Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sweaty Day on OLTL, DayBreak on GH

TODAY KA tweeted it was a sad day on the OLTL set, I believe it's their last day of filming. OMG, this show DOES NOT DESERVE TO DIE!!
"Your video makes Rebecca Black look like JZ" ...Porno guy to Star-- ahahaaa. I kinda liked that "Jail Bait' song..go for it!!
"ONE LIFE TO LIVE is CANCELLED" says Porno Director!!  Oh wow. They just are getting those digs in!
FIRE IN THE HOLE!! Come on, that burned a LONG LONG time-- they would have smelled it. Jack is still a lousy actor. ugh.. really bad.
Jon and Nat!! They should have just kissed, damn it. 
Todd and Blair!! He just goes to tell her and she and Tomas are already up the stairs to make ze love! Irene pushing Todd to kill Tomas....

GH: Confession, I saw it was a new day and I took a nap. Whoops. !!

I saw Olivia and Cam...and Tracy and Sam!
BIG ENOUGH JAKE HINT? ahhhaaa. Oh Gothic...Gothic 
IS JAKE Alive or is he warning  Lucky from the neither world like some plasmatic ooze about Aiden?? What says you!!?

: Saw this coming: Sources say PP won't be moving forward with , they've decided to focus on exclusively.


sonya said...

Luke and Tracy: Are they divorced yet? Tracy tells Luke about Aidan being his grandchild! :) Then Luke says I have no use for a grandchild. He is full of crap!!! I saw his face when Tracy told him and he was upset that nobody told him! So Luke acting like he doesn't care about Aidan, he is full of it!!!!!

Lucky and the woman: Zzzzzzzzzz. That woman annoys me with all her warnings!!! Enough!! Go away lady! Lucky falling asleep at the site. He has a dream and wakes up with more words on the ground! Go home daddy!!! Geez the ground is not very happy with Lucky.

Honeymoon from hell: Cujo and Sam go to where he was kidnapped and held! Cujo gets angry and breaks the TV!! Sam has a way to calm down Cujo!!! Oh oh they see a dead body and boy she smells bad!

Liz and Matt: Love their scenes! Um but someone help with Liz's hair!!! It's stuck in the tubes!!!

Liz's home: Olivia you don't need to help Steve with the kids! He is doing a good job. :) Steve admits he panicked about seeing the pregnancy test! Steve are you still panicking? :) Talk to Olivia!!

Mystery woman: Looks like Lisa's body. The person has the clown mask. Hmmm. Oh wait it's Maggie! :) The person Steve hired. She looks like Lisa!!!! Steve doesn't look very happy to see her. Gee and the other day he was worried sick that she wasn't in Port Chuckles yet. Did Maggie kill Lisa?

Lulu and Olivia: Lulu making excuses as to why she isn't wearing her engagement ring. Olivia gave Lulu good advice!

Melodybluez said...

Nice to see some different characters on GH today and also the fact that some time finally seemed to pass, not to mention that Jasam are finally due to leave Hawaii tomorrow, I think. Wow...the longest honeymoon I've ever seen!

Saw NuDoc Maggie today at the end. I guess that was supposed to be her hands looking at the news article on Lisa and cutting it out. Scary clown mask was looming amongst her belongings!

Well Lucky...please Go Home! I am not sure what he's accomplished in Ireland, but I wish that whole thing would wrap up. Siobhan was supposed to return in November...did that mean her in the flesh or just her voice, which we've heard lately?

Luke...everytime I see him this days, I just think of the term "Grumpy Old Men!" His sentiments about family are disturbing! At least it was nice to see Tracy.

Lulu...Nice to see her visit Liz. Misery loves company. Well, Lulu...someone has again told you for the zillionth time, "Love isn't perfect." Same words your mother told you years ago when she came out of her catatonic state. Have you got the message yet? Doubt it. Messages never sink in with the residents of PC. If they did, then Michael would be on his way to college now, out to make something of himself, other than a mini mobster. I just wish she'd put Dante out of his misery! Don't marry the schmuck! I must admit, it took me a long time to get onboard with Lulu and Dante and I honestly never really completely did. If they decided to break the couple up, I wouldn't be sad, sorry to those who like them! Maybe it is that this pairing has had nothing but angst since it started. Angst is fine in some doses, but not continually. Besides, I think Lulu really needs to get her own "house" in order before she can be effectively paired with anyone. That is, if the writers allow her to. The only thing I liked about Luke's banter today was when he said he was treating his daughter like an adult. Good, few people do! Not that I approve of his hands off approach!

So, the Whodunnit has begun and of course, Dante wants to jump headfirst into it. So many suspects, so little time!

