Friday, November 11, 2011

 Natalie's not too happy!
Wedding on OLTL...everyone's all dressed up! Tina looked stunning in her curvy purple dress. Sigh...Bo and Nora looked so great too.
Roxy to John; "Oh are you going to one of those "all intrusive" resorts" ahhaaaahhh BAH! Roxy and John toasted monkeys!
I like Ford and Jessica! 
Talking David Vickers!! YEAH! And Dorian Lord mention..

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Why would Dr. Steve call some chick to come to GH that has a secret about him?? One that looks like LISA NILES so much? ahahhah.
Sam still should have gone in..especially with AIDS threat.
Veteran's Day! WOW..we went from Halloween to VETERAN'S DAY!!  ahahhah and Shawn has Daddy issues. Figures. NICE story though, good writing. Liked the star in the window. Milk  toast.
Liz and Jake. awwww.
MONICA and Jason were talking!! wowza!! He went to find Liz-- Liason fans were dying on twitter!! I think Sam and she could be "sister wives" and then everyone could stop fighting!! 

Jason, I salute you! ---Kody

My Wish is that all of our Vets receive the medical care they need. 


sonya said...

Sam and Jason: Well the honeymoon from hell is over. Now it's the life from hell! So let me get this straight. Sam insists on Jason go to the hospital and he does, but Sam doesn't go?!!?!!? Sam you should really go to the hospital! Oh wait it's too late cus you took a shower bah! Oh Karen yeah you are right about the aids threat so yeah Sam should have gone!!! Sam got so upset she threw the wedding gifts around! Boy that big gift at the end was wayyyy to big for her ROFL!

Lucky and the woman: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Same ol same ol. Nothing exciting happening. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Maggie and Steve: Steve sees Maggie and asks her what she is doing there. Uh Steve? YOU CALLED HER AND ASKED HER TO HAVE A JOB AT THE HOSPITAL YOU IDIOT!!! Oh man this Maggie person walks and has the same facial expressions and mannerisms as Tamara Braun had when she played Carly!!! Creepy! Maggie even looks like her. Olivia shows up and Steve calls her his Olivia. ROFL! What?! :) Not my girlfriend but my Olivia? :)

Steve and Olivia: Oh it's good to know that you love kids Steve. Now tell Olivia you know about the pregnancy test.

Liz and Matt: Liz is escaping!!! Oh whew Matt catches her. :) Liz is so obsessed with the man in white! :)

Liz and Jason: Hmmm hey is Jake really alive?! Is that what is going to happen?

Jason and Monica: Awwwwww! :)

Shawn and Carly: WHAT A GREAT SCENE! LOVE IT!!! I love how Shawn told Carly the story of his father getting shot and died!!! Shawn and Carly are so great together. I love how Shawn put up the flag!!! Thank you Wolfie!

lisa said...

I agree, Karen ! Take care of the Vets!!

I was happy that they had Sam say that she made him stay in Hawaii and that this may have been stupid. I am not a jasam fan at all , but I am glad he is supporting her through this and glad he saw the pamphlet on sexual assault at the hospital.

I am liason fan and was happy to see a scene with Liz and Jason. Sad that Steve , when asked by Olivia, to go away only gave the excuse of them being suspects in a murder investigation and did not speak about Liz's poor condition as reson to stay. Terrible writing. Wouldn't you want to see your sister and be there for her. She is still very sick. Again, worst brother ever! I also see the setup for Steve knowing jake's alive, especially when maggie said "me take chances, what about you?". Probably used experimental drugs and procedures on him because he was hovering on death's door. He probably is asking for his parents. Terrible!
Monica still seems so stiff around Liz. Don't like that at all! Glad Jason went to see her! I am also glad Matt continues to care about her since no one else sees her.

Anonymous said...

Happy Veterans day to all!!! Especially my husband Sgt. Sean Wright(retired) and Karen your right they need better care. The show was ok I liked that Liz was on and that Monica and Jason got to talk. Plus I did like the Shawn and Carly talk plus the mention of Veterans Day!


sonya said...

LaTanya said...Happy Veterans day to all!!! Especially my husband Sgt. Sean Wright(retired)
Thank you Sgt. Sean Wright for everything that you do!!! God bless you!

Hope/soapbabie said...

