together.

LindaV-That lipstick was hatroshis. (is that a word?) ICK!
GH is tanked. If this boat thingy with Lisa is suppose to be "Nov sweep' material, that boat they are on is sinking!!!!

OLTL does stupid fantasy impossible storylines as well.
Yet they keep us interested.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

The Franco stuff has no momemtum and they are just dragging it out! It's not interesting at all so far!

What happened to Skye and the secret she had on Anthony?? Dropped already I guess and made no sense.

I like Liz/Matt a lot. I think he has more chemistry w/her then JJ to be honest.

Carly and Sean are a snoozefest, even though I like Sean's character.

Also, if anyone says "Stuffed Mushrooms" again I'm going to puke!

How come no one notices Lisa staring at them in their peripheral view? Seems like it would be hard not to notice a blond woman dressed in all black.

Plus, Patrick is coming off like a big a-hole lately toward his brother...not liking it.

My2Cents2 said...

'Also, if anyone says "Stuffed Mushrooms" again I'm going to puke!'


Carly & Shawn make me ill.
What they are doing to these characters makes me want to cry.

Ritapita said...

I know Liz went to Lucky, but it was done out of sequence for me. They showed no pining away for Lucky, nothing. In fact they showed Liz & Matt forming a friendship then out of no where she wants Lucky back.
But yes she has loved him since she was 15. Go here:

This boat stuff if borrrrrring.

My2Cents2 said...

RitaPita..thank you for the link..but as a rule I don't watch Liz scenes on abc, so I wouldn't go to another site either! lol
No interest in her.

Isn't the whole show done out of sequence?? What happened to Tracy?
And why was Skye back again??

This show is pitiful. Out of sequence, holes in stories, its bad. Sad thing is, the writers think they are good!!