Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday: Lady in White Debuts Dec 2nd

As I said on the Rumor page, Alysia Ochse is playing the "Lady in White" at Wyndemere. She could be Lulu's twin in looks! Nathan Parsons says:
"Alyshia Ochse is phenomenal! She's going to be a lot of fun for the audience to watch. She's a smart, impulsive actress who really challenges me, even though she hasn't even said anything yet! It'll take a while for her to speak. There's been so much tension building with this story. Ethan's been chasing this mystery being — they've been running circles around each other forever — and she is not what he expected.

So, it will be a cat/mouse game that will probably stretch on and on and on.. par for the GH course lately. RUMORS of a Laura recast are floating around. That's some BS if true. Will never fly.

OLTL: I totally thought Blair had on a NECKBRACE!! ahahhaaaa. IT WAS HER SWEATER! I was interrupted today during the show. Sorry I can't say more. I do love Dani and Tea though.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Instead  of a dress,  Sonny gives Kate a bikini ahahahaaa! Usually it's a damn dress...guess he's thinking ahead this time. Brenda sent papers over, and Sonny said "goodbye Brenda". Just. Like. That. He sent Kate a "scarf" that looked like a table runner. How can Kate say she doesn't want to be "one of the many" SHE IS ONE OF THE MANY!! geesh!

Fave part?? Sam almost pitches bitch Michael over the railing!!

I am liking Jen Lilly. No one can beat Kirsten but she's doing a damn fine job. She's getting less shrill and seeming to have more fun with the part. Loved when Kate walked in. 

Jason is totally obsessing over FRANCO which is just what Franco wanted. Smart Franco. They so should have taped more stuff to insert if this was lasting 6 months.  BORING!!
MONICA!!!!! Loved her coming in. She told Sam about Liz-- and invited everyone to turkey day. 

Shawn and Carly are having Thanksgiving together. I might like them if it wasn't so boring. HA! Carly find out Shawn is there because Jason asked him to watch her!! hee hee. whoops.

RentMaxie and NuKate look like mama daughter!! big time OR SISTERS!



My2Cents2 said...

There were 'quotations' in the beginning of your post? Did that come from Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza?About Alyshia??
I just don't share in the Guza's excitement. Been disapointed too much.

Nice to see Dianne. Probably won't see her again until January. Why did I think her new occupation was going to be written into the show?

We get Monica this week. YES Monica, I agree, Jason's priority should be Sam. That is his wife.
However, for once, Liz didn't deliberately interfere in another persons relationship. Jason went to her after you Monica sent him in to her.

Get a life Michael. The world doesn't revolve around you and Abbey. Jason has other things to worry about!!!!!

I am crabby today.
Been waiting on a delivery for almost a month, and its coming today. WHEN?? When its time for bed?

kdmask said...

No it was Nathan Parsons talking about her

Cosmoetica said...

She's getting less shrill


Kirsten Storms' photo is in the dictionary under 'shrill':

a : having or emitting a sharp high-pitched tone or sound : piercing b : accompanied by sharp high-pitched sounds or cries

Adora said...

While I have to agree that NuMaxie has been less grating and better dressed the past couple shows, I was a little disturbed to see her added to list of 'half-naked women in garters' that the show has been amassing the past few months. I think I was mostly disturbed because I don't feel it was a scene they'd have done with Kirsten Storms. I guess I'll have to hope I am wrong.

sonya said...

Well Karen the good part of the cat and mouse game with the lady in white and Ethan stretching on and on, is that we can make fun of it a lot!!! :)

Shawn and Carly: Does he like me or doesn't he? Poor Carly!

Sam and Michael: Woah! She almost threw him over the balcony!!!! She sure knows how to take care of herself. :)

Sonny and Kate: Gifts gifts gifts!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Matt and Maxie: Maxie takes off her clothes!! Your turn Matt! :) WOAH HE DOES!!!! Humina humina! *drool* Oh he kept falling!! ROFL! Oh they make love on the clothes! Kate won't like that! Is this their last make love hurrah? Will they break up soon? Please?

Kate and Maxie: Maxie is so afraid of her sister firing her!!! Deathly afraid!!! Oh she doesn't fire Maxie whew close call. :)

Jason: Oh he calls and tries to leave a message for Franco! An angry I am going to kill you message!!!

Carly and Jason: Love their scene. Jason is so angry!

Jason and Sonny: Jason is angry!!! Sonny cares. :) I love when the lovebirds are in the same scene together. :) Poor Jason can't get Franco out of his mind!! Jason are you emotionally cheating on Sonny!?!?!! How could you! :-0. Oh that is why you are so angry!

Monica: Awww she wants Michael, Sam, and Jason to come over her house for Thanksgiving. :)

Diane and Sonny: She gives Sonny divorce papers from Brenda. So Sonny doesn't have to go to the dominican republic. Geez Diane did you WANT Sonny to freak out?!!?! Go away Diane leave him alone. What is wrong with you?!

Sonny: Goodbye Brenda.


Anonymous said...

Nathan, my overflowing....ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz......

My2Cents2 said...