Amen on the Vets! We can't do enough for them......

lisa said...

The new storyline is going to follow Dexter. Someone well known will be shown to be a serial killer.Didn't they do this with the text message killer. Guess main characters will be killed off. I love dexter but this is stupid!

My2Cents2 said...

Ditto about your statement Karen with the Vets!! lol
Thank you Sgt. Sean Wright for everything that you do!!! All the rest of our Vets who have made it possible for our freedom.

FF thru Lucky storyline. I can't even imagine how anyone could sit thru something that looks brutal to watch in ff mode!

My Olivia? WTF?? Is this going to be another baby she is raising on her own?

Monica...I forgot about you. Glad we got you in a 2 minute scene. Nice when Liz is hallucinating you left her alone....geez.....
What was twitter on fire over?
Liz grabbing Jason and clinging to him??
Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza are so desperate to get those ratings back, he will throw anything out there to see what sticks.
Please tell me people aren't seeing things that aren't there again??
OLTL--HATE to say it, but Nora had a beautiful dress on today.
She looked good. As did Seans girlfriend.
WTF Roxie?? You are working my last nerve!!! Let it be! If Gnat marries Brody, its her own fault. She was the one who went from one man to another. If she truly loved Jawn, she wouldn't have been able to move on as fast as she did.
Where is she such a prize??

(YIKES I pissed off people on this post)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sonya & My2Cents2 I'll pass on your message to him!

As far as OLTL I'm with you My2Cents2 I just wish it hurry up and come out already I swear this has been the longest WTD storyline ever!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Mac will be the serial killer, haha! What. no romance and more murder.Guess they are continuing to not listen to fans.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jason will be the PC serial killer/Dexter that's been killing for years.

Anonymous said...

The serial killer is supposed to be someone that has been on the show for years.

sonya said...

LaTanya said...Thanks Sonya & My2Cents2 I'll pass on your message to him!
Oh good thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Have to admit, I stayed interested watching GH today--unusual. It was better today.

But then I watched my DVR of OLTL and it was so good and what a cliff-hanger. Kinda mean of them to make us wait the weekend...drat. OLTL leave GH in the dust.

My2Cents2 said...

So far, what are everyone's thoughts on Maggie??
She didn't impress me at all. Maybe because I am looking for 'normalcy' on this show, and we already know where this is heading?? I didn't think her acting was any big deal. Little disapointed. Like NuKate alot more.

Sounds like a triangle with Maxie, Matt & Liz. I wonder if the writers are doing this because there is no chemistry with NuMaxie & Spinelli?? Spinelli...awww..treat, we see him less...:)

So Soldier Boy cooks dinner for Carly. Sounds like Michael isn't too happy about that. But then again, what does make Michael happy?

Weren't we all going to Bensonhurst down memory lane? What happened to that storyline??

Sonny goes to seek a divorce from Brenduh. Bet Kate goes along??

I can't help but ending on this note: Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza make a statement that Uncle Mac had a 'BIG announcement' to make this past week. They made it sound like he was running for President of the US.
All it was, was what we already knew, another body in the river found.

Geez Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza-the things you make a MOUNTAIN out of is really nothing but much ado about nothing!!!

Trixie said...

Maybe the serial killer is Steve. As a five year old boy, he was wondering around the house as "PJ" when Diana Taylor was murdered. She was lying dead on the kitchen floor with the name "ANNE" written in her own blood. He may have seen her dead body in the kitchen and this has scarred him for life and turned him into a "Dexter-like" serial killer. At least it would be a good use of history, if this were the case.

sonya said...

Trixie said...Maybe the serial killer is Steve. As a five year old boy, he was wondering around the house as "PJ" when Diana Taylor was murdered. She was lying dead on the kitchen floor with the name "ANNE" written in her own blood. He may have seen her dead body in the kitchen and this has scarred him for life and turned him into a "Dexter-like" serial killer. At least it would be a good use of history, if this were the case.
Hey!!! You got a great imagination! :) We need writers with a great imagination. Yes maybe it DID scar him for life!

My2Cents2 said...

Oyyyy Trixie what a memory!!

However, what am I missing?? Is there a serial killer on the lose?

Trixie said...

