Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Gallstones

 Frequent Flyer Miles? 
Oh, Lucky, stuck in that dang Oyrish Graveyard-- night after night after night (it did go from Oct 31st to Nov 11th remember) waiting for some wee folk to leave him a message. What did he get? 'GO HOME DADDY' written in stones. 
Now, think about it. He GOES to Ireland because of Siobhan, who then turns around and gives him clues to tell him to GO BACK HOME.
uh.... okay. No wonder JJ is running for the dang door.  Knowing he also wanted the Liz/Lucky redux warms my heart too.  That's the type of history I like in a soap. Childhood lovers, strife...reconciliation. *sigh* works every time. 

 More Wyndemere Skulking coming...

I took much heat on Twitter this week, enough for me to stop posting my opinions for a bit. Between  Sam's rape reaction and the full out Lisaon/JaSam crap, it just made me ill. I personally wish they had written Sam as a STRONG rape victim. Truth be told, I wish they'd never made her a rape victim at all. Soaps tend to lean on that storyline way too often. What gets me is the total lack of recognition to go to the hospital ESPECIALLY to get treated for an STD or have some HIV prevention. Whatever. Sam can throw presents, deny--be all upset and not tell anyone. I think it goes against character. Yes, many women react like that in 'real life' but a heck of a lot of them stick their necks out and go after their perpetrator and take care of their health. I saw Laura curl up into a ball-- Liz cry...followed by how many others. ONCE I'd like to see a "Burning Bed" issue.

Mysterious message? I'm going for: "Order me 2 Enchaladas with no hot sauce".
Writing is still all over the place. I'm still seeing that Wolf is trying to "fix Guza's mess"--but, how long will that take??!! A year??! Come on. I don't think Guza ignored time and space to write stories. 

I need to talk about Steve for a minute. WTF is going on there?? Why is he acting like he didn't BEG Maggie to come to GH?   It's bizarre.  It is also SO redux of Pat/Lisa. I felt like I was watching the same scenes between Olivia/Steve/Maggie threat I saw between Robin/Pat/Lisa. Am I crazy?? Why would Steve want her in Port Chuck if she has such huge secrets about him? Good gravy.  If she's a Nascar Fan--run!!  And come on how much does she look like NuKate and Abby? LOL..

I also find it funny that Olivia was bent on taking her PG test--Sonny drops over and she's all of a sudden fixing Kate's car and keeling over. Johnny takes her home, and then she's at the hospital.  You'd think someone would have had her checked out? Meanwhile, Steve is in Jake's drinking with MATT--and his sister (who we just saw coding when Matt was there) is in the hospital clinging to life.  WTH did I miss? LOL. Messy, messy, , messy. That kind of storytelling isn't due to any "Guza history"--that's all on this team.

Spinelli is twirling his basketball... Maxie is running around like a banshee, Liz is all of a sudden hysterical over Jake and hugging Jason. Thank God Monica was there or I would have thrown something at the  TV. THINGS NEED TO FIT TOGETHER!! Michael is over here and there, thrown in now and  again, crying over his coffee vs. mob life. Abby? ugh. Don't get me started on Sonny and his "9 visits to 9 women in one night" sheeze.  Disconnected isn't even close to what's happening.  

RUMORS have it that there's a serial killer on the loose. Someone who's been in Port Chuck for ages.  Hmmm, Mac? Where are the bodies? I need to get more info on this because if done right (ahahhaaha) it could be good. Lucky could be the serial killer, programmed by Helena all these years. 
GO TO THE RUMORS page to see the rumored "Lady In White" girl.  She's a Lulu Clone with a bit of NuKate Mix. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Going with Jason realizing that Sam has no recollection of Franco's "time" with her. He kneels next to the bed and is shattered.  Kelly and Steve acted that perfectly. Shock, horror, upset--it was all there. No matter the aftermath, that scene was awesome. 

NOT THE SCENE  OF THE WEEK: The Car Breakdown.  I don't know why it was there, it felt like a last minute 'insert' to maybe get Johnny in Kate's orbit?? Olivia then slumping against the motor made me giggle a little. I was hopeful we'd get a Jolivia scene out of it, but *sigh*. Not To Be.

