Monday, November 7, 2011

Sam is a Little RAY OF JOY on Daytime!!

Nat and Jess!! 

I have my Crissy Doll right up stairs!!!! She's in her BOX!! They are totally just like Jess and Natalie. 
Isn't SAM the best ever? Ahhhhh. "You're my second Mom" sniff.  He's so cute.  I hope he doesn't find that pee stick! LOL HE FOUND THE PEE STICK and is playing with it!!  Tea's PG. I'm happy for her!! Blair will  be God Momma! ahahahahhaa. OMG, wash your hands little man!! THAT was hysterical heh.Natalie SHUT THE HELL UP! god!! JUST SHUT UP FOR ONCE!! She deserves to marry Brody now. In that ugly dang dress!! Go ahead!! John's moving to Seattle, homeland for Twilight-- he needs to feed.  HEH


Not that I care who killed her, but you all might!

Jason screaming at Franco had me  giggling a bit. Not their intent I'M SURE-- I so  wish he would have left a monkey in with Jason heh.  Is there a toilet in there?? Liked Franco grabbing her when she fell in the shower curtain. This still should have happened WEEKS ago. Now? Don't care.

Matt and Liz were a bit cute with the abs and stuff...that's about it there. Maxie stomps in.  She was crankier than usual. ugh  Hell, it's still Halloween according to Maxie. She just came from dinner with Spin. BUT it's not because Michael said it was when Claudia was killed-- HAHAAAA. OMG. it's so mixed up. Liz says her birthstone is the same as Maxie's.. er..NO. It's in NOVEMBER!

Spinelli and Max/Milo were funny. Is Spinelli Rain Man with the gambling now?

Carly at Jake's with Johnny, Shawn and Sonny..she's on a booty call. And SONNY---??? SONNY??? "Keep your mouth down..check it, we are in a public place"--- and they are going to fight over her?? By the way, according to Kate and her  outfit, it's still HALLOWEEN  and she's trying to get to that costume party. Only it's not-- they are SO CONFUSED on these timelines. LOL 
Anyone else think that 'lady' with Shawn was a guy?

Lucky in the graveyard. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. whatever. Unless Claudia walks out of a grave, I don't care. 

SHEEZEEEEEEEEEE Revolution Commercials?? REALLY Already?? HATE!!


CareyN said...

Your headline confused me. I thought you meant Sam McCall from GH, not little Sam Manning (Lord? Kramer?) from OLTL. I was like, "uh, Karen, is that supposed to be irony??" And I'm still wondering why Sam wouldn't inherit the entire Lord/Manning estate, and why NOBODY seemed to care about his financial well-being after his dad died....Oh well. Those are just little holes compared to the holes in GH!!!!

Another day in Port Charles... said...

So many ridiculous things about today's GH. Two things that caught my attention:

1. Sam was taking a shower in a rented vacation hut. How gross is it for Sam to be wrapped in that shower curtain liner.

2. It is night time in Port Charles, Ireland, and Hawaii simultaneously.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the lady with Shawn introduced recently in the hospital as one of Abby's stripper friends?
Sure looks like her.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that I was not the only one laughing at Jason. I don't care about this storyline because I DO NOT want to see another woman victimized. I am sick of soaps doing that. Don't they know that women are their audience.

kdmask said...

YES ! SHE IS A STRIPPER friend of Abners!!

Hope/soapbabie said...

I love little Sam. when he hugged Tea I totally puddled up...

lisa said...

I liked the Liz and Matt exchange and was glad he stood up for Liz when the Liz bashing came again with Maxie calling her a slut. I am actually sick of the Maxie character and would love to see her get told that she's a flake, not to mention that she can't call anyone a slut after her own behaviour. I even forgot maxie had sex with Franco.Surprised Franco didn't get in touch with her.Glad spinelli didn't fall for her BS.
Sam and jason were a snooze and I found myself laughing at jason as well. Possible rape storyline is pathetic to try to get ratings or make Sam more sympathetic to her audience.

