Friday, November 18, 2011

Yet Another Obligation this Friday!

OY! Passport day today--renewal. I hope I'll be back in time for GH, but not sure. I saw yesterday Monica was nasty to Liz--including saying something about her affair with Jason. AHAHHHAAA. Oh MONICA!! Really? You who slept with NED while married to Alan?? True, you didn't quite know who he was at the time but still.  You, my dear WERE  the Run-Around of PC (along with Bobbie). Ah, the good old days!!

Not very good news going around about the OLTL deal and Prospect Park online. Money issues, legal wrangling and a lot of other sheeze has just gotten in the way. Here's hoping it gets back on track!! I NEED MY ONE LIFE TO LIFE!!! Dang it. 

 I think I forgot something...hmm. 

I also heard that Olivia still hasn't taken that PG test yet. What day was it she was hiding it from everyone? Did she forget? What the hell? How long will it be until she pees on it??? LOL.  

WANT something FUN TO READ?? Dante Fans Puppet THEATER, it is HYSTERICAL. 
GH Puppet Theater

What about this Natalie Wood Sheeze?? GOODNESS!! COLD CASE o RAMA!! 

SEXIS!!  Yeah and Sonny asks her for her favor!!
Molly and Alexis going to see Krissy.  Alexis to Sonny "representing you is not an honor"! 
ETHAN mentions Gatekeeper!!! And wants to move to Wyndemere. And there's a HELENA mention! Ethan wants to live in Wyndemere.

Michael STFU-- hate you. Stay with the coffee beans!! Oh hell, Carly's a shrew too. IF they weren't on the show today I would be so happy. 
Dante, got enough chains on?

Steve and Molly--are SO Pat and Lisa. Ok, so..Steven BEGS her to come to GH.  Now he's snarky to her,is all pissy about her treating Aiden and says she snatched a baby to 'take to another hospital in Nashville".
STUPID. there I said it, makes no sense. Whateverrrrrrrrrrrr.

Kate and Olivia..why the hell hasn't she pee'd on the stick yet??  Now they are talking about Great Loves, and Sonny breaking up with Olivia and going to Kate. They must have been about 15 for godsakes.  how stupid. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And that ending part totally could elude to something ELSE if you listen closely. ;/ 



Adora said...

The whole Olivia thing is absurd. They've made a point of only showing her drinking water ever since she got the stupid test, but she hasn't taken it? Her fainting spells seem to be passing, they happened every time she was on camera for a bit there. Pregnant or not it's a little odd for them to stop so suddenly - especially on a show that drags stories on for eons!

I actually really thought she had taken it, because when she looked at it right before Sonny knocked on her door it seemed like she was reading the result. To me, her conversation with Kate yesterday, about getting out before Maggie becomes a problem, made me feel like she was going back into "single mom" mode. I really don't want her pregnant, although if she is we may get to see two women carrying "serial killer" spawn in the near future. *^^;*

kdmask said...

I just don't get it. Given she's FAINTED and gotten dizzy and her AGE you'd think she'd go to GH to get check out. Especially after the BIG one where she fell into the car! LOL
It's so weird.

sonya said...

Wyndemere: Oh look! Agnes of God is there! :) AKA the woman in white. :) Oh the man in white is there too! He is watching her. They need to have a fling!!! We can call them W&W! :)

Alexis and Sonny: HAHAHA great scene! :) He wants her to be his lawyer again. :) The line of the day goes to them!!

Alexis: I hate you.

Sonny: See? We get along good.

ROFL! Great stuff. :) Then Ethan shows up and more fun Sexis scene! :)

Ethan and Alexis: Laura and Helena talk! :) *ears perked up* :)

Molly and Alexis: Yeah Molly please no more setting up Alexis and Mac on thanksgiving! Oh Alexis wants to go visit Krissy on thanksgiving. :) OH! The book of poems that belonged to Stefan, a page is missing!! Hmmmm. Okay I'm interested. :) Who took that page out?!!?! Molly wants to go get more poem books at Wyndemere! :) I wish Stefan is still alive *sigh* He would be so great with Molly!!!