Looking forward to a Q Thanksgiving! Honestly, I am!! It's the last week for OLTL  to tape. I have a friend going-- it will be so bittersweet. So sad. Such a great show, doing all the right things and being cancelled. The whole Prospect Park Rumors--will they or won't they? Is just making everything more difficult. I do know they need a cash infusion--fast!! Anyone rich out there!!??


Anonymous said...

Yes we did see Johnny bring Olivia home.... he walked her to the door and they talked about Kate's car for a minute and then he left... telling her that if she need anything she knew where to find him.... did you happen to fall asleep during this scene to? You seem to do that a lot!

kdmask said...

OMG... did I MISS THAT! DANG I need to fix the blog!! LOL I really try to pay attention. too hard for me too do

Anonymous said...

During the car breakdown Olivia and Kate both touched the wrench (possible Lisa murder weapon) from Johnny's car.

kdmask said...

Yes, but wasn't Lisa killed on the BOAT? Isn't that how she was floating in the water?? I got the MONKEY Wrench connection..but still.ugh

Anonymous said...

This whole was she/wasn't she raped s/l is not interesting to me didn't they just do that w/ Michael and look how that turned out--he got a stripper g/f out of the deal--they don't know how to write that s/l decently. since i don't care about jasam I FF through all their scenes just as I do anything to do with carly--sorry.
I will say that the best scenes of the week was EW with Matt, Monica and jm on Friday--that was played perfectly-even though I'd like to see EW strong-I felt drawn into those scenes, like I needed to help her. when was the last time that happened-for me at least-on GH.
The solivia stuff is weird and i have to say someone in casting has a blonde girl fetish--stupid.

Anonymous said...

Where did that wrench come from? I thought Kate got it out of her trunk and Johnny told her it was the wrong tool for the problem. I was going to wind back and see where Kate got it, but I was too weary of it all to have to sit thru an extra minute. And I didn't care enough.

And that about sums up my GH watching these days.

Fix Guza's mess?? Should have been easy enough to do. You simply send Sonny off to Italy to live after he gets an 'I forgive you' note from Brenda. You tell James Franco that he won't be needed anymore and cancel his fall appearance so you can get on with your stories. You hire a writer with wit to bring in humor and you lighten up all the doom and gloom. Instead of killing off people, and having people become drunks or worse, you give the deserving some happiness. You give Alexis a story in which she has FUN and romance as well. You let Lucky find his way back to Liz and they wind up having Thanksgiving with Aunt Bobbie, Grammy Leslie and a Luke that remembers how happy he was with Laura, and they all get a phone call from her from Paris.
Ethan discovers his real parentage and goes off to Europe to find dad Robert. Lulu learns her dad really does love her...Oh, and Mac puts the mob behind bars and that includes Anthony. Johnny reopens his garage.

Well, you see what I mean. Get rid of the repetitious dispair and Sonny's endless dull affairs. Lighten UP!!
Let the audience feel good after an hour, not glad that the hour is over. Habit is ALL that is holding me these days and I am often relieved when the hour is over.
TPTB at ABC probably wouldn't allow Garin to do any of the above. Does Maurice have a lifetime contract? They have told every story (except true redemption and career change) for him and there is nothing left remotely interesting to be done with Sonny as a character. And if they had some brighter sets, added color to clothing and sets....

Anonymous said...

The wrench came from Johnny's car but was not a car type tool. So far, on screen, we don't know where Lisa was killed. Just that she was hit in the head with some sort of tool. That tool has not been found. They have also hinted that others may have been on the boat who were not invited to the party.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Wubsby...

It's me -- @soapdom from

Love your take on GH. We have an opinion column, too, but not as detailed as yours. Still, check it out when you get the chance:

Far as your comments, I agree that the whole Lucky/Ireland/Siobhan/back-to-Port-Charles thing was kind of a wild goose chase, but it did introduce a new love interest for him, only to have her be killed off. Humpf.

