Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The NIght Of Thanksgiving Continue!

Didn't watch OLTL Today, too much going on.

GH: What the hell time of night is this? Robin's up on a dark bridge, Lucky brings in Cam to visit--Olivia and Steven eating. Whatever.

Steven and Olivia--hmmmm, so she's fainting all over-- don't you think she needs to get checked out? Or is that going away? She's not PG or so she told Steve--who made it clear he doesn't want a baby.

Maggie, Ok, I don't get it. Whatever. She's Lisa all over again. Why the hell was Lucky hanging at the hospital? Aiden was there in the middle of the night, or later because Sam said the sun was coming up soon!! Patrick is a doctor and brings Emma to the hospital for a stomach ache. :handsup: ahahaha she called Robin a Battle Ax!!

Mac Daddy was on, my favorite part!! That last scene with them was so telling *sobbing*

FRANCO said "Wuzzy Words" and I KNOW he was meaning WUBBY WORDS LOL!! cause he loves me so much... :)

Strippers at Jake's... they call Johnny "JZ" now! LMAO... Okay.... and why aren't they stripping?! Did you see the "gloves" on the table in the corner? I guess it can't be Mac stalking the girls.

Franco's DVD to Carly cracked me up: FATHERS.....FATHERS....... woooooooooo woooo


LLT said...

Just thought I'd let you know... you typed Steven and Lisa and I think you meant Steven and Olivia (Lisa is the actress's name not the character)

Hope/soapbabie said...

Norah opened mouth, inserted foot as always
Clint almost kissed Viki
Matthew got quite gabby
Roxie as ROXIE who cares about her

Anonymous said...

You need to watch OLTL Matthew has been woke a matter of hours and already put Nora in her I've missed this kid! lol


kdmask said...

OMG !! ahhaaha I call "olivia" LISA all the dang time! Thank you LLT!

My2Cents2 said...

Gnat...GO DIG a hole and crawl into it!!!!

KISS her Clint!!! You too are soul-mates!!!Even with that hideous Thanksgiving outfit she has had on for a week.
Duh. Really Patrick? A tummy ache and you bring her in?? Was the ER closed? Or was this suppose to be a chemistry test between you and new looney Lisa?
Bringing Emma in was as brilliant as Lulu running out the door of Dantes house to the hospital yesterday.

Thank you for not showing Sonny & his 'closet' scene. I dread that as much as I dread going to the OBGYN.

Let's talk about the serial freak.
Was that him sitting at the table?
Certainly wasn't Jason. Kinda looked like the back of the Grasshopper. Or am I looking for it to be??

Uncle Mac? Ya all think he knows about Robin??

My2Cents2 said...

Before the 'board grammer police' get after me, too should have been spelled two.
Doesn't bother me, but it does the grammer police.

Love4dogs said... better make that grammar! They'll be after you, too! lol

AntJoan said...

I have found a way that I can continue to watch GH (I think).

After Brenda left, which broke my heart (more, it seems, than Sonny's), I wanted to give up the show but couldn't. I wanted my S & B happy ending!

So, in my mind, the real GH ended when S & B got married. This big mess, where everything is dark and everyone we care about is leaving, is something else, it's not our GH, it's kind of a dark "evil twin" show that spun off from the real show. If I tell myself this, then it's not as painful to watch the rewrites of history, the demise of the characters, etc., etc.

Well, I'm not into deluding myself, but this really ISN'T the GH I've known and loved all these years. . . .

sonya said...

The hospital: Maggie the superhero!! UGH! She is there for Lucky and Emma! Oh so Olivia ISN'T pregnant. Then why do you keep getting dizzy and almost passing out!?!?! Maggie don't insult Robin! Who do you think you are?!!?!?! Lucky and Ethan scene. :) They hugged awww! Lucky snorted as he was laughing hahaha! Enough of Yucky Mucky (Maggie and Lucky) There is no reason!!!

Jake's: Wow! JZ saved the day! :) The girls call him JZ Hahaha! Who is that mystery guy? Franco? Hey Coleman is there! :) Abby and Johnny should be a couple. :)

Carly's house: Ewwww Franco wants to tuck Joss in?! GROSS! Can Jason kill him now please? I'm so done with Franco.

Robin and Mac: Robin is at the bridge that her and Stone used to be at. And it's also the bridge that her and Jason used to be at too. :) Great Robin and Mac scene!!! She thinks she is gonna die and he won't let her! :'(

Adora said...