I was just a kid at the time when Diana Taylor was killed, but I will never forget it. This story was so riveting. I remember jumping up and shrieking "PJ's up!!!" when they showed him getting out of bed and wandering in the hall near the kitchen where Diana's dead body was laying. He was calling out "Mommy..."

Still gives me shivers.

My2Cents2 said...

I too was a kid at the time, I am good at remembering characters face's and names, not so with the storylines. But I do know that involved Diana Taylor, and all from that era......CLASSIC

Melodybluez said...

Just another day in Port Chuck on least we had some good conversations. I did find Friday's show kept me interested.

As a person whose father served in the military (my cousin is currently over in Afghanistan), I must say I liked the nod to Veteran's Day with Carly and Shawn. Very moving conversation and thoughtful scenes. That's what GH used to have in the past. Storylines, scenes and character development which was thoughtful and purposeful.

Jasam...I've just lost interest. Dramatic with Sam tossing all her gifts around. Jason at least got to see his mother when Monica appeared for a few moments. I see they still like to keep the Jasam and Liason fans interested with tossing Jason in a scene with Liz once in a while. I was surprised that Monica just left Liz while she was hallucinating. She could have gotten a nurse to come in and look after her. Small details GH always misses.

Dr. Maggie...wasn't bowled over. I liked the story about the patient she told. So, basically, she's a rebel doctor that doesn't like to play by the rules. There's probably more to it than that, but that is what I gathered from her. If she wasn't cut from the Dr. Lisa cloth, then I might actually be interested! I guess they will be setting up a Steve/Olivia/Maggie triangle, by the looks of it! I just hope they go for more than "Insert a Third Party" with Dr. Maggie. The last pediatrician brought to GH, Terrell, was brought in by Lisa to be inserted in between Scrubs. That's the main kind of angst the current writers play until it gets sickening.

If they are going with a serial killer storyline, that can be interesting if it is written well, but it has been something also overdone lately. GH had the text message killer and AMC had the satin slayer a few years back. I honestly liked Trixie's idea about Steve! I go way back with GH as well and remember the scene with Diana and young PJ. Some scenes stick in the memory and that's certainly one of them. I am not sure that they are planning the serial killer angle to the story, but there definitely seems to be something darkly amiss with Dr. Steve and that could have been something that goes back to his childhood. Interesting idea!

I wonder what's happened to the other new doc (Ewan) we were supposed to see come aboard? They show the guy (or part of him) pull Liz out of the water and then don't show him again. My thought was that he might really be a Cassidine. We were supposed to get someone named Valentin a long time ago...Helena even mentioned him some time ago during one of her short visits, but then the storyline was dropped. I hate when they go to the trouble to mention something to start a story and then drop it into the gutter!

If I recall correctly, JJ films his last scenes as Lucky in the coming week. Very quick exit! I just want him out of Ireland at this point...this whole creepy stone messages thing is just boring. I would like to think he'll film some scenes with Luke upon his exit. Maybe it is me, but since Tony Geary's usual return after his summer hiatus, he's not really been completely back. He's just lurking around, pops up every now and again. I just wonder if they ever plan to do anything with this character. It is hard to do so when he's not around for stretches of time.

Oh well...have a good weekend!

sonya said...

Melodybluez said...I liked the story about the patient she told.
Yeah me too!!! That was a really good story. :) But other than that I wasn't bowled over either.

My2Cents2 said...

GUILTY! FF thru Carly & Soldier Boy. I guess that is what I get for ffing soo much. Miss a good story once a year!! lol
I just can't stand either one of there characters these days!

Ewan is on his way. Have no far, Mr & Mrs Wolfie are replacinging the old with the new still!!!!

SERIAL KILLER?? Why is everyone thinking there is a serial killer?

Anonymous said...

jason is the serial killer. he has been one for years. he is sonny's hitman.

lisa said...

The rumor on many soap sites is that GH will make one of port Caharles longtime residents a serial killer. Apparently they have been killing for years but no one knows about it. It mimics the Dexter series. Garin Wolf, a while back, gave an interview saying that franco brings a smile to his face in a Dexter sort of way. We know Franco kills and in a twisted way he sees it as art. He obssessed with jason because he saw jason gun down a man in an alley. He claims that he and jason are alike and he will reveal it. Garin keeps saying we don't know Jason and we will see anger boy. Will we see something we don't want to believe with jason? Will we see that he kills other wrongdoers like Dexter? I feel it would be a mistake to make the beloved jason be a serial killer but we already know he is Sonny's hitman. Is that the side we haven't seen of Jason?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the serial killer will be a woman? Tracy? Monica is loking rather wooden lately, :) LOL !