Regarding buzz that JJ is leaving, in part, due to the Liz/Lucky redux he was lobbying for -- but did not get -- is a real shame. I think those two finding their way back to each other, especially after their son's death, would have been a wonderfully uplifting story, and something JJ would have found a nice change.

By the way, as of late Thursday, the show's official comment to me was that they are not denying or confirming the "rumors" that he has quit. That could mean two things:

1) they are indeed true and he tapes his final scenes this week


2) someone got that rumor out there just to see what fan reaction would be and maybe he's not leaving at all and a Liz/Lucky storyline is in the works! Wouldn't that be super?

We can only hope.

Thanks for asking your tweeps to #FF @soapdom. I am on a mission to build followers, and get folks to

We have really fun message boards at Soapdom (that are virtually pristine, by the way), a cool chat room, a blogging feature, and our very own soap opera social network where you can start groups, invite friends to join you on soapdom, post to walls, add a status update, upload photos, videos, etc.

Come visit us! If you register, be sure to add info @ (no spaces :o) to your address book so you get the confirmation email to activate your account. Sometimes the confirmation email gets into a spam folder and new registered members never get fully registered. Like I always say, technology is grand, except when it burps. So please add info @ soapdom to your address book (no spaces. :o)

If you've already registered at soapdom before, but forgot your password, just click the forgot password link. If you forgot your user name, just email me at info @ and I will retrieve your user name and personally get it to you.

Hope to see you and many of your GHers at Soapdom soon! :o)

And thanks for all you do at WebsNet to keep the fires burning for GH. Even though it's not Shakespeare every day, they do work very hard to entertain us. Along with all the not so good stuff, always try to find something that you did enjoy.

The key to GH's longevity is for viewers to continue tuning in and telling their friends to tune in and them telling their friends, etc.

Far as PP and AMC/OLTL is concerned, trust me on this: Keep the faith. Be patient and let PP work it's magic. Both shows will hit the TOLN network. It may take a lil longer for AMC to debut, but it will debut like gangbusters. And you can take that to the bank!

Have a great week everyone, and thanks for reading.

Your Soapdom QueenRuler

Anonymous said...

It makes me sad because I want to see L&L2 with JJ's Lucky & Elizabeth and now he is leaving so I don't care if they get back togeter if they recast or w/e. Also, if they do that - I like her and Matt together. dr + nurse = hospital fun.

My2Cents2 said...

WOW outdid yourself with your Sunday Surgery. Do I not have a life that I couldn't wait to read it this morning?? Kinda like when I was a kid waking up to read the Sunday funnies!!!!

Your take on Lucky is true. Him & Liz should be riding off into the sunset together. Perhaps he will reappear and it will happen end of summer at the close of GH??
If I were in the storyline he is in right now, I too would RUN for the hills to leave the show. Though I am not following it, I can see while FFing it is as boring as watching paint dry.
If not worse.

Sam's rape should not have happened. Period. Cheap Cheap writing. It will be learned, eventually she was NOT raped, in the meantime we have to watch another rape victim poorly displayed in misery.
I don't like that. Next comes the pregnancy. How original. NOT!!!

I too was very disapointed when Maggie showed up. Not the BEST actor, as well as we have done this already with Lisa & Patrick.
Or is Steve getting dementia?? He seemed SHOCKED to see Maggie there, after months of seeing him on the phone begging her to come to Pt Chuckles.

Get rid of Luke already. His 15 minutes of fame that he has quite a few of over the years, is OVER.

Liz. Poor Becky. They wanted her off the show, the viewers wanted different. So they are making this actress into nothing more than a women who keeps finding herself in one bad place a week. Whether it be car accidents, babies dying, drug stealing, drowning, code blue, she is so poorly written. Now they have her portrayed as clinging to Jason like a LUNATIC. Jason didn't rush into her. Monica came and got him.
Liz grabbed on to him like a NUT CASE. Why would the writers do this to her?? Give the character/actor some respect, and write off with Lucky.
Give her happiness and set her free!!!!
Jason is a married man!!!

My2Cents2 said...

'Far as PP and AMC/OLTL is concerned, trust me on this: Keep the faith. Be patient and let PP work it's magic. Both shows will hit the TOLN network. It may take a lil longer for AMC to debut, but it will debut like gangbusters. And you can take that to the bank!'