Johnny's home: The scene of the day goes to Papa Z!!! When after Patrick grabs him and let's him go, and Dante shows up, Papa Z starts making that choking sound! Hahahahaha!

The hospital: Oh man when Luke was holding his chest because of pain, and they showed Maggie, I was thinking is he faking it? HE IS!!! :) And Maggie is part of it! She wanted to see what was wrong with Aidan. I guess Aidan doesn't have Aplastic Anemia? I'm confused. Lulu was worried at first tho cus she thought something was wrong with her father. :)

Sonny's coffee warehouse: MICHAEL!! HEY! It's none of your business who your mother has sex with! You give her respect damnit!! Sonny comes in and her and Sonny go at it ROFL! Michael you don't need to apologize for your mother to Sonny! You just give her respect!

Kate and Olivia: Sonny Sonny Sonny. Blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzz. Karen you heard Olivia didn't take the test yet? What is she waiting for?!!?!?! BAH!

Hope/soapbabie said...

Oh Monica, Monica, Monica...
Hypocrite be thy name...

My2Cents2 said...

First of all, I HATE more than anything revisiting the 'Bensonhurst' days. HATE it!
How much can get thrown at us??
I thought Olivia took the test too. What is this another women who takes out the stick and plays with it for weeks??

Thank goodness Alexis is leaving for Thanksgiving. I couldn't take another Mac & Alexis holiday dinner.
How stupid. Carly saying Michael can't come home for Thanksgiving. Says who?? Why don't they write her and Soldier boy off next week going to visit Morgan for the holiday? Or better yet, let Carly take her 2 other kids to see Morgan. WTF?

What did I miss? Why is Ethan so invested in Wyndemere?? Why would he fix a portrait of someone he has never met? Is he that bored in life? What does he do for money? Thiefing or what?? Probably steals things out of Wyndemere and pawns them for $$$$$.

Sonya I agree. Papa was great today with his 'lines'. (wash n wear) LMAO!Did you see Dante's face when Papa starting choking?? Now that made me laugh!!!!

Molly is looking older. I wonder if she knows she will be getting fired soon too because she has no boobies.

What does Michael do at the coffee warehouse? Roll around in coffee beans? Or play games all day on his phone while guarding shipments? Little confused there.

('she snatched a baby to 'take to another hospital in Nashville")
I missed that altogether. What did Maggie say? She stole a baby??
Sorry the show was far from interesting today, and I probably wasn't paying that close attention.

We do know that Robin is suspisous of Pat killing Lisa. I don't think neither one of them had anything to do with it. Stevie either. He was too busy getting laid, where would he have found the energy??

My2Cents2 said...

Sorry, I meant to say Morgan can't come home for Thanksgiving.

My2Cents2 said...

PP I don't know what to say about that situation. Why did they get our hopes up?? What were they thinking 'outloud'??
I don't believe it is happening. There is no promotions for a show that is suppose to debut in 6 weeks?
Why did they sign on actors?
I guess we should be prepared for this being the end of OLTL too.

GH could celebrate their '50th' if they had there shyt together. So many years, and this is how it ends.

Melodybluez said...

I haven't seen Friday's GH yet. They do have a way with dragging things out. Jasam has the longest honeymoon from heck and we still don't know if Olivia is preggars yet...and she was hiding the test when Sonny came to her door how long ago? She was suffering from those dizzy spells some time ago too...around when she was with Johnny. I honestly doubt she's preggars...maybe it's menopause? Probably not, since I don't think she'd be quite at that stage yet.

When we think about the storylines they are shoving at us, quite a few have to do with visiting the past/dealing with past demons in some way...Wydemere, Luke, Bensonhurst. I guess the writers have a theme going here.