I'd really hate to think they are going to drag out the Fronkey thing so long and we then learn in the end that we and Jasam went through all that torture for nothing and Franco never assaulted Sam. Of course, being examined by a doctor could have solved that issue in a flash, but it's kind of like how in horror movies, the viewer knows the person shouldn't go into the big, scary house with a madman running around, but they go anyhow because if they didn't, there wouldn't be a story. I do wonder what's up with Jason's blackouts and outbursts. Will he be ready to assume his hired gun position with Sonny when he goes home or will his abilities and talents change...kind of like Spinelli? Not to worry, if Sonny needs a new hired gun, Shawn is available. I just feel they are either grooming him for that kind of job OR the rumors are true and maybe Shawn is a Fed.

I liked the Steve scenes today...a bit of lightness in otherwise heavy stories. Men and toddlers do not always mix. Enter Olivia...yup, her talents are endless!

Cosmoetica said...

A month or so ago someone wrote that the New Kate, Kelly Sullivan was a better Connie and Megan Ward was a better Kate. That's half right. Sullivan is a FAR better actress than Ward ever was. She can act with her eyes and has more chemistry with MB than any leading lady on the show.

Where did she come from? Finally a great recast that improves a character.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight since being ran over and treated like a speed bump little Jakie has learned to spell GO HOME DADDY...smh! I've been watching GH since I was 5 my granny use to let me watch with her as long as "I sat down and be quiet" My granny has been gone since '93 and I'm 35 but part of me is expecting her to come back just so she walk into my livingroom take the remote out of my hand and change the channel.


lisa said...

Aidan will be sick ! Can't they leave Liz's children alone! Rumor is that he will develop aplastic anemia like Lulu had when she was a child. Remember Nik had to give Lulu his bone marrow to save her. Hence the big reveal by Laura that she had a son with a cassadine!
Are they trying to reveal something about Aidan? Who will save him?
Luke gets in an accident ( as per Karen's spoiler ) on the way to the hospital with aidan.
Why can't it be that jake is alive.
Instead, the lame jasam baby story will be next.

sonya said...

lisa said.. Are they trying to reveal something about Aidan? Who will save him?
Another Laura child coming out of the woodwork to help Aidan? UGH! I hope not!

lisa said...

Nov.4th rating 1.7 for Franco/jasam story they have been advertising.

lisa said...

I watched GH online, and I didn't like Cameron telling Olivia he has a Mom and Dad but they don't live here. Has no one told Camnerron that his mother is sick in the hospital?! They don't need to give him details but he should be told. Olivia just says to him, "Sometimes it's like that." Don't like that at all and Liz bashers , please don't respond.

lisa said...

Cam should be told his Mom loves them and she's not well right now, but she'll be with them soon. I don't think he was told anything. Cam said Aidan always gets bruising , so they must be introducing aplastic anemia storyline like Lulu. Gosh , seems GH writers can't come up with anything original and keeps recycling old storylines. Sad thing is the recycled stories are done so poorly. Jasam nonsense reminds me of Manny kidknapping Sam. All in all, notfeeling good about this one.

Anonymous said...

I'm one who really wants jake to be alive. perhaps it was all part of some perverted plan by Franco. I don't care how they make it happen, I just want him back.

And I'm really getting tired of Lulu. They even have her getting up in the middle of the night to drink now. How does she become such an alcoholic in such a short time/ And how come no one is noticing.

My2Cents2 said...

I hope to never see Jawn & Gnat in the same scene again. However, I doubt I will get my wish.
There done filming?? Why is there word out that TSJ is coming back at the end??
Blair is in the bed, Jack is starting fires trying to kill people. What else is new??
Doesn't Olivia work at the Metro Court anymore??

Not following Lucky stuff. However, today I was reminded why I hate Luke so much.
I think IMO that something is going on with Aiden. He has a mark on him that Olivia took notice. At the same time Lucky is thinking or dreaming of a child calling daddy.
Is Jake coming back? Possibly. But something tells me we are about to enter a Luke/Aiden storyline. Doesn't Luke get in a car accident with Aiden? Knowing Luke, there is no baby car seat.

And Steve..yea right, he is ready for daddyhood!!! NOT!!!

YEP Sonya, I think Maggie Mouth killed Lisa. Did you see that wide mouth and big teeth on her?

Lisa..1.7 rating. Is that good or hopefully bad??

Per the Wolfie Guza's, JZ (Bobbie)is coming back. Anyone care to bet on that??

Anonymous said...

Maybe Nik will have to come back to save Aidan like he did Lulu. Helena did say to Lucky you'll never know if Aidan is really yours.

Anonymous said...

So Silly that they have Cam mention Aidan's bruising happens alot but Liz hasn't mentioned it . Ridiculous.

