Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Diane Quit after having the line of the Century!!

OLTL: Ahahaha on Tina and Cord when Rex found them. HA!! I LOVE them... Barn Sex is a tradition in Llanview!! Blair and Starr are wonderful....and get this.. in the corner "HELL NO" Daytime Confidential is saying Judith Light is NOT a go for the finale. wahhh. 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Diane was back... here we go. GREAT LINES today!! "Brenda, Brenda Brenda".... "She was dressed completely different... colors, heels--not like a refugee...seriously, what was with those sleeves down to here".... ahahahhaaaaaaaa Then she says "If you'd get your head out of your own scary angst for a minute" OMG, line of the year. Diane quits to start a gossip column.  Ummm okay...I wonder if she's off the show or what.

Kate was at damn party and all  of a sudden shows up? Isn't it the same night? WTF. ugh. HATE.  They just don't get time right on this show!!!   Oh, she's going but not in her costume? WTF? Oh this is stupid!!

This SIOBHAN story better move the hell along. Ugh. That better not last 3 weeks. Did you hear the wolf howl? I thought: OMG! TAYLOR LAUTNER IS IN IRELAND on GH!! heh. 

I need Spin to name his basketball!! :)

MULVA was on.  YAWN! 

Clown Face was Maggie! I'm sure she'll be another ex girlfriend with a past with Steve. UGH. Like  Patrick/Lisa!!! Steve sure didn't care about Liz did he?? And what does Johnny have on him?? Hmmmmm,  that could be interesting!!

NOW, Robin was seen at the door yesterday confronting "pumpkin head'...ergo, you OPEN WITH THAT today to keep up the momentum!!

JR Martinez of AMC  and  Dancing with the Stars fame just tweeted this: 
*Breaking News* I was just announced as the grand marshal for the 2012 tournament of roses!


lisa said...

Karen, I absolutely AGREE!!!! Bwaahaahaa!!! I LOVED Diane's lines today!! Fantastic!! You know I took a chance to watch the first half hour of GH and was rewarded with Dianne! I love what she told Sonny and absolutely loved the way she quit her job!!! Glad that this FANTASTIC LADY is moving on to something better!!!! SHE IS A STRONG WOMAN!

Anonymous said...

I hope Diane is not off the show...
I love her so much, she and Alexis are great.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that at least one woman on the show is not drinking the "Sonny Koolaide" can bluntly tell him exactly what they think of him. Monica used to be the other woman that would never take his crap but now that she is trying to establish her relationship with jasam she will fall on the Mob express and lose her spine.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Diane is still in the show to be Mac's love interest. She is such a fantastic actress and I loved her in lipstick jungle. She is great in primetime and I think we'll see alot more of her there. Love you , Diane!

Anonymous said...

Go Diane! What a kick-ass way to quit!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that GH jasam promo and their comment of 'favorite couple' have caused a shitstorm of fan backlash all over the internet. Even jasammers are not a fan of the upcoming storyline.
Frons, and JFP clearly interfering and continuing to shove this couple down people's throats. It's like their trying to hypnotize us , "You will learn to like this couple whether you like it or not!". Frons and JFP are always trying to market jasam.
Imagine another rape storyline ! They didn't even deal with Michael's rape well. It's as if Michael was never raped and he isn't even being shown getting help. Even if the rape doesn't happen, they still imply it to play with jasam's minds. IT's dark and we have had too much dark lately.
Diane, you are a bright light in this dark drab show.

kdmask said...

I totally forgot about the Alexis/Mac thing. It was a spoiler in THE SUMMER LOL maybe it will start. Maybe Diane's gossip column will turn into a tv show like on Llanview!

Melodybluez said...

I didn't see GH today yet, but if Diane was on, I will definitely watch! I absolutely adore her!

Wondering what the dinner for Kristina will be like. I wish they'd knock off Lulu's ire at Sonny. I get she's upset the man shot her boyfriend and she has a right to dislike him for that, but for me, it was just another relationship the writers ruined for a stupid reason...just like Carly and Lulu's as well. I used to like Julie and Maurice's scenes together and now, they are painful to watch.

