Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Surgery: One Night Shift

What a week. I'd like to remind you that this WEEK was the equivalent to ONE NIGHT in PC time. Stories jumping all over the map, some great scenes thrown in now and again, and of course, those famous Franco Flip-Flips coming down the hall to get a Showerin' Sam. We went from a few days after JaSam's wedding and honeymoon, right into Halloween and Carly's birthday??! Fastest month EVER. Thrown in was Emma's non-party, where her parents actually put on hats and did a cute tribute via the cam-corder. 
Problem is-- I still don't know how it got to be what day and when. Carly comes back, talks to Luke in Kelly's, fresh from her Franco-Terror only to go on some banshee-stalker hunt for Shawn. The next thing I know, she's downing shots at Jake's, making out with Johnny.  HUH? Not only that, it seems like it should be 4am by now and Sonny strolls in, looking like he's not been at a going away party for the past 5 hours. HUH? 

This HAD to be the longest night ever. Remember, this is also the night that Kate was going to her work party, came over to Sonny's all dressed up as Madonna, then changed back, and showed up for the 3rd time later that same night to Krissy's party. Dante and Lulu were around for awhile, along with Michael and Abner -- and at the same time Olivia was bopping in and out with foil covered food. I think she fainted in there somewhere as well. Diane, Max and Milo made an appearance. Craziest "party" ever.  The whole crowd was only in the same room at the same time once, btw, and that was for about a 2 minute scene. Guess who couldn't make the party? MOLLY! Why? She had a cold. Thank goodness we got to see her back at the Davis' house before Sonny's. Maybe it was too much to pay her to do both.
I just don't know what to say anymore. I feel like I'm watching a show that's been through a juicer. Everything mixed up and squeezed really-really hard. Speaking of juicing, did you notice Papa Z and Johnny drinking all that hot pink vitamin water? I still don't get why they are in the garage. Don't get me wrong,  I don't mind looking at something besides  Johnny's fugly apartment but it is a bit bizarre. 
I didn't like the Luke "revises" history chat he had with Ethan about he and Holly. Laura knew all about it, right?? Okay, whatever.   To then throw in "spooky" lights and tunnel action in Wyndemere made it all seem so Nancy Drew. All I wanted was Luke to take a dang drink and get back to his old self again. I can't stand this sad-sack anymore. 
Friday's show FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY got to the Franco business. Jason's locked up, Sam's all soapy and Franco's coming down the hall. His "wedding present" will be making them wonder if he did indeed impregnate Sam or not. How charming!! Thing is? THIS MIGHT HAVE BEEN GOOD-- if it was DONE ABOUT 3 FREEKIN' WEEKS AGO!!  Hellooooooo. Now, the momentum's not only gone, we're bored to tears. I will never understand what took so dang long to get to this point.  
By the Way: Claudia mentions were all over the place this week! AZ got all teary-eyed over her. The writers forgot that Michael killed her the night Josslyn was born, ergo it should have been her birthday, not Carly's. Heh.. Why is Claudia's name being brought up so much? Hmmmm. 

Other stuff that happened? I think Liz was in code blue a few times, Maxie and Spin did some birthday stuff and Mac was spotted. Lulu's still looking like Debbie Downer about her engagement (And clueless Dante has no idea), some really tall woman was sitting with Shawn and oh, yeah.. Lucky went and slept in some Irish graveyard. (That's how interesting THAT story is LOL) 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Sonny toasts Kristina. He gets all misty eyed while Alexis sobs. We know from their tweets this was indeed, a tough scene to shoot and you could tell. They really love Lexi and it's such a shame the idiots had to SORA'd her for a cheap story. (because come on, given their track record, can we trust them to write anything but?!) 
RUNNER UP: Have to give props to the Diane's Drunk bit that happened during the party as well. "Get out,  Save yourself" she says to Kristina (or something like it). It was perfect.  Rather strangely thrown in but I could use that laugh about then.

NOT the SCENE OF THE WEEK: This actually goes to some stupid ass'd story boarding or editing snafu that allowed Robin to open the door up to a masked pumpkin who we thought could be Lisa. She'd dreamed it on Friday and here it was happening on Monday. THEN?? Well, three days go by until we find out that it was some kid from next door. We never saw the scene--Robin told Patrick about it. ugh... you know how mad that made me. 