Oh well...I see Alexis got some screen time today, so that has me interested to watch tonight! Papa Z is always good to see as well. I saw Bruce Weitz last night on a Lifetime movie in which he portrayed the lawyer who defended Tracey Thurman, a woman who sued the Torrington, CT police department for basically doing nothing to protect her after her husband nearly killed her. Bruce did a great job in the film. I saw the movie a long time ago and didn't recognize Bruce at first with the darker hair! GH is so lucky to have a great deal of wonderful actors/actresses like that! It is a shame they either don't use them well or don't give them much to work with. Not even Meryl Streep can do much with a bad script! Must be frustrating for some of these folks on GH!

LindaV said...

I really liked yesterday's show, with the exception of the non-ending Olivia/Kate conversation and that idiot Michael. When Alexis is on, the whole show perks up. Loved her with Molly, Sonny and then Ethan. There is an article in TV Guide thie week about NP(Ethan) finally getting a storyline after three (has it been that long?) years. He has really grown on me and I hope the storyline picks up from it's dull beginning. Hospital stuff was pretty good yesterday, too. And Anthony and Johnny were a riot - never get tired of their bantering.

My2Cents2 said...

LindaV...Thursday I thought GH was good..not so much yesterday. (Friday) I completely FF thru Olivia & Kate/Connie going down memory lane. How much is enough of Bensonhurt? And mistakes make 30 years ago?? I don't dwell on mine like Sonny, Olivia, Connie do!!!!

Let's get going with the Steve story already. D R A G G I N G

No new storylines to look forward to. Which IMO is really depressing. Mac thinks Delores is doing a GREAT job?? Laura has another daughter?? WTF?? WHY do they have to do this storyline??
Of course Sam will be preggers by Franco or Jason.

Being the news this week of PP possibly not happening, and GH continuing silly storylines, to me its all so depressing. Why don't I quit now?? Because I am glutten for punishment!!

Anonymous said...

What does Steve have to do with 12 year old Molly?

LindaV said...

My2Cents2, don't forget to call Delores by her real name, Mulva, LOL. Don't know whey I keep watching too, just an addiction I guess. Please read NLG's commnents on Twitter about that sweater yesterday - hilarious! I love her! I think wardrobe dept. is sabotaging her.

Brender said...

I don't get how they have Monica right now either. Back when Jason showed up at a picnic that Liz had with Cameron and Jake, Monica said they look liked a picture perfect family. Now she is all over Liz about manipulating Jason?
I know she is mad at Liz about Jake, but Jason is at fault too and she has obviously forgiven him. I love Monica and am glad she is on right now, but not this way...

My2Cents2 said...

Mulva...I keep forgetting that name! lol

I don't tweet, I know, I am the only person in this world who doesn't tweet besides people my parents generation, but what did NLG say??

Melodybluez said...

I am not a Twitter fan either, though I do have accounts on Twitter and Facebook, but I lurk and read mostly to keep up with interests. I've rarely Tweeted or posted onto Facebook. Guess I am just not "with it" when it comes to social networking!

With the exception of Michael (good gracious, I am starting to really dislike this young man...what adult kid tells his mother what to do with her personal life?) and Olivia/Kate's rambling on, the show on Friday was ok.

For an abandoned place, Wydemere is busy! At least two people hanging out in the area...lady in white and man in white. Ethan's fascination with Laura still makes zero sense to me, (What does he really understand about Lulu being afraid to become her mother? I dislike these connections they must draw between parent/child!) but then I guess it may be to set up a connection between him and the mysterious lady in white. The picture he's been dragging around for ages will come to life (soon, I hope) and he'll be smitten! Since they like third party angst with couples, that should make a Kristina return interesting!

Aiden...I am thinking Lulu won't be a match to help him, but Luke might be. Tracy knew he was faking those chest pains! :-) Let's just hope the holiday spirit falls upon Lulu and she backs off dad a bit. She's made her point, time to let it go!

The Z's...Papa Z is always good for a chuckle. I just wonder (and I admit my concentration with GH sometimes wanes) where the heck Dante came from? Did Patrick call him ahead of time to come over? In any case, the scenes were fun! Of course we have to keep the tension between Dante and why not use Olivia to do that? They jumped from talking about the girls being assaulted at Vaughans to discussing what happened on the boat. Shifts in coversation get confusing on this show.

