Monday, November 14, 2011

LUKE Petted BOB the Badger TODAY!!

Natalie's Wedding!! What a show!!!! 
Thank GOD Roxy in her carnival outfit said something...THEN TINA BURSTS in just as John is going to see Liam!! Natalie remembering her convo with Brody at the diner and she knows he KNEW all this time!! Brody goes a bit wacko!!! 
John  then is at the airport same time Coma Gigi is there..ahhhhhhh
Oh yes, this show makes me swooooooooon!!

 GENERAL HOSPITAL TODAY: Ghost Siobhan... I still don't get the goose chase to Ireland for this sheeze. 'Jeek needs tah speek to dahs" Oh,  Oyrish. She even had her red tam on!
Mac! Too bad Mulva is on when he is! LOL...who killed Lisa? Who cares--she tried to kill Patrick and injected the boat crew--so, er... 
Johnny and Kate.  Um..and it's night again.  Whatever  Their scenes were are important as the scenes between he and  Abby.  I guess Johnny has to be obsessed with Sonny because Jax is gone now. It's also like Claudia just died or something! GOD!
Luke and Sonny LUKESON!  And  Luke petted BOB the Badger!! Ode to Bob!!! Eee!! They sounded so old.  LMAO!
Olivia and Steve--so don't care.  Sorry, this is going in circles.  Especially with Maggie. She looks so much like Lisa, she has to be related somehow. Or it's a total recycle bin job.
Liz and Jason --she's like: Weren't you on your honeymoon??  yeah LIZ-- like for MONTHS!! Monica and Jason hug!! She knows something is wrong...Jason has that Sex Abuse pamphlet to take to Sam. 
Steve FINALLY REMEMBERS Liz is in the hospital!! WOW..shocker. 
Lante are on baby patrol...and  Aiden has another bruise. You know Luke's going to give him marrow to save him, hence the redemption.
Mulva questioning Olivia--in the hospital HALLWAY...LOL. 
Didn't it sound like baby Aiden said "papa" when Lulu opened the door to Luke??awww

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My2Cents2 said...

Karen we do we comment on your spoilers & rumors? What am I missing?

Tell me that NuKate isn't leaving the show. Tell me that is a rumor only.

Melodybluez said...

Another conversational day on GH!

Sonny/Luke It is always nice when they get together. Luke, you said something I totally agree with; Lulu and Dante getting married IS a disaster waiting to happen! Most of the banter was about dealing with personal and past demons, as per normal, but it was a good chinwag!

Johnny/Kate I am not sure what the writers' intentions are with this one! If it is to start something up (doubtful) it's only going to result in yet another reason for Sonny to hate Johnny and we're going to see him get his butt kicked for the zillionth time! Their conversation was intriguing though. What I have always most disliked about what the writers do with Johnny is the same thing they do with a character like Michael. They are both walking self fulfilling prophecies. They COULD have sought better for themselves, but chose not to do so. It's basically "I'm unsavable, I'm worthless, my family background has set up this mob life for me, so I have no choice but to throw my hands up and give in to it." While their lives as mob princes would be challenging, the choice to "go straight" at a younger age isn't completely impossible. I think Johnny would have been more challenged in that department than Michael, since Michael did at least have love and support from his parents and somewhat of a good live, abeit a life surrounded by violence. Johnny didn't have that. Johnny did have a chance to go straight when he was with Lulu. I will forever hate the writing staff for screwing that one up! They had a lovely, almost Luke/Laura, "Us Against the World" type match up. Then the whackjobs decided to make Johnny not give a crap anymore and then made Lulu go bonkers after killing Logan in self defense and feel trapped with her feelings because she had to keep quiet. When she did tell the truth, no one believed her because it was too late. I digress. This is where Johnny lost any hope of triumphing over his environment. But, how could he? His father kept dogging his every move and his sister wouldn't leave him alone! The low road is the easier road sometimes. The one pattern involved in their conversation today is a big one for GH...women being their men's saviors. Truth is, no one can "save" anyone!

Lulu and Dante My overall reaction to Dante has always been he started out being a really sweet guy (not as perfect of a cop as he was made to be) and he still is, but he's either as thick as a brick in the head or just goes through life with his fingers in his ears. He's been on the insensitive side to Lulu plenty of times; Leaving her stuck with Michael, when it was HIS responsibility to look after him, inviting Brook over when it was obvious that bothered Lulu. I don't think he maliciously has ever meant to be insensitive at all, but he's slow on the uptake! Lulu is overdoing it with the "He could die at any time, so I don't want to marry him" thing. But I don't think Dante quite ever "listens" as well as he should. Anyone can walk out of the house and not come back; it's just part of life. Lulu does have issues with being "left" and with people she loves not coming back (Dad always takes off, mom was staring at a wall for ages.) so this is where it comes from, but she should own up that she shouldn't get married and the writers need her to deal with those issues and put them to bed.