The writers have done a botch job on what could have been so many great stories...they had a teen abuse story with Keifer and Kristina they messed up and a young man assaulted in prison (Michael) who has appearently learned NADA from his experience! The powers that be are totally out of touch with their audience and what they really would like to see and the bottom line, unfortunately, is that they most likely don't give a darn!

My2Cents2 said...

Anyday Diane is on is GOLDEN~
We had breaking news here, so I didn't see the end. Did she tell Sonny that Brenduh divorced him??
A gossip columnist!! I hope they write that into the show!
How fun that will be!!
Wasn't she on that show with Courtney Cox? Cougar town? That show still on??

Lulu is one miserable person.

The clown is Maggie?? I thought the clown was Lisa?? What am I missing??

FF thru all Lucky stuff. Have no desire to follow that storyline.

Saw Maxie & Spinelli...silly. That is the best I can say. Oh yea..BORING....

How can anyone say that Jason & Sam are being pushed down our throats?? They are hardly shown.
Which is fine with me. Jason has become a complete SNORE since he got married!!
OLTL....A few questions...Where is Aubrey living?? At Rex's??

How did Cutter get that letter off of Clints desk at Vickies house?
Did I miss something??

How fun to see Niles, Clint, Vicki & Todd today!! Wonder what is in the letter to all of them.

You GO GIRL Tina. Proud how you stood up to Cord!!!!Good enough for sex, but nothing more! Mmm...

So now we are hearing that Judith Light is not returning?? Daytime Confidential is pretty accurate, however I did read off Michael Fairman's blog that she was seen on Friday on the set.
Go figure.....

Watchintele said...

Hello all, I was wondering if any of you noticed this trend? It is not limited to GH, but noticeable on other soaps too.

Women that are written as strong and independent are far more needy, whiny, bitchy, see themselves as a victim of circumstance, and have vast childhood issues which they hide behind for their mistakes all the while they condemn women that they see as damsel in distress as weak, needy, needing a man all the time and never owning up to their mistakes.

It's typical of these characters, Carly, Sam on GH; Sami on Days; Phylis on Y&R.
They condemn characters such as Elizabeth, Emily on GH; Hope, Carrie on Days; Sharon on Y&R

Why do the TPTB think they are doing justice to women when they aren't? Why do they write for characters that are the complete opposite of what they want to show?
Why do they want their fans to get behind these characters? Why always promote them as the heroines, when they really aren't?

carrie said...

I need Spin to name his basketball!! :) Love that Karen..I think he should talk to it like Tom Hanks with the volleyball. Spin has the zany personality for it

My2Cents2 said...

So who is the clown?? Maggie or Lisa?

Ritapita said...

It's being reported as a rumor around the net that days want Kirsten Storms & Jason cook back. Won't be happy if they take my Kirsten! I like Matt too but Kirsten is golden.

lisa said...

The clown is Maggie. Lisa is already dead and the question is who killed her. The murder supposedly won't be solved until 2012 as per JFP. Another story that will drag on as will the was Sam raped by Franco or not storyline. Get ready, those stories which are both linked to mob AZ, Jason, and sonny are primarily what you will see. I couldn't care less about jasam and I can't stand this AZ/scrubs/drug story.

sonya said...

Oh geez Karen NOW you blog about GH today? ROFL! Okay I'll put my thoughts here. I was wondering where everyone is. :)

Lucky and the Irish woman: Zzzzzzzzzzz. More warnings?!!? What the hell? We don't need more warnings! One scene of warnings was enough! Let's get on with this!

Diane and Sonny: What the hell?!!?!?! What a horrible scene! She comes back from her book tour and damn!!! There was no reason for her to be so mean. And then she says I told you so?!!?! And then she quits her job and wants to be a gossip columnist!?!?!?! HUH?!!?! Diane made me so mad today!!! Kate comes in and just watches? HUH?!!?!

Kate and Sonny: Zzzzzzzzzz.

Lulu, Mulva, and Dante: Jealous much Lulu? :)

Lulu and Dante: Come on Lulu! Tell him you are not sure you want to be married to him!!

