Wednesday, November 23, 2011

GH Characters: What Are You Thankful For?

We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing sings Edward...what are these Port Charles' residents thankful for this year?? 

Carly: A voice that doesn't give out
Michael: Coffee bean bags
Abby: Ricola drops
Josslyn: Her pink elephant
Sonny: His magical dimples
Kate: Sonny's magical dimples
Coleman: Everyone in PC needing to drink his booze
Lucky: Oyrish stew
Liz: Sedatives 
Jason: The stars 
Sam: The shells
Sam and Jason (A special tribute) The color black
Maxie: A whole new look instead of being sent away
Matt: Being included in any story
Lisa: filled hypodermic needles
Alkazar: Time space continuum allowing him to be several places in a blink of an eye  
Molly: Romance, any romance
Mac: his 4 scenes

Luke: his vacations
Monica: being unburied
Cam: Matches

Aiden: A disease that is cured in 1 episode
Olivia: Guitar Sex
Steve : Olivia Sex
Dante: Good public health plan
Lulu: Garter belts for the HoHouse
Spinelli: Retro-amnesia and the magical powers of Rain Man
Diane: Hair dye 
Alexis: Her boots
Brenda: Sleeves, really LONG sleeves 
Johnny: his sister's memory
Franco: Acrylic paint and robotic cameras 
Tracy: Well, it's NOT Luke!
Jax: false police reports of missing people
Mulva: A name like Dolores
Nikolas: Wyndemere's couch
Ethan: Lasha's portrait
Shawn: Big glistening muscles
Siobhan: lipstick  that writes on pillowcases
Epiphany: The rules and  Dr. Steve's cute butt 
Bob the Badger: Front row seat to Sonny's angst/barware throwing
Edward: Nothing, Dang Nabbit.


AntJoan said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Karen!! I am grateful for you, and your wonderful blog!!

kdmask said...

thank you AntJoan I'M thankful to all the great wubbers that come here and LOVE your comments!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Melodybluez said...

Thanksgiving wishes to everyone and their families! :-)