Aiden's bruising was made an issue again! Not liking that at all! Don't tell me they are going to make the kid sick so Grandpa can give him bone marrow and be redeemed! Lucky; I just wish he'd go home! We did see ghost Siobhan today! The Lisa murder investigation continues.

Anonymous said...

Wow....they really made it obvious who killed Lisa. Good lord, just admit it was Spinelli and move on.

My2Cents2 said...

Kim Richards is the new 'Kate Howard'??????? Kim Richards from the 'Housewifes?'

sonya said...

Kate and Johnny: Sonny Sonny Sonny blah blah blah. Claudia Claudia Claudia blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Lucky: He's asleep again! This time in his bed! Ghost Shivon bothering him. That woman who warns him is there again. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Altho that woman who talks about her husband and what he used to tell her was interesting. But then Lucky goes back to that scary place again. He is asleep again! Wow Lucky has become a narcoleptic!! He wakes up and then sees the word Aidan on the ground! So I guess he has to be asleep in order to have words on the ground to appear.

Luke and Sonny: Sonny says I thought you were dead. I knew he was talking to Luke! :) Sonny knows Luke very well! He knows Luke gives a damn! Sonny asks Luke if you know what is going to happen back then, would he still marry Laura. Luke can't answer him!!!!! :) Come on Luke you know you would! Just admit it!! :)

Dante and Lulu: Come on Lulu just tell him how you feel! Dante tells her he is going back to work! Dante was honest with her but she wanted him to tell her before he started to go back to work! OY! You can't win with Lulu!!!!! Now Lulu sees the bruise on Aidan.

Lulu, Aidan, and Luke: DID YOU SEE THAT?!!?! Luke had a tiny smile on his face!!!!! :) That old Luke is still there it's just hiding!!! Bobbie and/or Laura has to be there to get that old Luke out!!!!!

Liz's room: Wow Steve FINALLY you go see her!!!

Jason and Monica: WOAH HE HUGS HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

Robin and Mac: Mac brings up when Robin was a teenager!!! Love history talk! :)

Lisa er Maggie: Oh she is already started working! Robin has no idea who she is!! Um Steve? You should have introduced Lisa Jr to Robin!

Steve and Olivia: Come on Steve confront her about the baby in the oven!!!

sonya said...

Melodybluez said...Luke, you said something I totally agree with; Lulu and Dante getting married IS a disaster waiting to happen!
Well sure it's going to be a disaster! If Lulu can't even tell him how she is feeling and keeping it all inside, yeah HUGE problem!

Aiden's bruising was made an issue again! Not liking that at all! Don't tell me they are going to make the kid sick so Grandpa can give him bone marrow and be redeemed!
Fine by me!!!! :) And if Luke volunteers to help, even better. :)

Anonymous said...

Loved OLTL....GH is what it is!


kdmask said...

You comment in here. WHERE did you see NuKate leaving??????

Frisco said...

I know the PCPD has become somewhat of a joke but to have Mac investigating a murder where Robin, Patrick and Maxie are suspects is a huge conflict of interest. Where is Mayor Floyd? Could he not show up and point out the conflict of interest? Or better yet, the District Attorney if Port Charles even has one now? Or what about Mac's pseudio girlfriend Alexis giving him so friendly advice to remove himself from the investigation?

And what about Diane becoming a reporter? We have a murder mystery on our hands. Diane should be in there trying to get the dirt. Tiffany Hill would of been all over it.

This rumoured serial killer story already has me turned off. General Hospital already has two serial killers - Sonny and Jason. A much more riveting storyline would be for these two to fall down from sainthood and actually have to answer for their crimes.

As for the serial killer storyline the only "vets" I might even be able to accept being turned into a murder would be Spinelli or Nicholas.

With Spinelli good writers could craft a highly charged storyline based on his mental capacity. A fine line between genius and insane. Is he innocent because of a mental disorder?

With Nicholas I could accept them turning him dark, exposing his Cassadine roots and perhaps seeking revenge for having Emily and Aiden taken away from him.

If they make the killer Monica, Mac, Robin, Alexis, etc. I will lobby to have the show cancelled.

Or perhaps the serial killer is Bobbie? We hear her being paged at the hospital all the time yet never see her...she is obviously good and sneaking in and out of places quietly and unseen!

As for the Lucky story I leave the room when it comes on. JJ is a fantastic actor but if this is the material they are going to give him i wish he would do us all a favor and leave the show now.

Jason and Monica scene was great. I am looking forward to the Quartermaines thanksgiving.

Was it just me or was Robin extremely rude to the new Doc?