The IT Clown: Still skulking around watching Steve!!!! :)

Matt and Liz: Matt and Liz = awesomeness! :) Oh oh something is wrong with Liz but Matt saves the day! Awww! :)

Spinny and Maxie: What is with the basketball? :) Why isn't Maxie telling him to stop it? ROFL!

Steve and Olivia: Oh so now he is saying he got the scratches on his face because of a rope and boat stuff! HUH?!

Steve, Johnny, and Papa Z: Oh!! Steve fixed Papa Z right up hahaha!

sonya said...

lisa said...SHE IS A STRONG WOMAN!
That's because Diane hasn't slept with Sonny yet ROFL!

Beth said...

I agree with everything you said! OMG, the timing couldn't be further off!!!!
Loved Loved Loved Diane's scenes!!! She's a gem :-)

As far as NuKate goes, I am still finding it impossible to like her! She runs around town with that stick stuck up her "you know what" look on her face. Sorry, she just isn't Kate. Megan Ward could be hauty and still likable, why they chose to recast her is still a mystery to me.

I am just finding it so sad what is being done to the last soap standing, and a big part of me can't help but feel that this nightmare is intentional.

My2Cents2 said...

How can anyone say that Lisa is dead? She never dies, also there is no body!! She may not be the clown, but I don't believe she is dead either....lol

As far as rumors that Days want Kirstin & Jason back, those rumors have been going around for 2 years. I don't put much into it.
I am more concerned that KS return as Maxie!

Sonya..Diane wasn't being mean. She was just acting like Diane!!
You think Lulu is jealous? I think she is a miserable person!! She doesn't want him to be a cop, and what Lulu wants, Lulu wants. Seeing him 'working' from his bed pissed her off. Oh well!

I didn't see Steve fix up Papa due to breaking news here, however, isn't Steve involved with Papa Z and the drugs??

Do you realize, this is the first time in a long time nobody on here is complaining. (not too much) Are we getting used to this crap or is the show improving??

kdmask said...

DOn't think Lisa is dead not YET.

AntJoan said...

ITA, Diane's scene was GREAT!! I also was wondering if she's leaving the show, G-d, I hope not!!

They are trying to make it look like Steve has the scratches bec. he killed Lisa, otherwise, wouldn't people think she is still around? We last saw her waving to someone from the boat, smiling, so it looks like she was taken away by boat. Because no body was found, WHY IS NO ONE SCARED of that horrible clown, who is wielding a syringe a la Lisa? SOMEONE must know she is dead because they killed her, unless, like Karen said, she isn't dead yet, in which case, why is no one scared?

My2Cents2 said...

I wondered that too AntJoan. Why is nobody questioning this strange clown, with all Lisa has done to people??

I don't believe for a minute that Lisa is dead. She will be back. Isn't she always??

LindaV said...

Lisa has to be still alive - no one should rest easily until her body is found. Hard to believe no one notices that weird clown hanging around. I'll bet the pumpkin head at Robin's door was Patrick. Too bad they lost the momentum, as usual. Loved Diane, but she didn't tell Sonny about the divorce per the spoilers. She is such a gem. Whoever writes for her is brilliant. The rest - so boring.

My2Cents2 said...

I need to find out if Cougar Town is still on. If so, that has to be where she spends her time.

NOTICE...as rumors stated last year when Brenduh left, that Diane didn't mention anything about Brenduh being pregnant.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said... How can anyone say that Lisa is dead? She never dies, also there is no body!! She may not be the clown, but I don't believe she is dead either....lol
Of course Lisa isn't dead!! She is Mike Myers's sister after all! :) Those Myers family never dies! ROFL!

I am more concerned that KS return as Maxie!
Why are you more concerned about that?

Sonya..Diane wasn't being mean. She was just acting like Diane!!
Normally I love Sonny and Diane's banter. But this wasn't banter. There was no lead up to it. Sonny didn't do anything to make Diane go off! She just came in not happy! She walks in from her being gone and starts in on him! She just pmsed all over him! It was just an odd scene.

My2Cents2 said...

Who the Meyer family Sonya??
What am I missing?? lol

I am concerned that KS may not return because in all honesty, don't you think she is using this time to interview for other projects? Does she want to come back?? JMO

You LOVE Sonny!!! I do too, but I happen to LOVE Diane more!!!!