My2Cents2 said...

Why would Liz mention it? She has been in the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Jake better be alive.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Jake is alive, they are in desperate need of a ratings boost. Idiots, they never learn. The wedding nor the honeymoon from hell garnered a ratings bonanza. Months of torture and nada. Idiots.

Melodybluez said...

With Liz's children and thinking about what happened today, I did find Cameron's comment very odd and sad. Didn't anyone tell him his mother is sick in the hospital or that his father is on a trip in Ireland, but they are both fine and will be back soon? Geeze!

I did read some time ago that Aiden will be ill. I do realize this is fiction and in fiction and in the real world children get hurt and sick (as do women get assaulted) but we just had Joss get a kidney transplant and Jake have to die in order for her to get the kidney...really, it was the BJ and Maxie story all over again with slightly different details. One child dies so the other can live. The difference is that the BJ and Maxie story was handled brilliantly and the Jake and Joss story was a mess. I still cry like a baby when I see old clips of the BJ and Maxie story, especially when Tony went to see Maxie in the hospital and was listening to her heart...THAT was storytelling. That was brilliant to watch and extremely moving.

I would love Jake to be alive, but with how these writers tell stories, they'd have to pull one heck of a rabbit out of a hat for that one. I still don't like that they knocked the kid off (and made it seem like they did it so Jasam could have a replacement kid), never gave him a proper funeral, and they made Luke of all people the culprit in the child's death and then sent Luke into an alcoholic haze. I was never convinced the real culprit was Luke. Not when they had Michael near the cars. He could have easily tampered with evidence to save his mother, who was also a suspect. They are currently doing badly with having Lulu follow in Luke's footsteps with drinking. She's never had a history of it and taking a few drinks to cope with stress doesn't really make one an alcoholic. Julie looks bored in her scenes. I would be too. Way to go for an actress who has actually brought the show some Emmys. I'd take a walk if I were her, but a job is a job, I guess.

If they do another sick child story...not to mention a rehash of what happened with Lulu with Aiden getting the same disease she had as a child, I think they will turn even more viewers away in droves! How many times do they have to play rinse, recycle and repeat? But, maybe this is what they want. That way, no one cares when the show tanks. GH comes from a network who thought they could make a go out of Charlie's iconic show that aired decades ago. We all know how that turned out.

Very depressing, but this is where we find the state of affairs with GH.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...YEP Sonya, I think Maggie Mouth killed Lisa. Did you see that wide mouth and big teeth on her?
No I didn't notice that. :) I did notice her hair and her body! She looks like Lisa! :)

Mamaspat Ole said...

Okay Karen I know your spoiler free when it comes to OLTL.BUT!!!!!!!Next week is going to be a doozie so make sure you watch.I just read the spoilers and it is soooooo good.Just FYI is all..

Anonymous said...

First of all, I fine the new Kate the WORST recast in a while. While very pretty, she is not Kate. And to me, IMO, she has no prescence.

Liz has been in the hospital 2 days, I would think she would know the other 400 days of Aidens life if he was bruising. Just sayin'.
Here we're missing out on possible good scnes with JJ & Becky while she's in the hosp. And he's ... in a frickin cemetary?

MYTwocents, yes the sites have been spoiling that luke takes Aiden and tries to find Lucky.

Mrs. B said...

I agree, this Kate is awful. Kind of just doesn't have "it". Doesn't light up a room or have chemistry with everyone the way some actors/actresses do.

Karen, anything heard about Kirsten Storms? I really miss her.

Mrs. B said...

I say at least if Aiden is sick they use history show casing Lulu since he is her nephew, than it isn't so bad. bringing Jake back as the only one to save him would be a great story.

My2Cents2 said...

Per Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza..they are 'tossing' around the idea of bringing Jake back. I believe nothing that comes out of their mouth. This was posted on GHHappenings2.

Hasn't Liz been in the hospital for a month?? Or is it still Halloweenie??

I like this new Kate too. You people have to stop comparing her personality to that of the old Kate. They are 2 totally different people. The original Kate would never behave all gooey over Sonny like this one does. Nor would she chase him like this Kate seems to be. I don't know why they didn't bring NuKate on and give her another name! Because I do think she is pretty and a great actress.

Still realing over this rape, unnecessary storyline!!!!!!

LindaV said...

Just what we need - another "bad" doctor. Wasn't Lisa and her pediatrician friend enough, or do we need a Lisa replacement, too? JaSam scenes cheesy beyond belief. Jason picks up the doll in the corpse's hand - fingerprints? My heart really breaks when I see JJ knowing he is leaving and he has to endure endless, boring scenes with the Irish lady and at the graveyard. His baby boy is sooo adorable - loved seeing him and Cam with Steve and Liv. No Sonny, Carly or Shawn yesterday - yay!!

