Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pretty The Series Season 3!!

And Episode ONE starts off with our Genie Francis!! That's right! Take a gander at Annette, Gumdrop and all the fun!! GO to Pretty The Series Web Site and watch the most fun show on the net.

It's 10 min long so you can even watch it during boring  GH!!! 


lisa said...

I am glad for Genie.
OMG!!!! Dianne was fantastic today on GH!!! Her scenes were priceless. She told Sonny that Brenda had moved on with her life and was happy. She said what struck her was that Brenda was wearing color unlike the camouflage long sleeved shirts she had to wear around sonny, LOL!! That came from fans making fun of Brenda's clothes! She did say Brenda made those clothes look good even though it was bad fashion sense!! Loved it! She gave it to Sonny good and in a most priceless humorous way!! Why oh why can't GH write more scenes like this! The rest of the show with the clown lurking was nonsense but Diane in the first 20 min of the show was spectacular :) .

sonya said...
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