Melodybluez said...

I did watch Tuesday's show and loved Diane! (I don't think she was mean at all...just not putting up with Sonny's crappola like the rest of Port Chuck does!) I did expect Diane to serve Sonny with divorce papers from Brenda, but I don't think it happened, unless I missed it.

The clown thing is a bit creepy! No one would question someone in a hospital walking around in a creepy costume like that, even if it is Halloween? We never did see Lisa die, but yes, she's supposed to be the subject of a "Whodunnit" so I guess she will be fish food...or maybe not! It's kind of the same for a character like Jerry Jacks...he's never really dead!

Something's definitely amiss with Dr. Steve and I think we're just starting to see it. Possibly a dirty doctor and I guess Dr. Maggie's coming to flesh out that story of what happened in Memphis. I assumed Steve was on the phone with Maggie, so the clown thing confused me. He said something to someone about pulling a lot of strings to get the person hired, and I assumed it was Maggie.

Sonny and Kate bored me, as did Lucky's Irish adventure (Let's move it along, for goodness sakes!) Maxie and Spin with his basketball was a bore as well. Spixie was cute and the coupling did make Maxie more tolerable and likable, but as a romantic couple, they just did not work. Maxie looks clueless as to why Dr. Matt isn't interested anymore after she's ignored him for ages!

Lulu...The scene made her come off as a jealous fiancee with Delores Whatshername. Really, it is that Lulu would prefer Dante seek other kind of employment that is less dangerous. With the last boyfriend (Johnny) she wanted him out of the mob because of the danger and possibility he could end up dead (What girl in her right mind would want her boyfriend to be a mobster?) and with Dante, it is the same thing, only he's on the right side of the law. Same hangups, different guy. Lulu has yet to learn that nothing is perfect and safe in life because the writers don't allow her to grow up. Heck, they don't even allow Cousin Michael to have learned anything from his time in jail! I am convinced the writers never plan on making Lulu happy, content and at peace with her family past. Why? Well, because they all know Julie plays drama so well and if Lulu was happy and content, what would there be for her to do?

I absolutely agreed with the comment about how women are often played on soaps...well, GH is the only one I still watch, so it is nice to know that it isn't something exclusive with how women are portrayed.

I haven't watched Dirty Soap for some time, so I don't know if Kirsten Storms was mentioned at all and is feeling any better and will return or not. At first, she was supposed to be gone for two months, then three, which most likely means we won't see her until the new year.

We might all be easing up on the complaining, but maybe it is because we have resigned ourselves to what we see on screen. A bit sad, but true!

My2Cents2 said...

Lisa is very much alive. Whether the clown is her or not, she is not fish food...

Lulu is a miserable person.
I didn't take her action as jealous, more she HATES life!!

Dr Steve...FINALLY a storyline with him! Can't wait. Will I be disapointed? Probably.

I watched DS last week, and there was no mention of KS.

Hope this helps!

Melodybluez said...

We all read scenes and characters differently and have different perceptions of what was intended in the scene...there are no right or wrong interpretations overall.

Yes, Lulu is a miserable person. Most of the Spencers currently are. Luke is painful to watch these days. It must be in the Spencer contract that they be miserable OR the Helena curse works!

If someone died off screen, yes, they can always be alive. On soaps, people can actually die and then come back, not always as ghosts, like we see endlessly on GH. It was done with Jesse from AMC, so death on a soap means nothing.

It would be nice for Dr. Steve to get an actual story. He was brought on a long time ago and has been in the background pretty much, either being counsel for his sister through the Lucky and Nik saga and then playing interference with Scrubs and Lisa. I do hope as well that his backstory isn't disappointing!

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said....Who the Meyer family Sonya??What am I missing?? lol
Hahahaha from the movie Halloween! :) Mike Myers. :) He never dies! Neither does Lisa hahahhaa!

I am concerned that KS may not return because in all honesty, don't you think she is using this time to interview for other projects? Does she want to come back?? JMO
I hope KS comes back!!!! :(

You LOVE Sonny!!! I do too, but I happen to LOVE Diane more!!!!
Sure I love Sonny but sometimes he makes me mad ROFL!