My2Cents2 said...

YEP LindaV..another bad Dr storyline.
When in the past 5 years has GH been original in any of their storylines?

lisa said...

I went back and watched just Franco scenes online and read GW's comments and rumors on GHH. I looked at Aidan's kidknapping and Franco's scene with his mother. He seems to always want to make a fresh start with a knew baby. Aidan was supposed to be that baby but Lucky found Aidan. So Franco may have decided to take Jake as revenge for messing up his plan. He also left Carly that message on her phone that he's sorry about joss and he feels like it's his fault. Baby makes four could mean 4 people in jasam's relationship (jason, sam , franco ,and franco baby if he raped sam ) or jasam, jake and franco baby. The scene where jason ignores him and franco decides he wanted to strip him of everything to reveal that jason is just a violent cold animal like killer seems to be the story now ( Anger boy as taggert used to call him ) eyeroll :) .
All in all, I would like to see jake back with Liz.

Anonymous said...

It also seems in the rumors that Luke will reveal the secret at wyndemere about the Lady in White and Ewan. He reveals something big to Alexis. More illegitimate children by Laura with Cassadine?

Anonymous said...

Nik may be back soon for that story and jax!!

Anonymous said...

I believe Lucky will warn Luke that Aidan is sick and ask him to take aidan to hospital. On the way, Luke gets in a mild car accident. The idea is for Luke to be redeemed. GHH spoiler.
How about they stop making Luke trash talk about the relationship he had with Laura and actually have him care about how his children are doing in life instead of giving his standard answer of they are grown up and what do they need me to do?
Aidan's bruises will reveal his illness. Perhaps Luke will tell them about Lulu's bruising and aplastic anemia.

sonya said...

lisa said... Anger boy as taggert used to call him ) eyeroll :) .
Are you eyerolling because of what Taggert used to call Jason? :)

lisa said...

Hi Sonya! I'm eyerolling because Garin Wolf is advertising that we don't know Jason and that a new side of him will come out ( Anger Boy ). This isn't a new side as we've seen "anger boy" many times before. Seems storylines are recycled but they advertise them as new, forgetting that many fans have been watching GH for years and know history of the characters.

lisa said...

Karen has a rumor up that both Ewan and Steve know Jake is alive and I think Karen is right. GHH has a from September saying Steve Webber's days are numbered-thanks to Jason? I think this story is unfolding. Steve, Ewan and Maggie.
My speculation, is that they are using illegal experimental drugs on patients. What do the drugs do? Don't know. They may have used it on jake since he was near death, possibly. If so, how unthinkable that your own brother would do this and allow you to believe jake was dead! It would certainly be a shocker. It's one more option they could take other than franco taking jake, that jake could return.
They also were old rumors of paternity switches by franco involving babies ( molly was somehow involved in one switch but I don't remember if it happened). Perhaps Sam and Robin upcoming story.Karen, any truth to rumors that Sam may be asked to give birth early to use cord blood to save a child and Liz asks her or Liz is the deciding factor?

Anonymous said...

Karen you have had that rumor for some time ago that Lady in white may be laura's daughter!

sonya said...

lisa said...Hi Sonya! I'm eyerolling because Garin Wolf is advertising that we don't know Jason and that a new side of him will come out ( Anger Boy ). This isn't a new side as we've seen "anger boy" many times before. Seems storylines are recycled but they advertise them as new, forgetting that many fans have been watching GH for years and know history of the characters.
Ohhhhh! Well yeah we already know Jason is anger boy!!!! That has been established a long time ago Wolfie!!!

My2Cents2 said...

Dr Steve is definately involved in something BIG. As is Maggie. I thought it was the drugs.
Please don't tell me that he is involved in Jake's 'fake' death.
I personally will kill the Guza's if they do that not only to Steve's character, but to the viewers.
YES I want Jake back, but not at the cost of the hurt & anguish it would bring knowing he was involved.

MY TAKE on Franco?? Seriously?? Sonya you are going to laugh!!!
I think he is IN LOVE with Jason!

lisa said...

My 2 Cents, LOL, I think Franco is in love with Jason or he was. Now he is just angry! Remember when he had Jason over to his place and had chips on the table. He asked Jason, "Is it too much?" I couldn't stop laughing. It was like he planned a little date for them that went all wrong when the man he admired didn't live up to his expectations!

My2Cents2 said...

Lisa.. I do remember that.
Now he is just 'hurt & angry' with Jason for marrying Sam.

Sam's 'suppose' rape wasn't about Sam, but Franco being mad at Jason.
YEP, he is like me, he WANTS Jason!