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...GUILTY! FF thru Carly & Soldier Boy. I guess that is what I get for ffing soo much. Miss a good story once a year!! lol
HAHAHHAHAHA! Well you will just have to rewind it and watch that part! :)

Rhonda said...

Off Subject... saw dirty soap from last week adn had to comment about something kemo said. She compared her relationship woes with her ex to those her BFF combating cancer. WTF? Kemo Really? I'm sure she was hurting but your best friend was fighting for her life. Not the same thing.

Hopefully Farrah will stop controlling JP. They bore me. And nadia's mother is a frickin nutjob. I would tell her to go to hell in so many words. Show some respect for your boyfriend & stand up to her, the real way.

Anonymous said...

Monica? LOL!! Who else is on the show vet wise that could be it?
Johnny has been on for awhile and scared Carly on an epsode this week.
AZ already is a killer so don't think its him. Mac? Edward?

Anonymous said...

If its jason , it would be funny that Sam married a serial killer hitman and Liz almost married him as well!!That could be his swan song before the show ends. :)))

My2Cents2 said...

Thanks Lisa...I don't watch Dexter, but I have read we see a different side of Jason. Little confused since we seen him a killer, lover and a guy talking to stars!!!
I don't want Jason to be a serial killer!!!!!

Monica looking 'wooden'? LOL I thought that for years.
But I LOVE her!

Something tells me IF they go with a serial killer, it will be a women. Bobbie?? Is that why we haven't seen her? She been out killing?? Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza stated on GH2 that he 'heard' your requests to bring Bobbie back and he is going to. Not sure if that couple is believable though.

Sonya..I deleted the episode.
Was it emmy worthy?? I doubt it!

My2Cents2 said...

This is the last week of Dirty Soap. No word on if it was picked up again.

This is what I learned:Farah is a bytch who thinks she is G*DS gift!
Not just because of her and KS, but if you listen to her, she is very derogtory even toward a person walking down the street.
And the funny thing? JP isn't in a hurry to marry her!! LMAO!!!

Kemo...another one. Very much a 'drama queen'. Very much 'in love with herself'. Her x-boyfriend is uglier than sin, not sure I understand why she stayed with him all these years.....what does he do for a living??
Drug dealer?

It was nice to see everyone's family.
Especially getting to know KS on a more personal level.

sonya said...
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sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Sonya..I deleted the episode.Was it emmy worthy?? I doubt it! lol
ROFL! No it's not emmy worthy but it was still really good. :) It doesn't matter that you deleted it. You can go to youtube and check it out if you want. :)

sonya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sonya said...

Karen!! That picture of Sam and Jason. What's his message? Two tacos to go with no hot sauce! ROFL ROFL!

lisa said...

Rhonda, I cringed when Kelly Monaco said that to her friend. Kelly clearly has no idea! I am not diminishing anyone going through a break-up with their longtime boyfriend ( ~30 yrs ? ) is like a marriage. My sister died of Cancer in 2001 and I had a similar experience where my friend was not supportive. We didn't speak for a long time and then I realized I had to learn forgiveness. I forgave him not being around. I realized that some people are unable to deal with the unthinkable especially when they have never dealt with it before. It frightens them to be around people who are sick or who have loved ones that are sick. I had gone through a terrible break-up as well but it is nothing compared to the pain of losing my sister to cancer. I have a wonderful love in my life ( he's great ) and I am grateful for every moment I have on this planet and for my family.
Sorry, I didn't mean to be so revealing but it just flowed out . :)

Anonymous said...

If done right the serial killer story could be interesting but I was disappointed with the text message killer being Diego. I would have made it be Coop, but I guess that would have been too obvious.The text message killer story resulted in Georgie and Emily being killed and I didn't like that.
I wonder if they will start killing off main characters since many will leave before the show ends.

Piper said...

OMG. Please tell me Nadia'a mom in real life is an actress. No one can be that bad, can they? Dirty soap should put up at the very least an update on Kirsten since she's still shown in the beginning of the show. Doesn't have to be personal just say she's healing or something. That girl is missed and it's all I can manage to FF thru this other girls scenes.