Speaking of the new Doc do we really need any more new characters? Get rid of her, the Lady in White, ab man and all the rest of the newbies and focus on core cast. Or, if you are bringing on newbies bring on existing characters. Why not have Sarina Baldwin return to town as the new DA? Have her call Mac out for his conflict of interest, Having Luke see red when his son Ethan falls for a Baldwin, and have her have Sonny convicted and handed a death sentence.

My2Cents2 said...

Karen...this is why I wanted your email address. I don't like to post things...that I myself don't believe, however here we go:

Comings and Goings (some will be happy to see their old favs)

According to Soap Opera News:

Goings: James Franco (Franco) Exits January 3rd.

Jonathan Jackson (Lucky Spencer) Exits January 6th.

Kelly Sullivan (Kate Howard) Exits January 11th, Sullivan reported, "I'm leaving GH... I really don't recieve the amount screen time I was promised... " The role of Kate Howard will be replaced by Kim Richards. Richards reported, "I'm so excited and ready to back into acting... can't wait to tape my first scenes December 8th! Richards' first appearence on screen will be January 18th.

Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio-Drake) Temp. Exits January 17th. Robin and Emma will go visit Anna in England until April. McCullough tweeted, "I have a few months off GH.. I'm trying to decide what I want to do about my contract deal, I've been here for 26 years. I'll be back in April, though!"

Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma Drake) Exits January 17th.

Constance Towers (Helena Cassadine) Exits February

Erin Chambers (Siobhan McKenna) Returns November 25th. Chambers will be on a recurring basis, and appear to Lucky in dreams constantly until January.

Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina Davis) Temp. Returns December 23rd & 26th.

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine) Temp. Returns December 23rd & 26th.

Rachel Ames (Audrey March Hardy) Temp. Returns December 26th.

Finola Hughes (Anna Devane-Scorpio) Returns December 21st.

Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio) Temp. Returns December 21-27.

Kim Richards (Kate Howard) Debuts January 18th.

Madeline Sullivan, Molly Sullivan, Tess Sullivan (Emma Drake) Debuts Spring 2012.

Emma Samms (Holly Sutton) Temp. Returns January 31st.

My2Cents2 said...

Luke to Sonny: 'You back on your Meds'??
Sonny to Luke: 'You off your Meds'?
How awesome would it be if Spinelli was the serial killer??
(If that sl is even true)
Then Spinelli would be GONE!
Though I am betting its Ronnie.
Who killed Lisa? Who cares! We have Lisa jr on now.
FF thru Lucky and his NAPS!(per Sonya)lol
What kind of disease for chilren causes bruising?? A type of lukemia?
I hate the fact they want to REDEEM Luke. Can't stand him. G*D forbit he try to be a grandpa to Lucky's kids whether blood related or not. LOSER!
You are finally waking up to Lulu!
My Steve? My Olivia? My NO BABY?
LOVE when Jason goes to hug his Mama. Mama knows best Jason, and she loves you the best.
Thinking about it, if I was dillusional, who would I want? Lucky? Matt? Or Jason?? JASON!!!
Frisco-I think Diane is going to be more of a 'relationship' columnist, not a reporter. JMO.
YES Robin was rude in the beginning to Lisa Jr. (LJ) However, anyone on the writing team hear of HIPPA LAWS?? They are laws which are to protect your privacy. What was LJ looking at them for when she isn't on the team yet? So I don't blame Robin.

YIKES...Does it get anybetter??
That said, I am hearing some comings & goings about actors. Who is suppose to die, etc...
Is PP taking over, or they starting from fresh?? Little confused why they are wrapping up storylines, unless they are only doing so with the characters which are leaving and not going to PP??
Karen...Hopefully you will busy with this Kim Richards rumor/truth. I looked her up on Google, and YUCK the only Kim Richards was the one from housewifes which is always drunk or high.

My2Cents2 said...

I know I will be hated for this, however, 'Poor Brody'.
Can I say that? All he wanted was a family to love him.
Gnat has no business EVER dissing anyone about their lies. Not with her history.

YES today OLTL was what good soaps use to be all about!!

Ah..Jawn?? You may want to take a closer look at the baby, and see that this baby who is playing Liam looks just like a 'little Jawn'.
Speaking of Jawn, only 2 suitcases after living in Landview for 8 years? really do hate to set down roots don't you?

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Who killed Lisa? Who cares! We have Lisa jr on now.
Hahaha Lisa Jr!!! So true! :)

FF thru Lucky and his NAPS!(per Sonya)lol
I swear he is a narcoleptic!!! ROFL!

My Steve? My Olivia? My NO BABY?

YES Robin was rude in the beginning to Lisa Jr. (LJ)
HAHAHAHA! LJ! Love it! :)

My2Cents2 said...
I like the name LJ. PERFECT name. Thanks for the idea!!