Rumors of Garin Wolf's departure continue to abound all over the place.  Do I think it will help this show? At this point? Not hopeful anymore.  The spoilers are saying Luke will go get Lucky in Ireland because Aiden is ill--his 'brusing' sounds like leukemia to me. *sigh* Poor Liz.  Dang, that girl's been through the ringer! More is coming of cop Dolores/Mulva-- she's got a 'secret adjenda' :eyeroll: 'Jake's Alive' conspiracy theories abound too. Could it be the whole mourning of his death and Luke's subsequent lashings were for naught? Liason fans will get a bedside view of their couple as Jason comforts Liz.  All the new scoops are up on THE WUBS NET and please, if you can hit a sponsor for me...thanks!


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that GH was the only soap Brian Frons took a personal interest in--and that was its downfall.
He liked the mob and Maurice (called it his 'little Sopranos'), he enjoyed the plot-driven crap, he liked the violence, but most of all (Just MO) he loved the hot women. So all the females had to wear low-cut clothes, whether it was appropriate or not, whether they had the goods for it or not, and whether it was supposed to be the dead of winter (all the females would have died of consumption in a PC winter) or not. We'd see women at work with their boobs so noticeable as to be distracting, and this went for skinny little Maxie at her office as much as for Olivia doing her job at the Metro. So if they didn't have the goods, they had to run out and get some or maybe lose their jobs. Kelly M had previously posed for hot nude photos before PC; she was a Frons' fave and even though she suffered thru some really abysmal writing, she stayed on.

It seems Frons could ignore all the complaints about mob 24/7, or the violence--be it to women and/or children--and the titillating looks down girls' fronts, and the show continued along that path to this place it is now...boring, repetitious as always, dark, depressing, misogynistic, and so low in the ratings it will be safe to cancel because soon (if not already) no one will care....
I think Frons also thinks temp celebs like Franco add something. GH is not a show in the process of actually being 'saved'. I see no effort whatsoever in that direction.

carrie said...

Not that I care..but is it sweeps that why they waited to have Franco on now?? How incredibly stupid they got married on Sept 23..It is November ..And when will the real Maxie be back??There are so many days that I just delete my DVR after I read a summary online...SOmedays I think..well I will not miss this much..if Katie takes over in my market...And that makes me MAD that the writers producers have driven me to feel this way

My2Cents2 said...

You are a genious with your writing style. I would like to forward it on to Sweeney & Frons if I have your permission. They MUST start reading your column, that is how great it is!!!
Also...can I post your columns giving you credit, or you rather me not?? I don't know if you want alot of viewers here. Let me know.

You pretty much said everything.
From the confusion of the Halloweenie to Carly's birthday, to Sonny walking into a bar while he is hosting a party.
(Things like that are what needs to be read. Let them people know we aren't idiots, and they can't write like they are for us!!)

Sorry I don't believe Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza are leaving. We heard Guza did, only to learn that he was still on the show. So NO, I don't believe anything coming from any of the camps. Besides, can a miracle be performed in a few months time?? Not unless they bring on a genious.

My2Cents2 said...

Good comment Carrie...I hadn't realized Jason has been on a honeymoon for almost 2 months!!!

If anyone thinks, bringing Franco back for sweeps is the answer to this mess, we are in alot more trouble than we think.

Barbara Darlin said...

If they wanted to use Franco for November sweeps, why didn't they wait a few months and actually do it in a more concise timeline?

The dribs and drabs of dropping him for a few mnutes over months just made it boring.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how it was Carly's bday too?? There was no mention of Claudia bday she was killed the her Bday party and Josselyn was born. At least we did get some history mention. It has been a a mumble jumble of soap storylines. I hate they are changing Krissy, I like we characters grow up on soaps and I was actllay thinking Krissy looked older on her last shows than she usually does.

Rita Pita said...

One has to wonder if they had Patrick & Robin make that video because they plan on killing Robin off. This way Emma will have that video to look back on.

I really enjoyed the Kristina scenes this week. I have always adored Lexi, even when she was bratty. All the scenes this week, however were touching and so natural. I realize the actors are all top notch, but they really care about each other and you can tell most of it wasn't acting.

Anonymous said...

Stick a fork in GH. It's done.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but feel a great sadness at what this show has become.

Rhonda said...

I myself thought the Kate scenes were so misplaced. And Lulu & Olivia being there,well it was just off. And no Sam? They couldn't have shortened the honeymoon by an hour to have her at least walk in at the end for a last Davis girl scene?

Kelly is so damn likeable on Dirty soap. Never thought I would say that about someone 92 lbs TRYING to gain weight ; )

For goodness sake, Abby do your roots! You're on TV!

My2Cents2 said...

Your funny Rhonda!!!! lol

Adora said...

lmao~ I was thinking the same thing, thank you for the good morning smile Rhonda~ <3