Lori said...

(this is SARCASM) I'm so glad Wolfe is keeping up the Guza tradition of making every GH female a victim of some kind of abuse :: rolling eyes ::

Truly disgusted over the turn of events in Fronkeyville.

Melodybluez said...

Lots O' News at GH today! JJ is out! It looks like on his own accord. If I recall Raven correctly, she was saying two major male actors and one major female would be gone soon.

Today's GH was just all kinds of bizarre and boring!

Jasam and Fronkey...I thought Jason was going to blow a gasket! When I saw the shower scene with Sam, my mind immediately went to Pyscho...I thought Anthony Perkins wrapped Janet Leigh in the shower curtain after hacking her to death. Again, the writers borrow from films. I guess when they haven't much imagination, they do things like that! What they don't need is another sexual assault story and a who's the daddy aftermath...that's just a complete turn off for me as a viewer, but that's just me.

The hijinks at Jakes...kept having to remind myself again that these folks are grown adults. Carly, go home, act your age and celebrate your daughter's know, the daughter you almost lost and almost died having? I am all for having fun on your birthday, but mother of the year Ms. Carly ain't!

Johnny...this guy still has a death wish getting up into Sonny's face. It is usually amusing, but I am finding it boring. I read that Johnny's going to help Kate with her car problems soon. (Does he still have that garage as a mob front?) Oh goodie...another one of Sonny's female "properties" that Johnny can interact with and manage to PO Sonny in the process. If he's not lucky, he'll be joining his dearly departed sister in the hereafter soon at this rate!

Liz and Matt...there is chemistry there. I am just getting annoyed with NuMaxie. Initially, I liked her (still wish Kirsten would come back) and thought she fit the role well, but she's turning annoying! Must we have her feel slighted again by a man and then run to Spin and kiss him again? At least he called her out on that.

Now, let me get this straight. The folks of Port Chuck not only have amazing healing powers but if stories are reading right, Siobhan and now Spinelli seem to have developed psychic powers?

Irish Adventure...this is Lucky's farewell story? It is dragging along and I have actually already lost interest, unless they do something pretty interesting with it.

I didn't think about the time thing with Port Charles, Hawaii and Ireland...but then maybe it is me not expecting the writers to handle little details like this...they cannot even do time frames well.

So maybe the JJ announcement is the first of several to come? I guess we will soon see!

LindyCFF said...

Loved the Carly and Sonny scenes but they were too short. I just wish they would stop fighting…but fighting or making love Mo and Laura have chemistry. I was soooooooooooooooo happy to see Carly put Kate in her place. TEAM Carly all the way and Carly is sooooooooooooo right about Kate. Carly doesn’t hide who she really is unlike Kate does. Carly knows where she comes from and doesn’t deny it or ignore her family like that snob Kate. Also Kate had no idea what she was talking about since Carly didn’t even know Sonny would show up at jakes when she accused Carly of trying to make Sonny jealous over her. I also LOL when Sonny called Shawn solider (even if I like Shawn) and I love that Sonny wanted to save Carly from herself because it shows he still loves her. Like I said before I just wish Sonny and Carly could work their problems out and find their way back to each other.

My2Cents2 said...

When is NuMaxie leaving?? exciting to see that 'look' on your face today.
I have missed it while you were talking to the stars!!
Rumor is, that Franco doesn't rape Sam, however, it will be awhile before that is revealed.
What is the sense of a rape story?? I think its SICK.

Love MY Carly & her 'catfights'. She and Kate had some pretty good comments going back and forth.
And Sonny, when he calls Johnny 'BOY'. Sounds like a first class idiot. I LOVE Sonny, but c'mon, BOY???

I can't believe I am saying this, but I actually enjoyed Liz today. That is how sickening NUMaxie is getting.