I would take that to the bank if I could buy shares in PP. Honestly.
That is how much I believe in their success. They are taking us into a whole new way of watching tv. Back in the day it was radio to TV. Not its TV to streaming.

I can't agree that GH works hard every week trying to 'entertain' us. Unless they enjoy making us laugh at them. They have lazy idiotic people behind the scenes..
There is no excuse for that. HIRE someone who can do the job.
Until that happens, I for one, have no choice but to laugh at the show.
'Clean up' this show and I will invite more people to watch, rather than direct them away.

My2Cents2 said...

So they are 'shelving' Gina storyline? Probably good news. They would have messed it up.
Here are some SPOILERS I got off of SoapCentral.
A child's illness isn’t want it seemed

A desperate Elizabeth needs love…old & new?

Love finds Alexis literally in a ‘flash’

NuKristina returns bcuz Yale was too difficult.
Alexis will feel guilty for having Sonny get her in

Ewen (NuChest) spent some time in Paris.with a connection to Laura?
Has GH’s need for Laura grown more powerful then the need for GF?
Are TPTB going to recast her? Or use a double of some kind?
No word yet if this will tie into Robin’s time in Paris

Spencers often have 2 things in common: doubles & ambiguous ‘deaths’

A Cassadine becomes a Spencer?
A Spencer becomes a Cassadine?
Switch, switch, & switch again?

TPTB will play with Cassadine/Spencer blood ties. Past AND present

Olivia will be ground down until there is nothing left

REMEMBER THIS: Maggie is a ‘miracle worker’ at saving children's lives

Monica will receive a mysterious letter that will turn her world upside down (Alan???)

Spinelli prepares to move out but Sam tells him not to bcuz they're a family

Johnny finds new love – reminding him of lost chances

Sam's feelings of guilt proves overwhelming…

A fed was on the scene already - investigating a serial killer
Food for thought:
Do 'ghosts' write letters??

Poor NuKristina. She doesn't stand a chance with the viewers.
(Expect to see a combo of Kate, Lisa, Maggie)

'Love find Alexis in a flash'?
INSERT material???? I don't believe for a second NLG will ever get a storyline. Mr & Mrs Wolfie Guza have been teasing us for years. I have no faith anylonger.

This Spencer/Cassadine storyline sounds terribly written already. GF is not coming back. So what is the point?? For us to nap during GH?

kdmask said...

That Yale thing from soap central is mine,word for word from the rumors page LOL.

My2Cents2 said...

Karen I didn't know you guys worked together......Sorry! lol

I thought I read your rumors & spoilers carefully. Me bad.

kdmask said...

OH NO...we DON'T WORK together.. that's my POINT. heh.. they found it on the wubsnet. :)

My2Cents2 said...

That's because you are so GOOD Karen!!!! lol

My2Cents2 said...

Good article.

Hope/soapbabie said...

I feel so sorry for the actors and the must be awful to have to come in and do this stuff every day knowing how awful its gotten to be. and trying to make it work....

Rhonda said...

I don't think Liz looked like a nut case, she was delirious from fever. Jason & Liz have been friends for years and years, marrying Sam won't change that. if that were the case I have another name for you: Carly. Honeymoon. Bringing your abby. Stupid. What the writers are doing is throwing a bone to Liason fans and giving them hope after a boring honeymoon with Jasam. Worst ever I may add. I myself would love a JJ's Lucky & Liz reunion. Otherwise, I guess I'll settle for Matt. I do however really miss kirsten and it worries me that nothing has been posted about her return anywhere.

kdmask said...

Rhonda it's VERY unusual for her PR people not to at least get out an "update" on her.

My2Cents2 said...

Your wrong Rhonda. Marrying Sam will change Jason's relationship with Liz. As it will with Carly.

Once again, in fairness when someone is in the right, another person gets thrown into the subject. (Carly) What is the purpose of bringing her name into it? Because you think I am a fan of Carly's?? I 'Understand' Carly, a fan I am not. Especially of late.