I am almost starting to think they are making so much of Robin dying that they don't really intend to have it happen. Wasn't there a spoiler awhile back about Patrick getting shot protecting her? This is a far-fetched theory, but perhaps he dies and she goes out of the country for treatment? I know that's pushing it, but people will be outraged if/when they kill her and it's impossible to miss that being where they are driving the story right now. It all seems to predictable at the moment, it's making me second guess things.

Hearing Stone say "I can see you Robin, I can see you" at the end of the show, the very last words he spoke to her, nearly made me cry. =(

Adora said...

"It all seems to predictable at the moment" ---> It all seems too predictable at the moment.

Melodybluez said...

I saw bits and pieces of today's GH...

The Mac and Robin scenes were the highlight as a long time viewer. I wonder if the writers were aiming to have some sort of focus for World AIDS Day which is Thursday? Maybe giving them too much credit.

The Patrick and Maggie scenes annoyed me...I kept having Lisa flashbacks during them. I wish they'd hire one new doc that doesn't have issues! Robin isn't even gone yet and they seemed to be chem testing!

Franco...this stuff is getting way creepy. Well, it was said Wolfie likes dark and depressing.

Will have to try to watch more clearly tonight. Have a feeling I am not missing much!

Stephanie said...

My first thought was it was Franco in the corner..lurking and stalking..

It is his thing and they did name drop..

Stephanie said...

P.S. Didn't Patrick take a bullet for Robin during the Black/White Ball?? Or was that something else? I thought he did..Maybe I just remember the rumor..

Adora said...

Actually wasn't it the nurse he had a quasi-relationship going on with at the time who took a bullet for Patrick at the Black & White Ball? Leyla, I think her name was.

Stephanie said...

Yeah!! OK that's right..I couldn't remember exactly..

My2Cents2 said...

AntJoan...I stopped liking GH when Brenda came back. IMO the show went from bad to worse with her return. Happy to see her gone. However, she show still sucks the life out of me!!!

Sonya...about time you jumped on the ban wagon here...
NOT liking Maggie at all. She is very comfortable there for being such a new employee. Forget Maggie & Lucky, even she can't get JJ to stay.
JZ! JZ! LMAO!!! JZ!!!
So does Uncle Mac know about Robin? That is where I got lost.

My2Cents2 said...

Adora..that is a possibility. I did read months ago that she leaves to go live with Anna. Hopefully she doesn't die and they write her getting sick & then better and leaving!!!!!
No DEATH for Robin!!!!!
I did enjoy her & Uncle Mac scenes. Two VETS who were a part of GH when GH was GH!!

Patrick & Maggie scenes were 'sickening'. Not only because why would a Dr bring in his child for a upset stomach?? Made no sense. All I show was trouble with Lisa. I mean Maggie.

DIE FRANCO DIE!!!! ICK!!!! Shower time after watching him. And NOT the 'cold shower' either!!!!

Love4dogs said...

I'm beginning to think there is a method to the madness of tptb. They are making us long time GH fans so disappointed in the writing and the show that there will be no outcry when it's canned.

LindaV said...

There is no reason to have Maggie there especially after she wore that clown costume and spied on everyone on Halloween. Not normal behavior. Loved Lucky and Ethan, and especially loved the Robin/Mac scene. This all did come out of nowhere though. That may have been Franco sitting at Jakes, or Michael, Spinelli, too small for Ronnie, Luke or Patrick. Could be Dante, Sonny or Anthony.

My2Cents2 said...

I agree LindaV. There is no reason for Maggie to be at hospital after the crap she pulled in a clowns outfit.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya...about time you jumped on the ban wagon here...NOT liking Maggie at all. She is very comfortable there for being such a new employee.
Hahaha what do you mean it's about time? I was never in love with the character. :) Yeah she does nothing for me.

Forget Maggie & Lucky, even she can't get JJ to stay.
Yeah so true! She couldn't! I wouldn't want him to stay just to have Lucky have a relationship with her UGH!

JZ! JZ! LMAO!!! JZ!!!
ROFL! :)

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya when I told you to jump on the band wagon, it was because you hadn't posted anything for the day yet! I await YOUR 2cents!!!
I don't like Lisa Jr.
aka Clowngirl.

What about Uncle Mac, do you think he knows?

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Sonya when I told you to jump on the band wagon, it was because you hadn't posted anything for the day yet! I await YOUR 2cents!!!
Ohhhhh okay. :) Well, we have to wait until 3:00 to see how GH is today. :)

I don't like Lisa Jr.
aka Clowngirl.
Yeah me neither.

What about Uncle Mac, do you think he knows?
I don't know. Maybe. The way Robin was talking, Mac was talking to her about not letting her die. :( Maybe Mac was reading between the lines.