Why can't Morgan come home for Thanksgiving? Tough military school! I wonder if we'll get the traditional Q pizza party this coming week. Haven't seen Big Alice for a while!

Seeing what they do with the lady/man in white (when they finally show them in full) and learning who actually did kill Lisa are the only things keeping me tuned in. Lisa's killer is probably not anyone they are making look guilty...Patrick, Anthony, Johnny, etc. I am not sure if they'll have someone out of the blue, like with Diego being the text message killer, be the culprit. Maybe Jeff Webber (still would like him to come back) swam on board, saw what Lisa did to Liz and he offed her? Yeah, I know...far fetched, but then I don't put anything past GH!

Have a good weekend! :-)

My2Cents2 said...

I have accounts on twitter too, I just don't know how often to check them or how to tweet a question!!
I make the AMISH look 'high tech'.

Wyndemere is making no sense to me at all. Serves no purpose IMO for any storyline.
Let Luke & Laura ALONE! Enough with the x-tra children showing up!
Especially when GF (Laura)isn't even going to be around for the storyline!!!!
I don't care about any man or women in WHITE!!!!

I read in Spoilers that there is a Christmas party happening in Pt Chuckles. It is suppose to last for days.......Which in our language means weeks!!!!!!!!

How silly and stupid Morgan can't come home for Thanksgiving.
Write Carly out that week!!!

My interest is with Steve & LJ. (Lisa jr) I want to see what this story is about. I want to see what happens with Olivia. Lots of rumors out there.......
NONE being she is with child.

Waiting for a NLG storyline, but I have been waiting 2 years for that so I stopped holding my breath.

Jax is coming home!!!!!!

Piper said...

Not only do I not care about the lady in white, these are the only things I do care about:

A good outcome for Sam (and a short story about this, don't drag out this story for eons)

Keep Scrubs strong but put someone with real authority as Chief of staff

Someone to make Carly STFU

More Sexis, baby!

Give my Lexi & ethan a chance

Put Jolivia back together

Recast Michael & get rid of Abby

Give Tracy a story

Have Jake be alive

Once Kirsten is healed, get rid of this annoying but cute girl playing Maxie

Get rid of this awful NuKate

Give Carly & Jax a reunion, however short it is.

Get rid of MULVA. Dull. No spark.

And finally, give us a Liz & Lucky send off instead of one of the most beloved couples in GH history being on opposite ends of the set the entire past year minus Jake's death.

My2Cents2 said...

Piper-I too want to see a good outcome for Sam, and I believe we get half the wish. Franco never raped her, however as far as this storyline being dragged out, I would count on it that it will be.

There is an upcoming storyline for Scrubs, and it has nothing to do with Lisa's murder.

I happen to like this Michael. I hate the writing for him. As must the actor!!! I don't get why they don't write properly for this nice looking guy. I don't get it.
Carly I don't want to see until Jax is back at X-Mas.

They just 'shelved' Tracey's story. So I see nothing for her or NLG in the near future.

I too would like to see Liz leave with Lucky. Take Luke, NuMaxie, Olivia, & Shawn along.(sorry Shawn fans)

Angel G. said...

Luke is a staple, can't let him go. Numichael is dull and boyish looking. Love Liz, but I like her with Jason, not Lucky! Can't stand newkate or numaxie. Just watched dirty soaps finale and Farrah fath, you must be kicking yourself for crying like an ideiot on tv. And Nadia, YOU ARE AN IDIOT! Tell her mother to go to hell. Like yesterday. What a crazy woman.

LindaV said...

My2Cents2, Nancy was tweeting that she could fit two Sonnys and Ethan under that sweater, and called it the sweater that ate the lakehouse.

My2Cents2 said...

Linda..I paid no attention to what NLG was wearing. I rarely do. I am just so happy to see her on screen, that she could wear a moo-moo and I would be OK with it.

Now I hear she has off of work for 3 weeks? How does a favorite lead character get that much time off?? Oh...I guess she isn't a lead!!! :(