Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today's Soaps: OLTL and GH

OLTL: Tina gets it all!! ahhaha. Oh, she's going  to be so happy!!! I love how they move this along. It went from murder trial to will reading in like 1.3 seconds. LOVED the Tina flip-flop..she's so good. Giving it all to Todd! cool beans!  Oh, Cord and Tina at the end..sniff.  SOAPY!
I'm liking Aubrey! Don't know why...but I do! 


GENERAL HOSPITAL: That photo was up on Oct 29th and I swear they haven't moved yet. LOL Franco crawled out from the bed's WED. Aahahhaa. way to not have suspense.

The Davis Girls packing for school... I would love it if it wasn't for stupid GH letting Lexi go!! I bet Nancy was really crying because of those idiots letting her girlie off contract.  That was sad sniff. SAD SAD SAD. 
Cassadine/Stefan mention!  

Wyndemere. snore. Luke sounds like Gollum...heh. Downer. He's on the Sonny angst train. Poor Ethan feels like he was a 'mistake'.  Ya think? Too bad Holly hadn't stayed in PC to play the story out. 

Sonny and Abby and Michael-- dear lord. Whatever... she was in the bathroom forever. LOL. Meth?? Dante and Lulu are taking a year to get out of the hospital! LMAO!

Dante is healed!! Kristina's party is tonight? Is it the same night? Oh man.. I'm so confused.

Today's take away: It is suspenseful to show a camera and then a shoulder in the tunnels,  pay spooky music-- 
Wow, this show was just jumping the hell around today..really badly. We did see the back of Franco's head!!ahahaha.

OH! It's probably my duty to tell  you that Ravenbeauty is saying Garin Wolf is out at GH. The did hire a new co-headwriter remember?? I have no idea if this is true or not.


Hope said...

Cord & Tina
Sitting on a tree
yes! another happpy ending!!

and in my next life please let me be Blair, hair, figure, and that great draped sweater.....please_^_

CareyN said...

Ditto about Blair, Hope! I always like to see Blair happy because I think Kassie has the most beautiful smile in the world. Her whole face lights up and her eyes twinkle when she smiles. Also, she seems like she is as beautiful inside as she is outside.

Melodybluez said...

I read Raven's comments about Mr. Wolf...the guy the powers that be wanted the viewers to think was coming to save the show. Looks like he's now getting the boot. Maybe that's why the new writer was hired...not to be a co-writer, but a replacement. I am still not convinced that GH isn't a goner, regardless of who takes over the writing helm!

Was a boring day in Port Chuck today. When you hear Luke speak, is it any wonder Lulu is Miss Misery? She learned from the best! I had no idea Luke ever felt the way he did...or they are just rewriting history to suit things now. Luke did basically say what many of us were thinking, "Ethan, why are you even remotely interested in all the Wyndemere stuff and all things Cassadine and Spencer?" I have been wondering that for weeks!

Jasam...still talking about stars. What the heck ever happened to Franco? Is he still under the bed?

Spooky Ireland...just a boring waste of time.

The only bright spot...the Davis girls. Though bittersweet, because I keep looking at Lexi in the scenes and thinking...Why recast her? Just send her to college! Maybe that's a wrong a new writer could right!

I am not sure what the GH writing staff shake up means, but I am doubtful it means they want to save GH. I'd be pleased if they'd do the reverse of what I think is going to happen though!

Andrea said...

GH is boring me to tears. I REALLY hope that Garin rumor is true. ( As long as they don't bring back Guza.)

sonya said...

OLTL: TINA AND CORD YAY!!!!!!!!!! Does this mean they are back together?!! :)


Lucky: Zzzzzzzzz. Oh look Lucky is sleeping! He is bored too. :) The only thing that was interesting during the scene, is the word on the ground that said GO. :)

Honeymoon from hell: Zzzzzzzzz. OH WAIT!!! Jason looks in the mirror and the strange thing happened again! :) I want more!!!!! :)

Ethan and Luke: Great scene!!!! Luke looks at Laura's portrait and you can see the pain in his face. Ethan asks him if he is going to take back the love he has for Laura and Luke says he would never do that!!! :) Luke still loves his Laura! :) Aww don't worry Ethan you were born from love! Your father Robert and Holly loved each other very much. Go ahead Luke tell Ethan the truth! Oh oh someone is watching them!! Luke tells Ethan this is my history not yours. DAMN STRAIGHT! You tell him Luke!!!

Davis girls: Awwwwwwwww adorable scene! LOVE IT!!!! :) Oh Molly has a cold. Molly has a book of poems that belonged to uncle Stefan!!! YAY!!! :) Oh oh Krissy forgot the book! Or it fell out of her bag!!

Dinner party: So, the women folk get the food and the men folk chat. Oh how fun. :)

sonya said...

Melodybluez said...I had no idea Luke ever felt the way he did...or they are just rewriting history to suit things now.
No Luke never felt that way in the beginning!!! But with everything that happened between Luke and Laura, yeah he feels that way now.

Anonymous said...

I watched GH today and thought I'd been slipped some sort of drug.

It was like watching a really bad, chopped up movie written, produced and edited by film students on crack.

kdmask said...

Film students on crack. Yep..or a really really bad LSD trip.