Good riddens Brenda! think Sonny cares about Jason?? I don't. Sonny only cares about Sonny. After all the mess's Jason has cleaned up for Sonny, and all he has been thru with Sonny, you would think Sonny would know by now something is OFF with Jason. Nah he is too concerned about Kate and panties.
And please. Carly grow up. Go take your 2 children and go see Morgan. I have no desire to see Michael acting like a disrespectful brat because soldier boy is at dinner.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said... think Sonny cares about Jason?? I don't. Sonny only cares about Sonny.
Jason and Sonny are the loves of each others lives! So yes of course Sonny cares about his Jasonpoo! :) But now they have couple angst! With Franco!!! :) Who will Jason pick? Franco? Or Sonny? :) Stay tuned! ROFL!

My2Cents2 said...

I LOVE Jason/Sonny. But Sonny needs to know what is going on with Jason, and all he cares about is getting in Kates panties!!

Hope/soapbabie said...

Blair has worn that sweater before, even last winter, and I think it was the first time I saw a soap character on a show in the winter in one and their chest covered...
except of course for Jason and the infamous reindeer sweater....:O)

Melodybluez said...

Was a boring Monday on GH...

So many new folks coming to GH's cast, my head is spinning! Some kid that looks like Urkel, a blonde Laura/Lulu knockoff, and now an updated version of Krissy. Molly is going to look a bit out of place next to that actress! They are going to have to glam her up a lot more...or recast her, heaven forbid!

Diane was nice to see; she always is! "Goodbye Brenda..."'s over in the blink of an eye. Thanks to the idiots in charge for having us endure a nearly week long wedding for this garbage!

The couples today were ok...just ho hum. What has disturbed me for some time about the GH storylines is when you get people on the show who don't deal with an issue. OK, I know it is soapy for secrets, lies, and unspoken/undealt with issues to happen, but they do it far too much on GH. Sam and Jason should be dealing with what they think happened with Franco...not sweeping it under the carpet, hoping all the feelings will just go away, because they won't. They did this with Michael's assault and so many other storylines I could mention.

Matt and Maxie were today's comic relief! Cute, but it also sort of annoys me when people "get wild" in the workplace, which is totally unrealistic. Maybe I am just a bore. I've never been inclined to "get it on" with someone at work. I like my job, thanks! :-)

Sonny and Kate...we're in for a stroll down Bensonhurst lane, I guess! I can understand what some viewers were saying about Kelly Sullivan's Kate. I do miss Megan Ward, but her Kate is a bit different, specifically with the "grittiness" she can imagine her Bensonhurst roots a bit more clearly. It is just my perception of how she comes across differently than Megan's Kate.

Thanksgiving at Chez Quartermaine should be interesting this year! I am looking forward to the pizza party!

Anonymous said...

Matt and nuMaxie was the best part of today's show. I hope when KS returns they get going with Matt and Maxie. They are hot!

Mamaspat Ole said...

Karen I had to rewind OLTL to check out Blairs neckbrace lol and poor Gigi shes been rooked my cutter and his mama.....

My2Cents2 said...

According to Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza, Thanksgiving is eventful at the Q's.

Who wants to bet he is over exaggerating again??

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Sonya...LMAO!!!
ROFL! :)

But Sonny needs to know what is going on with Jason, and all he cares about is getting in Kates panties!!
Hahahahaha! Well poor frustrated Sonny hasn't been getting any! :) I think he is about due. ROFL!

My2Cents2 also says...According to Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza, Thanksgiving is eventful at the Q's.Who wants to bet he is over exaggerating again??
I saw the promo! Jason turns over a table in anger!!! I just hope we get the Q singing like they do every year! I hope it's before Jason turns into the incredible hulk and turns over the table!

My2Cents2 said...

He turns over a table? Like the bitch did on New Jersey Housewife's? I don't watch promos.
If I did, I probably wouldn't watch the show that day!

Sonny hasn't had it in awhile??
WELCOME to my world!!!!!!

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...He turns over a table? Like the bitch did on New Jersey Housewife's? I don't watch promos.
ROFL! Yeah like that!!! :)

Sonny hasn't had it in awhile?? WELCOME to my world!!!!!!
Hahahaha! Are you married? :) Or dating anybody?

LindaV said...

I loved Matt and NuMaxie, although I still keep picturing KS in the role and hope she comes back soon. I don't understand though why they dropped the ball on a possible pairing of Matt and Liz. I thought Maxie and Spinelli would be reunited as it were, but Spinelli seems to have lost his screen time along with his cyber skills. Had to ffwd. Sonny and NuKate.

My2Cents2 said...

NO Sonya...NOT married or dating.
Been there, done that.
Now I am tired. lol
You watch NJ Housewife's??

- I wouldn't count 'rent a Maxie' and Matt couple quite yet.....
they had sex. lol

Where is Kirstin already?? She may not be coming back people.

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...NO Sonya...NOT married or dating.Been there, done that.
Oh! :) Well that's too bad. :)

Now I am tired. lol

You watch NJ Housewife's??
No, but I know all about it! I watch Entertainment tonight. :)