Mytwocents, damn girl you're critical! Ouch. Kinda right though ; ) You kinda say what we all think watching Farrah and JP. He doesn't exactly seem like a winner either. The sleep pant thing is weird. I found myself drawn to Kelly until last week where they showed her best friend and talked about how Kelly wasn't there. I would have respected her more if she said she couldn't handle the thought of possibly losing her. And it seemed a bit forced with the kid on set but that's just me. I give actors credit for giving any of their time. I did like Kelly's scenes this week especially when she realized what may have happened. But I agree with Karen, I think you would know if you violated. You would be sore in certain areas. not to be graphic.

Anonymous said...

Laughed at Moniica giving Liz a sedative and running out to have Steve paged. It's silly that they haven't had steve sit with Liz since she's been sick.
I just want her passed this fever and meeting Ewan. I want a new love interest. I don't mind her with Matt but he still is with Maxie. I want her with washboard abs Ewan.

Love4dogs said...

Was Kelly's friend Lauren on GH at one time? She looks really familiar. And yes, yes, 2 cents...Kelly's ex is uglier than sin.

Yes, Nadia's mom is unbelievable. Brandon is right...if Nadia won't stand up to her and this unnacceptable behavior, any marriage will be doomed.

Anonymous said...

I think when Nadia's Mom asks her if she's happy , Nadia looks away and says she is but she doesn't sound convincing. I'm beginning to wonder if Nadia is as happy as she says she is. Perhaps Nadia wants marriage and is disappointed that her man hasn't asked her. Her mother is very old fashioned. When she speaks of Nadia's Ex, she talks about how he would open doors for her and stand up when the women stood up. She wants the old fashioned manners and that is not Brandon. Nadia's mother is rude and has no filter when it comes to her thoughts. Nadia , however, really needs to be convincing when she asks her mother to respect her relationship and when she tells her mom she is happy. Granted , I'm sure , the producers of dirty soap love her rudeness because it hypes the drama.

cyndib said...

Yikes! Trixie! I forgot about Diana Taylor being murdered! What a great memory you have and when you described it all, I shivered, too. Thanks for reminding me about that one. It would be fascinating to watch if the writers could get some skills between now and then if you're right. They used to have some really good murder mysteries on soaps back in the day and GH was one of the best at it.

Mel said...

@My2Cents2, just curious, what would make you think Kelly's ex might be a drug dealer?

My2Cents2 said...

Mel...What would make me think KM ex may be a drug dealer? Nothing. It was meant as a joke.
Why?? What about my comment got you paranoid?? lol

di said...

I couldn't believe they actually mentioned vetern's day. Nice touch and well done.

And what's with Liz ranting about not being able to pay her hospital bill? I would think that a nurse at a hospital would have a medical plan.

That stupid honeymoon dragged on forever and then they add the suspected rape. I also think it was handled terribly.

And Steve asking Maggie what she was doing there? Has he got memory issues? Dumb. Really dumb. And having her look like Lisa is even more ridiculous. Her stalking story drove me nuts. I hope they aren't going to have a repeat with Maggie going after Olivia.

Haven't these writers got any original storylines ?

My2Cents2 said...

Liz's 'ranting' about hospital costs, is just another 'pity party' Liz holds for herself. In sickness and in health.

Honeymoon from HELL got even worse if that was even possible.

Steve has dimentia?? (or however you spell it)

sonya said...

di said...And what's with Liz ranting about not being able to pay her hospital bill? I would think that a nurse at a hospital would have a medical plan.
Haha I know! That was so odd!!! :)She did have a fever right? So we could chalk that up to the fever. :)

And Steve asking Maggie what she was doing there? Has he got memory issues? Dumb. Really dumb.
Yeah then he says I thought you were going to call first. HUH?! :) You want her to work there so why wouldn't she stop by at the hospital?

And having her look like Lisa is even more ridiculous.
CRAZY!!! Most of the woman are looking like each other. I'm going to get so confused! :) I already get confused with Kate and Maxie! They look like they are sisters!

My2Cents2 said...

Why didn't you call first??
He knew she was the CLOWN!!!!

Oy Vey help this show!!!!