Adora said...

I, for one, sincerely believe that Wolf is on his way out. I am curious how it came about though. Was he merely fired for not doing what they hoped with ratings, or did he walk because they were crippling his storytelling and hired another person to "help" him? I always thought the "effective immediately" note about the new "co-headwriter" was a rather strange exclamation point. That's exactly what was written when news got out that Guza was done with.

All I can think is if we thought we were seeing choppy garbage now, just wait until the new writer steps in and all of Wolf's loose threads are scattered in the harbor. How many of these stories will ever reach fruition now? Dr Ewan, for example? Will Garin lose his second chance at the drug scandal storyline?

I honestly don't think the show's current state is all Garin's fault. It's the lack of continuity, days that literally become months, horrible editing etc that are really ruining things. I am going to miss all the nods to history that he threw in to the show. =(

My2Cents2 said...

Sorry Hope.... I got dibs on Blair's body in my next life!!

I read what Raven wrote as well, unfortunately, I don't believe it. I hope I am wrong though.
I do hope tptb realize how miserable this writing team is though.

FF thru ALL Lucky, Jason, Luke stuff. Where did that leave me?
Watching Krissy leave the show!!
Watching Lulu, all full of HATRED try to spread around her HATRED,unfortuntely Mama Pasta got sick and Lulu had to stop feeling sorry for herself for a second.

I couldn't help but pay attention to Molly, and how much she resembles her father. How great it would be for him to come back instead of the show focusing on Sonny, Luke, Papa, Lucky. ICK!!

My2Cents2 said...


'I haven't killed anyone yet'

Anonymous said...

When is Kirsten Storms coming back??
I cannot take another day of the babbling air headed ditsyness of the fill in! While Maxi has always babbled a little bit, she has always appeared intelligent. Not to mention the lack of chemistry with Matt,Spinelli, or Lulu. Please! Make it stop!

Anonymous said...

I think that one of the problems that GH has is too many cast members.
And when Wolf came on he said he would spread around the storylines.
He is trying to stuff too much into an episode and as a result there are big gaps. Like Johnny on the floor paralyzed and then not seen for a couple days. Or Lucky looking at that letter from Siobhan and then not seen again until three days later. Or Robin opening the door to Pumpkinhead as a cliffhanger and no followup the next day. It's nice to see more cast members involved but it does cause a lack of continuity.

My2Cents2 said...

I want GW and his whole GUZA team gone.

My2Cents2 said...

Ohhhhh I have a question. I am having a senior moment.

Tina was known as Tina.....what when she came to town?? Then she switched to Lord. Who did the original last name belong to??

lisa said...

GH is dull as dirt. Watched clips online, I couldn't believe jasnore again talking. Frons' favorite couple. He must truly sit and laugh at GH fans thinking that they actually matter. You will like what we give you! Luke constantly disrespecting his love of Laura treating it as though none of it was worth it when it was his lifeline and the best thing to have ever happened to him. Immature Lulu unable to tell Dante the truth and foolish Dante and Olivia prepared to live in denial and not read the writing on the wall. Someone could write ,"SHE DOESN'T WANT TO MARRY YOU" BANNERS" and string them up at Krissy's going away party and Dante and Olivia still wouldn't get it.
Lucky- I can't even talk about. Wake me up when it's over.
To go from Diane's magnificence to this is sad.

Jen said...

Who cares if Wolf is in or out. been there, done that. This show needs more than whoever replaces him, and the next person, and so on and so forth. One co writer does nothing to help anything on this show. So sad!

I am disgusted with Steve's role on this show. Not showing him hardly at all with Liz is disgisting. Esp since they are grandkids of the GH sweetheart couple, Steve & Audrey.

Hope said...

I think it was Clayton, Tina Clayton......

My2Cents2 said...

Thanks Hope. Yes Tina Clayton!!
I guess I could research her history when I get time. CLAYTON!

Disagree about the writers. If tptb got rid of the Guza team, GH would have a chance. Its not only GW, its the producers, editors, etc..Until they get someone capable in the role of HEAD, we will have bad storylines. But GH has come back in the past.
The 'right' people could bring it back again.
Though I doubt it will happen, as I doubt GW is going anywhere. We thought Guza was gone and he isn't...

LindaV said...

I believe Ravenbeauty is right about GW - she is always in the know somehow. Now that I know how long he has been on GH and was a part of the crapiness for so many years, I don't believe he is capable of resurrecting this show. It was all probably a sham until they found someone on the outside. I think it is the responsibilty of the head writer to really put things together and that is sorely lacking. There are some very good writers here as far as dialogue, but the storylines are ill-devised and the continuity is abysmal. Big problem.

Anonymous said...

can jasnore go to sleep and not wake up.

My2Cents2 said...

You are correct LindaV. The headwriter is responsible to pull it altogether. Directing, producing,editing, etc.. its not all about the writing. GW may have good story ideas...however, he isn't pulling it altogether.
And Guza never left!!! And the new person who they just announced at co headwriter, has been around as well. I see no change. Unless someone (Wendy Richie) comes back to take over.

As far as Raven goes, my heart goes out to her for what she is enduring in life right now.
However, I don't find her information accurate most times at all.
I will leave it at that. lol