Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cyber Soaps: How Close Are We?

Going Cyber-Soap-- can it be done? Here's a great, easy to understand article about the venture. Believe me, I know very little when it comes to  all this, and reading this piece really helped. Go to All Things D.  As usual, it's all coming down to the mooolah. the shows are not funded at this time. Good news is there's proof we Daytime peeps watch shows online as well. Bad News?  Ummm, money is needed and fast if they are going to be on when OLTL ends in January.

I SO wish I'd win that Power Ball!

Revenues: This is the part requires the biggest leap of faith. Kwatinetz figures that if Web TV portals like Hulu can command $40 CPMs for their stuff, he can, too. Particularly because his episodes will be new, not reruns that aired days earlier. He also figures he can resell the shows to traditional cable down the road, and/or sell them via distributors like Apple’s iTunes.
But there’s a reason that no one is making video with TV-level budgets for the Web yet, and that’s because ad buyers aren’t paying up consistently for it. YouTube’s new plan, for instance, assumes that its channel partners will spend considerably less than $100,000 per hour to make their stuff for the site. And the stuff that runs on Hulu isn’t dependent on that advertising revenue — it’s built with TV ad dollars in mind.--Peter Kafka

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