GREAT OBSERVATION about Sam being wrapped in a nasty, used, hut shower curtain. ICK!!

As far as Carly's 'games', I thought to myself, how old is she?? Wasn't sure if it were just me thinking that, glad it wasn't.
And I agree, this is the daughter she fought so hard to keep. The daughter whose brother is gone, father is gone, but hey, Carly needs a 'night out'.

sonya said...

Lucky and the lady: Oh come on!!!! So he woke her up and dragged her to that haunted place? Just so he can ask her if she wrote GO on the ground? Give me a break! And again more warnings from her. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Lucky falls asleep AGAIN and when he wakes up he sees on the ground the words GO HOME! UGH!

Spinny, Milo, and Max: Oh how cute Max and Milo pretending again to be scary ROFL! Doesn't work guys! :) And then NOTHING BUT NET ROFL! Great scene.

Liz and Matt: Adorable scene love it!!!! :)

Matt and Maxie: MATT!! DUMP HER!!!!!

Jake's: Oh boy!!!!! Drama drama drama. That stripper lady should walk out and never go on a date with Shawn again!!!! Oh so she does get up and walk away good! :) Hey how come Kate sticks up for Sonny with Carly but not with Diane? Very odd.

Honeymoon from hell: Oh look Norman Bates from psycho has grabbed Sam!!!! Is he going to rape her or not? Dunno, but Jason has turned into CUJO!!! Look at him spit! :)

Sidenote: THAT SUCKS THAT JOHNATHAN JACKSON IS LEAVING! We just got him back!!!! :( No more recasts!!! Well if they need to have one, get GV back!!

My2Cents2 said...

So the ladydate of Shawn's was a hooker???????????

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...So the ladydate of Shawn's was a hooker???????????
Hahaha no no no cents! She is a stripper! :) At Vaughns.(sp?)

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya..I had some a bad few days, I LOVE your humor, you make me laugh.
THANK YOU Girlfriend!!!!!!

So Shawn paying for 'it'??????

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Sonya..I had some a bad few days, I LOVE your humor, you make me laugh.THANK YOU Girlfriend!!!!!!
I'm sorry you are having a bad few days. :( But I'm glad I made you laugh!!! :)

So Shawn paying for 'it'??????
Hahaha no! :) She isn't a hooker, but if she was, he ain't getting any now!!! She walked out on him ROFL!

My2Cents2 said...

Shawn..e took a hooker out on a date, trying to get a 'freebie', and she ends up walking out on him.

JAX!!! Come back! NOW!!!! Before Carly does something stupid..AGAIN

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...Shawn..e took a hooker out on a date, trying to get a 'freebie', and she ends up walking out on him.
Yeah Cents that's what happened uh huh ROFL!

JAX!!! Come back! NOW!!!! Before Carly does something stupid..AGAIN
ROFL! Please Jax come back!

Anonymous said...

I really do hope the rumor of GW being out is true. I didn't think anyone could mess up this show any more than Guza. I was wrong. Unbelievable.

Frisco said...

I can not watch Jason scenes without being distracted by his sneakers They seem more Spinelli style then StoneCold style. I assume Jason always wore black boots. What's next...Jason in a neon plaid hoodie?
Someone asked whether Jason's cell had a toilet. Now if they showed Jason waking up wearing nothing but an adult diaper, to quote Sonya...ROFL!!

LindaV said...

I really think Liz and Matt are adorable together, and can't wait until Kirsten is back - NuMaxie is so annoying. I guess GW thinks having Lucky sleep next to a grave is must see TV. No wonder he wants out. Had to ffwd. Jason and Sam scenes. Not something I really care to see. Loved seeing Max and Milo - they are hysterical!

sonya said...

Frisco said...Now if they showed Jason waking up wearing nothing but an adult diaper, to quote Sonya...ROFL!!
Hahahahha! The last time I brought up adult diapers, it was with Jack on OLTL! ROFL!