Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cute Interview with Jason and Brandon!

They dish villians and GH's Fate:


Anonymous said...

maybe they should have put theses two on before as opposed to guza and SBu--who turned ppl off.
Lisa was good the first time around not a second though.

Adora said...

I always inevitably feel bad for the person who doesn't get to speak in these interviews, it looks so awkward to be sitting there while someone else rattles on like you don't exist. Thankfully the end softened that blow a bit for Brandon, who sadly I see leaving Port Charles well before Patrick. Which might have something to do with why he didn't look as though he agreed with everything Jason was saying. (Yes, I have a tendency to over-think things! *^^;*) At any rate, thank you for sharing~

My2Cents2 said...

Brandon is another talented underused actor.
His character has been 'hanging' for over 2 years.
I don't believe they will let him go with word of other's exit lurking.
Which is fine with me. Brandon is a true talent that I never tire of.

Jason...up in the air what will become of him when Robin leaves. Rumor is he leaves too, however, if GH wants him bad enough, $$$ talks.

LindaV said...

Just love these two guys. BB is very popular and I think that is why he has been kept long after his storylines have dwindled. He and BW are a great match. And Jason is so talented. And they are both really nice! That to me is the sad part of the upcoming demise of GH - not seeing actors I really like.

My2Cents2 said...

I agree Linda.
Most of the characters we have grown to like.

Except Carly. I LOVED her forever, even when she was wrong. But lately, her immatureness and behavior is disgusting!!
Even to me!
Here is a women who not only hasn't shown any growth, but she is regressing!!!!!!!!


LindaV said...

My2Cents2, I have never liked Carly but I loved Sarah Brown's portrayal and I love Laura W.'s version. It's all the actresses to me. LW has given Carly more heart than anyone. I loved her with Jax and I think it was a huge mistake to tear them apart. They were very watchable together. Thank you once again, writers.

My2Cents2 said...

Years ago, when LW took the role, I was going thru things in my life where I could relate to her behavior. I still can give her a pass on alot of her actions. Her devotion to Jason. Her BIG MOUTH.
I never accepted the type of mother she was. I always wanted Jax to get the baby.
However, who at the age of 40, goes to a bar alone on their birthday to 'hit' on a guy because he is on a date? That is so beneath anyone at that age to do that.
Then to sit on the docks talking about 'feelings' when there is a dead body floating?? I would have been HYSTERICAL. SHAKING. I probably would have left.
NOPE. Not Carly. Same ol Ronnie scenes, blah blah blah..

LindaV said...

And, of course, who drags their baby to the eye of the hurricane (Franco in Hawaii)? Carly!

lisa said...

Like johnny and patrick. Wish johnny wasn't mob and could be paired with Liz. The actors are bound not to reveal if they sre leaving until official announcements are made.

My2Cents2 said...

Johnny has been rumored to be leaving for 2-3 years. He isn't going anywhere. IMO