Liz was delusional and not NUTZ looking. I apologize for that. However, rumor has it that twitter was all lite up over that scene between Jason & Liz.
Monica went and brought Jason to Liz.
Liz grabbed him and wouldn't let go.
How could people read anything into that??

Liz & Jason had a child together.
That is the only bond or relationship they should have.

I believe in marriage. The fact Liz got between Sobo or whatever her name was and Lucky was wrong. And I didn't like lucky charms. Especially the 'accent'.

Jason is with Sam now.
I don't get why people don't get that.
And NO I am NOT a fan of Sam's!!

My2Cents2 said...

I miss KS as well. Hopefully in the conclusion of DS tonight something will be revealed.

I just hope she plans on returning to GH.
Remember, federal law allows her to take a year off. By the end of the year, will GH still be around?

Gary S said...

You're COMPLETELY on the money about pretty much everything you usual. What what I watched, at least, because at this point I actually tune out more than I tune in. I totally agree about the rape thing. And Steve's idiocy with bringing his ex to town if she has a big secret. I'm ALREADY weary of the Maggie storyline...EXACTLY like Lisa. Oh, am I the only one who thinks she looks like Tamara Braun? Speaking of Lisa, I missed ALL of her FINALLY being murdered. And I don't even care because it's so all over the map and took forever. Two throwaway scenes with Monica were the highlight of the week for ME...

My2Cents2 said...

Yea she does look like Tams.

Adora said...

More of the supposed spoilers sound intriguing than usual, but I will run with this for the moment.

"REMEMBER THIS: Maggie is a ‘miracle worker’ at saving children's lives"

This just screams Jake, doesn't it? If Steve is doing something behind his sister's back, trying to revive Jake, perhaps his desperation to get Maggie on the scene was for her expertise in that area? Him not wanting her to slip and mention why he brought her there might help to explain his weird behavior.

I too worry about the lack of updates on Kirsten. NuMaxie has almost destroyed the character for me, I hate her so much. Kirsten's Maxie was one of my favorite characters. Much like with Kate, they seem to throw both of them in hideous clothing neither character would be caught dead in. The whole Crimson office is a train wreck right now. The show really needs the real Maxie! I really hope that Kirsten is starting to feel better and has any desire to reprise her role.

"Sonny and his "9 visits to 9 women in one night""

I am still smiling every time I think about this description, thank you Karen~ <3

My2Cents2 said...

Adora....when I first read that Maggie is a 'miracle worker' with children made me think of Jake.
However, we do know Aiden gets sick. So it could be about Aiden.
Though, recently I read an article where Wolfie was deciding on whether or not to bring Jake back. Other than in dreams, I don't see it happening. JMO of course. We will see Jake this week as Liz hallucinates.

Anyone watch Dirty last night??
YIKES Farah!!!!!!!!

Very little update on KS. Why do I think she is looking or viewing other options in her career right now and that is why we aren't hearing anything?? JMO

Frisco said...

GH already has a veteran character as a serial killer - two of them in fact. Sonny and Jason. Let them pay for their cromes rather then turning Mac, Monica, Alexis or Nicholas into criminals.

Anonymous said...

They need to put Luke and Alexis together. TG and NLG's scenes together are always great.

And for whichever one of you said Luke needs to go, you are out of your mind.

My2Cents2 said...

I am the one who stated Luke needs to go?? 'out of my mind'?? According to who??

Anonymous said...

The problem with GH is that it does not know who their audience is, women. We do not want to see so much violence, murder, or rapes. We want romance and passion. We also want great writing.

Anonymous said...

Straight male viewer...want more Tony Geary and NLG...together...and yes, I could do without the mob stuff.

Would like to see them focus on the hospital, maybe kind of some "House" type stuff.

And for the action/intrigue stuff...bring back the WSB.

Jason being a long time under cover FBI agent would be good, to be able to put and end to the mob storyline

My2Cents2 said...

As far as NLG in concerned, and I was going to post this question today...why is she not being given any storylines?? What are your opinions??

On fb she stated she has the next few weeks OFF of work. So, there is still, once again,nothing in the 'works' for her. Clearly tptb know we want more of her.