I have NO clue what is going on with that dreary looking Lucky and that Mama looking lady. FF. Today I thought I heard Sio's voice during one of my ff'd. Did I??

Adora said...

Wow, that was some list 2cents! o.O I for one am glad you shared it~ Thanks!

Adora said...

OMG, I just looked up Kim Richards. That HAS to be some kind of a joke, right?!?! @-@

sonya said...

My2Cents2 I like the name LJ. PERFECT name. Thanks for the idea!!
Hahaha you're welcome! :)

Today I thought I heard Sio's voice during one of my ff'd. Did I??
YES YOU DID!!! Sio was there talking to a sleeping Lucky!

Anonymous said...

Wow Kim Richards as Kate? I wonder why they wouldn't just bring back Megan.

Anyway, Kim was in a ton of Disney movies as a kid, like "Escape from Witch Mountain". She is also Paris Hilton's aunt. Hadn't realized she was on the "Real Housewives" show. I haven't really seen her act as a adult, but she had a lot of fun kid roles.

Interesting Ingo was not on that list of returns...

matt said...


I don't know all of the information about ins and out are true. Franco appears to die, but are they DRAGGING his disapearance for two months?!! I might have the unpopular opinion, but I don't like the idea of Spinelli being a murder. Its Spinelli we are talking about! He SHOT himself in the foot! You expect us to believe he was a killer?! My opinion I would like these changes to GH.
1. Stop the MILF stories(Johnny and Olivia, Michael and Abby). I don't think my mom would be happy if I dated someone only 20 years younger than my mom! Who next? Morgan and Monica??!
2. Rewrite/react/recast Delores. Sorry to the actress, but her character could have been a lot better.A History of her lived in slums, treated unfair with race, etc. And this is why she wanted to have a better society. We get a cop who is meh.
3. Pick up the pace. I know soap storylines move slow, but this is bad! Moving a 1/12th of a pace(aka important plot points only happen one of month).
4/.Introduce a character in a regular way. No more guessing for two months or more who this person is. JUST REVEAL WHO IT IS AND PUT THEM ON THE CANVAS! I think GH has a frequent issue with new characters. They appear normally, then appear to an extreme and then dropped(possibly because of complaints). Examples: Winifred, her boss agent, Claire. I think the fans(maybe even me) should be polite to the newbies considering all GH characters started off as newbies to viewers.
5. Make the show fun

Anonymous said...

"but I don't like the idea of Spinelli being a murder. Its Spinelli we are talking about! He SHOT himself in the foot! You expect us to believe he was a killer?! "

Yes....him. She shot him and made him loose his one great talent. (He was there cause no way could Maxie get to the boat herself. He saw, stuck around, killed her and went back to the island.) He's always trying to prove himself.....him as a serial killer is perfect.

My2Cents2 said...

I am the 'messenger' ONLY.
They aren't my spoilers!!
I agree, why wasn't Jax on that list? (As well as personally,I think we see Dr Alan again) jmo
Adora...It has to be a joke. But why was there given a date of this Kate's exit? Kim Richards is still on BH. I don't see her leaving that for GH, but what do I know??
Why replace Kate a 3rd time?? She doesn't have enough 'air time'? Nah she has plenty of time.I want to know the answer to this rumor ASAP!!
I don't think Spinelli is the serial killer...
Delores?? WTF is the purpose of this STIFF, HORRIBLE actor??
Where's Taggert?? Calling Taggert.
I understand the police department has an OPEN vacation policy, and they need a new cop, but Delores?
Sonya..Sio is a ghost? Geez, how important was that to bring her back?
Franco leaves? FINALLY!!!!!!!!!

sonya said...

matt said...4/.Introduce a character in a regular way. No more guessing for two months or more who this person is.
YES PLEASE! Like for example, this Angela Dwyer person!!! I don't care about her! Her name keeps getting brought up! I hate her name now!!

sonya said...

Cents says Sonya..Sio is a ghost? Geez, how important was that to bring her back?
Yeah she is a ghost! :) I don't think it's very important anymore.

My2Cents2 said...

Ya all think Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza knows that their writing wasn't working and they are trying to wrap up this Lucky crap asap?

Now...get rid of Delores.......
YEP we thinking the same thing.
Thank You Mr Seinfeld!! lol

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Now...get rid of Delores.......YEP we thinking the same thing.Thank You Mr Seinfeld!! lol
ROFL! Yeah Jerry get rid of Mulva! ROFL!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was Kim Richards sister Kyle who was on the "Housewives" show...I really hate "reality" tv

My2Cents2 said...

That is the only Kim Richards I know of. (BH) Other than what was posted, wouldn't we know more by now if it were true that nuKate was leaving??

Kim, couldn't handle 2 jobs. She isn't in her right mind on BH!